GO, SUPERGLITZ............. GO

 Into the last three weeks (I hope) in the long haul rebuild of Superglitz emerging from the ashes with
all her new Bionic parts and improved details. If it rides half as well as my projected thoughts it will
indeed have been well worth it.

 While I'm waiting I keep going over things wondering if there is anything I've missed, or could do
better, well I know I can tighten up the headstock bearing now I have the wheels and forks in, maybe
slacken off the chain a tooouch, change the gearbox oil........ can't even finish the design stuff as I'm
waiting on decals now.

 A quick refresher on what needs to be done when it all gets back;

1. Paint Barrel & Head

2. Recut fins

3. Fit new reeds

4. Gaskets, barrel and head back on, new iridium plug

5. Fit new exhaust system

6. Fabricate new silencer/muffler bracket 

7. Fit new OKO carb, cable and new air filter

8. Decals

9. Fit new tank/seat unit, fuel line with filter

10.  TEST !!!

 Sitrep: 4/12/12 < phone call> STOP< FINISHED WITH ENGINE ! > STOP> Will be with UPS this
afternoon> STOP> Scheduled arrival 4/17/12> STOP 

Fantastic news

 As I couldn't decide on the front number board I eventually ordered one from Wayne Weedon's  which has a lot of "bling" and a lot more to come.


 Another very cold weekend morning and its snowing again!! Time for some decaling if I can set my 
mind to it and get it right first time. First attempt seems good enough so onto other things. Once more 
the waiting is killing.

I was having a beer here a few days ago in shirt sleeves !

Glitzie back on center stage

The Blackcat emerges from Phoenix, its a Yamaha, and its called "SG",
or Superglitz

 Tuesday 17 Apr, the magic day, UPS says the engine parts are in Durango and "out for delivery" so I'm
very happy. Hopefully some of the other last minute stuff will start turning up soon. One or two pieces 
are falling behind from international delivery and of course they can be anywhere or just dumped in 
Customs awaiting some gnome to say OK.

 Engine parts arrived on time and looksee  to inspect what was done. Pity I don't have a spare barrel
and head to compare. Barrel all masked off and on with the paint, looks really good and my decision
was black barrel and yellow head.

The reported barrel

Nice clean exhaust

Black goes on with no problems 

 On then to the simple head, what can be easier than this, just mask off the polished side fins and put
the paint on. The bloody new rattle can refuses to work ! Not a glimmer. Get another one pre afternoon
bus drive and rush home to complete the task. Now the paint just forms bubbles and dimples and has
become a real eyesore. Not really sure where the plan will go now, either a very strong paint remover 
or shot blasting back to original metal and see where I go from there but this is a setback I wasn't 
expecting and due to bus driving work will not get resolved for another two days.

A goopey mess but at least it works

 The new all singing and dancing paint stripper actually works, now theres a first, a little splash on the
back of my hand and at last I can feel this one working ! Two more coats this morning and some
serious washing with dish washer soap and I'll try again.

Bring on the flap wheels !

 Between the coats of stripper the barrel fins have been recut so thats ready to fit as soon as the head 
makes its way successfully through painting and fin recuts..... then full speed ahead with all the other
parts. For test purposes I'll be running the previous set up of the Mikuni VM 26 before switching to the
unknown of the flat side OKO.


Barrel ready

..... and finally, after much frustration, the yellow goes on and sticks !

  So putting the yellow to bed was pleasing although it has delayed everything 24 hours but in the long
run whats another day. A driving day tomorrow, so Saturday will be assembly day after cutting the fins
on the head. All the masking has been removed and touch up is not required so a little goof off work
on the gasket areas and then I have the green light.

 Saturday morning and still a bit tired from yesterday's 500 mile round trip with kids which finished just
after midnight from a 0700 start. Strange feeling that I can complete the bike today (I hope)  but  then I
will only have testing to do..... seems somewhat sad after months of planning and acquiring and fabrication...... but I still have the Cub to do and Mrs Down's little TY125 to get ready for Canada.......
better get on it !

 The head gets the treatment and now time to gasket up and fit the barrel and everything slots very
neatly back together along with the new Iridium (ungapped plug). Next mission fit the reed block and
here I run into the first problem of the day, the reed gasket is split. I know I have some but as they are
not in the gasket box I'm hoping they are with the carbs ?

Early stages of the "fin cutting"

Nearly done

 Time to get out the Bionic workshop manual and reman the Fembot Superglitz now that we have all
the last working innards !

Suspension done, front and back, now for that motor

Barrel slips on

They say "never gap !"

Colors turned out as I wanted 

 With the reeds finally back on time to clean the 4 year unused Mikuni and get her back in place with
all her components including the new all singing air cleaner. Not much required here, and back in one
piece in no time.

Inlet side complete

 Next task after dog walking is the new big bore Majesty  WES exhaust, somewhat  appropriate I think 
being the Queen's birthday today, or one of them anyway. First problem, the flange won't fit ! The
reason for this, and of course I now remember that this engine had been restudded with bigger studs
to take the flange as the originals were wimpy little things with a 10mm nut. These were upgraded to
13mm and of course the replacement pipes are made for the originals. More drill work and onto the
next problem.   


The front stainless, between the frame portion, goes on........but the frame gusset on the right side needs a Makita trim to fit the center section

The bigger exhaust studs

 With the center section slipped on the stainless portion, and its a really snug fit, the assembly still
will not line up with the standard mounting bracket as it should. The system is on and off like a
whore's whatnots and measuring and remeasuring is taking its time. About 3" of the stainless will
slide into the center section but then it hits an internal ridge and can go no further so the only recourse
is to cut the front pipe shorter by about 3/4".  This does the trick, ..... but now the bigger bore pipe will
not slide through my carefully remade lower mudguard unit with its remanned rubber from the BMW
shoulder pad.

The front pipe gets shortened

The new BMW shoulder pad dirt stopper has to go, well I still have the
other one, somewhere ?

 With all the "mods" conceived and done it all lines up and will fit. Still a few things to do for Sunday as
in drill the bracket for the center pipe, manufacture the rear section exhaust stay from a TY front brake 
anchor and redo the mud splash guard to cover the bigger hole. With all that done the kickstart needs
to be canted forward to clear the center section when it is in its stowed position otherwise it will clatter
and eventually rub a hole in the can.

Bracket to drill and "shock" mount, kicker to cant forward

Lines up nicely, stay to make, and then another mud flap for the hole

 Exhaust eventually fitted to my satisfaction, brackets made and drilled, so only the last few items to do
prior to the all important testing.

Lined up, drilled and fitted, and kicker canted forward a few degrees

A TY front brake stay makes a good strong bracket

 The tank seat unit is brought out of hiding and for the first time offered to Superglitz like a major body
organ...... will Glitzie accept or reject the new bionic component ?  

 This is a custom unit that was made in deepest Yorkshire and although it looks fantastic there are
some errors in construction when you are up close and personal. The two tank mounting lugs are not
in the same place on both sides, the tank underside touches the frame up by the headstock. The
paintwork stopped after it was filed, the rear portion is a little wider than the frame rails it covers, and
due to the curvature of the tank you can't use the central TY mounting point !.......... so a few mods
required here before I'm done...... but    I LIKE IT

Someone forgot to repaint the edges after filing..... but look at those tank lugs ??


Spot of luck same color yellow

 With some of the seat/tank unit problems sorted time to fix the orifice where the exhaust goes through
and the extra sticky back foam for the seat will do the job. Two bolts and some drilling later the tank is
on and some black/yellow petrol pipe and she is DONE !!

It just had to be a yellow/black fuel line 

 A quick weigh in after all this work and the scales show 190 lbs, not bad for a 38 year old trials iron. I
seem to remember they were 215 lbs when you got them.

Weighs in at 190 lbs

........ and now the final pics before the testing

Ready for testing




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  • 5/1/2012 7:35 PM Mark O'Neill wrote:
    Hi Tony nice job on SG, look forward to the Outlaw trial 19/20 May,Hope to see you there
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  • 5/3/2012 1:11 AM trev wrote:
    Superb, very nicely done and i'm sure it will ride as well as it looks. The new tank looks the dogs danglies and the pipe is just so right. It will be interesting to see how the flat slide compares to the original carbie too.
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  • 5/4/2012 7:07 PM Tony wrote:
    Great work, your sight and restorations has inspired me. Next time I see you in AZ at an event I will introduce myself.
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