Engine cleaned and back in the frame

With serious cleaning to engine and lower frame all complete time to start putting some of it back
together before I lose the parts. Also time to get all the parts boxes out of the 4 big blue travellers and
see exactly what I do have. Last time I looked things all seemed to have got muddled up and were in
the wrong boxes.

A Major sort out of the big blue boxes coming soon

First a quick look at the lower rear fender unit which got it’s first dose of yellow last night. When I
touched it later on it was still tacky……… I hope this isn’t more “Green Party” crap that never dries!

Meanwhile back on “The Bay” a couple of price wars are going on and being fiercely contested on
items I wasn’t expecting to do that well. My No1 item of the Mick Andrews signature and the tank seat
combo doesn’t seem to have attracted as much interest as I thought……. just shows you can never
tell with ebay!  First 10 items close out at 7 tonight so I’ll have a fair idea where I can go for the new

Just time to get the forks in and on with the bars and put the wheel in. Usual spacers required to line everything up and that finishes off the day before watching the ebay mayhem.

Mayhem goes V well with a nice price war on the NAU Trials helmet which eventually sold at about
what I paid for it ! That is the joy when you get several people trying to outbid each other and common
sense (great if you are the seller) goes out the window and determination to win “it” at all costs takes

Started at $29.99…………. closed out at $162.50 !!!

Meanwhile  other battles are going on over a load of Rothmans Racing clothing I put on and the net
result is very pleasing indeed paying for my projected new set of shocks for Superglitz.

Today after yesterday’s blizzard I made my way into the workshop and took the first of several
backward steps of the day!  The new brake cable is duly fitted but then it dawns on me that if you take
a YZ wheel and order the appropriate cable …….. of course it will be TOO long as MX forks are longer
with more travel ……… I need to shorten it by about 8 inches.

Backward step 2, order the new shocks and on checkout the systems tells me my address does not
exist and they can’t deliver despite the fact that they sent me 2 sets of springs and a complete exhaust system all within the last month!!!!  Anyhoo after a UK phone call it seems I’m better off with their
duplex shocks and they will send invoice and colors.

One day on, and backward step 3 ! None of their colors go well with the SG livery so think again
Whittington. So maybe I’ll go down the Rockshock route which was the original choice. Last night was
good on ebay with loads of stuff selling at  good prices but the big surprize was the Mick Andrews
signed tank/seat unit which I was expecting to go through the roof. It FAILED to make the reserve
price !!! ….. and like wise the showchromed exhaust  which was realistically priced especially when I
look at the other crap offered on ebay …… some even with broken heat shield bolts snapped off in the
sytem and with a higher Buy It Now price than my opening price…… just goes to show people will buy
crap and shy away from quality. Relisted both items and if they don’t sell I’ll give up!

Show chromed and perfect, why didn’t it sell ?

First good news of the morning to go with yet another two inches of snow is finally the relisted tank
seat unit has a bid! so I’m not going mad quite yet. And then an email…….. seems the “Magicals” I was
after and cancelled as I didn’t like the colors, “magically” were reconstructed overnight and now come
in a pleasing chrome/white combo or titanium/white.

Chrome for me please !

A bitterly cold day most of which was spent packing goodies and getting them into the post for their
new owners. Items to Germany and the Ukraine in this batch, ebay certainly is a worldwide shopping
window, and I’m forever trying to get the price of posting ‘right” but the shipping calculator and USPS
seem to work on a different book !

Next mission was to collect the swinging arm, as my track record with “easy outs” has been anything
but, so another little piece complete and one that can be fitted today.

Easied out, and a new grease nipple in place

When Mick rode Superglitz back in 2008 he asked me to take the stand off, which of course I did, so
now when I put it back together if I leave the stand off I wont have to use one of the longer swinging
arm bolts to get round the bracket and accommodate the SM rear and down pegs which had to be
stepped out with washers and spacers. Of course other than the TY250 A frame all the later models
had the stand on the other side on the swinging arm which stopped it interfering with the rear

Another interesting point here was that some of the “A” models were designated  “CAT” and were for
a dual sport market with those bolt on forward footrests and the long rear brake lever and the big dual
seat. They also had the bottom tube drilled and tapped to take the bolts whereas the true trailers just
had an open tube. Where is he going with this ramble you may ask ? Well with all those options
available, and if you are considering fitting some SM pegs, check the length of your swinging arm
bolt, and if you have the wrong one then order a longer one as they come in three sizes.

3 sizes ? …… not a lot of people know that

The shortened front brake cable is fitted in the freezing cold and with temps rocketting down I can do
no more in these conditions so the retreat is sounded and a warming coffee is the order of the day.

The new shortened cable goes on

The YZ/IT layout is a little off ideal but it works…….. ITSA- BITSA !

With the footrests reassembled after cleaning a quick check on the swinging arm and as expected
the bushes near replacing and a new set of shims. Those bushes can sometimes be a real bugger
to get out  but I have a fistful of new ones so another task for tomorrow that I wasn’t expecting but the
time frame to complete the entire bike I have set as around the end of March.

The “Bionic” breakdown of the swinging arm

For those that want to know what’s happening here, the two No4 parts are fiber bushings and the
No 5’s are a sprung shim, both of which have worn out.  Has the same effect as wheel bearings
when they let go. Also the system tells me part No3 is no longer available and this is the one that
if not greased will lock onto the swinging arm pivot bolt and you will NEVER be able to remove it!
Usually calls for the hacksaw on both sides to get the arm out. So grease up well when you put it
back together.


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