The first round of the Mosteller Cup kicks off the Casper Spectacular and the Modern bikes are on their
way at 0900. We will be riding Vintage over these sections this afternoon so maybe some lines will have
emerged and a load of debris cleared. The mud may of course be considerably deeper but we will have
to wait and see.


Everybody ready ?

 Start time comes, briefing over, 3 loops of 12 sections, finish by 1830 and then the Bar-B-Q. Strangely
no sign of Raeph or Priscilla ?

 Section 1 is a nice mud, mud, mud, river section and looks very ridable. Well marks are flying out of the
window as riders adjust to something they don't normally have to contend with and I'm expecting to do
well here but I find the front wheel getting too close to the tape and take a "safety" dab to prevent the 5 !


The first mud hole of Section 1


John Dowson exits 1 en route to another win in MC Nov

 Section 2 is another mud hole but the morning riders have done a great job getting us down to a hard
base under all the goo. Easy clean here and all the way down the creek to the awkward twister at 3.
Simple enough entry in the dry for an adverse uphill turn to cross a 12" tree and then tight left 180 turn
to jump the tree again between two uprights and then sharp right into downhill then uphill adverse to
the ends card. More marks being lost here and I don't see anyone coming close to a clean. I clear the
tree both times but have to take a dab to stay in bounds but overall I'm happy with that.


Fred demos the PI line

 Sections 4 and 5 are close together with 4 having another series of twists and an adverse right hander
to a very narrow exit. The section starts between the trunks of two trees which have seen some
chainsaw action to make it possible to get an old bike through without hanging up on bars or cases.
A quick jink then over a log into another jink to set up for the long right hander going down then up on the
adverse. All goes well and another clean. 5 has us descending under a limb of a tree to come back up a
10' bank, take a 180 right on level ground, plunge down the 10 footer and up the other side over roots
into an immediate tight 180 left then full lock to set up for another footrest wide jump between two tree
limbs into yet another tight 180 left and out to the ends card. Watching this beauty I see a lot of
crunching 5's and some close to 5 threes as bikes get stuck between the trees or run out of bounds.
With a lot of lumpy clutch work I get through for a clean but it sure as hell wasn't pretty!


Down, up, down, up, right, left, right, through the gap where the back wheel
is........ this is 5 !

 Back to the river for 6 but the cheater line I saw yesterday is still available so come out of the water early,
a small wall of death to the exit avoiding all the rocks for a very simple clean. Further along and out of
the river is 7 which is another twister over a simple log then a choice of a second log straight on or a
rapid full lock right left and around the end. I take the latter option and the rest of the section is plain
sailing after that.


Cheater line just to right of the bush at 6

 Some loop riding to 8 which is in some thick woodland and has a series of steep climbs and turns
before the sting in the tail set of tight turns. From the sunlight into the gloom we drop down a bank to a
power on climb into a tight swinging left hander before a twisting 20' drop in soft dirt before traversing a
right handed adverse into the 20' uphill through the trees into the "S" turns and the exit. Well, I see
some almighty wild and verging on suicidal attempts at this with people coming close to going over the
ledge and some other poor techniques with full clutch and both brakes locked! It all happens VERY
quickly but I arrive at the bottom of the hill and can't get my weight right as the power comes on and
another dab is lost.


Danny Messmore with the KT Hodaka on the 3 line


"Top of the Drop" for the 2 line in Section 8

 Over the top of the hill and down across the meadow for 9 and 10. No 9 has a vicious between the
trees jump for PI's but the 2 line doesn't look like a problem. Easy downhill, stay wide, a little squirt up
and round a tree, full left lock and a 20' steep descent into the river and end gate. Section 10 that I liked
the look of yesterday kicks off side hilling on some mud and rocks and the natural line takes us through 
pools and steps until we reach the mud and rock uphill exit from the river. Nice simple enjoyable clean
here and back down to the start for the last two.

 Section 11 is in the river coming down off the bank by the large log, cross the river and over a rock
jumble waterfall into a right turn trying not to slip on the underwater root. Out of there and pick a safe line
in the water for the uphill exit. No problems and over to Lego Land for Section 12.


Section 11

 With all the concrete shapes to play on try and remember where to go next and not cross your own
path. Start with an up down over the first large block then full lock left to go through the upright diamond.
Next turn right and stay right to cross a log and then a tight 180 left to come back over the log again
before staying right into  a right, left, right sequence to the exit. Looks very tight and I elect to use that
clutch thing again and the result is a stumbly dab coming back over the log. First loop total 4 so not bad
but room for improvement.


Mike Parsley exits Lego Land Section 12

 Out for loop 2 and the mud hole of 1 has got deeper and takes me for another dab which was a
surprise, but thats trials. No problems with the mud at No 2 so all the way to 3 for those awkward log
jumps. Dreadful line up, late with the weight transfer and a multi dab 3 ! At 4 I'm too fast and pay the
price losing yet another dab.


Yet another dab on Section 1...... !!


Jimmy Allison dives in the river of 1

 Section 5 that I cleaned the first time is still grabbing everyones attention and all goes well for me until
I nearly get stuck on the "V" stump but a wiggle and power gets her through but I'm left and tight and
although I think I can run it round the front wheel gets into the saplings at the base of the last tree and
goes backwards for a classic 5. Yikes! I was on 2 at this stage last time and I've lost 10 already.

 At 6 nothing has changed so a confidence clean and round to 7 which has a little mud deposited on
the logs. Stick with the original plan but as I turn on the log the rear wheel slips and another single
mark is lost although it set me up on a perfect line for the rest of the section. Re-walk the tricky 8 and
watch several riders through here. After shooting some pics time to do it but I'm off line on the first
uphill and have to keep the power on to get up the first climb. A somewhat faster than desired downhill
and a safety dab to get back on line and then a second to maintain direction on the second steep uphill.


Steve Doyle leaves the sunshine for the gloom of 8

 In the sunshine and a quick review of this less than stellar loop. 9, 10 and 11 are all clean so try lego
land again and forget that clutch thing which results in a nice clean. Wow, 13 out the window on loop 2
and a total of 17 so far.

 Back to the mud and this time get my proverbial together and record my first clean here. Another clean
on 2 so lets get this jump thing sorted out at 3. A better approach and clean through both the jumps
and good control on the adverse but take a safety to stay in bounds but again I'll settle for that. Clean 4
and now the hard 5. Down the first hill and back up to the plateau, turn right and for no reason slip on
the grass for a very silly dab, rocket up over the roots and through the "V" cleaning the rest. Cleans on
6 and 7 so just the problematic 8 to deal with.


Don't remember it being this deep

At last! the elusive clean on 1

 At 8 a much better controlled entry climb and descent but lose 1 at the bottom in the now deep soft
dirt. Pleasing cleans on 9,10 and 11 again and now for the bricks of Lego to finish the event.
Indecision here and a bit of panic clutch work costs another dab and a third loop total of 4 and 21 for
the day which I think should have been about 10. Well as it turns out I was the best on the 2 line so
perhaps it wasn't that easy after all.


The Pot Luck gets underway

 A ton of food at the "Pot Luck" but my interests are of a liquid variety after such a fun event. Hoping for
more MUD tomorrow!






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  • 9/17/2009 9:58 PM Steveo wrote:
    Boy it sure looks like a fine event,wish that I could have been there!What a treat to be able to ride in water,defiantly makes for proper riding conditions.A fine article and great pictures,rather makes me a bit jealous.Unfortunately living on a small island makes going to events mostly too much of a bother for now,though sorely do miss them.Hopefully I will be back this winter for some events in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.I am rather fond of any opportunities to ride in AHRMA events,until then my best wishes to all
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