No bus driving, so press on around the Equator! Next target on the horizon will be the 3602.09 marker where I finished 2017 at around Thanksgiving. Yesterday I was down on energy and after getting back from the hospital blood session it was blowing like hell and my enthusiasm  said NO so I settled for some weeding.

A bit more get up and go today and all is going well until I stop for an apple at a friend’s tree ……. CRAAACK! and another one of my remaining teeth, front center, breaks……. not sure how to deal with this, seems the only thing holding it in is my upper gum. It moves a bit if my tongue touches it and I fully expect it will be on the plate come dinner time.

Little early to see how the local school will fare with cases but we have the holiday weekend to get through and then 2 weeks from there we will see if there are any spikes. I see Sturgis didn’t do too well and the first death has been recorded. Locally up 3 cases and another 2 over in Durango.

Just as I expected ….. all over the seats and floor!

Well even though I’m not currently driving I did go and get my DOT physical to maintain my CDL for driving said bus. At the same time I got yet ANOTHER jury summons! This one I have got out of thanks to my Doctor  writing a nice letter saying I’m undergoing chemo. Meanwhile without thinking I bit into an apple, which was clearly TOO hard and one of my last teeth cracked … its loose and wobbly but won’t fall out but it was one of my 2 front upper crown teeth and most either side have fallen out thanks to the chemo poison. Not sure how I will be able to eat in the future……. there certainly won’t be any smiling that’s for sure! but as everyone is wearing a mask who will know?

The last couple of days I have been unbelievably tired and completely washed out by 1800 hours and last night went to bed for a full 12 hours ….. still felt tired when I got up but seems OK for the time being. Time to get out there and knock up a few more miles.

Right side Crown tooth!  … no more smiles from me!

Still feeling tired, broken tooth refuses to fall out, not sure if I need a couple of rest days? Another 50+ went in the books for the last 2 days so I’m up to 3331.32 but not feeling much like riding.

Forced myself out and managed just enough to stay on track at 3350.58, but today is another day. Tooth gets looser but still in there and won’t let go so another day on liquids and soft food and still feeling unbelievable tired. The symptoms are discouraging as they say they are signs of life coming to its end!……. and I quote from the Cancer Journals. I have certainly not had this degree of tiredness in my lifetime or lack of energy. Perhaps my planned rest day is a good thing and just maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to banging in some more miles.

Can’t quit yet

Sudden change in the weather for this week, much cooler and showers and thunderstorms ….. so could end up as a REST WEEK! and of course the tooth still hangs on which is becoming a real nuisance and I would like to eat something other than baby food !

Labor Day gone, tooth still there working like a “cat flap”, can’t take any more of this so go find a dentist. He takes x-rays, yes it has cracked all the way through and the gum is all that’s holding it in. Several injections and the broken section is popped free ….. still numb, we will see what works later. Now cold! down from the 90’s into the low 50’s and a winter storm warning! Unreal!!! Even SNOW in the forecast!!! So this day 3 of the REST cycle and subject to weather, might be back to thermals, maybe I can start again. Still waiting for the numbness to wear off and have a coffee without dribbling it all over what’s left of me.

A bit better on the mouth front, looks awful, don’t smile, but at least I managed some solid food. Miserable day NO riding!

Wednesday, very, very, cold! Only 37F when I got up and now my personal world has gone “Mercury retrograde” …. computer won’t start after an update and the Tour de France decided not to record the 0500 first showing but is set to record the 1300 re-run! Well its a flat stage so watch it live as the computer won’t start!

Into town to the computer rescue …… 2 week backlog!! No choice so home we go with temps just cresting 44F …. it was 90F last week!!!! …… so yet another rest day as its raining and bloody cold.

Brenda drags out her old computer and at least I have something to play with and look at while the rain keeps coming down and the temps are frigid.

Thursday, computer good, TV not so much. Back in there and change all the recording options. Weather still very cold, 40F and raining with more to come and thunderstorms this afternoon.

Another rest day! but today, Friday 9/11, and a bit warmer, thermals not required, a bit of sunshine, no excuses and winds currently within my limits. TV recorded Tour de France for an epic stage.

No thermals but I needed a jacket

After 5 days off a much more determined effort and another 58 miles joins the total and, finally I’m through the 3400 barrier and can now set about the next target of 3602.09 which was the 2017 total.

Sunday 9/13 and those pedal crank round again and by Wednesday 9/16 I’ve forced the numbers up another good chunk and I’m through 3500 and then on Thu/Fri I really give it the hammer with  another 85.10 in two days  ….. I think a personal record here!

Saturday 9/19 and my daughter Sally’s birthday, so although wild and windy the first morning ride nets 13.55 which surpasses the 2017 total of 3602.09 with an easy 3605.95 and still an afternoon ride if the wind abates.

OK, through the 3602.09 (2017 Total) Is the 2018 total going to be beaten ? …….. 4644.30 I think I can!






Well of course anyone following this blog would immediately know who I am referring to ………

…..And somebody that understands what it means to be the most powerful man and deserve the title “Commander in Chief”

But first, a little about me, as a young man my mind on career had already been decided by the age of 12 when I joined 312 Squadron Air Training Corps in my home town of Canterbury UK.

Yes, I was going to join the Royal Air Force, no matter what, but of course I wanted to fly, and that meant being an Officer in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. 5 years in the ATC confirmed my opinion that this was right for me.

Just before my 17th birthday, and having taken all the necessary educational exams (GCE’s), I arrived at RAF Biggin Hill, the Officer and Aircrew Selection Center. I was one of 120 candidates to go through all the rigors, of the aircrew medical, interviews, aptitude, and leadership evaluation.

This was a 4 day selection and after initial arrival I was given a 4 man room for the duration of my stay. I wandered over to the Officer’s Mess Bar, which of course I shouldn’t have been in as the legal age was 18 back then, although if you look big enough nobody bothered you and we didn’t have ID cards back then either! Didn’t spend too long in there with the loud mouthed Rodney’s and Charles’s as I felt a little self conscious among these  23+ year olds.

Day 1 and the medical begins with X-rays, eyesight tests and of course the full physical. A very full day, with interviews, and a whole lot of aptitude tests…… back to the Mess with lots of stories and tales of what people had been asked to do. Come bedtime two of the 4 beds in my room are already vacant following eyesight and x-rays, so a rapid visit and exit for Rodney and Charles!

Day two, more of the same, with lots of aptitude tests, high g test centrifuges, and periodic interviews. After dinner back to the room to find I’m now the single occupant!

Day 3 and we are reduced down to about 20 souls remaining and now its a mixture of leadership exercises, interviews and more aptitude tasks. We are all given vests to wear and no surprise I’m number A1 as I’m the youngest. A lot of climbing through trees with poles and ropes telling other people what to do when you are the designated leader.

Day 4  a few more exercises then final interviews and on my way.

Within 2 weeks a very official letter arrives …… and feverish fingers nervously open same ……… I have been accepted for Officer and Aircrew Training starting March 2nd 1964……… YIPEEEE!

Still only 17 and a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force …duty picture for Mother

Next phase, Flying Training, and by July 1966 I’m out in Cyprus at RAF Akrotiri on 32 Squadron Canberra bombers. Now promoted to Flying Officer the Pilot Officer pulled thread rank braid is removed and people actually salute you!

1969 and home from Cyprus and now on a special trials unit to develop and fire the Martel TV guided missile at Boscombe Down just outside Salisbury and not far from Stone Henge.

XJ 481 our primary training aircraft with the glass nose and CCTV

Primary firing aircraft, XJ 476

From here off to be an Instructor in 1972 including a 4 month task in Saudi Arabia to replace a British Aerospace Instructor who was killed when his horse kicked him in the head after he fell riding in the desert.

1976 and on to the mighty F4 Phantom which is now the RAF’s prime air defence fighter at RAF Coningsby where I would stay for an amazing 14 years!

8 air to air missiles and a gatlin gun

Armed and ready QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) 29 Sqn

Following my tour on 29 Squadron it was across the road to 64 Squadron or 228 Operational Conversion Unit. Various roles as an Instructor, Deputy Flight Commander and Deputy Squadron Leader Training.

4 months in London at the Ministry of Defence and then as the Falklands Conflict was still raging a sudden promotion to Acting Squadron Leader and off to the Falklands as Squadron Leader Operations. On return take over the post of Squadron Leader Training on 228 OCU . At the same time I had joined the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight on the last remaining Lancaster Bomber where I spent 8 years on the display circuit before ending up in Saudi Arabia.


A true honor to fly on BBMF for 8 years

In the interim the OCU moves into the hardened (HAS) aircraft shelters and bosses and other personnel come and go. My new boss wants me to be the “XO” or deputy boss which I happily accept. Shortly thereafter he gets the Falklands call …… so I’m now the Squadron Commander of 64 Squadron and 228 OCU with 50+ instructors, 400 men, a Simulator squadron, and 32 F4 Phantom fighters! The powers that be decide not to give me acting rank as Wing Commander, but to give me substitution pay and allowances instead. Well in this case the pay grades for my “new” position are based on years commissioned service so in this case I get a lot more than my predecessor as he was a university entrant, ……. And I get the maximum for a Wing Commander with 6 years seniority!!! It was indeed a HUGE raise!

Being presented with my “2000” hours F4 Badge by RAF Coningsby Station Commander, Gp Capt Chris Coville. Chris was my Boss in the Falklands when he was Wg Cdr Ops, and prior to that he was also my Boss when he was Officer Commanding 228 OCU   …… small world!     I finished my time on the mighty Phantom with 2850 hours on the beast

The Phantom is coming to the end of its service life and the Tornado F3 will shortly be taking over. In my situation, having done my “Executive Tour” (you only get one in each senior rank) it would seem unlikely that I would get another bite of the cherry and having enjoyed my Squadron Commander position, perhaps unlikely, they would promote me so quickly and give me another Squadron. Sitting behind bigger and bigger office desks in HQ jobs had little appeal or take option Two ? Option Two is to elect to go “Specialist Aircrew” where they will keep you flying for the rest of your career but you will not be given Executive Roles or promotion. ….. which became my preferred choice, a sort of “Club Pro”.

The Tornado F3 OCU fires up in the old 228 OCU buildings on the other side of the airfield and I’m on the second squadron to form which will be 5 Squadron.

QRA with the F3 in the same shelters

The British Government sells Saudi Arabia the new F3 fighter and that creates new Instructor posts to teach the Royal Saudi Air Force which, as I know, is a tax free salary! I apply and I’m accepted and due to start there in September 1989.

My plans leading up to my departure are to go out to Cyprus for one last time and enjoy the Island and some air to air gunnery before coming back to the UK and taking the Lanc out to the Channel Islands one last time for Battle of Britain Week.

We  depart UK at some ungodly hour on my birthday morning and join up with our tankers to take us to Cyprus and some nice warm weather.

Our tankers will night stop and then take our sister squadron, 29 Squadron, home the following day. Usual first night party until two very glum faced bosses arrive in the bar to tell us we are ALL going to Saudi Arabia on Saturday! We will be the first two fighter squadrons in theater for the start of Operation Desert Shield !

During my career in the Royal Air Force I only had one Commander in Chief



Moving to the USA in 1995 and eventually taking Citizenship I really had no political leanings but eventually “read myself in”. Democrat or Republican ? It really didn’t matter much to me and the world trundled along with, as far as I could see, sensible policies at home and abroad ……… however this changed quite dramatically when the “Prince of Clowns” gets elected in 2016.

It seemed from the “gitgo” that he just couldn’t be quiet or follow any advice and when it came to the military he was quite offensive when talking about Senator John McCain with snide comments about not liking P.O.W.s

Well he served honorably and endured being a POW

Apart from this definitely “non presidential” statement the rest of his increasing nonsense became more of a comedy sketch which I was hoping his advisors would take him to task on … but NO!

Remember ? Insulting NATO members?Blaming the Democrats for a rundown Military? Non believer in Global warming? Wanting to buy Greenland? Stirring up trouble in the Middle East and China ? etc, etc,…… and generally disgracing America on the World Stage with his lack of fundamental knowledge of history and geography? let alone manners, and of course zero grace!

On the Military front, which he clearly knows nothing about, it became offensive to me when he consistently takes the WRONG side of penny and champions the wrongdoer when all the evidence would point the other way.

The first two cases here are the Master Chief Navy Seal and the Captain of a major Aircraft Carrier

He was forced to act as a TRUE Captain …. well done Sir

More Trump incompetence!

Either a total lack of knowledge or yet more inept vocabulary, the word you needed is “Sink”

But it doesn’t stop

What a disgrace this Loon is!

Then this comes to light ….. and here we are MONTHS later and still NOTHING ???

What can I say ?

By now the Pentagon Top Brass has had enough and retired Generals and Admirals are stepping up to the plate

Well of course it doesn’t end there! More news on his truly awful and disgraceful comments on America’s Fallen calling them “Suckers” and “Losers” who the FUCK does he think he is?

….and this of course drew more comments from previous military men who were equally unimpressed by this outrageous halfwit’s stupidity and lack of feelings for all involved

Another with a distinguished career on the F4 Phantom

Let us be VERY clear, there is no apology, or retraction that could ever make this situation right, or begin to appease those whose memories have been shattered by his thoughtless and unwarranted behavior.

BONE SPURS ? my arse!

Views from more knowledgeable Commanders

Of course the Queen would NEVER demean herself with such direct language, even though she may have thought it!

How nicely and accurately put

With this buffoon in a position of so much power it is sad that I have ZERO respect for him, and I’m amazed that his antics are tolerated …. if I were in the Military (which thankfully I’m no longer part of, other than Retired) I could NOT and would NOT salute this pompous, ignorant and arrogant HALFWIT


I live in hope that this is how it ends



























What a surprise ! The Tour de France is on! It certainly was a big shock to me as I thought all cycling competitions were off  due to the pandemic. Anyway I’m pleased to see it taking place despite Froome and Thomas missing due to lack of form.

My never ending “Tour de Dolores” continues even with the current strongish easterly winds we have had over the last couple of weeks.

Having watched Stage 1 in its entirety with multiple nervous crashes and rain causing some very treacherous downhills with disaster on some of the corners. It just reaffirms my opinion that cycle racing was not for me! However now its my time to get out there and add some more miles to the global total.

3200 in the global bag on 8/29/covid

Today’s effort was to complete my monthly target which I set at 3200 miles even with 9 gardening days which had to be done to allow me to ride without feeling guilty. The day finished on 3205.32 so my next target must be to equal the 2017 numbers of 3602.09 and then see if the weather will let me surpass the current all time high of 2018’s (monster by my standards) 4644.30    ….. well there is still September and October and maybe a few good days in Nov ?

8/30/covid and after a fairly exciting Stage 2 which was on for 5 hours I was fairly late getting out for my session. Out to the Bridge at the 6 mile point, turn round and back into town with a 2 mile double back to give me 15 miles passing the house. The last 2 miles were in stormy, very windy conditions, forcing me to whip my feet out of the cleats, as the wind was very strong and unpredictable!

Short break to let the storm pass and out for a few more to finish on 23.63 for the day.

….. and a few more

School bus just went by the house, running late, first day of school, but as I have said before I’m not in agreement with the safety rules and fully expect to see major problems within the next few weeks.

Last day of the month and a good run up to the lakes and back for a total of 25.62 to give the yearly a boost up to 3254.57 … step the 3602.09 sometime in September!






…… And so it begins tonight with a constant stream of rudeness and lies and as far as I can see NOT ONE 2016 manifesto/platform promise even  close to being fulfilled.

Well ?    pick one

While we forget about the Post Office shambles, and the Loon’s ridiculous unfounded predictions, we can also forget about the Covid 19 Pandemic, as after all that’s just a Hoax, and if that’s the case then clearly there is no need for Stimulus Checks, or any help for the unemployed, as there are all these NEW jobs which he was waffling on about this morning as the Stock Market soars once again! WHERE DOES HE GET THIS CRAP FROM?????  …… and the next MEGA, indeed MAGA disaster, of school openings hits home in the next few weeks

Meanwhile, and just in time when he gets back from his whirlwind campaign nonsense it will be “SHARPIE” time again as we have a Double Whammie in the Gulf and he will no doubt include the Great State of Alabama in his modified prediction tract!

……. and here they are

Easy to see now, with 24 hours hindsight, that  our Worldly Acclaimed Doctor Extrordinaire pressured  the head of the FDA (who he had recently appointed) but then made his “own” bullshit predictions about the safety and availability of the new plasma treatment which subsequently was conveniently leaked to the Stock Market. I honestly do not believe he knows the difference between a vaccine and a cure ? With Wall Street waiting for any glimmer this pushes the numbers up and hints of a booming economy for all those holding big pharma shares ….. must be jobs too!

I’m afraid I DO NOT TRUST this Oaf with anything and I don’t believe any of the nonsense that dribbles down his chin. I am a little surprised, perhaps I shouldn’t be, that the ENTIRE Trump family gets a speaking part at this convention, or whatever you want to call it? Not one of them has any political knowledge or experience other than what WE have given them while they have been enjoying 3.5 years as contestants on “political apprentice” at our expense  ….. it will be with great delight when this is all over to be able to say 

“TRUMP family you’re FIRED!”

Of course there are other speakers, some paid, others just loving the sound of their own voice with nothing to say other than lies and political rudeness which is the norm.

Well so far absolutely nothing!

Meanwhile USPS still under the hammer, pandemic/ schools/ stimulus checks …… forget it !   But more screaming about Goodyear  …….

 Is USPS right for you ?

Night 2 and even more fun!

Glad she doesn’t live anywhere near me !

Also from dreamworld, and we are told (paid)

Seems like poor editing again!

…. and there was little old me believing the news that 40 million were unemployed  ……. how can they seriously spew this crap out ?

…….. and this one really makes me chuckle

Pray tell me learned firearm expert is this a custom left handed model ?     …… if not, you are in for an almighty surprise when you squeeze the trigger!!!!!

….. and here is something else that didn’t happen ….. but they had it ready if it ever does

……. but they acted just in time with this one

…… not quite quick enough with this one

Never mind

There goes the “Vet” vote

……..and from his sister  (not invited to speak of course)

Pretty solid endorsement here

Like Stephen Colbert I was unable to watch the constant stream of abuse and lies and switched off Nights 3 & 4 in favor of entertainment!

I was reminded by Mask Dispence of the fantastic leadership by Trumpty Dumpski in setting up the Space Force ! Nobody has yet said what this fine body of men will be doing or what threat they face that demands a “Super Duper Missile”   ????

That went down well

…….. and to finish with Night 4 of Zero!

…… and tonight

……. and when asked the question ?

I can’t wait to watch this!

How very, very true

We live in hope ……. meanwhile











Just as I predicted !

I thought it would be a “go slow” while the new leader found his feet and assessed the situation, but No, no, no! Clearly if you can give Trumpski Dumpski several millions for his campaign then you don’t really need a job, do you? So what are you there for ?  You have no experience in this or ANY similar operation so you can only be there to disrupt, slow down, or destroy the Organization that is NOT a profit making unity! You Sir are a fraud and to my mind are CRIMINALLY responsible for your ridiculous actions which are NOT, and I repeat NOT, going to improve the service, or be in any way, shape, or form, a cost cutting measure. YOU SIR, ARE ANOTHER LIAR, LIKE THE MAN WHO APPOINTED YOU.


These locks and block plates were not made in a hurry, so this mission has been ongoing for some time

It almost says it all, but  ….. here is the real thing >>>>>

…. and could it just be that those mystery “police” have now taken on a second job with unmarked trucks ? Mercenaries WILL do anything as long as they are paid!

……. well, in other news, what has the “cretin in chief” done this week?

Well he has of course been rude to all and sundry, Kamala  Harris is still phony, the work on the Post Office had to be done, …… and if the house passes it I’ll VETO IT! so there!

The child was further outraged when Goodyear Tires announced no more MAGA hats and Trump slogans ….. stomped off tweeting how bad Goodyear tires were ….and everybody should buy better and cheaper tires……. and is having them taken off his security limo! what a child!

With raging wildfires in CA, and the Governor trying to declare a state of emergency, Dumbshit has the audacity to say he warned them to sweep the forest floors ?????? and they will have to pay for HIS help ?

He is still going on and on about how long it will take to get the votes counted, maybe weeks, maybe months, maybe never and of course THIS IS ALL PART OF THE SCRIPT THAT THE PUPPET MASTERS WROTE AND THAT WILL THEN BECOME REBELLION and once more we will see BLACKWATER BACK ON THE STREETS AND MARTIAL LAW DECLARED  …… and for what ?

As a final part of the week’s a surprise entry with more on the Wall but first let’s think about the important issues, The Pandemic ? No, don’t want to see the numbers etc, etc

I guess it vanished ?

Guess not

How about the Stimulus Package ? Won’t agree on that unless I can close the Post Office

Schools ? It is what it is !

Would you send your child into this semi prison environment ?

……and finally the show stopper of the week

Here’s trouble

There seems to be a problem with the wall, the foundations…. no not the donations, I’ve spent them


Foundations support walls ……. not donations

Before you go Mr Trump I have a couple of bills








3000 X 3

So here we go having cracked 3000 miles for the third time in the magic journey around the Equator! This mission for those of you that have lost track, or couldn’t give the proverbial, started out with a nasty bout of pneumonia back in September 2015 with the cold that would not go away. Eventually it was diagnosed as Pneumonia and I was given antibiotics to sort it out. ……. Then a visit to “The Lung Specialist” who puts me on an inhaler and night time oxygen.


Last couple of Class Wins at Turkey Rock before the Pneumonia attack

A very clear explanation of “where I’m at” and life expectancy, as I have COPD Stage 3 ……. needless to say I ask the questions and I’m told the next phase is END PHASE!    Good enough he said “I hear what you say” and with that stubbed out the last cigarette of his life on 11/11/15

The END of that!

Cycling time!

Here we go, 3/28/16 and the journey begins

How to recover ? well clearly there is a need for more oxygen, so how is that going to be achieved ?  Let’s try some cycling, always good for the cardio even up here at 7000′ ……. so after much wheezing, coughing, and productive coughing up of all matter and colored liquids from the lungs cycling begins and runs through 2016 during which I return to said Doctor who tells me he,  (an ardent mountain biker himself) has never seen a recovery like it in 15 years of his practice …….. he tells me I’m now COPD Stage 1, and a few months later, after my next visit, I’m off oxygen and the inhaler.

No more night time oxygen

No more inhaler, no more ash tray either!

2016 finishes up around Thanksgiving as the snow is now on the ground and its getting dark and cold. However, at the end of this first year of cycling 2031.22 was on the odometer and as with any person involved with competitive sports the question is “how do I improve on this?”

The answer became a Specialized S Works Roubaix and 2017 became easier with the lightweight (16 lbs) machine although a few changes were needed to the gear ratios, seat and riding position. Riding continued to Thanksgiving when once again Snow closed Play for the year on 3602.09

First time passing 3000 miles on a bicycle at 7000′

The S Works wonder bike

A few mods here

The Infinity seat …… highly recommended 

The mind flashes back to RAF and aviation and Google refreshes the memory that the circumference of The Oblate Spheroid is 24,902 statute miles, not nautical. Well whoever’s miles they are it’s still a bloody long way! That now becomes the goal and the question is can I do it in my lifetime ?

24 x 1038  = 24,902 


Along comes 2018, and not quite so cold or as much snow so cycling begins early and 986.22 is done by the end of March. Steady  stuff on the cold and windy days that herald spring in the mountains but I stick with it until the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the white stuff comes back  …… finish year 3 on 4644.30 which now gives the global total 10,277.61

As I enter 2019 I can’t help but feel as though I should be somewhat slimmer after all these pedaling miles so, once more into the good old Nutri-system Diet to get down from about 210 lbs to circa 190 which would be nice. About the same time I get signed up with a local Physician which in the past in the RAF I have never needed and indeed I have been blessed with good health all my adult life until the pneumonia/COPD debacle of 2015.

Some of the weight falls off, but its constant snow, making up for the previous year’s drought. It even snows on the last day of school 5/23/19 !!! Little is happening on the pedal front and my targets and expectations are reducing on a weekly basis.

Although I’ve lost a few pounds I’m severely troubled by night time gas! …… this eventually requires a Doctor visit and I’m scheduled for the flue brush treatment of the jolly colonoscomy  ……. which didn’t take long as I had STAGE 4 COLON CANCER ……. fantastic! With all the fun of the operation, plus 12 sessions of Chemo poison which knocks you sideways for 5 days cycling was a very hit miss affair and I only managed 1113.32 for the year. I didn’t have any trouble with the diet as what Nutri-system didn’t shift Chemo poison will move just like that! …… so since then I’ve been bouncing along at 172.4 for this current year.

Seems everything to do with my “Cycling” has a bloody great “C” in it  as it all started with “COPD” and the “Circumference” then it moved on to “CANCER of the COLON” and “Chemo” ! ….. and now the current big “C” is of course “COVID” and the halfwit “Clown” supposedly in charge of it.

Looks to me as though the rest of this year will not feature a school bus, due to the Pandemic, as with my personal “high risk” situation it would be exceedingly foolhardy to even attempt it until a vaccine is found.

Well of course that leaves plenty of time to get those miles, weather permitting, and continue with the never ending weeding. Another 2.5 days this week but I did get out there yesterday afternoon and the big total is now 3026.68 which I would like to see 3200 by the end of the month. Overall, the total for the mission is now  a solid 14,417.61












Made it ! August 7 th, and it’s my Birthday, and the number has clicked over to 74 for those with the slightest interest. After 5 days of intensive gardening a return to the highways and byways of sleepy Dolores for another 35.03 which gives me 2675.46 for the year and with all good fortune I should be through 2700 by close of play.

Meanwhile the Pandemic rages unabated through the country and local case numbers continue to rise all around us. In my opinion, for what that is worth,  the MANIC desire to get everything back to a “Norm” just doesn’t hold any water ……. a lying buffoon keeps his stupidity rating at an all time high with yet more nonsense on how children’s immune systems are not affected by this virus. We seem to have mighty short memories here as it was deemed too serious, or even dangerous to reopen schools after Spring Break when there were only 3-5000 cases nation wide, but right now with 5 Million cases its OK! Well I have to say NO IT IS NOT!!!

Perhaps this would have been the way to go ?

from the Master of exaggeration !

Going well on Day 1 … 3 masks, 0 social distancing!

Hope you found someone to drive mine

Meanwhile in Dolores my birthday presents of NEW Sidi cycling shoes in the MEGA fit were perfect and the wrist rear view mirror worked well.

Another 35.45 for the day takes me through the 2700 marker finishing on 2710.91

Saturday and another good run for 37.21 but then phut! yet another flat tire. Well I now have the inserts so I’ll give that a try. Sunday, and start with that tube change and fit the first of the tire liners. Wrong!! its a double flat so I’ll now be fitting both of the liners. Great, no instructions and no glue either so trial and error to fit around the tube . 3 thorns later about to fit liner No 2, but first a coffee! Well they are in, I’m hoping they will work!

We will see ?

No riding for me today with lawn mowing after repairing the double flat from thorns and  inserting the tube protectors. Lawn gets done, various other garden tasks, and a load of work with that weed eater …. still on target for where I want to be.

Monday and back out there for 33.18 dragging the numbers up to 2781.30 and some more work on tree branches in the RV park. Need to buy the GTA26 electric hand pruner from Stihl but hard to find anyone who has one.

Tuesday and back to the hospital for more blood, pick up my two prescriptions, check with local Stihl dealers, get 4 new tubes, refuel the car, and order the Stihl from my next door dealer. They are everywhere on Facebook but ordering from that source is VERY unpredictable! Banged in another 20.45 taking me over the 2800 marker …… next stop 3000.

2800 in the bag

Stopped by the Dolores bus barn to meet the new mechanic, Bill, who has also taken over as the Transportation Director. Today there is a meeting but as it was an inside affair I declined the invitation. Also gained some info which further added to my fears. They are planning on 1 child per seat, or 2 in the case of siblings, but are planning on every row? This means they are all within touching distance and back pack banging ….. so ZERO social distancing, and they only have to wear masks to get on and off the bus!!!! Well there will be a lot of those left on seats and the floor!!!!

For ME it is clearly UNSAFE as I am in the HIGH RISK category and after all this time in quarantine it makes no sense:

74 years old, COPD Stage 1, Colon Cancer Stage 4 under treatment, which reduces the immune system. So three strikes here! It does feel as though I’m letting the side down but I believe the risks are too high.

Out again this morning, 8/12 and despite a strong wind crept round the morning run with 26.87 and should get a few more this afternoon. The day finished up with some more branch removal from our tree in the exit zone and topping off with 35.57

Thursday 8/13, which would have been my Mother’s 106 birthday had she still been here. On the ride side, conditions were good, but I was not ….. couldn’t get with it at all, late start didn’t help and the enthusiasm button would not stayed depressed! Only 19.56 this morning but I WILL do better this afternoon as the idiot Trump has me all riled up.

Turns out its Left Handers Day ? Didn’t know that until my cousin Ian told me!

Afternoon goes very well finishing on 36.60 for the day!

Hard work today!

Friday and a pleasing first session of 22.65 and a Doctor’s consultation and then a “shortie” to finish off the day on 32.05 …. a sodding flat rear tire despite the insert! It seems there is NO answer to these bloody thorns …… almost as annoying as Trump!

Less than 100 to go for the 3000 marker

Another thorn through the sidewall so I can’t blame the inserts as they don’t go down that far! Next few sessions I will be going for 25/day and then push the numbers up again.

Saturday 8/15 and eventually get going and after 2 outings finish on 32.66 but Sunday I’m on tree branch removal which takes all day and the pedals don’t take a turn.

Monday with 62+ miles to go and not much incentive as my arms and back are sore from all the pruning. Finally get going and surpass my first mental target and think it still might be on! press on, and the miles keep coming and at lunchtime I’m on 20.65   ……. out again and run the total for the day up to 35.65 leaving the target within reach for tomorrow.

Almost !

Well here we go, 8/18 and 3000 or bust  ……. so despite a blow out from a personal device (pleased it didn’t happen while I was out) finally get on the road for 19.30 for the morning run.

Champers now in the fridge and gearing up for the finishing stretch despite increasing westerly winds. Seems I can handle the wind and my final run down by the Fire Station is complete and now just the run home to the Bubbly.

Down by the School on Central Ave …. and, yes you guessed it another bloody puncture …… well no matter, I’m through that 3000 mile Banner for the third time in my new found cycling era.

Man, that tastes good!

Thank you

Yes the Champers tastes great and I’m pleased I hit my target which was looking a bit shaky in the last couple of days.



Donnie takes one for the team, with the latest Russian Vaccine complete with micro chip and Tiktok

We all wait with baited breath ready for this week’s round of lunacy and wonder where those butterflies will settle next.

I see Congress might be called back from yet another recess, and they will try and resolve the USPS debacle ……

perhaps they might show some interest in the Stimulus, supposed Cares Act, before its too late as I sense growing friction throughout the land which will surely bring back the Blackwater Police, to quell, inflame, and provoke more violence, shooting and looting.

Pandemic, the usual meddling with numbers, for Sunday/Monday, and then forget all about it. Stimulus Package forget about it, send everybody back to work, reopen everything ……who gives a shit ?Schools, well get some more teachers if they keep resigning … who gives a shit ?

Meanwhile combating the ignorance from those who STILL think this is a HOAX!

Closing in on 200,000 now!  …..the only one not getting it is YOU!

Meanwhile, none of this USPS interference seems to bother many people?????   THIS IS A CRIME!

……. and as the butterfly moves on, which of his puppet masters told him this absurd nonsense ?

but if none of these lies work there is always the “switchback” which we are getting used to

Now this I can believe!

Right for you ?   …….. ask a Doctor

Maybe we should trust some people with an inkling of common sense, manners, and intelligence

……and now a realistic look at the situation

A ray of hope at last




I think this must be a plea for help. Not that “He” would have a glimmer of understanding as he has NO knowledge of any part of history but if any of his so called advisors were to recall, you may remember, that during the reign of King Henry VIII ( that’s 8 for non Latin scholars) every time Henry wanted a divorce, he couldn’t get one, as an Archbishop stood in his way …….. and so it came to pass that this saying went into the history books   

“Who will rid me of this troublesome Priest? “

The similarities in this saga are all there, except the characters are reversed! It is WE the PEOPLE  who are asking, and the Priest is short of the task lacking a “d” and an “n”

NOT in my book!

and genius does not refer to the arsehole in the black coat

August has certainly been a bumper month for our No1 Dickhead as there seems little left that he can fuck up short of another global war! The country is in a shambles, no sense of priority or leadership, no answers to the pandemic, vaccines, and once again congress clears off for another much needed break having achieved nothing in 15 days! The Loon has been busy dismantling the Post Office which one has to ask the question, “don’t republicans vote by mail?” or as they can’t spell perhaps its just a thumbprint.

Indeed they shall

Well I could see the USPS disaster coming after he appointed yet another person with no qualifications for the job who then set about firing people, slowing down the mail, stopping overtime, and removing postal sorting machines. Hopefully the Board will take note and remove this individual before more harm is done.

How do republicans vote ????????

So what else has the Master Mind thought out for August? Well of course …… Absolutely Nothing!

It amazes me that people don’t see any of this coming, and remember, HE isn’t thinking any of this for himself, it’s his puppet masters that are writing the script …… and still the nation says nothing.

The so called Homeland Security Police are back again in Portland, mailboxes are being taken away from their current locations, the pandemic that he has been too busy to notice rages on. Schools are closing faster than they are opening as teachers and other staff, such as myself, withdraw knowing how hopeless and dangerous the situation is.

Life does not go on as before as the lying Republicans Cares Act becomes just more wasted paper along with his ineffectual signed Executive Orders. The bitter crunch of no money, zero movement of unemployment funds, the threat of eviction, homelessness, rioting, looting, and mass armed Blackwater Police are all there in front of us.

All coming soon as predicted

Back again!

Not sure who this helps ? ….. and who authorized this????

Democrats are not without shame either as it is a total disgrace that no REAL effort has been forged between the parties to do what THEY are paid to do and that is the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE THAT ELECTED THEM!  …… with this ongoing party squabbling both sides risk losing their own voters so for everyone’s sake DEAL with things in PRIORITY or you won’t have a Nation.

“It will be ready 7/31” they said ……. and indeed it could have been if they had got the 2nd round ready back in April/May

This is about as stupid as it gets …. it’s called STEALING and is a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

So what else did Dumbshit  do …… well its easy to forget with all these Butterflies, but he carried on his constant RUDENESS to all his health professionals, claimed the Democrat presumptive VP is not legal under the Constitution (What he knows about the Constitution could be written on one of his tiny hands) started being rude about her, and of course dreaming up some ridiculous nickname for her.

He wants to be on Mt Rushmore, less said about that the better, claims credit for the Veterans’s Choice Act that was signed in 2014, and is still working on his USPS dismantling plans along with raping Social Security

How does Trump claim ANY credit for this ?

Wait for it!

More from the Post Office:

Beyond belief!

Stay on your toes people this is becoming VERY SERIOUS and with a DERANGED LUNATIC ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

As a saving grace from another buffoon  ……….















Oh, YES!

Yet more meddling and interference on pandemic numbers from the Moron in Chief as many of my earlier forecasts are taking shape.

Where did the so called Homeland Police Force go to ? Why have they not been tracked to their location and living area? What is this NEW uniform?

Correct, they are Blackwater Mercenaries

Mortality numbers are being “bent” to hide the truth, which of course everyone expected since he stole the CDC. He does it every weekend, 2/3 Aug 439/546 then 1362/1287/1125/1258/947  then 9/10 Aug 510/513 and back to normal 1358

Our old friend the US Postal Service is taking massive hits from his newly appointed campaign funding loon and as I predicted it will soon be under massive slow down regulations creating huge backlogs just in time for the election.

Coming soon !

Oh, yes

Well, there’s always one, even if they can’t spell,  ….. so is it TRAITORS ? in which case it should be TRAITOR, in the singular, or is it TRACTORS ?  …….. good question for “ask a friend”

Pathetic attempts to appease the nation with ridiculous “sharpie” signed executive orders that actually have zero authority. Looking for more praise here as “I’m doing my best for everybody when both parties can’t agree” ……. sorry chum, its not going to crack it.

Zero progress here I’m afraid    …… and they continue

Nothing of course on the Pandemic which rages on, even more confusion in  the Stimulus Package, which of course is already 10 days overdue. Quite inexcusable as this “second round” paper work should have been written up in late April as a “what if scenario” and not left to the last minute.

Nothing on the Health Care Plan, only to be expected, as it doesn’t exist. Absolutely ZERO progress on schools as it is just wishful thinking, and contrary to his medical expertise it is not going to disappear any more than a vaccine will be available on November 3rd ???

Well, let’s ask his NEW Doctor friend

and what about schools ?

While the administration is convinced it can, students WON’T wear masks, or social distance …… they ARE children!!!!

1 Day ! school now CLOSED!!!

Meanwhile the butterflies have been busy and “himself” is looking to get on Mt Rushmore !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a joke too, but it is for real!

Some ideas to consider …..


…… and while this ridiculous nonsense is going on they let him speak about pandemics showing his TOTAL ignorance of History, yet again, but at least its closer to modern day!

Sorry, there really is little hope