Into the last three weeks (I hope) in the long haul rebuild of Superglitz emerging from the ashes with
all her new Bionic parts and improved details. If it rides half as well as my projected thoughts it will
indeed have been well worth it.

While I’m waiting I keep going over things wondering if there is anything I’ve missed, or could do
better, well I know I can tighten up the headstock bearing now I have the wheels and forks in, maybe
slacken off the chain a tooouch, change the gearbox oil…….. can’t even finish the design stuff as I’m
waiting on decals now.

A quick refresher on what needs to be done when it all gets back;

1. Paint Barrel & Head

2. Recut fins

3. Fit new reeds

4. Gaskets, barrel and head back on, new iridium plug

5. Fit new exhaust system

6. Fabricate new silencer/muffler bracket

7. Fit new OKO carb, cable and new air filter

8. Decals

9. Fit new tank/seat unit, fuel line with filter

10.  TEST !!!

Sitrep: 4/12/12 < phone call> STOP< FINISHED WITH ENGINE ! > STOP> Will be with UPS this
afternoon> STOP> Scheduled arrival 4/17/12> STOP

Fantastic news

As I couldn’t decide on the front number board I eventually ordered one from Wayne Weedon’s  which has a lot of “bling” and a lot more to come.

Another very cold weekend morning and its snowing again!! Time for some decaling if I can set my
mind to it and get it right first time. First attempt seems good enough so onto other things. Once more
the waiting is killing.

I was having a beer here a few days ago in shirt sleeves !

Glitzie back on center stage

The Blackcat emerges from Phoenix, its a Yamaha, and its called “SG”,
or Superglitz

 Tuesday 17 Apr, the magic day, UPS says the engine parts are in Durango and “out for delivery” so I’m
very happy. Hopefully some of the other last minute stuff will start turning up soon. One or two pieces
are falling behind from international delivery and of course they can be anywhere or just dumped in
Customs awaiting some gnome to say OK.

Engine parts arrived on time and looksee  to inspect what was done. Pity I don’t have a spare barrel
and head to compare. Barrel all masked off and on with the paint, looks really good and my decision
was black barrel and yellow head.

The reported barrel

Nice clean exhaust

Black goes on with no problems 

On then to the simple head, what can be easier than this, just mask off the polished side fins and put
the paint on. The bloody new rattle can refuses to work ! Not a glimmer. Get another one pre afternoon
bus drive and rush home to complete the task. Now the paint just forms bubbles and dimples and has
become a real eyesore. Not really sure where the plan will go now, either a very strong paint remover
or shot blasting back to original metal and see where I go from there but this is a setback I wasn’t
expecting and due to bus driving work will not get resolved for another two days.

A goopey mess but at least it works

The new all singing and dancing paint stripper actually works, now theres a first, a little splash on the
back of my hand and at last I can feel this one working ! Two more coats this morning and some
serious washing with dish washer soap and I’ll try again.

Bring on the flap wheels !

Between the coats of stripper the barrel fins have been recut so thats ready to fit as soon as the head
makes its way successfully through painting and fin recuts….. then full speed ahead with all the other
parts. For test purposes I’ll be running the previous set up of the Mikuni VM 26 before switching to the
unknown of the flat side OKO.

Barrel ready

….. and finally, after much frustration, the yellow goes on and sticks !

  So putting the yellow to bed was pleasing although it has delayed everything 24 hours but in the long
run whats another day. A driving day tomorrow, so Saturday will be assembly day after cutting the fins
on the head. All the masking has been removed and touch up is not required so a little goof off work
on the gasket areas and then I have the green light.

Saturday morning and still a bit tired from yesterday’s 500 mile round trip with kids which finished just
after midnight from a 0700 start. Strange feeling that I can complete the bike today (I hope)  but  then I
will only have testing to do….. seems somewhat sad after months of planning and acquiring and fabrication…… but I still have the Cub to do and Mrs Down’s little TY125 to get ready for Canada…….
better get on it !

The head gets the treatment and now time to gasket up and fit the barrel and everything slots very
neatly back together along with the new Iridium (ungapped plug). Next mission fit the reed block and
here I run into the first problem of the day, the reed gasket is split. I know I have some but as they are
not in the gasket box I’m hoping they are with the carbs ?

Early stages of the “fin cutting”

Nearly done

 Time to get out the Bionic workshop manual and reman the Fembot Superglitz now that we have all
the last working innards !

Suspension done, front and back, now for that motor

Barrel slips on

They say “never gap !”

Colors turned out as I wanted

With the reeds finally back on time to clean the 4 year unused Mikuni and get her back in place with
all her components including the new all singing air cleaner. Not much required here, and back in one
piece in no time.

Inlet side complete

Next task after dog walking is the new big bore Majesty  WES exhaust, somewhat  appropriate I think
being the Queen’s birthday today, or one of them anyway. First problem, the flange won’t fit ! The
reason for this, and of course I now remember that this engine had been restudded with bigger studs
to take the flange as the originals were wimpy little things with a 10mm nut. These were upgraded to
13mm and of course the replacement pipes are made for the originals. More drill work and onto the
next problem.   

The front stainless, between the frame portion, goes on……..but the frame gusset on the right side needs a Makita trim to fit the center section

The bigger exhaust studs

With the center section slipped on the stainless portion, and its a really snug fit, the assembly still
will not line up with the standard mounting bracket as it should. The system is on and off like a
whore’s whatnots and measuring and remeasuring is taking its time. About 3″ of the stainless will
slide into the center section but then it hits an internal ridge and can go no further so the only recourse
is to cut the front pipe shorter by about 3/4″.  This does the trick, ….. but now the bigger bore pipe will
not slide through my carefully remade lower mudguard unit with its remanned rubber from the BMW
shoulder pad.

The front pipe gets shortened

The new BMW shoulder pad dirt stopper has to go, well I still have the
other one, somewhere ?

With all the “mods” conceived and done it all lines up and will fit. Still a few things to do for Sunday as
in drill the bracket for the center pipe, manufacture the rear section exhaust stay from a TY front brake
anchor and redo the mud splash guard to cover the bigger hole. With all that done the kickstart needs
to be canted forward to clear the center section when it is in its stowed position otherwise it will clatter
and eventually rub a hole in the can.

Bracket to drill and “shock” mount, kicker to cant forward

Lines up nicely, stay to make, and then another mud flap for the hole

Exhaust eventually fitted to my satisfaction, brackets made and drilled, so only the last few items to do
prior to the all important testing.

Lined up, drilled and fitted, and kicker canted forward a few degrees

A TY front brake stay makes a good strong bracket

The tank seat unit is brought out of hiding and for the first time offered to Superglitz like a major body
organ…… will Glitzie accept or reject the new bionic component ?

This is a custom unit that was made in deepest Yorkshire and although it looks fantastic there are
some errors in construction when you are up close and personal. The two tank mounting lugs are not
in the same place on both sides, the tank underside touches the frame up by the headstock. The
paintwork stopped after it was filed, the rear portion is a little wider than the frame rails it covers, and
due to the curvature of the tank you can’t use the central TY mounting point !………. so a few mods
required here before I’m done…… but    I LIKE IT

Someone forgot to repaint the edges after filing….. but look at those tank lugs ??


Spot of luck same color yellow

With some of the seat/tank unit problems sorted time to fix the orifice where the exhaust goes through
and the extra sticky back foam for the seat will do the job. Two bolts and some drilling later the tank is
on and some black/yellow petrol pipe and she is DONE !!

It just had to be a yellow/black fuel line 

A quick weigh in after all this work and the scales show 190 lbs, not bad for a 38 year old trials iron. I
seem to remember they were 215 lbs when you got them.

Weighs in at 190 lbs

…….. and now the final pics before the testing

Ready for testing


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  • 5/1/2012 7:35 PM Mark O’Neill wrote:
    Hi Tony nice job on SG, look forward to the Outlaw trial 19/20 May,Hope to see you there
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  • 5/3/2012 1:11 AM trev wrote:
    Superb, very nicely done and i’m sure it will ride as well as it looks. The new tank looks the dogs danglies and the pipe is just so right. It will be interesting to see how the flat slide compares to the original carbie too.
    Reply to this
  • 5/4/2012 7:07 PM Tony wrote:
    Great work, your sight and restorations has inspired me. Next time I see you in AZ at an event I will introduce myself.
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No, this is not Seigried and Roy playing with Tigers, but another magician namely Ray Iddon playing
with Tiger Cubs. The article is more a collection of odds and sods as the Cub building gets underway.
On the home front various bits are now on hand to complete the swinging arm protector, the new
swinging arm bushes arrived from Sammy Miller as the old ones would be destroyed in the powder
coating 400C + temps.  A new chain is arriving today and I’m waiting on the snail cams from Wayne
and the breather kit from Armac. Also waiting on the lower fork caps for the B50 forks.

Back in California as Ray twiddles and tweaks new ideas come from the inventor’s inventory. He is
going to do an alloy brake pedal, has some ingenious ideas on the footpegs and an adjustment
system to keep them “always” straight…… more when we see the pics.

Progress to date has been delugging, fresh front mount, and a tweak of 2 degrees to the headstock.
Gussets on today and then the bracing unit before switching back to bash plate and other alloy

One and half frames stripped and bead blasted

What will be my front lug about to be widened

Off come the seat post mounts

….. and the 1960’s headstock locks

Clearly we have reignited Ray’s fire as he intends the “other” machine under construction will be a
show model with the new rear end and all finished in bright polished nickel…….. + a whole new load
of black carbon fiber parts like guards and side panels….. we wait with interest !

In my absence the other chain turned up along with the B50 caps, so just snail cams, the  Glitzie
number board, the breather kit,  + the art work from my Phoenix man who says it was posted TWO
weeks ago !!

With the frames suitably delugged drilling and tapping takes place for the bash plates and then the
rest of Ray’s team give the frames a little heat treatment and carefully adjust that head angle to
quicken the steering a tad.

Drilling and then tapping for the rear bash plate mounts

Ray’s team let loose on the frames after “vintage bike therapy” and much guidance, Adam applies the heat while John gives it the requisite tweak as shown on the magnetic danglemometer

The danglemometer gives the results

Lower gussets in place and on with the bracing unit

 With the frames nearly sorted Ray gives the alloy some Yuri Geller spoon bending to form the roll
curved bash plate in preference to the often seen double angles

The continuous roll plate

Fantastic flowing lines

Offset engine or not ?

How it all bolts on

It seems my SM rear sub frame has had a few mods that don’t quite fit in with Ray’s scheme of things
so rather than go for “phone” measuring Ray is going to send me yet  ANOTHER piece of the jig saw
in the shape of the original rear end which mates up with his seat plate with oil access, and also
provides the mounting for that left side oil tank.

The frame for the “one legged rider”

The seat pan with oil filler access hole

The “cheapo” platform pegs, to be powder coated (of course)

Well thats where we are today 4/24/12. Further developments should be the shipping of pieces and
then get them off for powder coating along with the bits I have. While that is being done and I’m trying
to put it back together Ray will be working on the brake pedal, the oil tank and where it  ALL jokingly
started……… THE STEALTH FUEL TANK …… until then


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When I was a boy I joined an organization formed by Lord Baden-Powell called the Scouts, or in my
case the junior scouting movement known as the Cubs. The uniform consisted of a green wooly pully
and cap and as you went through the system of learning all the new manly skills you got sew on
patches to adorn your pullover…… I don’t remember there being one for bike building !

The passion for the Trials Cub started when I was 16 and ventured into the sport and two of the
regular weekend winners were Cub mounted, namely Murray Brush and Gordon Farley who was one
year older than me. Gordon of course was something else and went on to be British Champion
breaking Sammy Miller’s long time grip on the trophy. Interstingly both Gordon and Sammy were
“knees together” men which requires faster reactions and a lot more “body english” to compensate.

My first Cub was a lamentable thing being a Bushman and not a true Trials Cub, so not much to say
about that. I had always promised myself a proper one and this ambition was finally realised in 2006
when money was no object so I bought the show model from Sammy Miller and had it sent to the

When it arrived there were an awful lot of things I did not like ! The Amal carb and throttle were horrid,
the heavy weight Triumph forks were original and clunked on topping out every time the front wheel
came off the ground. The whole front end was changed  to Yamaha, which was OK but increased the wheelbase. The carb was changed to Keihn but although giving good performance the inlet wasn’t
long enough so that had to go too.

First change to some TY250 Yam forks and front wheel

Finally BSA forks were fitted while I waited for a Ceriani stem to be made and a Dellorto Carb from
Martin Adams completed the picture. Having got the bike semi friendly performance wise, I went
through a seies of arse over headers for no apparent reason in some relatively simple sections until
it was discovered the SM pegs were the cause …. TOO high and TOO far forward. These were
replated and reset 2″ down and 2″ back and that was then the “NO EXCUSE CUB”

Phase II with BSA B50 forks and a Yam front wheel…….. better !

The Dellorto made a world of difference

The footrest mod, 2″ back, 2″ down…….. now it handles

At this stage it was as “perfect” as I could see. All excuses were down to
rider error

So what am I up to now with all these current mods you ask ? If it was perfect what are you messing
with it for ? True most of the stuff is cosmetic and won’t change handling or performace just yet……..
but there is a 270cc engine lurking just around the corner……. one day, one day !

In 2007 I was at Chehalis and saw Ray’s early version of his “ONE TRICK CUB” and he allowed me
to have a test ride after the event. From the initial ride I didn’t see any big differences to mine but I was
VERY IMPRESSED with his fabrication and in particular the Stealth fighter F117 style fuel tank. When I
first saw the angular design my mind went straight back to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf War and
watching these non convential, ugly some would say, fighters slip off into the sky for Iraq

The F117 fighter with its angular “stealth” construction

The unique shape of the Stealth Fighter

Perhaps you too can now see the similarity ?  Some Red Bull will give it

Of course in the interim since Chehalis Ray was in hospital for a “major rebore” for himself and fairly
obviously his enthusiasm waned for a while but on speaking to him in recent months we remembered
his offer to build me a “Stealth Tank”….. and then we added on an oil tank, some footrest hangers, a
front frame to take his tank and a flat bash plate to overcome the rolly polly thing from Sammy.

Fabrication is in full swing with two frames on the go, front half for me, and a complete one for Ray or
another prospective customer. Frames have been dismantled, SA bearing/bushing eased out and
now time to cut off the upper seat mount, pump mounting lugs for a bicycle pump, frame lock on the headstock. Then a dose of remover and the power wash before the tweaking and welding.

With that portion of the fabrication done time to configure that bash plate which will need to be bent
round the frame contures. Once shaped the mounting lugs can be configured and the footrest
supports can also be added. Don’t forget you can follow along on this blog and on Ray’s site at  or give him a call for some Skyping 925 300 7862

Never ever having tried this powder coating business, although of course I’ve seen many results of
same, time to start thinking color. As an Englishman what could be more appropriate than British
Racing Green on a Triumph ? Or maybe its just me sewing badges on my Cub scout wooly pully. British Racing Green sounds good but, a shade too dark to have impact, so I’m looking at something
with a bit more pep. Looking at a purple I’m very tempted but I already have one in the shape of the
Enfield so I’m into the voyage of discovery in the green spectrum.

Fantastic depth of color…… but I already have one

The BRG lacks something here, a bit bland

Too pale I think

Not a bad color on the ergonomic slum, the green is a tad too dark

I like this variation but I think I would always be drawn back to this image
of Horse Box Racing

 Could this be it ??? ……. and apart from the pleasing color it has an
amusing anecdote which is significant to tie in with the F117 Stealth tank.

On my return to the UK from Saudi, between Desert Shield and Desert
Storm, I was talking to a blonde in a pub over Christmas that year and
mentioned that I was involved with the “Gulf Crisis”. She said she hadn’t
driven one yet and clearly thought it was a “new” model from VW !!!!

Great !

 Back to reality the weather has changed again, back to cold and windy but several indoor tasks done
with a lot of polishing completed, colored cables trimmed, stop studs fitted on the SA, and the
workshop cleaned up ready
for the arrival of next week’s parts. Might get the Cub engine up on the
bench today and have a look at 
that before swopping horses to the Superglitz. Yet more snow all day,
very cold and miserable.

Cables and spares finished and trimmed

An old very full width “new” alloy guard…….. 5-10 years of storage

Sgt Wadman was right again !

The B50’s get a dose of Autosol after some buffing

The tank is off to ebay


 Meanwhile over in the “other workshop” Ray has been sourcing some really nice aircraft alloy for peg
plates and bash plates. Measuring, design and fabrication is now under way. Once the template is
done the cutting out and finishing can be done on the real stuff. Ray also has some new ideas for a
different rear sub frame as he has some Reynolds 531 tubing in stock.

All lined up

About here

Meanwhile in the bitter cold, snow and rain the Cub engine gets a bath and I have a look at where
this offset sprocket would go. Seems it won’t as I have the easy access door already fitted and that
neatly takes up the 0.2″ offset !

Happiness is a cleaned (if unpolished) engine

I can’t see an offset sprocket fitting in here !



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Another major project that I can’t really get my teeth into as I’m being backed up now by our old friend
the ticking clock. Will all the proposed stuff be available in time for Canada ? Unlikely I think, but
fantastic if it was. I’m thinking one last ride in its current state and then a full reconfiguration in time for
Turkey Rock, but you never know Ray may get very keen on the project and things could appear in no

Currently I’m thinking some sort of Green in the powder coating line, green cables and some purple
and black to contrast against all the polished alloy. I have one new ultra wide back mudguard in alloy
so that will do the back end, might saw the rear loop off , not sure yet. Plenty of tasteful new decals on
their way, just the details on the major components that need to be finalised. Fabricated in CA from
ideas in CO…… better get all the measurements right the first time.

So with everything in pieces time to get at the polishing and cleaning. The forks (BSA B50 4 stud)
were never really given much of a “do” as when I tried them it was an interim experiment while waiting
to fit some Cerianis so nothing much was done, and likewise the yokes. I used a TY175 front wheel
which had an unusually shiney rim but painted the brake hub black to match the basic livery. I now
have the shiney plate from the ex Superglitz along with new groovey shoes.

Time for buffing and polishing

One hour and 30 minutes of intense spanner weilding this morning and I no longer have a
recognizeable Cub. Wheel, bars, mudguard, forks, yokes first, then footrests, rear shocks, sub frame
and swinging arm all in bits and then knock out the upper needle roller bearing cup. Major discoveries
on dismantling, the lower clamps on the BSA B50 forks have cracked and one of the footrest bolts is
so bent I’m amazed it came out !  Looks like I’ve given the beastie some abuse. A quick search on
ebay and some new fork caps are found, what a relief ! Also noticed some beautiful work from Wayne Weedon who supplied me with the number board for the SWM some time ago. I knew he was doing a
lot of Bultaco stuff as I’ve seen his products going on some of Big John’s restorations but he now has
a gorgeous set of B50 fork nuts……. and also a yellow number board which would look good on the
reborn Superglitz.

Nasty business, …….. better get some from ebay !

My lucky day, a new set on a “buy it now”

B50 billet fork caps from Wayne Weedon……. now that’s some Bling !

You need a SERIOUS spanner for these (1.5 inch)

Might just match Superglitz ?

Having taken everything to bits I’ve had more ideas and maybe I can use the TY Mono springs that I
changed for the Magicals ? Well something else to have a looksee at, they were progressive and
seemed to have a good action although I have always liked the B50 set up…. but I have a choice. The
rear Betors I’m not so sure about and need to speak to a knowledgeable expert I always thought that
gas shocks, without the springs, should push back out when compressed ? These don’t ! Now amid
all this rebuilding mayhem perhaps I’m confusing myself…… I certainly wasn’t planning on buying yet
more shocks……… What else can I sell ???

Mono springs too short and 36mm so they don’t fit, but the rear shocks are good with no leaks.

Back to the action the big sprocket spacer is removed, the rest of the silent block stuff is eased out of
the frame with a bit of persuasion, all cleaned up, just the outside bushings to knock out and I should
be nearly ready.

The big sprocket and reason (as yet) unknown spacer

The arse end of my bionic fembot is in pieces

The SM  lock bolt on the swinging arm spacer

Now it has to come out !

A little persuasion later

Out and cleaned up

This is what happens if you use a small engine sprocket and no SA
protector…… need to work on this one……. and as Monthy python used to

“and now for something completely different”

 Meanwhile on the other end of this operation Ray is hard at work building the next batch of frames,
which he estimates will be finished this week (4/14/12. Now for those who fancy a Cub or any other
vintage bike Ray will be offering some additional services, more of this later, but as an insight it is
best described as having your own “Savile Row Tailor”.

You can now ring Ray, set up an appointment, and then using “Skype” have a two way interchange in
real time using the cameras to discuss problems and remedies.  If you are having something made, restored, or just checking on “your” bikes progress through his shop you will be able to see first hand
where things are at and of course make changes to get that design exactly how YOU, the customer,
want it. Truly a “bespoke” way to do vintage restorations……. and as something to show grandchildren
when your “suit” is ready Ray will give you a CD with around 200 pics of the build as it went along.

As I await the arrival of phase 1 items that will be off for powder coating I’m busy polishing and getting
the rest up to snuff ready for reconstruction. The cables are all done, wheels polished and ready and a
good deal of buffing done on the BSA B50 forks and yokes.

Next  workshop project will be to add some stop bolts to the rear of the swinging arm so that I can use
snail cams and get rid of the primitive cycle style chain adjusters.

Need a stop bolt in these for the snail cams

Snail cams will need to be eased out to 16mm for the Brit wheel

A bit too Vintage !

With things moving as fast as they are I’d better get that breather kit from Armac Designs and start revamping the engine with some cleaning and polishing. It will get the breather kit and some other
plastic to cover the fragile ignition wires. (all in an eyecatching green of course !)

An Armac breather that fits in the old “mushroom” ignition hole

Well with temps in the low 70’s this week it has been very pleasant and very springlike, that is until
today ! It’s been snowing all morning just to remind us its still April and we are at 7000′ in the Colorado
mountains.  No matter its supposed to creep back into the mid 60’s this afternoon and while forced
inside by the weather I was able to speak to Ray who adds this pic to what will be a full dossier as we
go along.

Ray selects two frames for this batch

Meanwhile front and back wheels have been cleaned, polished and greased up ready for action. Might
need to decreep the back tire, minor job if I get bored. The shocks are ready !….. and more polishing
continues to make it all look very special…….. bars next…..

Wheels done

Shocks ready

Ray has been devising the new style flat bashplate and how it will tie in with the frame and footrests.
The two frames have been dismantled and will shortly be “tweaked” and strengthened with the bracing
unit which will carry the new slimline stealth tanks.

Two frames awaiting their “lugectomy” op


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Its that time in a bike builders operation when those final all important  last details can be added. The
long slog trying to achieve perfection is nearly here. As more and more parts are added and arrive I
can almost see the final image in my mind’s eye.

“Where’s my motor ?”

When the barrel and head make it back from their winter vacation they will be in for a repaint and I still
can’t decide where to be with this one. Choices are all yellow or black barrel and yellow head or the
reverse with yellow barrel and black head ??

The ALL YELLOW motor on the Glitz Mk I

Yellow barrel, Black head on the 320 Majesty

The ALL BLACK combo on my SSDT replica

As I wait I can do the new XC-Ting helmet, the front number board, and of course the primary unit of
the tank & seat. As the latter gets smaller and smaller the room decreases too. Better have a look
and see how much I have to play with and I’m already thinking, smaller, but tasteful stickers.

Time to sift the bag o’ stickers and also time to reorder some hand crafted stuff from my AZ supplier
who I’ve used for everything in the past. Need some more Gold personal name sets for the helmet
and a few other Yam related bits.

Trying not to lose the impetus, I have finally hit on the artistic side of the house for the tank design but
the decals I want are “in the post” so yet more waiting. Well I guess they will all arrive about the same
time as the barrel and then I’ll be flooded with things to do…… looking forward to that ! Perhaps an
artists impression of how it should look.

Of course this isn’t to scale, just a play with some ideas incorporating, the rebirth of Superglitz (SG)
from the ashes like (Phoenix) and of course the maker’s logo (Yam) land of my birth (UK) and my
own sign of the lucky Black Cat (Blackcat)

Artist’s first impression, not to scale

With nothing else to do (it is spring break) that Tiger Cub is going to get a “new look” so a  lot of spannering there to keep me occupied and of course a ton of polishing to get it up to spec for 2012. Master engineer, Ray Iddon, is fabricating some parts for me and we will document the whole thing from “tinsnips to logos”

Talking logos about time some of them turned up ?  A load “in the post” but no sign of anything yet. Some progress on the engine to give me hope, and a promise that it might be finished early next week… I live in hope and then the daily waiting for Fed Ex, UPS, or the mail lady at 1415 with USPS.



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With the impatience of waiting driving me insane the time has come to deconstruct the “No Excuse
Cub”. Like SG several parts will come under the hammer on ebay, and the new stuff that Master
Engineer and good friend, Ray Iddon, is fabricating should hopefully be here by the end of April. If
“this” timescale can be adhered to then I can rebuild in time for Canada. It will then enjoy a one day shakedown at Dave Rhode’s  25th running of the Outlaw Trial, or maybe I’ll just run Superglitz to get
in the swing for both days…… time will tell.

First, time to review the good, bad and the ugly of what we have. As this was initially a Sammy Miller
prepared and built Cub you naively believe that its all good and well thought out. Well as we now
know life is not always what it appears.

The original problem with the basic Cub frame was the fact that the swinging arm was too narrow
and early versions could only carry a 3.50 x 18 rear tyre, you could squeeze a 4.00 in but it rubbed on everything and if the wheel wasn’t true it was downright horrid ! Mister Miller widened the swinging
arm to take a 4.00 x 18 with comfort but for reasons best known to himself moved the engine over by
about 0.2″ to get the chain and drive sprockets aligned ? Personally I would have either changed the swinging arm mount or spaced the wheel over. The knock on effect of moving the engine is that
several critical units are now slammed up tight against that nasty lower frame tube that I’m trying to

Q ? what useful purpose do these 0.2″ spacers serve ?

Up front the mounting lug has been made wider for the spacer to fit

….. and another one on the underside mount

….. which pushes everything tight up against that lower rail

…. so they dented the frame to get access

Well if Ray designs the front frame the way I would like then all those underside problems vanish
when the tube is removed. Progress report @ 4/4/12, oil tank panels cut out, initial search for suitable
front end frame completed….. next phase bolt in some empty cub cases, tweak head angle and fit the strengthening brace.

Back here, much work to get on with as the time frame is only 5 weeks until completion and the trip to
Canada. The Cub is given the news and told she is going in for some major surgery………. clearly she
is not too happy with my decision.

“I liked it the way it was !”

On to the operating table and within a couple of hours she is in pieces ready for some major cleaning.
A fine mixture of the old and new as British and Metric nuts and bolts abound !

All the back end components are off

Nearly ready for the “open heart” op

Arteries clamped the heart is removed

Not much left, just front end and the 3 piece frame

Not a bad afternoon’s work so enough for today…..still a few mental questions unanswered, but there
must be an explanation for all those spacers ? …………. have to say I don’t like it, perhaps I could use
another Yam back wheel, left side sprocket, Talon will make one in 64T and 420 size and might
persuade Ray to do another right side brake pedal as he did for Adrian Lewis.

A Yam wheel maybe, and a right side brake ?

……..and then I remembered something I had seen on the new SM web site………

The SM swinging arm kit, which comes complete with a bloody great
sprocket spacer

Well that explains that ! If you fit a 0.2″ sprocket spacer (reasons as yet unknown) it  will throw the
sprocket off to the left and now you need to move the engine 0.2″ to the left to get the chain to line up.

Stay tuned for more news on this ripping yarn


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Memories of my “Trials Mentor” who would stand at the bottom of the hill
with an ash twig at the ready and if your hand stretched out for that clutch thingey……… WAP !

I have been threatening one for several years so this year no more fannying around JUST DOOO IT !

This will be a Vintage Trials School for Beginners but of course anyone with a modern bike is more
than welcome to join in to learn some of the basics. Most trials schools that I have seen or been
involved with over the years, other than RAFMSA which was a week long affair, are far too short often
only being 2 hours in duration and to be fair if you have attended one of these in the past you will have
most likely come away somewhat disappointed.

What I have envisaged is an absolute minimum of THREE DAYS and FOUR being the best option but
I fully understand some peoples budget for trials doesn’t stretch that far or to be away from business
and family is pehaps pushing the enjoyment boat out a little too far.

OK, dates wise I’m looking at the week leading up to our 2 Day Trial here in Dolores which for those
with a poor memory is 11/12 August.  So the training will begin on 7th August  (my birthday) and run
through until o’beer thirty on Friday 10 Aug. For those bringing RV’s we can accommodate you at our
place, Cozy Comfort RV park, and special rates will be available even though we are in High Season.
There will be reductions for “dry” camping but the showers will be available.

Lets assume those attending arrive Monday night so  we will kick off with some beers and the
“Master Plan” for the week in the Shade Garden.


Tuesday        0830  Situation Overview, basic set up of machines and riders (while tools are available)

1000 Basics, posture, machine preparation, simple flat figure of 8’s.

1100 Removing nerves, at the back of the property, small climbs, descents and turns.

1300 Post lunch, move to main Training Area.

1330-1630  Thinking Sections and the 3 rule practice

1930-2030  Machine Prep Demo  “Wheels and Tires”

Wednesday 0830 Move to Training Area

0900 Banks, bumps and turns

1200-1230 Lunch

1230-1430 Riding Rocks, the basics, stance

1430-1630 More rocks !

1930-2030 Machine Prep Demo  “Carbs”

Thursday      0830 Move to other Training  Area

0900 Bigger banks, descents and turns

1200-1230 Lunch

1230-1430 Adverses/tree roots, and logs

1430-1630 First look at Mud !

1930-2030 Machine Prep Demo “Chains and Suspension”

Friday            0830 2nd Training Area

0900 2nd look at Mud or Sand

1100 Set up Sunday sections

1300-1330 Lunch

1330-1600 Set up Saturday Sections and free practice

1630-Insensible  Beer fest and week’s debrief

In general terms most people’s expectation of trials training is to arrive with little or no experience, be
given a demo by an established Expert, and within 2 hours be able to emulate what they have seen.
Well I’m afraid trials is not like that. Certainly after some dedicated training riders will be able to do
sections they thought were impossible on day 1, they will have a new confidence with their bike, they
will be able to plan a section and ride it to a plan. By competing in the 2 Day post camp Trial they will
be able to judge their own improvement in a “real” trials situation.

For the absolute beginner or novice this may look daunting but I’m pretty confident that EVERYONE will be going up and down this by Friday !

While everyone wants to clean every section, nothing wrong with that, in truth if that were possible you
would be out there challenging Toni Bou, what WE will be aiming to achieve is to minimise our score.
In other words, trying to “save the five” and get through the section will be our primary objective, then
we will ride and ride it well for the “three” then moving on for the elusive “two”. When we are down to
the “two” we will be trying for the “planned dab” and finally the clean ! So once the primary objective
has been achieved and confidence says WE CAN get through it then its better planning, technique
and skill, and perhaps a sprinkling of luck before we get that big Zero.

How much you ask ? Current daily rate will be $50.00 per rider/day with a maximum of 10 students.

Full RV hook ups are $27.00 per night or $130 per week.  Dry camping in RV, no power or water $20
per night but free hot showers included. Tent camping, max two people per tent, $15.00 per night
including free hot showers.

So if you feel this could be for you, book either by replying to the blog, or direct to me at:  or 970 882 2483 (leave message)

Now where’s my cane ?


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