14 Down and 1 To Go

My 2 favorite pictures of the year, thanks to faithful no 1 supporter, cheerleader, photographer,
coffee provider, cook, bottle washer etc, etc, and of course I refer to my lovely wife BRENDA.

Sandia NM Section 4

Cotopaxi CO Section 3 Day 2

My work here is done! The season wrapped itself up for me at Sandia with my 14th win of the
season and hopefully 2 National Championships which gives me a free ride at Hollister. This was
the reserve event for any unexpected disasters or in the case of an off day or serious thrashing.

For the last 2 years Hollister has been the pivot point with lots of indecision. 2006, when I was
after Moden Classic Intermediate, I couldn’t decide whether to ride or check? I checked, but as it
transpired I didn’t need to, but better safe than sorry with the amount of travelling and expense,
so the $20,000 jacket was MINE!

2007 Hollister where 1 point blew it! (25lbs lighter this year)

Last year when I was riding Premier Lightweight Expert I was running neck and neck with Bob
Ginder but as I was feeling very confident with the Cub’s handling and my riding I rode the event
losing just one dab. Unfortunately for me that was the second event of the year that I  finished
second on a single point, and in hindsight had I checked, I would have finished level with Bob on
5 wins, a checking duty, and a second, and in this case I would have got it on the “Old Age Ruling”
…. but of course Bob could have ridden the last 2 events in his neck of the woods and I could
have lost it anyway had he taken another win.

So this year it’s a “freebee” and as an experiment I will take the PI Plate off the Oilfield and slap
the big “2” on and have a go at Derek and Rob in Premier Heavyweight Expert. At least it will be
an indicator for next year and then I’ll try for both Premier Expert divisions with the Cub running
in Lightweight and the RE in the big class.  NO More double rides next year as both divisions run
on the 2 line…..unless I let “Glitz” out on the 1 line?

Rob, Derek, …… are YOU ready ?

It will be interesting to see where the venues will be next year as I’m sure several that had
disappointing turnouts this year will not be run in the future if they can’t break even. I’m also
hearing that Diamond Don’s may not have a trial next year, not really that much of an issue as 2
out of 3 years the Trials has been disrupted by the cross country either shortening it or by
ending up with a late start and finishing in the dark!

With the huge turnout at Chehalis perhaps that could be a 2 Day, although personally I didn’t
enjoy the attitude there. I won’t be in AZ next spring but they could run a 2 day at Buckeye with
a bit of imagination and being the season opener it could attract a lot of entries if they did. A
better trials location would be Alto Pit at Prescott or Holbrook up on I40 which would gather in AZ,
NM, CO, UT, NV and CA riders as an easy to get to venue. The early September Spectacular was
a great idea and for those that are forced to limit expenses 3 trials in Casper followed 3 days
later in Tooele UT for 2 more means that with just one weeks vacation you can nearly get a full
run at a Championship in 8 days and still have the Sunday to get home! Add that to either
Cotopaxi CO in May or Donner CA in July, and should you live on the other side of the country
there are 2 x 2 days over there at TN or IL to make up your numbers.

Other maybe’s for next year, Ed and Evelyn are talking about taking a VERY long vacation in
Alaska, and Brenda and I are hoping to make our European trip, if the Gods will let us, during April
and May to compete in the Pre 65 Scottish and then the Robregordo in Spain 3 weeks later. Well
If we can’t do it the sights will have to be set on 2010 which would be 40 years on from my first

Ed builds Evelyn a shelter at the “Start Table”

The Checkers en-route to the “Graded Climb”…… Layout and route marking by Ed

So as the financial storm clouds gather on the horizon its time to think of how good this year
was from a trials perspective and to say that meeting up with Mick and Jill Andrews again really
put the icing on the cake for me. Come what may, and whatever destiny has in store nothing
can erase this years memories and the fun times that have been had.

Thats why we keep the stands on

……..Well you designed it!

Sunday at Sandia

Also if you happen to be driving the  roads of Colorado this winter and see a Snowplow coming
head on better step out of the “section” as it may be me, and on Snowplows I’ll be in the Novice
Class !…… or I may be at Telluride as an Instructor teaching Skiing.

Premier Lightweight Snowplow Novice


Exhibition Class……… Telluride

Club Pro     Test Driver Coors Light

Tony Down

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One of Mick’s students Section 1

A good turnout, perfect temperature, and by 0930 I’m out doing the “Checkers School”…. WOW
there must be nearly 25 volunteers! Very impressive, all keen and lots of questions. We cover all
the “rules” and then ride a whole series of demos so that they can judge the scores including some real “dummies” and other “close” call situations. Everyone seems happy so now time for them to
depart and the rest of us have our briefing.

Evelyn tells us its time to start

My group starts at that sandhill section and as predicted this one will not get better but the others
should improve as riders knock the loose shale off some of them. I see Clint Welsh take a 2 here
and then my turn comes but I’m too slow into the bottom turn and egg timer sand takes me for 1.
I don’t see Don Kelley here so move on to 6.

Marks are being squandered everywhere here in the soft left hander going over the ridge and
also around the tree. The Enfield being so heavy sinks rather than floats so I take a lower line
and get a good clean. Clint rides the section well, but unfortunately, missed the first split and the
checkers were right on it for a 5.

We cross the road and descend to 7 where 1,2’s and PI’s turn left after entry and then cross the
gully. The loose is taking its toll on all lines but as 1 & 2 are behind us we are the first on the 2 line
… not good! It sure is loose and difficult to walk. Clint has his go and rides the first part well but
then I see the hand go up for another 5 and then I see him dabbing in the soft stuff up by the tree
turn. The checkers show him that he missed a blue ribbon tied in the vegetation. I have my go and
it takes power and a lot of wriggling to get across the gully and then it GRIPS!…… I very nearly
miss the ribbon and a dab and a “full locker” is needed to stay inside the boundary. Further up by
the tree turn, I too, take another dab certainly harder than it looks. Score now on 3 lets rewalk it
and see where it went pear shaped. Well just seems like early morning incompetence so move on
to 8.

A lot of effort here getting the 300 pounder lined up but eventually I’m ready. The meandering
wash is very soft so stay well back and keep to the sides as much as poss with power just up
from idle. The road roller flattens all but I arrive just off line for the shale hill and she takes a big
prod to crest the summit with a rooster tail of rocks, dust and granite chips showering all! 4
sections gone and 4 points lost….. this is either hard or I’m losing my touch.

Ride up the gentle path to regain the main track and over to my left I see a group of bikes and
people on the track leading to 9.

When I arrive I see several people giving CPR……… it seems Clint was riding down the path
to 9 & 10 when he collapsed and fell off his bike. When he failed to get up they rushed to his
assistance  but, although they could get a weak pulse from their efforts he refused to breathe.
Para medics soon arrived from Sandia but despite all their continuous efforts GOD had
already made his decision. While, of course this was a tremendous shock to all that were
there, if I had to GO then it would be difficult to find a better way to pass other than to DIE
quickly doing something that you ENJOY and is your HOBBY. Dr Clint Welsh was an active
member of AHRMA and always competed at Sandia on his Matchless in Trials and also in Motor
Cross which he would have ridden on Sunday. Sadly, he was only 60 years old.


For my part, as there was nothing that I could assist with once the medical team were on hand
I rode 9 & 10 with 2 nice cleans and then completed the last one of the loop over at 11 where I
told the Checkers the bad news.

Back at the start there was a very somber mood and the trial was shut down for a delay while
procedures were followed. Some time later we were given the go ahead and the checkers were
all taken back to their sections and we were allowed to complete the event. Some riders elected
not to continue, either as a mark of respect or fearing their own mortality! The event was reduced
to 2 loops due to this unfortunate incident.

No Zach, the Motor Cross is tomorrow!

The Bigguns demolish the bank, Don Kelley drives through on the Ariel

The Gun Carriage crashes through the canyon

Out on the course I’m due to restart at No 1 which must be the only “gimmee” of the day and the
Enfield chuffs through for a very easy clean. The 1 and 2 liners were having some problems with
the “Hole”and a lot of modern riders were losing a hatfull of marks in the soft dirt which does not
work well with clutches and mega bursts of power. Mick, of course, shows how it is done.

Rich Palmer having a great ride in MC Exp with Mick looking on

The Master Class…..” go high up the bank, weight back and out…..”

“Stay high with a little front brake…. look through the line…”

“power on smoothly … just enough ….. weight coming forward….”

Missing the “Moderns only” of 2 & 3, I now have the hard section 4 which has really cut up and
of course our group is the last through here. The first uphill has several grooves in it and the
upper turning area is now 2 inch deep powder which will make the uphill around the rock tricky.
The rest looks simple enough but don’t overshoot the last gate or it will end in tears on the loose
dirt adverse before the cards. All goes well including the “S” turn on the top. As I glide over to
the last gate the groove has cut out and now the rock spacing is exactly Enfield size and damn
nearly stops be dead and a dab is required to lever my way through….. almost knocked the card
over , but not quite! Another 1 for a first loop total of 5. Mick was on 2 at this stage both having
been lost in this section.

Rich in a monster turn…. full lock, full counterweight

Out for loop 2 and sail through 1 without hassle. I watch all and sundry for a while and can’t help
but think that many of the modern riders who are brilliant over hazards I would not even attempt
seem to have little knowledge of some of the basics and they seemingly wouldn’t have a clue in
good old deep mud!

Chuck Sutton, in a class of his own

Back to 4 and I watch Mick take another “2” so it must be hard on that 1 line. Jill watches and
winces! My turn and I know I must stay up on that last gate and ride the rock rather than the
groove. Up the hill and some spectacular riding through the “S”….. then compose myself and
attack the gate and whoopeee! a clean.

Mick has already lost 2 getting up here

Mick cleans the rest……. damn thats a good looking Yam

Ooooh ! thats not good a 2,  …Jill winces

Now its my turn, easy up on to the soft turn

Just high enough with the front….. work it, work it

Change weight to counteract the front sliding (Must be the Picture of “MY” year)
NB the “Don Smith” pose

Ride the rock, not the gully

Ed in a spot of bother on the tricky 2 line

Massive improvement from Sylvia

Robert Rowland winning MC EXP on the Ossa

The fun ride over to the sandhill reminding myself to get the power on earlier, with weight back
and out, then wiggle it if you’ve got it, and play the power up the hill. It works and I’m delighted.
6 stays the same, albeit a better path having developed on the first gully. So still clean arrive
at 7 where I lost a 2 on the first loop. I change my entry line here after a lot of thought and as I
open her up she coughs and complains but on closing the throttle engine room reports “all clear”
and just using impulse power she digs in like a farm tractor and crests the ridge setting me up
nicely for a good clean on the rest of the section.

Back to 8 which has a whole new set of adventurous lines, but stick with the original plan and
sail around the wash bends and arrive in good shape for the uphill which the Enfield makes
nothing of.

9 has bedded in and is no problem and 10 should be OK now as the team have rotovated all the
loose and a good line has appeared. The wash bottom is still loose so ride it a little quicker and
don’t let the front dig in. Up and out for another clean so just 11 to complete.

A quick break and chat with Darrel Boone who is checking here and then up and in and drop back
in the wash, all goes well with no moments and I record a clean loop on the faithful RE and
capture the Prem Heaveyweight Int Championship with 7 wins in the class. Time to get the PI off
and put a 2 on to take on Derek Belvoir and Rob Poole over at Hollister on the EXP line.

From all accounts Mick stalled the motor on a section when the brake locked on by a branch or
rock…. he does have the brake a lot tighter than I do, but he can ride these blindfold so I will be
quiet. The 4 he lost were good genuine points, no argument, no excuses and as the great man
said, tough but fair,……. “AHRMA Trials are nothing more than a bunch of Old men on Old
Machines in a PARADE”  
amazing how some stupid comments really get to you !!!

Well that was Sandia. Mick and Jill join us for supper and stories and a whole load of wine flowed
freely. As my Doctor once said “My advice to you is DRINK HEAVILY!”…… which we did !

Lots of pictures of sections 1 and 4….. if you rode you will be on film.  www.trialsphoto.com

Sunday morning and Mick is riding Motor Cross today or “Scrambling” as we used to call it. His
hand is still giving him grief so he will only be riding the big BSA twice. Predictably he wins both
races with Jim Crain coming second both times.

Mick gets ready on the BSA

Gently airborne

Coming in to land

Jill gets sandblasted by a paddock “Dirt Devil or Twister”

“Thanks for a Great Weekend

A joy to watch, and like all motorcycling greats it just looks so fluid and easy

Tony Down

Do I get TWO jackets this year?

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The Sandhill in 2005, this will be section 5

 After a very pleasant arrival party and a whole load of fun on Wednesday night its time to get into
action on Thursday morning and get the sections laid out for Saturday’s trial. Don has already
earmarked 4 for us and designated two huge rock piles for the modern riders to show their skills.
We are looking for 9 sections with Don’s 4 on the Motorsports Park side and then find 5 more
across the road by the landfill.

Bearing in mind this same team has set up trials across the country it is now getting a pretty
smooth and well oiled machine. A mule, and Ed’s faithful Honda are all loaded with, stakes, tape,
marker boards, route arrows, plastic rain bags, hammers, staples and gun, and the big black
marker pen.

By 0930 we are at the first section and follow Don’s instructions as to where he wants the lines
to go. A simple section for 3, and 4 lines and a sting in the tail for the upper classes with a big
deep hole to drop into, turn and then climb out of. Sections 2 & 3 will be modern only, and very
soon Greg and friend arrive to set up those sections on their own. The modern 3 will be adjacent
to our 4 and will be within walking distance from the paddock area which will be good for the

Section 4 is not going to be easy, mark my words! Simple entry to a graduated hill with 4 liners
to run around the base then turn uphill onto the upper track then meander to the downhill portion
with a couple of bumps in the soft crumbly dirt to the exit. 3’s have a higher route a wide gate
across the “crumble”, then a tight left into a rock gate before setting up for a couple of rock runs
to the downhill exit. 2’s turn tighter and 1’s could have lots of fun coming up and down the ridge
with lots of variations in traction between the soft difficult sand and dirt and the pumis type rocks
imbedded in it. A few test rides and then stakes and lines are agreed and in go the markers.

Section 5 as it was in 2005. Same technique required this year

Across the desert to 5 on the hillside in the “egg timer sand”, now this is one where I personally
excel so I’m pleased to see it in the plan. A difficult start off the path through some bushes, uphill
to a line dependant turn, drop back down for what will be the mark taker turn then uphill on
varying routes to the ends cards. We stumble up and down this beauty banging in stakes
everywhere and finally have it set so nobody can escape the mark grabbing turn.

A little ride down the top track to the area where nearly all our sections used to be before the
landfill area was acquired. Don has a monster here which in the past has been a double but today
is going to be a long one! In and up around the bush for everyone except 4. 3 goes diagonally
across the gully while 1 and 2 turn back to their gates and climb the other side. Along the adverse
and turn left descending into deep wash sand then a tightish left hander around a dwarf tree,
1’s go higher up for another bush while 2 and 3 drop back into the bottom before turning for the
exit. That takes us up to lunch so the jury will reconvene and knock out the rest this afternoon.

Same drop in this year, this was taken in 2006. This year “Mick” will be aboard “Superglitz”

The other side of 6 in 2006

Over the road to the back of the landfill we find what will be 7 which is fairly simple for 3’s and 4’s
with an adverse downhill right start then gently cross the soft shale and then power up the big
hill for the cards. 1 and 2 enter but then turn left into a  downhill meander to cross the wash and
climb the steep bank, 2’s continue uphill and round another tree before a down and up to the
cards. 1’s drop back in the wash after their turn and then need to get the power on to climb up
the bank which is all crumbly landscaping granite at about 3/4 minus grade.

Two washes over and we come to the charming number 8. A bit more difficult to get into so no
4 liners here. This is a natural gorge cut by winter rains and of course is full of 3″ deep egg timer
sand sediment. A few wiggles up the gorge for 3’s before exiting up the right bank in the 3/4
minus granite to the right of a bush. 1 and 2 get sent to the left of the bush, turn through 180
and power over the gully to the cards. Nice one!

Easy ride back up to the main path and then 50 yards later come in for a gentle ride to the start
of 9 and 10 which are almost joined, but not quite. 9 is a variation on last year dropping into the
down hill wash with varying degrees of “get out” difficulty with a couple of sting in the tail finishes
for 1 and 2.

Turn through 180 after the ends card and straight into 10. An uphill wash with increasing rocks
as the climb continues up the hill. 1, 2 and PI’s get a hard start hazard going left and right to
their challenge then rejoining for an uphill in soft shale then, by their standards, an easier run up
to the exit. 3 and 4 just ride up the wash.

The Trialsmaster declares o’beer thirty so we call it a day leaving Ed and myself to find section
11 on Friday morning and finish off the route marking. Another party night and I actually get the
steaks right despite the grill blowing out on several occasions.

Friday and off early before the cross country crew get under way and following Ed’s instructions
I scout out a nice little finishing section. Starting by the fence with a soft sand wash wandering
between steep banks the 4 liners can stay in the wash, 3 can climb another soft hill then drop
back in while 1 and 2 take on a 2nd gear climb, turn and cross the gully into another full bore climb
in the loose. 1 and 2 go round a tree, cross again and then “S” turn to the finish. By 1030 we are
complete and all route marking is finalised.

Mick Andrews races round the cross country in the same consistent style that won him all those
Gold Medals in ISDT. After that Mick needs to set up his trials machine and then time for the trials

One lump or two ?

Ready for action, bars to HIS liking, throttle no tickover (same), pressures set, and the
sidestand removed

Yes, you get to clean it afterwards

School begins

Keep watching…….

The one handed slalom

School over with some novice riders doing things that one hour before would have been out of
their league, that’s progress!

Mick and Jill join everybody for the Bar-b-q and drinking continues around the nomads tents
until insensible…….and tomorrow we trial.

Tony & Brenda


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I’m sorry Madam, this bus is going to Dolores Non-stop

Route 6

 An early afternoon departure from Tooele and the decision is to drive straight through to Dolores.
One of the great things about an RV is that when you arrive you don’t have to hump all the food,
goodies, clothes and dogs into the house, you can just put the slides out have a sandwich and a
beer and enjoy a little TV before tumbling into bed.

Sunday is written off as a rest day so after unloading and starting several reports trying to
remember 5 trials with a section by section report it was time to clean machines ready for Sandia.
Also time to walk under HOT water!!

A Clean but, Unpolished Enfield

Ready for action

Monday and now after some ebay packing, time for laundry and the rest of the bike cleaning and
then the duty visit to the Hollywood for more Pool and drinks. Some nice shots played here with
Brenda seemingly always finishing the frames with a single ball and then the 8 much to the
opposition’s annoyance. Eventually time for home and some TV.

In goes the 8…….. again!

Tuesday will a fishing day at a nearby lake for trout and I’m off with my license at 0830. The nice
bright start soon becomes overcast and the wind picks up and the water is choppy but it doesn’t
seem to bother the trout who are quite happy to gobble up worms or powerbait and the crawdads
are also enjoying it too. By 1030 4 of us have our limit and I drop Wayne off at the Hollywood and
return to Cozy Comfort where we will be dining on trout later this afternoon. Jim and Lucille turn
up around 4 and Jim starts prepping food and the game is on.

Wayne gets the first “Keeper”

The Limit Bag

What a lovely meal of fresh buttered grilled trout with lemon and pepper complimented with peas
and mushrooms and a fresh coleslaw and some cheesey bread. Finally after the meal and drinks
are done and a computer lesson for Jim I can finally start loading 5 bikes for departure tomorrow
morning. By 2200 I’m just about ready save for clothes, food and dogs.

5 all aboard for Sandia

Wednesday as the headache subsided the rest of the equipment is loaded and around 1030
Enterprise slips from her dock and makes her way out of the harbour into the main channel. Our
routing is due South, Mr Zulu, to pick up I40 and then warp speed for Albuquerque and Sandia.
Once more dumping will be required at our last refuelling point and this we do some 80 miles out
and we are now set for the upcoming weekend.

A Krillagon Anomaly ? …… “On screen Mr Data”

Around 1700 The Starship pulls in and the same old team are all in attendance with Don Kelley, Ed
and Evelyn and of course Jim and Sylvia Crain who are tirelessly working the event again.
Mick Andrews and wife Jill are already there and are in a camper! Well it won’t be a first but somewhat
“Spartan” compared to their normal accommodation as the guest of honor.

Memories abound and very soon all are in good spirits with thoughts of all the fun to come.

Tony & Brenda

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  • 9/30/2008 9:51 PM Robert Baldwin wrote:
    I have some pictures from Sandia that i would like to send you. please send me your email address so i can get them to you.
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 Saturday morning and a few changes of faces as we get ready. Fred is here from Wy, Darrel Boone
joins the fray and Travis is here but only to check. In theory it should be a little easier today unless
that sneaky trialsmaster has changed things out there while we were sleeping.

Coming out of the rocks on 3

Zach Woodward having a much improved season….. perhaps he’ll get a
trials helmet for Christmas?

Today my class is starting at 3 which is the reverse of yesterday’s section 4 and still requires a lot
of concentration to get down the gully without a dumb dab. Clean here and round the back for 5.
This looks good with a series of up the bank and back down into the riverbed winding through
Aspens en-route. Last downhill from the sunshine into a tight left turn in leaf mould to the uphill
exit. I see Rick Wolff get a 5 when he ran over the tape on the last turn, I’m guessing he won’t
be too pleased with that one. I clean the section but as I pull the clutch in to stop the chain jumps
the sprocket….. wow, that was lucky! Back to the start for a few adjustments.

Fun in the Aspens of 4 before the chain came off!

Rejoining the fray at 5 this is a classic UK Southern Center section of in, up the bank, round the
tree, drop down the roots and adverse, then do it again further along the bank. Great I can do
these! Round to the Water Tank for 6 and this has been “softened” after several complaints.
In and turn on the flat grassy area, then enter down line specific hills, turn at the bottom in rocks
and mud, line specific climb out, then drop back in over some branches and logs to the final uphill
exit. Fred is not on song here and hits a tree at the bottom which takes a dab.

Up the correct line, Fred please note

Yet another easy win for Hugh

Back up on the open hillside for 7 close to yesterday’s 6. The opening uphill turn is loose 3 inch
rollers and dirt and will surely be the mark grabber before getting up to the solid rocks and the
top turn. Care needs to be taken until a downhill line gets worn in as there are plenty of loose
rolly rocks amid the desert vegetation.

8 is back up the big hill, and Steve isn’t playing today so Jim is on checking duties here. A hard
section but very fair. Fred has a great clean and I think I can do it but try too hard thinking clutch
and end up taking 2 in the panic trying to make the 180 tight turn in the rocks.

Fred in the trees of 1

Mike Becker with a “New” helmet…… boots next?

Rick powers over the second log crossing in 1

Wolfy drops into the last part of 1

Ed also through the last trees of 1

Over to 1 & 2 down by the start. 1 starts with yesterday’s exit log then turns along the brook for
another log crossing into a left hander and climb up between the trees, a mini recovery zone
then set up for a downhill “S” around the end of a big, big log which 1 liners go over or not!….
drop down another bank into rocks then squirt uphill through more rocks to the exit.

The last one of our loop is another section of my youth. In the trees with a full power uphill climb
in 2nd, round the top, engine and front wheel braking steep descent, round the tree at the
bottom then uphill again in the leaf mould back down to set up for another uphill adverse and
round another tree to the simple exit. Great fun so finish loop 1 with a score of 2 which could
have been a zero with a bit more application.

Darrel Boone tries a new line in the Aspens of 6

Len tries it too

Out for loop 2 and clean all the way to 6 where Fred is in trouble again taking the wrong uphill
exit and a horrid 5. Nothing to mention on 6 & 7 so try and do better with 8. No such luck and
another identical 2 trying to use this clutch thing which isn’t working for me. Another 2 point loop,
but by the time I get back to the start I can see Rick has blasted round again and finished on
21 so I have a 17 point advantage going out for my third loop. No incidents or near misses
through the first 7 sections so time to really rethink this section 8. I must have walked it 6 times
and the plan is to revert to my normal clutchless style but as I approach the 180 I can’t resist
grabbing it again and get in all kinds of problems with a dragging dab followed by a tipee toe for
an awful 3!! So that’s it for a three loop total of 7.

Out of the Ends on 6

Now by my calculations that’s my 7th win in Classic Expert and as I’m older than the rest of the
class I’m pretty sure I have won that Championship. I also now have 6 wins in Prem Heavyweight
Int so I just need one more win at Sandia or Hollister to wrap up that one.

Fred looks certain to have recaptured his Modern Classic Int Title and Len Sims and Hugh
Campbell have secured theirs. Classic Novice is up for grabs with early points leader Darrel Boone
getting a bit of a blasting from a fast improving Zach Woodward. Ralph Foster won again in Mod
Classic Expert but losing 20 gave my team the win today with Dan Straka having an inspired ride
on the PI line for the loss of just 1 point.

Section 1 again with Fred coming to the last bit of rockery

Awards over, everyone is heading out of the hills tonight for miscellaneous duties before meeting
up again next Wednesday for the Sandia Classic. So for those of you who didn’t make this event
this year put it on your “to do” list for next year. Well run, great variety of sections with a lot more

Section 3, just like Scotland

If you rode you will be on on film.

Tony Down


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The Tough Section 1

After much discussion between wise sages, and several beers, the severity and length of some
Lipscomb sections were altered such that those without the aid of a handy Rand McNally area
road map could compete. 8 sections a day was the plan and any of the 8 could easily have been
sub divided into 2 sections. A lot more challenging than those at Casper, but a different venue, a
different Trialsmaster, and at least a chance that one silly mistake was not going to cost you the
event. Forecast scores would look to be in the 20 zone for the upper class leaders for day 1 and
maybe about half of that for day 2.

A gentlemans start time and a generous time allowance to get round the 2 mile loop.

Riding the Cub today in Classic Expert as Don Kelley has elected to leave the Ariel and ride his
Cub in Prem Lightweight Int. Rick Wolff is here with the BSA so a good challenge for me if Rick
has his “A” game on.

Rick Wolff going well through Section 2

I start at section 3 with Dave Lindeman having driven over from Colorado for his checking points
to wrap up the Modern Classic Expert Title. This section has some severe, but not dangerous,
challenges and has everything in the section with the exception of sand. It opens with an over
the bump entry into a single track mudhole climbing out and over a big root at the base of a tree
where the line takes us round the tree back into a soft muddy area before a blast up a leaf mould
hill, turn through 45 and over more roots and a small log to ride along an adverse path descending
into a dry river bed with a downhill descending turn into the rocks. A 180 turn riding across the
rocks back to the checker. A long ride and a pleasing clean.

Section 4 is a Scottish style ride up a gully with no way out and the only “cheater lines” have
been spotted and taped off. Another nice clean here and I would have been annoyed if I hadn’t
cleaned this one as this is “My” type of section.

Along the road to 5 which is a monster of a section with trap after trap and even a very good
ride could collect 5 dabs along the way due to the number of hazards. Downhill entry into a “S”
turn through rocks around a tree in the river bed and then blast out of the river bed rocks up a
4 foot bank before adjusting for a downhill turn on an adverse before dropping further down into
more rocks and loose dirt to take a left turn up through some trees to a glade where a 180 turn
was made before dropping back into the riverbed rocks to take up yet another tight left turn and
then blast up the bank to go right handed around yet another tree and finally back into the
riverbed and the exit. 2 lost here, the first on the second left uphill and the other on the final
right hander. Well it is doable but it will be a great ride to do it.

Over to 6 on the open hillside of loose rocks, crumbly bits, solid imbedded granite and all sorts
of nasty prickly vegetation. An off cambered slight downhill entry before turning uphill and getting
up and onto some solid rock then turning around a bush before dropping back down across a
ledge then pop up onto another ledge leading down to a tight descending turn to a lower path,
or straight on to avoid the turn and then go lower down the hill before commencing a couple of
uphill turns to rejoin the path. Nice idea but the back wheel spun on a rock in the grass and
another dab is punched. Oh well, down to 7.

Jim has selected this one as his section of the day and it consists of an uphill climb up the face
of some volcanic outcrop to a plateau, a tempting line off this into a tight downhill right turn
followed by a slalom of turns amid loose rocks to the exit. A new line appears off the back of the
plateau if you take on a further rock step which will take you wider out and make the downhill
easier to negotiate. Another clean so up the big hill to 8.

This is a very precise section requiring perfect wheel placement and delicate throttle control.
Steve Doyle who is checking tells me Rick Wolff cleaned it! Wow, that must have quite something
of a ride on the BSA. A downhill entry turning right then left over a series of rock steps to a
narrower lower path, then start the uphill over some nasty one foot square boulders into a full
lock left, then right before hitting the upper path of big jagged rocks lining the turn to the exit.
I get it spot on everywhere and the Cub purrs through for a magnificent clean… boy was that fun!

The first soft sand turn in 1

Just 1 & 2 to finish off the loop. 1 has a nasty looking start turning into a fallen tree surrounded
by branches and brush and is definitely an unstable hazard. After that through more brush into
a wall of death riverbed turn to clear another fallen tree and get into a soft sand wash trying to
keep to the firm sides before taking on yet another log between 2 trees, after that a 180 turn in
yet more soft sand then up and around a tree to a final log crossing. The first log, the wall of
death,soft sand all goes well until the right handgrip touches the tree, closes the throttle takes
a chunk off my little finger and stalls the engine!!!! Restart in disgust and clean the rest of it with
the score on 8!

Hugh Campbell wrapping up Classic Int

Don Kelley in fine form against Dan Straka

Over to 2 for the last section of the loop. Steep downhill entry in soft dirt, over some rocks in the
river bed and around a tree dropping back into the rocks to make a steep climb onto an upper
path. Wander down the firm adverse path for an open 180 before coming back along a lower
ledge to enter yet another 180 through some deepish mud before a little wiggle to the ends card.
Nice clean on this so first round score an annoying 8 with the stalling 5.

James Bodkin drops off the high ledge in 2

Ralph Foster powers through the mud on 2 to win Mod Classic Exp

Good steady ride from Rick

My favorite….. wish there were more of these!

Starting back in order now, Section 1 goes well until I almost forgot the 180 turn in the soft sand
and took a dab to drag her back on line, well a lot better than the miserable 5. Nice cleans on 2,3,
and 4 before another long walk around 5 where I lost the 2. Can’t really see what I did wrong so
take the same line again but foul up on the uphill before the glade and lose another. Need to get
the power on earlier.

Back at 6 on the hillside a meticulous walk through brush and heather to see if my lower line will
work. Seems several others have tried it but according to the checker they haven’t had much luck.
I try it again and get a satisfying clean.

No problems with 7 and up to see Steve at 8. Been a bit of rotovation here on the lower path but
the “S” between the rocks is the same. All goes well cleaning the lower section until I come out of
the S. With the front wheel light as I complete the right portion my boot catches some nasty
desert vegetation which refuses to let go and bike and yours truly rotate to the right and I can’t
get my boot out of the bush or off the peg for the much needed dab! The bike and I roll sideways
collecting checker Steve and all end up in an ungainly mess on the hillside. So with damaged ego,
a sore leg and a kneecap full of cactus thorns I limp into the start with a second loop total of 7.

At the checker table I can see Rick has already finished and has lost 41 which gives me a 26 point
advantage going out on the third loop. Another dab lost on 1, clean 2, then turn too tight on the
last turn of Dave Lindeman’s section and take a silly dab by the fir tree. Clean 4, and now rewalk
that section 5 that has been causing me a bit of grief. Must get the power on earlier! The plan
works and I get my first clean here and a bit of applause from the spectators to add to the
pleasure. Cleans on 6 and 7 and now go and see how Steve is getting on up on 8. Steve gives
me a wide berth and I take a safety dab for good measure to finish the loop on 3 giving me 18
for the day and win number 6 in Classic Expert.

So how was it for everybody else? Hugh Campbell thrashed the opposition in Classic Int to take
his national title. Zach Woodward continues to rack up points in Classic Nov. Derek Belvoir scored
his fourth Prem Hwy Exp win in a row to go with a good ride in AZ and looks set for yet another
title (we will see about that next year!). Ralph Foster had a superb ride in Mod Classic Exp and
Mod Classic Int was a 1 point affair between Ed Peacock and Tom Maddux with Wolfy just getting
it. Dan Straka riding his rebuilt Cub had a battle on his hands with Don Kelley and just won by
2 points. The Fun team prizes were very close with my team of Dan and Gene just getting edged
out by 1 rotten little point!

End of Day 1

Tell me when I’ve had enough

The other Miller Lights

A lot of evening fun up there on the hillside as we looked down on the lights of Miller Motorsports
Park……but a lot of us had our own Miller or Miller Light …….. more fun tomorrow, and boy I’m
tired and sore!

Tony & Brenda       …….. lots of photos today!

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Time we were leaving!!

 We depart in the rain and make it back to the road, a short 140 miles to the planned nightstop
with a quick visit to Walmart for yet more liquid refreshment. Well on an operation this size the
bar takes a heavy hit! The rain continues all the way to Rawlins where it actually gets worse.

Brenda books us in and I drive round to our site. Enterprise completes leveling and while I go
out in the rain Brenda deploys the slides….. well one and half to be precise. Outside things are
not going well as I search in vain for the 50 amp. Back to the office through the puddles and
explain there is no 50 amp ……. lady agrees, and I’m given further instructions. Back on board
Enterprise things are not looking quite so rosey as the slides will not deploy or come in. Drive to
the new site, plug in 50 amp, dump and take on water. With our “stuck” scenario this looks like a
crawl in bedtime but we will fix it in the morning……..well we now have tons of hot water….. but
the damm shower selector is stuck for the second time so its COLD only!!!

Tuesday morning and ring the local RV man who duly arrives with jumper leads!!!! Once more I
explain I want the batteries, all 10 of them TESTED….. so he departs and comes back with a tester.
Batteries are all good so now according to Monaco it must be the hydraulic pump which is a 2 hour
replacement job that can be done in Salt Lake City and is covered under warranty. However, we
have a small problemeeee! we need to get the slides back in to get to SLC.

Following Monaco’s instructions Shadetree is sent under the bus in the mud to locate the hyd
pump and the 4 solenoids. Explain to Shadetree there are 4 solenoids with a nut on each end
and the tool to undo do them is part of the hyd reservoir filler cap. After a lot of argument and
several “crawl in and outs” he finds what we are looking for and finally they are released.
Shadetree and helper now go for lunch and say they will be back at 1 with the Boss to push the
slides in.

Shadetree and helper return along with the Boss and we now push these giant slides back in as
far as we can. Tell Shade to tighten up the solenoid nuts and we should be on our way. The Boss
now tries his hand at long multiplication to determine costs. He tells me after 3 attempts its
$405.00 so I ask “how much for cash?”  “$400” is the reply so having saved the princely $5 I pay
him and they depart and shortly afterwards so do we.

A double link road to get onto I80 and as we start the first left turn there is a lot of screaming
from the crew as the right giant slide moves out ……..  Once more, and single handed I manage to
push the slide back in place with a lot of effort. While Brenda speaks to Monaco I slowly drive up
to Flying J to refuel. Of course as I turn towards the refuelling pits for 18 wheelers the slide comes
out again and now I’m too wide to get between the concrete bollards. Push the mother back in
again and when I get back on the bridge the bloody attendant has just finished taping off my slot
with yellow caution tape!!

Finally we have fuel and while this is done Monaco say we need to secure the slide with 2 x 4’s.
Of course I have a ton of tools onboard but no saw for carpentry! Purchase a 6 inch hacksaw and
now the hunt for 2 x 4’s begins in the boondocks. Finally, taking care not to break the precious
blade the metal hacksaw cuts pieces to length and these are jammed inside the slide and outer
shell. Onward my friends to Salt Lake where we pull into Sierra RV and park in their car park.

Don’t break that blade!


Wednesday morning and at 0800 we annouce our arrival and problem. Their expert on big rigs is
a mere youth but the service manager says he is “the man!”  Now with 2 lawn chairs, 2 cups of
coffee and 4 dogs we take up residence in their car park in the warm morning sunshine and watch
and listen to “the sound of freedom” as the F16’s from Hill AFB take off and shatter the peace.

The youth goes for lunch but says he has the slides working well and the problem is electrical
probably caused by the blow out and he will check all that out when he comes back. By 1400 we
are done, the trailer is back on and we are on the road again and as this was all under warranty
there is no charge for labor?????

A gentle cruise through Utah, another refuel at Flying J and yet another food stop at Walmart
and then using Jim’s burried treasure map time to find the trials site. A quick look at Miller where
the road racing will be held and then a few miles of nothing until the 7 mile uphill run, which
degenerated into a rocky road where we were down to 8 mph for the last 4 miles. Arrival at the
site and there are all the regulars who are on the same mission, Don Kelley and faithful hound
Casey, Derek Belvoir, Ed and Evelyn, and of course the organizer and team of Jim Lipscomb.

In the Boone, Tooele

The Starship levels, and lo, the slides deploy …… we are here!

Tony & Brenda……. hoping for a ray of sunshine!

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  • 9/22/2008 9:49 PM craig w visser wrote:
    i wish id known you were in Utah i love to meet up with you at i meet i love to restore old vintage kt and ty s did you chrome the tank on your ty love your work
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Section1 on wet Monday

 Monday morning and another early start and another new plug. A big change in the weather with
overcast skies and the odd spit or two of rain. The forecast is for more, with heavy rain later. This
would not be a good place to get stuck.

The opening section is down in the brook by the start and everyone crosses the river before
taking up the challenge of their own line. 3’s and PI’s can blast up the bank over the roots or
wander back in the water and take the smoother 2 line exit. I’m undecided as to whether the turn
in the water will make the exit easier. I see several good riders losing points in the river on one
small but very slippery rock which is taking the front wheel of anyone who even sniffs it. Funny
thing is it is not a big or awkward rock just very slippery for no real reason. I decide on the full on
attack and the Enfield bounds up the roots and clearly that is the line to use.

Wolfy and the “slippery” rock

Ed turns inside

Hugh Campbell winning his Classic Int Class

Nick Turner who also had trouble with that Rock

Derek Belvoir drops back in while Jim watches

Fred about to hit that rock

“Bridge to Engine Room…… ALL AHEAD FULL”

Section 2 has a choice of lines through light brush and rocks into a sharp right turn followed by a
left turn in water and mud up onto the bank then a “S” turn around the big log while 1 and 2 riders
cross the log at their designated points. All goes well here and off to 3.

Dave Dewonia on the exit of 2

The first turn of 2

3 is a fairly simple ride along a rock strewn bank which could get slippery as more mud gets carted
across it before a right, left turn around a tree and the exit. The bit immediately after the ENDS
card was a great turn and a shame the cards were not 3 feet further up the bank. 1’s and 2’s
were criss crossing the river and it looked like a good section for them.

Yet more in the same river for Section 4 with a small slippery downhill into the water and rocks
crossing to the other side and then ploughing though the mud on the other bank with a small turn
just before the exit. This could get worse as the day goes on.

Through more rivers and trees to 5. Entry over some rocks in the trees then a small water
crossing and then a deepish water hole into a steep bank and turn to the exit. The Enfield likes
this one!

Section 6, difficult to know what to say as it is no more than a “ride through” on my line!

The next one takes a wide turn around a big tree before coming back to a rolling log which you
can either ride over or go for a tight turn around the end. Having seen many surprized looks with
this hazard when the “roller” has got stuck under the crankcase I elect the round the end turn.

Out of the river valley and up to the rocks of 8. Something different, and a left turn start around
a huge flat boulder and then set up for another left hander between some footrest grabbers
before wandering through a rock field to the exit. I caught my left rest on the rock but Bulldozer
power either demolished the rock or flattened it.

3’s and PI’s don’t ride 9 for some reason and so set up for section 10 to complete the loop. My
line is a straight uphill  entry, left turn at the top then gentle downhill braking through a slalom
of rocks to the exit. First loop complete so beware sections 1 in the river, 2 with the logs, and 4
and 5 with the mud.

Bob trying to keep the front down on 1

The big Velo creeps out of 1

Second loop goes well with no incidents or “moments” and still on a clean card, time to set off for
the last one of the weekend. The rain begins but as most sections are in the trees it won’t be a
problem and I’m still warm enough not to need a jacket.

Ty Lindeman on the TY175

Brother Ryan on the Ossa chasing Dad in MC Experts…. WE NEED MORE YOUNG MEN

Dave Lindeman en-route to a National Championship. The 1 line logs, Section 2

Is the tire flat? or is Dave putting on weight?

Cleans all the way to 8 despite more mud and some slippery corners, the Enfield has a bit of a
splutter here and causes the heart to race as a 5 today would be a disaster. However she clears
her throat and I elect to ride the last section without changing plugs. A clean day and another
class win. Well the amazing old girl has now completed 6 Championship rounds for a total loss
of 2 dabs!

Awards and T Shirts and fond farewells another Casper event is over and a whole load of thanks
to the Wy team of Fred, Dan and Bob and all the other helpers. Let’s hope they do the 3 day
event again next year.

A Classic Vintage Section

The Enterprise is prepped and slides are in, support vessels loaded, engineering report overload
conditions in Gray/Black and life support water is on critical low and now it is raining. Doof the dog
from the planet Labrador takes the helm while other alien life forms with long ears bark to
announce the departure. The course is set, and Rawlins is our destination for dumping and fresh
water including some VERY HOT showers for the entire crew……

Tony Down

If you rode these events you will be on film www.trialsphoto.com

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  • 9/18/2008 8:06 AM Outlaw Dave wrote:
    Great report Tony as usual – I enjoy the humour ( English spelling) – and of course superb pictures. Congrats on another win on the Thumper.
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  • 9/22/2008 4:42 PM Fred Martinson wrote:
    Here’s a list of the people who helped put on the Mosteller Cup and Vintage National over the Labor Day Holiday

    score keepers, thye did the scorecards over the three days, about 750 scorecards totaled and posted
    Barb Martinson
    Evelyn Peacock
    Debbie Coates
    Destiny Brown
    Stephanie (Alan Dukes girl friend)

    Monday AHRMA Scorers
    1 Mike Becker
    2 Russell Coates
    3 Ross Stewart
    4 Greg Stewart
    5 Mark Franklin
    6 Dallas Peak
    7 Derek Martinson
    8 Tony Rouse
    9 Guy Chapman
    10 Randy Mosteller
    and those who volunteered
    Ron Anderson
    Mike Morgan
    Craig Cunday
    Clay Hoyt
    Dirk Carroll
    I know I forgot someone who said
    they’d help

    Mosteller Cup Trialsmasters
    Dan Straka
    Fred Martinson
    Bob Strohman
    Doug Wilson
    John Brooker

    Iron men of the WMTA
    They rode both days of the Mos Cup and
    the three rounds of the AHRMA event
    Mike Buchholz
    John Lever
    Mark Chapman

    Special Thanks to the Cundy’s
    for providing the barbeque

    Special thanks to the people who rode the events

    Fred Martinson
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Sunday and an earlier start takes the elderly by surprize. A fresh plug and away on a reverse
type route from yesterday. Vintage this morning then the “Mosteller Cup” riders this afternoon.
Another 11 sections but 3, 4, and PI’s don’t ride sections 3 and 4.

No1 is by the start and while one doesn’t require too much of a challenge if you couldn’t ride this
then you need to take up another sport! The 1 and 2 lines are where I would have loved to be.

Up the hill to Section 2 which is more like a “real section” and has problems for everybody. A large,
but tempting log, is the first obstacle which can be a straight over, or turn around the end and then
a tightish “S” turn around a pile or rocks to turn around another log and through more rocks to the
finish. The first turn can also be negated if you ride straight over the rocks which sets you up nicely
for the second log. A lot of indecision here! Do I risk the Enfield getting stuck on the log?…… and
having 3 men to get it off! It’s shorter than most so it should turn round the end, so thats the plan.
However I’m a bit stiff from yesterday and turn too wide with the result that the front wheel hits
the rock and almost jack-knifes causing the bootie to touch down!!

Missing 3 and 4 through the trees to 5 where finding a line is the biggest problem. There are
several that look good but the easiest is a quick turn and duck under a large tree limb, take the
tight right turn onto the adverse and let the steamroller run down the adverse to the exit. The
1 and 2 lines have a pretty rough turn down in the lower bog but it looks doable!

Section 6, with Alan Duke on checking duties, is a simple affair for PI’s but tricky for 1 & 2. Entry
over some muddy rocks and then a right turn into an uphill blast up through some firmly
imbedded rocks to the exit.

The standard jaunt over the hills and down to 7. This is a section which could change and get
tricky if water and mud get carted up the final exit hill. The start drops us in to a green grass
plateau before entering the river, 2 choices, either high and run down to the next hazard or stay
low on the far bank before a precise turn into the river to line up and squirt up the steep bank to
the exit. I choose the high line and it works well.

Through the trees on 8

Section 8 is a gentle wander through the trees and should be a “gimmee” for most lines.

A little ride round passing yesterday’s sections brings us back to the start area for No 9. Drop
down off the path for a long lazy left turn uphill to the exit. A simple looking section which, while
I was watching, was taking a fair number of marks from all and sundry.

Gene en-route to a MC Nov win

Don coming up the bank on 9

Jim taking another Rigid win

Bob spinning wheels on 9

Chuffing up the hill at 9

Mike shows how on the 2 line

Further along the bank we have the very tempting 10 ! I’m drawn to the natural line which is
down the steep drop, cross the river, slip through the rocks and logs and uphill to the exit.
Fortunately I’m on a “ciggy break” and nearly get run over by Gene taking a “legal”, but unseen
by me, line which went through the trees close to the blue down the hill for an adverse turn to
the cards.

Down the “easy” line on 10

Mike “I’m not losing today” Buchholz on 10

Showboating the exit on 10

Back at the start for “Leggo Land” again and almost a reverse of yesterday except we don’t go
through the upright diamond. Loop 1 complete with just the dumb dab.

Fred in “Leggo Land” Section 11

Loop 2 and section 2 needs a little attention and after careful scrutiny of the line I stick with the
original plan and once again hit the same rock. The only difference this time being that I took my
foot off the peg but just avoided touching down. Don Kelley was also having trouble with this one
and lost 2 Fives crashing in the rock pile!

The rest of the loop goes well and 7 has stayed the same and the mud has not made the uphill
too bad, no changes or extra hazards on my lines so another clean loop.

Plenty of time so walk most of them to avoid any forced errors on loop 3. Section 2, which has
been the trouble maker, becomes a simple affair when I actually turn where I want to and the
wheels slip by the rocks making the section a lot easier than my prevoius attempts. No problems
anywhere else so another clean loop.

Results are coming in and I see Mike Buchholz has ridden well for 11 to Nick Turner’s 22, so after
2 days they are level on points. Jim Lipscomb and Rob Stickler are continuing the “Battle of the
Rigids” with Jim maintaining a 5 point advantage on both days. Fred keeps winning in MC Int as
does Dave Lindeman in MC Exp. MC Nov swops around with the 3 main contenders of Ty
Linderman, Forrest and Gene all going well and Gene taking it on age today over Forrest. Hugh
Campbell takes another win in Classic Int and looks set for a National title.

Oh well, another one down and yet more fun tomorrow although the pundits are calling for a
change in the weather……..

Tony Down

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  • 9/18/2008 11:01 PM Steveo wrote:
    Thanks for that tony,almost as good as being there.My hat off to all of those good hard working AHRMA volunteers
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 A gorgeous warm day with no wind and cloudless skies, 12 sections, which I feel are too easy
but we will find out when we get going. I’m on the RE today as Don Kelley is riding his new Dick
Mann Ariel and could easily pick up some quick points here if I don’t compete in the same class.
The problem for me here is that he is 3 years older than me and I can’t afford to tie the series on
wins and then lose on the “Age” tie break. Seems there are no entries in Classic Expert so nothing
will change in that class.

For some reason I’m a bit nervous but off we go to Section 1. A variation on a theme here and
always a good section with fast running water and slippery rocks. My line is in down the bank,
through the river keeping the tree on my left and then find any way out back to the ends card.
The 1 and 2 lines are more adventurous and also slippery and I see Bob almost come to grief
within the first 10 feet. My chosen line works well and the first clean of the day is in the books.

Section 2 is in some black mud but it does have a firm base so concentrate on the line and all
goes well.

3 is just across the way and the 1 and 2 boys have a good section here downhill, over some logs,
turn in the river the follow the river bed before another log and an up and out turn onto the upper
bank. The PI line just runs across the adverse then turns around coming back to the ends card.
Keep it simple on idle power and all goes well.

Through the brook to 4 & 5. 4 is a sidehill section with various heights depending on line to climb
before descending through, or round the trees to the exit. 5 has the 2 apple trees where I picked
a few lbs this morning while the modern boys were having fun. Brenda is now making an apple
crumble to go with the Turkey she is roasting. The section goes downhill to the river, round the
apple trees and then either, more river and logs for 1 & 2 or a turn before coming back up the big

The fun of 6 …..but they kept me out of the mud!

Back along the side of the valley above all the early sections and up to the infamous mud hole
fuelled by the fresh water spring. Cows and horses have cut it up for a super section for 1 & 2 but
3’s and PI’s hardly get into it with a gentle ride up the side. Half way round the first loop and still
clean lets see what 7 has to offer.

Section 7, about right for ALL lines

7 is on the path and is probably about right for all classes. A rock strewn entry and then a step up
some tree roots between some trees and into a small mud hole with a turn to the exit.

8 is an insult to the intelligence for 3, PI and 4 but 1 & 2 have a good and fun section.

Out of the woods and down to the other rivers and section 9. When we looked at this yesterday
it was all covered in algae but now after the modern bikes have been through its all gone. My line
takes me into the river around a tree stump and then a gentle climb back up to the ends card.
1 & 2 riders have bit more of a challenge with some goopy mud and a step to get back out.

Back to the brook by the start for 10. Down hill into the river between a stump and the big log,
over some slippery rocks then out with a “S” turn to the exit. Turn a bit close to the log but
recover for the “S” and all goes well.

11 is up the hill in the dry rocks and is a series of turns avoiding what you can before trundling to
the exit gate.

The last section of the loop is in “Lego Land”, the large collection of concrete shapes, and for the
vintage bikes this has been suitably detuned and is a gentle run round the obstructions which the
RE makes little of with its short wheelbase. Loop 1 clean so off for loop 2 and don’t make any
assumptions so remember to walk them all again.

Clean through the first 5 with a “moment” on 3 when the front wheel slipped on the adverse bank.
Up at 6 I hear a misfire and splutter from the old girl but she chuggs through on idle so I elect to
come back and see whether it’s a blocked idle jet or another sooty plug. Turns out to be the plug
so in with a fresh one and back out to 7 and then complete the rest without any problems. 2 clean
loops and off for the last one with 90 minutes to complete it in.

No problems and a clean day for the win. Nick Turner has had a great ride losing only 1 while Mike
Bucholz lost 12. Fred and Dan are tied on 8 in MC Int and Dave Lindeman was in great form in the
Expert Class. Forrest, Gene and the youngest Lindeman are scrapping for honors in MC Nov while
Hugh Campbell took another win in Classic Int. Len is liking the Cub and took another easy win.

As I leave the start the RE says “another plug please”….. I’m running out, but fortunately Ed has a
couple which he loans me.

The traditional “Bring a Dish” bar-b-q which gets better every year had some super food and I
don’t think anyone went hungry!!! The Turkey and the Apple Crumble went in a flash, burgers,
dogs and pies a’plenty.

Here endeth day one, well not quite as there was some “serious” drinking to get in.

A Scottish Thistle

Tony Down

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