With only two weeks before departure to Canada I have a fair chunk of work to get through to get
everything done. Currently I'm UPS tracking on Ray's shipment and it still says it is "on time" and has
made it to Grand Junction early this morning. Where it goes next I will no doubt see when I get back
from my morning drive. (Back in) yes, left Durango 0806 "Out for delivery".. yipee!

 The Powder Coating company moved buildings but still say if I get it to them today I can get it back on Saturday. That should give me today, post arrival time to get it to them, and then finish off the engine
prep tomorrow ready for a Sunday start to the rebuild. Only piece still out there in the ether is the snail
cams from Wayne Weedon, which I hope he enlarged for me before they left on 20 April. Just heard
from Wayne that his package has now arrived back in the UK marked unclaimed ?? How the hell
does that happen unless the Post Office fails to leave a "signed for slip " and then returns it after the
time runs out.

The well travelled snail cams having completed 10,000 miles by snail mail,
try it one more time 


 The rebuild itself should not present too many problems and by Wednesday I hope to have it back
together save for the Stealth tank and exhaust which Ray is currently working on. Those two units
should just be pop ons with no fabrication required at this end.


Ray starts construction on the new slimmer stealth tank

Inner section cut, and rolled to fit

Redesigned left side mated up and will be welded on the inside

Smaller and neater, but still retains that distinctive F117 look 

 With everything else cleaned, prepped and ready to roll there is only the big rear mudguard to cut and

 Perhaps the hardest task will be putting the SM silent block units back in the front frame and swinging
arm without knocking off too much of the fresh powder coating. Only other thing is where to mount the
top coil on the new frame, but I have some ideas.
 Just before mid day UPS rolls in with the delivery and frantic unpacking begins to rush the parts to the Powder Coater. WOW !! fabulous stuff from Ray, work of art material.


The big box of "goodies" arrives

Look what Santa sent me !!

 Amid the packing peanuts the frame is hauled out in its two parts and I can see the differences
between the modified standard and SM version. I'm committed to use Ray's back half as the oil tank
mounts to it, whereas the Miller unit has those lugs and stays removed, the cross brace is located
further back (which incidentally causes lots of mudguard mounting issues) and also the downtubes
are widened by about 1/2 " to cater for the SA bushes which have an extended inner for some reason?
These will now have to go as bashplate and footrest hangers are geared to the narrower width.

The outer SM bushes must now be cut flush

 So the Raymobile frame in two parts, the SM swinging arm, and 3 misc brackets are loaded along
with the footpegs with their 22 studs removed. Abe is there on arrival so all looks good and he is still
confident to finish by Saturday.

 Meanwhile back in the (novice) workshop the engine has been Harleyised with fresh cut fins and a
bit of elbow grease. Pipes and cables to be redone today (Friday) and also overcome yesterday's
"problem of the day" which was the sprocket studs or rather the very last one which immediately
rounded out as soon as the allen wrench touched it ! So having decided on the spacer route the other
bunch were removed ready to refit the rear wheel spacer until the last one...... now the fun begins, and 
what thread is it ? It has a metric allen, so much I know, as no American allen comes close to fitting.

The last one..... but now its gone !

 Well Shade's old friend the impact wrench soon dealt with that baby ! so now the spacer can be fitted
and 8 new stainless bigger headed allen bolts used.  Further investigation before refitting shows the
spacer only goes one way as there is a recess for the roll over cup of the brake plate. Good thing that 
Shade saw that before bolting up.

 Afternoon trip to town for nuts & bolts and a few other essentials. First few places on the list I may as
well have been talking in Esparanto as nobody had a clue what I wanted. Finally a breakthrough and 
everything I want, well nearly everything, is located in one store.

 Drop by the powder coaters on the way home and their new compressor is causing grief with a blown
gasket letting oil into the coolant system. Usual thing, a $5 gasket and 10 man hours to take everthing 
to bits to replace it. Howevere, they still say 4 this afternoon and all should be ready

........ until then 





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  • 5/10/2012 4:17 AM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Tony, you didn't mention what sort of stuff you can get at the Hardware store that might help with the gouging caused by the chain rubbing over the frame.
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