Another beautiful morning at 7000′ with a bit of wind. 1000 start today and a few extra riders should be
arriving to swell the numbers. Mike Buckholz has changed to a different needle and claims the bike is
now perfect so Dave and Ralph had better watch out! I’m sure Len will be looking for revenge as well
and that MC Int class has 5 potential winners all looking to turn the tables from yesterday.

With Rick Fields, Hugh Campbell and Steve Doyle all arriving we must be around the 40 mark which is
a good turnout for a new venue and holds a lot of promise for the future. E&E have been working on
this permit for 2 years and with all the debris clean up work that has been done by the trials riders I’m
sure BLM are very impressed.

Start time comes and 1 and 2’s are starting at section 1 which is another wash section with a mixture
of rocks and soft sand. I must have spent 30 mins watching this one. The rock portion is unlikely to
change but the sandy bits could go either way. 1 liners take on a second bite at more rocks. The top
riders are reduced to a shambles in the midst of the second turn and this could be where its won and
lost. I see Eugene slip through for a dab and then Len comes to a grinding step off 5 in the rocks. Ed
drives through with perfect balance and power for the first clean of the day. My turn comes and the
rocks and first turn go well and I’m looking good until the final turn where I don’t get the weight right
as the power comes on and a silly dab is taken on the bank. Oh well, the run of clean cards has
come to an end!

Section 2 is a two part affair with a series of climbs and side hugging adverses on the pumice rock
leading up to a full 90 turn onto a rubble downhill path with a drop off at the exit. Not too challenging
and a fun clean. 3 takes us round a wall of death ride on the pumice then bounce over a few rocks and
soft dirt before an uphill turn and a wiggle through some more pumice outcrops and down another
rubble filled exit run. No problems here and over to 4 which doesn’t really have any meat to it yet it did
manage to grab some marks! Ed, who was riding well, and clean at this stage panicked on the uphill
top turn for a stumbly 3 !

Now we come to 5 which on the face of it looked incredibly simple and in my opinion didn’t seem to
offer much by way of a test. Well just how wrong can you be ……… whizzed through and collected a 5
for missing a split ! Well even with the split it wasn’t a hard section but an annoying 5 for doing
something that dumb really blows the mind. Remembering “it’s never over until the fat lady sings” try
and put this behind me.

Oh C***!    the look in the bush says it all  ……..FIVE!

6, which is up there in difficulty, with an awkward entry on the adverse pumice then drop down into
a multiple choice of up lines onto a big pumice slab and slip off onto a twisty track to the crest. From
there a few up and overs in the rocks to the exit. I like two lines but I’m undecided as to which is the
best. Eventually elect to take the steeper choice and the Cub sails up and over but I have my weight
wrong as I drop onto the track and while adjusting I’m too slow and manage to stall the motor! BH !!
I’m giving this to Len with my own stupidity. Two consecutive 5’s and I should have cleaned both!!

nice line up…….. and then I stalled it !

Regroup, Rethink, and Relax! 7 has a nice trundle up the hill to cross some roots and rocks behind a
tree, then meander through some rubble before a little left right jink and steep drop off down the
pumice. Clean at last, so over to 8 which is an uphill blind path leading to a rock pile crossing  then
some jinks through the pumice finishing with a tricky right hand uphill gate in some loose dirt. Nice line
and a good pleasing clean.

Len in trouble on the low line at 6

Eugene starts paddling in 6

Back at the start all kinds of stories are in and things are not quite as bad as I thought. Len also had
a 5 on section 6 where I stalled claiming someone had switched his choke on? Eugene had lost a 3
as well on 6 and then managed to get into neutral just before the descent on 7 and in the surprise
shot down the hill too fast and missed the end gate for a 5. So in my class we had Eugene on 9, Len
on 10 and yours truly on 11.  MC Exp has Ralph on 3, Dave Lindeman on 5 and Mike on 8 after also
missing a gate.

Mike up the steep line on the  Suz- Samaha-DMW

Turning the tables today Ralph sets up to win MC Exp

Determined attack from Dave Lindeman

Second loop and back at 1 things are much the same but the final bank is grabbing a few marks and
I see Dan Straka lose one of his 3 for the day on the exit. The first turn rides as well as my previous
attempt and I set up perfectly for the exit which goes spot on plan and gets a big round of applause
from the crowd. No problems through 2,3, and 4 so back to 5 where I missed the split but even going
the right way its still an AHRMA “gimmee”.

The correct way on 5 for a easy clean…..dumb, dumb, dumb!

6 is where I stalled so lets sort this out as although tricky its not that bad. This time I take a lower line
on the big slab and power through for an easy clean. No change on 7 and 8 so a clean card for loop 2.
See Eugene back at the start table and get the impression he has finished already. Unfortunately he
had retired having smashed his hand into the rock wall on the first turn of 1. The back of his hand was
pretty badly cut so he wisely quit riding at this point. Len had lost 3 on his second loop, as I now see
from Brenda’s pictures.

Second go at 6 from the lower line

Back out for the last loop and another good clean on 1 and then clean all the way back through 5.
Section 6 is the only real challenge left so re-walk it and this time having tried both lines elect to go for
the steeper of the two. Much better control so now catch up with Len who has been hanging around
(wonder why?). Seems he has lost another 9 already on this loop so he is out on 22 to my 11.

6 again using the steeper approach

Clean through 7 again and back to 8 which has had a few rocks sliding around but hasn’t altered the
section or the way it will ride. See Ron Pocher ride it nicely then Len cleans it along with myself and
Ed. Another clean loop to finish the day on 11. Should have been a single dab apart from the 2 dumb

Hugh slips through 6 on the PI line

4 rides and 4 wins in MC Nov for John Dowson…..Title maybe ?

Jimmy still on “the drip” exiting 5

I think that Len has been on the “stats” and come to the conclusion that as I have 5 wins in the class
of the required 7 he can’t win even if he gets level as he is 4 years younger! Well he can walk away
with Prem Lightweight even if he hasn’t actually ridden the class and soon he will be switching
horses as he still wants to win Rigid Expert. I too, must get the big banger out of hibernation and take
on Rob, Derek and Shane over at Donner as I can’t afford to let them notch up too many wins as this
one I can’t win on age with Derek in there on 3 wins already. A lot of “Food for thought”.

With all the results in MC Exp has Ralph winning on 7 from Dave on 8. Ron Pocher cleans up 2 days
with another win in MC Int on just 2. John Dowson takes his fourth win of the season with 5 marks lost.
Fred has an easier time losing 4 to Hugh’s 18, while Dan secures his second win with 3 marks lost.

“Ride’m cowboy!”   spirited attack from young Ty Lindeman

Awards over from a great weekend time to get on the road as we have a ton of work to do at Cozy.
It looks like rain but somehow we manage to avoid it all and finally crest the summit of Poncha Pass
where it is now blowing a gale. At some stage in the 40+ mph winds the main awning decides to
come loose and deploys like a F4 brake chute……….. so fighting the sudden drag on one side of the
Starship we come to a halt with the tattered awning billowing in the wind. Reminiscent of a Robin
Williams scene from the film “RV” so without further ado the mainsail is ripped from the mast and
stowed in the lower holds.

“Don’t you dare, my hair is a mess”

The rest of the journey was without incident and we arrived home a little before 8 and now we have
to prep the coach for some guests who arrive tomorrow lunchtime. Next major outing will be one
of my favourites at Donner Ski Ranch in mid July.


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  • 6/9/2009 10:53 AM Ron Pocher wrote:
    Tony & Brenda,
    It is quite impressive and (I would hope) greatly appreciated that you two take the time to chronicle your adventures. I’m sure seeing a new posting is always a treat for any trials fan and even more so for the AHRMA/Vintage crowd. Many thanks and see you soon.
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Another glorious mountain morning, no more o’night arrivals but I’ll stick with my prediction of 35-40
entries. The scene is set, let battle commence! Len Sims will no doubt persist using this dumbarse
rule and enter every class. For my part I can neither afford it and I don’t wish to ruin Derek’s weekend
and I have hopefully made my point at Milliken.

36 entries today but not enough checkers so the game plan is to run the 3,4 and PI riders this morning
and we will check for them and then 1 and 2 can whistle round this afternoon before the pot luck
bar-b-q. I took the opportunity to do a little photography myself for the morning riders.

Marks were being lost everywhere and in particular section 4 had a nasty tight turn dropping off a ledge
for the 3 liners with PI’s having a slightly easier time of it.

A tight line on the lower turn from Dan Straka

Great Bultaco restoration, Goggles ?

Most improved rider from last year, Zach Woodward

Good line from Fred on Section 4

Jimmy Allison on the “Margarita Drip” in Section 4

John Dowson on the hard 3 line in 4.

Section 6 had a daunting adverse across the grippy local rock but a lot of 3 liners were not that
confident with Mister Dunlop’s ability to stayed glued to the surface. PI men had a tight turn around a
stump just after the start and this got pretty badly chewed up with people taking too low a line.Had they
waited a little while Tony Hagger used the Royal Triumph as a stump puller and removed the entire

Tony Hagger rounds the stump….. this time!

Jimmy in a spot of bother on “Hagger’s Stump”
As the morning progressed it was obvious that things were not too easy out there with Fred Martinson
coming home on 11 points to Jimmy Allison’s 18 in Prem Lightweight. Dan Straka slipped round for
1 point on the Stealth Cub losing a dab on section 4 when she nearly died. John Dowson had an easy
win and great ride for just 2 points in MC Novice. Does seem, having observed the morning efforts
that a good number of our members would benefit from a 2 day trials school as many marks were lost
due to poor planning on line and hazard negotiation.

Green = Begin !

Well now its my turn! We all set off for Section 1 which is in a dry wash with sand and lots of
unpredictable rolly rocks. First left hand turn in soft sand then cross some firm rocks to the blue tape to
cross the center of the wash and its rocks before dropping into a tricky rock hole and then through a
rock jumble to the exit. A few nerves and a squirrely ride through for a clean but I’m not relaxed yet.

Over to 2 where we are again in and out of a sandy bottom wash with a climb up around some rocks
and a bush before dropping back down into the wash for a tight right, left sequence. Again still a bit
rigid and lower in the wash than I planned but a good recovery for the clean.

Jimmy and John have section 3 and for the most part it is fairly simple following some hard solid rock
until the downhill exit which requires perfect placement of the front wheel on the rock sides to keep the
back wheel in the groove. A few nasty crashes here with Eugene Waggoner collecting 11 points on his
3 attempts.

Back to the pits area with Fred on Section 4. This has the quick right left turn coming uphill onto the
step and then both 1 and 2 go straight on up the bank to enter a right left sequence. I have my “key”
rocks lined up and the Cub makes easy work of it.

Bottom of Section 4

Section 5 has a long lazy left hand uphill on the pumice rock then drive over a rock pile and aim out to
the red tape to pick up a relatively easy but steep downhill.

Bill Brokaw on the long lazy uphill of 5

Mike Buckholz on the downhill of 5

Top of the Drop Section 5

Bob Strohman still looking for that Win in MC Int

Section 6 for my money has the greatest potential for mistakes with a solid step shortly after the start
followed by a wide left hand uphill in rolly rubble before lining up for a 4′ step, which is line critical,
before going on and up through solid and loose rock into a right hand adverse prior to the downhill run
for the exit. Wolfy has an unpleasant 5 here turning in too tight for the big step. The Cub makes it and
all is well.

Up the big step of 6

In the upper reaches of 6

Round to 7 where the chewed up portion by “Hagger’s stump” is now getting smoothed out and not
looking quite so bad. Derek Belvoir rockets the big Velo round the stump and goes high up the adverse
but she drops back onto line with a jolt and no loss of marks. My plan is not quite so high then pick up
the lazy left hand rubble track to line up on the gorge which takes us up to the top before climbing out
and round a fir tree to the simple downhill run. Another nice clean in the book

Derek Belvoir drops back on line after a very high entry in 7

A lower entry in 7

Over at 8 the 2 line seems to be the AHRMA “gimmee” of the day with a simple entry up a groove and
over a big round rock before dropping down for a “in and out of the ditch” set up and run down to the
finish. 1 hour gone and a clean loop. wonder how Len is getting on?

Second loop and sections 1 through 3  are all better more confident and relaxed rides this time.
A quick walk of 4 once more as there were some rocks that could easily have been rotovated out of the
bank. Fred tells me that the bottom turn is catching a lot of people. I didn’t see a problem the first time
so stick with the original plan and another clean.

No problems for me on 4

Ron Pocher at the top of 4 for a fine win in MC Int

Section 5 being a solid rock outcrop can’t change so glide through here. 6 on the other hand had loads
of loose rocks and rubble around the blind turn before the step so worth another walk. Not much change
on 7 and 8 should be easy if I just do the same thing. Another clean loop!

Out for the last go around and I know how tricky 1 can be. Watch Mike Buckholz make the 1 line look
easy with the side to side crossings and tight turns and now take a lot of care not to make any silly
mistakes. All’s well and only 7 to go. Section 2 seems to be breaking up on the last turn but the sand
looks moist so shouldn’t dig in. See Mike lose a 2 on this very tricky section but a great ride
nonetheless. Out of here and the last precision ride through the exit of 3 goes well. One more look at
4, just in case, but another easy clean and 5 goes the same way. Walk 6 for the last time and creep
through for another safe clean. Realistically just 7 to concentrate on for the first turn and then the
groove. All goes to plan and over to 8 where I would really be cross if I lost a mark here. Another clean
loop and a clean card for the day which with my 4 year age advantage gives it to me even if Len has
equalled my ride.

The drop down exit from 7 for the last time

Back at the start it seems Len lost a 2 on Section 3 getting cross threaded on the exit on his second
loop and then losing 2 more somewhere on the third loop. In MC Exp its been a needle match
competition with Dave Lindeman on 10, Ralph Foster on 11 and Mike taking third on 12. Mike is
planning a comeback tomorrow! Derek plowed round on 8 in Heavyweight and in MC Int it was a
fierce competition with winner  Ron Pocher on 2 and Bill Brokaw back on form on 3.

Dave Lindeman exits 5 en route to a MC Exp win

The pot luck BBQ went down well with everybody after a great day’s trials riding in a perfect setting.
Being Turkey Rock Brenda’s offering was a full roasted bird and faster than you can say
“gobble gobble ” it was gone!

She’s cooking what???   I’m out of here!


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Strangely enough sitting at home looking out the french window a large bird is walking down the main
road…. a wild turkey, maybe an omen for this weekend’s double header at Turkey Rock Howard
Colorado. Don’t see many Turkeys of the flying kind in small town Dolores but there’s always a first for

Up bright and early and on the road at 0900 routing, Durango, Pagosa Springs over Wolf Creek Pass
then north bound for the next pass at  Poncha then through Salida along the Arkansas river to Howard.
The road holds a number of memories having had all the electrics go haywire on the Beaver when we
went between some cliffs and once again the generator quit!

The “time warp cliffs” where the electrics went loopy

The Arkansas river is full of trout and fly-fishermen and women and could be a good source of
“checkers” if we need them.

The Flyfisher’s Delight, the Arkansas River

Only 257 miles but it seems to take longer than expected and we eventually pull in at 1500 only to get
stuck in some deep soft sand! A bit of rocking and all is well, get out and we find the only level area on
some old concrete building slab. E&E have been busy and despite a lot of rain earlier in the week they
have already laid out 16 sections with a great selection near the start area. A pleasant evening with a
surprising number of early arrivals, namely; Ralph Foster from CA, the Wyoming clan of Bob Strohman,
Dan Straka and son and the Woodwards complete with new RV. Dinner and fireside chatter until 2200
when the temp in the mountains closes down operations.

Early morning at Turkey Rock

Friday morning and after a great lie in, up at 0800 to a glorious mountain morning of blue skies and
sunshine dappling the peaks with their new light dusting of fresh snow. A truly beautiful place! The
well known cliche of “Does it get any better than this?” seems somehow inappropriate in such a
setting. Dog walking over and while breakfast begins I go gathering wild flowers ( please note I’m not
going the “other” way) but Brenda enjoys some fresh flowers in the RV and if they are free so be it.

The first pick

Another free bunch

The Perfect Weed…… and they all scored points Gentlemen !

Bike out and time to check the sections and a route up and over the top of the hill that Ed wants to use.
Regrettably the route is not for the faint of heart and although I personally don’t pander to 4 liners it is
actually out of their league. A challenging uphill on a steep rock infested trail and then over the crest to
a very steep downhill in loose rollers.

The lower stages of the “desired” loop

The top portion of Ed’s “desired loop”, a bit tough me thinks!

The sections all look “doable” but have plenty of traps for all lines. Another 2 days of precision trials
riding. Stay on the line and success should be guaranteed but stray off “that” line and more trails of
tears are the likely result. Having walked all 16 nothing dangerous or silly and of course any pre
inspection always makes sections seem harder and I’m sure they will ride well and even if it rains I
don’t see them changing for the worse.

Saturday 6 with some big steps

Sunday 2 with a fun blast up the Pumice Rock Hill

Gorgeous setting for Sunday 4

Late afternoon and more arrivals to swell the numbers, Mike Buckholz fresh off his MC Exp win at
Milliken, Eugene Waggoner from NM and my main Scottish sponsor Jimmy Allison also from NM.
Derek Belvoir has made the 1150 mile trek from the West Coast. Ralph Foster’s friend from Utah
finally finds the yellow arrows and makes it before nightfall along with Rob Stickler and his goofy dog.

Other arrivals are humming birds by the dozen and Brenda and Evelyn are having a competition with
who has the “sweetest” juice

The Hummingbird, a bit like Air-toAir Refueling

All looks good, I’m ready!

So we have all the ingredients, perfect location and terrain, a good number of early arrivals, really
pleasant trials riding weather and with predicted other  regulars due to arrive with the Lindemans,
the Beckers, Fred, Hugh,Wolfy and others we could end up with 35-50 entries which will make for a
good event at a first time Vintage venue………….the proof of the pudding etc


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Ready on time

2 weeks since Milliken, where did the time go?….. and now its time to get on the road again for Turkey
Rock a new venue for a double header for AHRMA and the Rocky Mountain region. Only 257 miles for
us so should be there in a “relative” flash.

It seems I must have run over a Prickly Pear or something as the new back tire is as flat as the
proverbial. 2 years on the previous one and never a puncture! Well at least thats a quick fix and then
mount the Mandatory Spark Arrestor that Ed lent me for this event. The Cub ran flawlessly for a clean
card last time so no major work required in this area but I need to change the fuel cock on the TY250C
which is departing to its new home on Wednesday as the current one has some weepy seals which
have dried out through lack of use. I did have a little ride on it the other night and it felt fantastic after all
the mods, sad to see it go but you can’t ride them all and I still have Superglitz, the unsellable “53”
and the mini Glitz Ty175 which I still haven’t changed the main bearings on.

Final polish for the TY250C

Sure is a pretty bike

More intensive gardening here at Cozy and things are looking really good with flowers everywhere and
the fruits of a lot of labor in the vege patch begining to show. 2 days teaching the MSF BRC course this
week which was a pleasant refresher and even managed to pick up a little unexpected sunburn!

First harvest of “French Breakfast”

Weeding, weeding, weeding…… the gardener’s nightmare but things are looking very nice as the park
is now fully booked for the summer months. Sustained a major blister in the palm of my hand forking
through bed rock to remove things growing in unwanted areas. Now excused weeding for at least a
week which is a good thing as other matters need my attention. The “flat” turned out to be a leaky valve
core and nothing more and I found a bit of plumbing hardware to attach the spark arrestor with. Not
pretty but it will do for this event.

Spark Arrestor in place

The Ty250C had the wrong O ring fitted by shade tree so that too was a quick fix and the day finished
up by making the palet for her to travel on.

The TY250C travel rig

All tasks complete on time, bit of a first here so now nothing to do until loading on Wednesday and set
off Thursday morning.


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  • 6/1/2009 9:29 PM David Armstrong wrote:
    Hi Tony, do you know the brand and model # of the spark arrestor pictured?
    I have been trying to find one like that for some time.


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Saturday morning and a slightly later start out walking the Iditarod team in a sea of easy ups that has
grown like wild flowers overnight with the arrival of all the MX people.

Brenda is helping with sign-up and those other forgotten duties that take all day behind the scenes;
loop cards, the master scoreboard, volunteer checkers etc.

Start time comes round at 1000 and the 3,4 and PI riders will start at 1&2 and 1 and 2 will begin at
section 3 the pipes. Arrive at 3 and start walking with memory selected. A small secure log to cross
after the start and then a slalom through some tires before a banked turn to the right entering a gentle
lefthander leading up to a very simple up and over a bank. Drop down the other side and cross the
busted concrete chunks before getting to the pipes. Enter with a left hander and the take a wide
downhill adverse to the right to come back over some logs and set up for the multiple pipe crossing
and final gated log before the exit. Many riders are taking on the pipes and logs in a full bloodied
attack but if you take a different line you can cross only one before the gated log. Despite nerves,
probably from the Scottish arse kicking, I stick with my line and I sail through for a precise clean.

Exactly on line in Section 3

A little ride round the loop to 4 which is a much longer version of the one I rode here 2 years ago when
I went over the bars with those Miller pegs. This is a delicate power section and again stay precisely
on the line at all costs. Enter into a gentle uphill left hand adverse switching directions into a right
adverse dirt turn and then crossing a berm by the gate to get out wide for a double berm crossing and
drop down to the lower level. Just enough room at the bottom to get a good line up on a line
dependant steep grass uphill before entering a steep series of uphill turns. Crest the ridge under
gentle power and take care along the loose track to the exit. The Cub behaves flawlessly and goes
exactly where I want and another clean is punched.

No 5, starts with a straight shot uphill on loose dirt, rocks and grass and could go any way depending
on how the hill behaves. 1 liners have a crafty little S turn at the bottom and it looks like any power will
rotovate some rollers into the path. Sarah Duke gets into some real trouble here!…… and Keith
Wineland also puts his boots into action which must have come as a real shock for an accredited
National rider of his standing. At the crest of the hill we do a tight left hander and then brake all the way
back down before another shorter uphill twist into a left hander and descent to a long right hander
across the adverse portion of the hill. I have the power spot on and all goes to plan without finding any
rollers in the grass.

Over to 6 where again throttle control will be the key to success as there are a series of turns up and
across the grassy dirt banks and any error in positioning for these or any wild power applications will
end in tears. After the turns an adverse bank into a left 180 before entering a downhill narrow adverse
track, again line dependant, bringing all lines back together where 1 & 2 get a right, left uphill in loose
rubble to the exit. Stick with the plan and get another clean. Saw Fred have a very unlucky 5 on the
adverse before the 180 when for no reason she stalled. Don’t you just love Amal ?

Finishing 6 we are almost at the start of 7 which is potentially the hardest section of the day. A short
uphill into a left turn and immediate descent to come inside a marker and a steeper uphill with a
multitude of line choices to get up and over the hill. Further up the hill 1 & 2 take on a BIG log which is
the likely  “mark grabber”  before a steep downhill and then turn for the exit. The up and down goes
to plan and now be gentle with the power to stop the front wheel washing before lining up for a straight
uphill shot, recover on the top and line up for the daunting log which the Cub sails over and then gentle
control through the rest to the exit.

The 1 & 2 lines are the same on 8 where we enter onto a sandy ridge before dropping down into a
right hand round the bush on a sandy surface, which could get deeper, and up the bank again for a
tight round a tire turn and down the bank to a gentle right left through the bushes to the exit.  A minor
weight shift required on the soft sand but a good recovery for the clean but bear that in mind for the
next 2 loops.

Back at the start area for sections 1 and 2 in the notorious “Pit” where 2 MX bikes were lost and have
never been recovered! As you walk the bottom of the pit, although hard and dry, the surface ripples like
a trampoline as you step on it indicating the horrors of what lies beneath!

Entering the Pit on Section 1

Section 1 kicks off with a quick uphill onto the path where Ed had the throttle stick open for an
unexpected get off! After that, turn on the track for another small climb into the left hander before
meandering round and down the side of the pit into a right left to get up onto a very narrow ledge by the
tape. This ledge could easily break away and make this portion quite tricky on future loops. Having
slipped along the ledge drop back into the pit and take on the uphill to get out taking care to go the
correct side of the exit marker in a sea of flags. All well here but watch that ledge!

Up on the crumbly ledge of Section 1

Le Ann has section 2 and Dan Straka dropped a 5 here for upsetting the checker by entering without
permission. Tough that one but it was mentioned at the Rider’s Meet. The section itself set off with a
downhill adverse to pick up a gully, exit onto the top again before dropping back down to that
“trampoline” surface. Stay inside the tires and line up for a small log crossing and then pick a path
through the groove with the footrest wide banks to get back to the top and ride down to the exit. No
problems here and a good clean first loop so back to the start and see how its all going. The boards
are not yet up so a quick drink and back down to 1 & 2 and do it all over again.

Out of the gully on Section 2

No problems here so, 10 down, 14 to go. Nothing has changed on 3 so through and across to 4 where
a nice line in the grass shows the way through. Bit of a backlog at 5 which is taking some marks, loose
rocks everywhere but Cub drives through. Nice line established in 6 and no major changes. 7 looks the
same and 8 rides easier this time. Another clean loop so back to the start and see how its all looking.
Len Sims, doing his double entry under the NEW ABSURD RULE again, has lost a dab somewhere and
as I’m trying to bring things to a HEAD I’ve also entered Prem Hwy Exp just to show how stupid this is.
Rob and Shane have lost 6 and 7 so this should be a fun finish.

Last line up through the Pipes on Section 3

Last loop and realistically no changes anywhere so just a lot of concentration required to prevent the
“dumb dab” or worse. Another clean loop so clean for the day and another “honest” win in Classic
Expert. Turns out Len is younger than me anyway so at least I have age on my side should we tie
anytime this season. Back at the start Rob and Shane are really not happy!! ….. and of course
understandably so, WHAT A STUPID RULE! Let’s hope that it gets thrown out as it will make a
mockery of the Championships unless we all agree to not play it.

Game over and a “0” Card

Other than the obvious, the results are in and show 3 clean cards for the day with Mike Buckholz riding
the revamped Ossamaha to first place in Modern Classic Expert, myself in Classic Expert and Steve
Doyle, who can still not walk the sections, coming in an easy winner in Modern Classic Novice. Fred
and Hugh tied in Classic Int on their Cubs both having an unfortunate 5 with Hugh getting it on age.
Modern Classic Int saw Wolfy get the win on 5, yes he laid out the Trial, but he NEVER rode any of the
sections. Bob finished on 8 with Ed taking third after his “loop de loop” on the first section. In Prem Hwy,
ignoring my “score” Rob just edged Shane with 7 and 8 lost.

A clear victory for Steve Doyle in MC Novice with a “0” Card

Rules and arguments aside a good event overall in very pleasant conditions rounded off with some
fireside chatter and a selection of “special brews” courtesy of Ed.

Good riding from Ed after the section 1 upset to finish 3rd in MC Int

Sunday morning and the trek home only this time we will take I25 south to Walsenburg then Alamosa
back to Wolf Creek Pass and home. It will be longer but less tiring through the mountains.

Coming up Wolf Creek Pass with some “Scottish” sections by the road

Yes, a better drive and home by 6 p.m. to finish a pleasant weekend and I now have 3 first place wins
for the Classic so just 4 more events on that one before switching to the big RE and take on Rob,
Shane and Derek on equal terms with absolutely NO chance of cheating!


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In the Milliken Mud

After an intensive week of gardening at Cozy Comfort time to get ready for “my” round 3 of the AHRMA
Championship and Round 1 of the Rocky Mountain series. Well at least I know the terrain and after
Scotland this should be a breeze on a decent handling bike on sections that I can’t remember having
a rock in them!

The new “stockade bed”

All the flower beds have been planted, the new stockade bed in the shade garden was completed on
time and Brenda planted up last night. Hanging baskets and window boxes all complete and my newly
dug vegetable garden has signs of growth to show the rewards of hours of backbreaking digging
through rocks and old tree roots. Today mow and trim then actually get some work done getting the
Cub up to spec for the new season.

All planted up


Need to fit some new Doherty grips, a fresh back tire and maybe even a new chain while I’m at it. The
Coach which was rented out last weekend has now been changed over to “running mode” and now on
internal LP gas, direct water and sewage disconnected and I remembered to take it off the jacks as
So, all being well we will depart for Milliken around 0830’ish, a mere 425, which is a stone’s throw by
our normal US traveling trips standard. Hope to arrive around 4 p.m. and then meet up with Ed and
Evelyn. That will give a ride round helping day on Friday, the Trial on Saturday and a liesurely jaunt back
on Sunday and then full time gardening until the next double header round at Turkey Rock, Howard CO.
This is a new one on the calendar so a bit of an unknown.

The day went well with all mowing completed and some much needed watering of the lawn. Final
plants put in and even signs of potatoes breaking ground in their new bed. At last time to get to the
faithfull Cub and having bought new grip glue off with the old worn out grips and on with the new
Dohertys which have been sitting for about 9 months waiting to be fitted. Bash plate off and remove all
of the Az mud and then time for the back wheel to come out and have a fresh tire. Sod’s law both the
new rear tires I ordered are Tubeless, I guess I should have checked when I picked them up about a
year ago. Off with the worn Michelin and find that both the security bolts have turned over and are now
worthless! Back into Cortez for 2 new ones as I’m out of stock. The new 420 diddly chain I was going
to fit is about 8 links too short so back on with the used one for now and then its final polishing and a
quick test ride. All seems well here.

The new grips

A worthless security bolt !

On with the new tire


Brenda has been doing provisions on the bus and I finally got round to cleaning all the junk out of the
bins. In goes the new fire pit in the shape of the $5 washing machine drum and piles of dead wood to
keep her running. Tools and fuel come out of the workshop along with other essentials and now time
to position the trailer center front at Cozy and load up the Cub and other last minute stuff. 2000, and I’m
done so now connect coach to trailer in the morning and we just might make our planned departure

Early start and move the Cadi and get the bus started. All goes well with a first time reversing and very
smooth hook up to the trailer. Last few items of clothing and we are on our way at 0930 which is only 1
hour behind plan. Refuelling and LP gas just the other side of Durango but when Brenda tries to run
the gene it cranks but won’t start. Something to deal with later!

Here we go again

The drive is scenic but slow as we wend our way over the mountain passes cresting summits at 9000,
10000 and 10600 and big buses fully laden don’t maintain much speed up or down these mothers.
Across the high plains the wind is blowing a good 40 mph and I’m fighting for control as we make our
way to Denver. Looks like arrival time is slipping back and should now be around 1830 so inform E&E
and they say they will have dinner and a cold beer ready. Arrive on time and demolish beers and dinner
and catch up on all the last 3 months AHRMA gossip and of course our Scottish expedition. No luck
with the gene so give up and retire early.

Second to arrive and parked by E&E

If you want the generator to run and you have fuel it might be a good idea to connect the supply!
daybreak shows there are two valves and we only had the appliance source open. A quick turn of the
valve and harmony is restored and all things electrical can now be used.

Off to see what is happening and Ed and I find our services are not required and Neil and Wolfy have
it all under control so we can just wander round inspecting the sections that are already laid out. First
impressions are that all the sections are very long but don’t actually have that much “meat” in them
and unless it rains the scores should be very low for the class winners and may be decided on age.

Sections 1 & 2 in the “bottomless pit”

The Pipe maze of section 3

The planned 10 sections are now 8 as enthusiasm has been overtaken by other events, never mind
a trial is a trial and although on the face of it this looks easy it will depend how it rides in. Dry crumbly
dirt can either pack down or break away and green grassy hillsides can become slippery or chew up
into something the planners never thought of. Tomorrow will tell.


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The Trials Rider’s Lament

Saturday night and the event is over, the ambition has been fulfilled and thanks to all that contributed
and made it all possible, and amazingly Brenda, who had severe reservations about everything from
weather, non smoking hotels and all the rest actually loved every minute.

Not wanting a British DUI the final presentation was given a miss as I could not have gone and stayed
“dry” so lubrication was sought downstairs with yet more Boddies and another excellent meal taking on
the Cumberland sausage which was first rate and not a bad meal on any evening for both of us and
even Brenda who can suffer from lactose intolerance had no problems with any of Scotland’s offerings.

A couple of nice souvenirs

Jack and George join us along with his laptop where the evidence is revealed of exploits on Cameron
Hill and Coalasnacoan where I had some close calls with a clean before grinding to a halt, oh well
another time maybe on something that I can steer and use my arms.

Now you see me….. now you don’t

Sunday morning and quite an effort to get the legs out of bed and an ever bigger effort to stand up as
both quadriceps are saying “No thanks, what have you done to us?” I can only assume it was the long
relentless jaunt up Callert Pass and then the long downhill on the other side. Finally using all
handrails available make it to the dining room for the last time and have one more dose of those
delightful Mallaig Kippers.

Ah, those Kippers!

Soon its time to pay up, say fond farewells and depart for the South. Dick and Lyn pop by to say
goodbye and deliver more photographic evidence and with a slight change in the weather we depart.
Same routing as before back through Glencoe and then straight on at Crainlarich as the banks of Loch
Lomond are not a good place to be on a May Day Bank Holiday.

The ruggedness of Glencoe

A quick stop at the refuelling store at Tyndrum and now armed with more Wall’s Pork Pies and pickled
onions we can begin. Taking George’s advice we continue south out of Crainlarich and this leads us to
M73 and eventually M6. We decide a pub lunch will be a good thing and venture off the beaten track to
Kendal but can only find another “Spit & Sawdust” with friendly natives but no food available. By now the
weather has improved and no more rain as we glide down the Motorway for Manchester.

Another “Spit & Sawdust” with no food!

England’s fair and pleasant land

Book into the airport hotel, locate a decent local pub for the “Last Supper”, refuel the battered Merc for
the last time and set off for the local pub called The Romper. Still windy but clear skies so only one
outside venture for a smoke but at least you can take your drink. Brenda likes the 600 year old pub and
the food is equally delicious with a superb steak for her and a steak, ale and stilton pie for me.

Finally an Old British Pub

The Last Supper of the Expedition

Monday morning and time to take the car back and Brenda has a few choice words with the Hertz
manager re credit cards and missing Mercedes gunsight and dings on a 3000 mile “premium” car…….
net result 70 GBP refund! Well that made it  very cheap source of transport.

All goes smoothly at check in and we eventually go through the standard security nonsense and now
they don’t like a bottle of single malt which is in it’s sealed presentation box! It should have gone as
hold baggage ……what is this bloody world coming to??

The American Airlines seats are no more comfortable on this flight but we make it without incident to
Chicago save for the obligatory crying baby. The last of the Pork pies is consumed before re-entry and
confiscation by customs, and heaven forbid that we had ever bought any flower or vegetable seeds!

Last leg to Denver on time and with all our bags time to remember where we had left the car. More
humping and dumping and finally around 1830 having refuelled we are on our way in search of the 285
South. A long and twisting drive through the mountains and one that would be great fun on a road bike
but now we are tired and need to get home. 250 miles are covered but we are both having trouble
keeping the peepers open so the only wise thing to do is done and we book into “Hotel Sleazey” for
what I thought was going to be a full night but at 0500 I’m awoken and Brenda wants to be off again
and see the dogs.

So once again a very big thank you to all those that contributed and made the mission a success, and
in answer to the question would you do it again? Well maybe, if I had the right bike that I had prepped
for the event. Might even be worth buying one over there, using it and then selling on. Until then my
friends, I’ll gang awaw doon the burn laddy  with cries of FREEDOM! and I’ll answer the question “Will
e’ nay come back agin?” maybe next year at the same time.

The “Lament” continues…………


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  • 5/28/2009 9:19 AM Doug Hunter wrote:

    I enjoyed your classic SSDT ride/trip report as I have always hoped to get over there some year myself. Competing probably won’t be in the cards but some spectatating combined with a borrowed street bike and ride might. Thanks for the insight!
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Another dose of this ?

Another wet day for Saturday but the forecast is not quite so bad, they tell me the going is easier today
but the sections are harder! We will see, so now a question of what to wear to endure the worst that
Scotland can dish up. Waders and lifejacket perhaps?

Breakfast is good and the coffee very welcome and the thought of yet another day on that BSA fills the
mind. Still a 20 mph wind coming off the loch but the rain doesn’t seem quite as hard so lets hope for
the best and get down to the start for my earlier departure at 1026. Brenda is coming today and will go
round with Dick and Lyn if she can keep up with the long distance power walkers.

….and the band played on

Parking as before and see Mick Andrews who says his arm is playing up after yesterday and he is
giving it best today and several others are also not starting for reasons various. The start point has
changed today so once ready its over to the school and the sound of the Pipers who are lucky to able
to play in a brief respite from the atrocious weather. Start time comes and I’m away with the first
section of Pipeline again.

The route card

Time we were leaving

Pipeline once more but a little less crowded this morning and once again “Slapshot” has the situation
under control and I blast up the hill in the rain once more. Not quite sure whether the front wheel was
in 2 before it spun to a stop but I think I will have to give this best this year! Coming back down was no
easy task in the wood which is now decidedly hard. Back into town and this time turn left for some
sections on the south side of the loch.

Garbh Bheinn is nothing like I remember and scrabble through here and on to Cnoc a Linnhe which is
really chewed up and tricky to get into. Sail through 1 & 2 and it even looks like I might clean 3 until it
rears up  and nearly castrates me before stalling.

Cameron Hill is next and stop in the bottom sub with a big clang! The top where Jack Knoops has the
camera in action goes better until the very top when once again it rears up and I’m dragged through to
the ends card.

Still Raining !

Thanks Jack! Nice action shot

Camas Na Muic is the same as yesterday but the moor is worse although I find a good line through
the bogs to get across the burn at the bottom. A better attempt at the first sub but a stall in 2 doesn’t
help. Don’t you just love Amal?

Back into town to now take on the big loop to the north of the loch  before the up and down of Callert
Pass. A fun up hill ride over the rocks and cobble steps of the walker’s trail which is in full flow with
hikers and spectators going who knows where. They probably think we are just as nutty riding bikes
up a mountain.

Mam Brec wasn’t bad for a dab but Mamore was awful much to the amusement of long time friend
George Greenland who isn’t riding this year.

Coire Dubh goes well with a clean and an “Oh so nearly” 2 in the top sub but  somewhere in here
BSA’s kickstart spring decides to quit and the pigging thing is getting even harder to start and is
getting difficult to keep running……. moral here, USE YOUR OWN BIKE!

Stob Coire Eirghe and Sleubhaich are disasters which I will not recall but the BSA and I are not
getting on at all well and its getting embarrassing to say the least. More thoughts of other bikes come
to mind, but we are getting near to the end and I know exactly where I am riding down the Mamore
road and I can remember the way up to Callert Pass although we used to do it coming the other

Over to the long uphill goat track and the 7 sections of Callert dotted up the track at various heights.
The trail is like one long continuous section with slippery rocks placed at exactly wheelbase length on
a narrow slippery one foot wide track. Callert Cottage at the bottom of the long hill started well with a
nice precise clean, a 3 prodder and a clanging wheelstuck 5!

The mud, rock goatrack over Callert Pass

Top of Callert with the Mamore road running back to Fort William

A quick stop to take pictures as the weather has actually improved and there is a chance the sun
might just break through to round off the day. Callert Pass Lower and at last a double clean through
the ruts and rocks, however Callert Pass Upper with some very short sections is a real pain as it stalls
twice on sections I was expecting to do well on. Never mind continue up and over the mountain and
begin the long, long, treacherous descent back down to the Kinlochleven road.

Off the top and it gets steeper over that ridge

I’ve been down here many times in the past and remember a couple of nasty bits so with the finish in
sight time to take care and arrive in one piece. Come across a couple of souls with problems and a
Press rider who is having a real bad time getting up a very steep ridge with his Cub. He eventually
makes it running alongside on his third attempt and now its my turn and the BSA does it almost like a
real trials bike! Holding the line down through the bogs I’m finally back on tarmac for the nice bendy
ride along the loch. Beesas best misfires and pops so I back off a little to keep her running.

Finally the last group at Lower Mamore with 1 hour in hand for 2 subs and a 1 mile ride to the finish.
Brenda, Dick and Lyn are all here and the sun is shining at last. Well these sections are more what I
was expecting and there is a fair chance I can actually do these without making an arse of myself as
long as the BSA doesn’t chuff to a stop. Through the turns, bike goes exactly where its pointed, the
engine runs smoothly and with the kickstart dragging in the water I sail through for a very satisfying
finishing ride, culminating in a controlled wheelie on the exit!

This is how the sections SHOULD be ! T-Rex and the Beesa on Mamore

Into the finish, battered and sore, but not beaten! It has been done after a 31 year layoff but perhaps
not what I was expecting. Very hard section wise and nothing, save for Mamore that I can remember
riding in the 70’s let alone Pre 65. Would I do it again? Well maybe if I had the bike of my choice, on
a BSA ? No, I don’t think so! As always another superbly organized event from the Edinburgh Club and
a truck load of memories to savour.

Thanks for the memories

Parked and tired the T-Rex BSA waits for it’s long drive to it’s new home in Spain. I will forever remember
the “stance” as I look at the momentos of a very wet Pre 65.

The Classic BSA “stance”

The finisher’s spoils


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During the night the windows flew open, curtains thrashing and bashing with horizontal rain a bit like a
scene from Deadliest Catch but after battoning down a restful night was had. The morning saw little
change with pouring rain and a stiff 20 mph wind. Over breakfast Brenda wisely declines my invitation
to “go see a trial”………”Are you quite Mad??”

What to wear? Well clearly its going to be the BMW full rain suit, the red Sidis and the hopefully
waterproof socks and some “just in case” gloves. I set off for Kinlochleven and meander down the
side of the loch and as I approach the town the wind has stopped and the loch now has a mirror finish,
but of course it is still raining. Time to get organized and get the footwear on along with the last tools
for the bag. Dick arrives with a monster wrench for the backwheel nuts just in case I get a flat, lets hope
not, the idea of changing a tube in the pouring rain has little appeal this morning.

Waiting for the very wet start

A lot of looking at machinery as I wait for my start time and a few chats with old and new friends
including Mick and Jill, a blog reader from Canada, Sammy Miller and Bill Wilkinson.

Scrutineering took all of ten seconds and soon I’m up on the starter’s rostrum and ready for the off. The
rain continues but BMW’s finest keeps it on the outside and I’m away to the first sections at Loch Eilde

Section 1

Quite a workout along the boggy and rocky trail to the sections but arrive in good order to see the
gushing water spilling over huge rocks. Well this certainly doesn’t look much like a Pre 65 section,
infact more like a “Sportsman” section at National level. I make it through the first couple of steps but
then turning for the last stages the wheel spins off a boulder and I’m left stuck on the crankcase for my
first 5 of the day. Well it was doable so lets try a little harder. Further up the hill I manage to creep
through 2 for my first clean and set off for the solo section at Mam Brec. This one is more to my liking
but the T-Rex stance causes problems and another 2 goes out the window on a section I should have
easily cleaned.

Actually cleaning Section 2

A pleasant ride round the old Mamore Road splashing through puddles and out on the moor to
Leacann Na Faire. 4 sections here in groups of 2 and once again I’m amazed at the severity of the
sections which even in dry conditions would be thrown out of any AHRMA event. The opener has a
deep water start then 2 rock steps onto a adverse rock slope with cascading water coming from a
narrow gap between 2 big rocks at the top, and then if you got that far, and many didn’t, drop into a pool
for a left, right, left in deep water and unknown boulders then finish the second sub with a step and
make it to the exit. Amazingly I’m up and through the gap and plunge into the pools of unknown and
manage to clean this one before hitting something pretty hard as I enter  2. The almighty underwater
bang has twisted the forks and knocked a big lump out of my left thumb and feels like someone has
hit my left shoulder with a sledge hammer….. hey, but this is fun and it’s raining even harder now!

3 & 4 in this group don’t look quite so bad but Scotland can make the best riders look like Novices if
you hit one rock badly. A good line up and a fairly easy clean in 3 but entering 4 the old worn tire is
struggling for grip and a couple of helping prods are required to get out.

A tough ride round to the next group along some rough muddy and rock strewn tracks with plenty of
traps for the unwary. The next 4 sections were a real struggle with the BSA and I’m getting really
annoyed with the riding position and the T-Rex stance.  Meall Na Cruaidhe was not a favourite and
after getting through in a centipeed blur I did see one poor soul go over the bars in classic Scottish
style and ended up helmet under water for what seemed an eternity but on surfacing he laughed it off
with a big smile so on down through some very wet treacherous bogs to Coire Na Cruaidhe where the
river is in full flow and quite difficult to walk or pick any line. I sat and watched this for a while trying to
decide how the hell to attack it. It started with a vicious uphill from the peat bog over some jagged
rocks and then a wide turn on a flat slab in gushing white water turning back across the torrent to a big
step acting as a waterfall on the far side. If you could get over this then the rest and all of the second
sub was pot luck as all the rocks were submerged in 2 feet of water. Miraculously I cleaned the first
and then it became pure survival to keep it upright in the cascading torrent.

Getting back out of the river was also a challenge and while there saw some unlucky soul with a large
chunk of case missing and water pouring out of the clutch side. Believe it or not he finished with a
whole roll of Duck Tape sealing everything.

A lot of this to negotiate

Dam Wall was next on the menu and a tricky run across bottomless bogs trying to find a safe run
between the flags to stay on course. Only one “in to the top of the forks” here and I got it out using the
spoke by spoke trick. The Dam sections didn’t have the same volume of water and the first was pretty
simple by today’s standard. The second had a nasty narrow step after a wide turn in loose rubble and
water then a tight right hander with another step to the exit. I was going well until the last step when it
ran on and I went the wrong side of the marker.

Dam Wall 1 & 2 for a good clean here

Some interesting cross country eventually rejoining the old track from Altnafeadh in Glencoe and then
the run down to Pipeline. The rain is now torrential and the hillside is just a sea of umbrellas and
getting tricky to see the route. Slapshot from TC Fame is running the section and doing a great job as
I can’t see any of the Observers in the rain and mass of spectators. Set off with loads of power and
complete the first sub OK but the worn tire shows her age as I get into the second sub and as I attempt
the big step the BSA rears up and goes vertical on me and someone grabs the front wheel. I hang there
by the bars with nothing to put my foot on for what seems an eternity until I’m pulled sideways and
regain terra firma. Many thank yous to my saviour for not letting machine and somesay “rider” flip
backwards, turns out to be none other than Sammy Miller!

“Slapshot” in the Yellow controlling Pipeline

Back behind the start area and some “nearly” sections at Aluminium Works but struggle on
regardless to refueling and then out of town for the other loop of the south side off the loch.

First up Cnoc a Linnhe with its 4 subs and arrive at 3 ? Oh, well back we go and attack 1 & 2 which
nearly becomes a double but squander another 2 close to the ends card. Clean 3 and come to a
grinding chuff stop in 4. Back through the swampy bog to the main road and off to Pollock Hill to
collect yet another 5 ! A lot of side hilling through crankcase deep ruts and swamp and being close
to the back of the entry these ruts are real energy sappers. Arrive at Coire Sgoilte in good company with
Mick Andrews but can’t emulate his easy riding style and struggle through these .

Full flight on Coalasnacoan

Coalasncoan is next and in the past I’ve always done well on this one, and indeed it was going well
until the last turn by Camp 6 when turning for the final ascent “it” stopped and was a real pig to restart.
Jack Knoops was there to record “Rake’s progress” or lack of. While gazing down the loch it actually
stopped raining and while having another smoke I see some modern day bikes coming up the hill
………****!! these guys are backmarkers…… look at watch, it has Stopped!!! I now have 5 miles and 2
sections left to go in 11 minutes!

…. and then it stopped!……. are those Backmarkers ????

The BSA backfires on the overrun as I hammer down the road doing a little “Pipe Bluing” and then its
off road downhill through thick bog before crossing the burn and coming up the other side to the 2 solo
sections of Camas Na Muic. The first goes reasonably well until reaching the plateau close to the exit
when the front wheel goes the wrong side of a rock and puts me in a dead end situation. The last
section has a near vertical 3 foot exit across what was once a series of roots which have now all been
chewed out.

Out of there and blast back to Kinlochleven and the finish to pick up about a 20 min time penalty and
its now raining again. Park the bike in disgust and slosh off to the car to get out of these wet boots.
The drive back to the hotel is problematic as I can’t get my left arm up on the steering wheel to the 10
to 2 position! A very painfull left hand and shoulder sustained in the early going is now showing the
full force of the clout on the geriatric trials rider.

On arrival in the room I’m greeted with “How did it go?”

“NEVER EVER AGAIN…… EVER!!!” came the sad reply.

Some time later after an excellent shower and a few more pints of laughing bitter a beaten up trials
rider returns to normality, ….. of course if I had been on MY bike it would have been a different story.


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  • 5/22/2009 11:21 AM rich wrote:
    Very COOL! Looked incredibly wicked – add the rain and forget about it! Although I only get half the jargon (I’ll have to re-read some of my old English trials books)sounds like you had a rough time of it. More motorcycle pictures please!
    Reply to this
  • 6/18/2009 11:53 PM Steve wrote:
    Sounds like a rather nasty tough event Tony,too bad you didn’t have your cub between your shanks.My competition, Mark was there ,and helped catch and land your Beezer with Sammy,a funny coincidence!
    All of the best to you and Brenda!
    Reply to this
  • 4/26/2012 2:07 PM wobbly wrote:
    You will be back. It gets addictive…
    If only for ‘just one more time’ !!
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If we ever do it again Brenda wants to stay here, nice upgrade on the car!

After Wednesday’s arrival, a few pints of laughing bitter, an excellent merlot for Brenda and some fine
food at the bar a good nights sleep was very much in order as we had been traveling since Monday
midnight. The plan is to take in Fort William, Inverlochy Castle and the new Inverlochy Castle Hotel and
restaurant followed by a little light shopping and then return to the Church we had passed yesterday so
that Brenda can do a photo shoot. Some time later run down to the start area in Kinlochleven and
check out the BSA thing.

First up breakfast. Excellent coffee and as hoped for, yes, they have my favourite Mallaig kippers on the
menu. Brenda shoots for the full Scottish and under advisement rejects the Black Pudding. We enjoy
breakfast as the rain beats against the windows and the wind is turning the loch quite choppy. Another
“Tick in the box” for the Kippers and of course score a few more “Ticks” on the Boddie’s from last night.
I did steal Brenda’s sausage so I guess I can take a “Tick” on the British Banger to boot!

Inverlochy Castle in the rain with the Merc

Yes, its still raining

Through Fort William and find the ruins of Inverlochy Castle and spend some time there in the rain
exploring and shooting pics. On to the expensive and majestic Inverlochy Castle and despite the foul
weather we enjoy a very pleasant walk through their grounds and walled gardens.

Nice Castle

Planting one of these Heather & Conifer beds at CC soon

A Gardener’s delight, the walled gardens

Back to the Fort and Brenda wants a look at the Distillery but its a 45 minute wait until the next guided
tour so that gets canned in favour of sampling the real thing in a Scottish pub down the old High Street
…..the scene of much debauchery and drinking many years ago! Where is this Ben? she asks…….
“Remember lassie, if ye can see the Ben then its gunner rain, and if ye canny see the Ben then its
raining!….. and ee’ll nee see the Ben this week or next!”

A Distillery and the only Ben you will see today!

It’s gunner RAIN !

It’s Raining !

Into another “Pay & Display” and then stumble over the old section of Town Hall Brae. I remember the
road and curb leading up to the start of the section but have no memories of a couple of huge
boulders which seem to have grown out of nowhere! THB was always considered a bit of a joke in
the 70’s but must have been quite something back in the Trials early days. When the High Street was
still used for traffic a nice policeman would direct you Left and up the short hill to the start of the
section. More a crowd pleaser back then and I think one year we rode it 4 times during the week. Park
the bike by the shops and stumble up the cart track to check where the stars had been placed. Over the
curb and up and out with all the local kids sitting on the walls shouting, waving and screaming. Well its
still used today so I’m assuming the big rocks got imported to add to the challenge.

Town Hall Brae with some extra rocks

Time for some silly hats, a few souvenirs, a pint of McEwans for me while Brenda enjoys her first taste
of Jura a very pleasant single malt. Oh dear, she is getting a taste for it! Time we were leaving and
back down the road to the Church for her photo shoot. Some time later take the other side of the loch
road and make our way into Kinlochleven to see if the BSA has arrived. Along the road pass some of
the sections to be used including Pollock Hill, Coalasnacoan, Cameron Hill and Cnoc a Linnhe and
others that are new to me.

Yes, still raining

Much activity in the parking lot next to the start but mainly talking rather than servicing and now the rain
is just a light drizzle and the wind has abated. Find the Spanish contingent  and also old friends Dick
and Lyn Clears. Carlos turns up with the BSA so after putting on the boots time for a test ride………

Dick & Lyn

First impressions are that it may be mechanically sound but not really that well prepared! The fork
action is nice with no bottoming or topping and certainly nothing that BSA built back in 1963. The rear
shocks are very soft and the mudguard is close to the wheel which could do with a new tire. The
machine is running on “R” which always smells nice and seems to respond well despite my dislike
of the Amal ! Handlebars are short and low and not to my liking and it has an Amal throttle which has
the short barrel and my little finger has nowhere to go as the span of my hand is too big. My worst
nightmare is the high SM footrests which seem to be more in an Enduro position rather than trials and
that combined with the handlebars and rear set top yoke makes me feel like T-Rex standing forward
and upright with little short arms that can’t turn the bars.

Time to sign in while gazing at some amazing machinery that others have spent a fortune on
adapting from the originals into machines that manufacturers could only of dreamt of. Lightweight
alloys, hubs and rims from who knows what and virtually the entire fleet of Norton Roadholder forks
with unknown internals. One of the prettiest bikes was the John Bull Dot which I understand he is now
making and selling and a true credit to his engineering skills and definitely a bike that I would consider,
on looks alone, if I were in the UK and doing the Pre 65 scene big time.

All the paperwork is in order and time to set off back to the Onich and get suitably hydrated for
tomorrows run. Brenda has yet another church to shoot on the way back  and then it will be some
“Test Driving” on the Boddies!

Brenda goes Black n’ White

A certain cross

The other Church

Another really nice bar meal and it has actually stopped raining although the wind is picking up and
its pretty cold coming off the loch. Dick and Lyn join us and then Jack Knoops and George Webb also
arrive to relive tales of daring do. Beer, stories, pointers and tips flow freely and all to soon its time
for bed.

Here comes another one!

Luv it !!!!!!

Tony Down

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  • 5/17/2009 7:44 AM Mike wrote:
    I ran across your site a few months ago. You`ve built some BEAUTIFUL motorcycles. I`m a mc tech by trade(Kawasaki/Yamaha dealership)and can appreciate the work put your bikes. Keep up the great work where ever you move too. Mike in California(near san Francisco)
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