That time of the year again and avid readers will remember from our “Mills & Boon or Harlequin”
books that Raeph and Priscilla are none too pleased to have their secret lovers meeting place
disturbed by trials riders.

Their idyllic sleepy hollow at Mosteller Ranch where they wander hand in hand by the babbling brooks
is about to be shattered once more by 70 + motorcyclists in pursuit of trials riding nirvana.

“Its bad news Raeph, those trials riders are coming back at the end of
the month”

As they were told last time, its only one weekend of the year, so get with the program! It seems from
reports coming in and from the continuing saga of their pursuit of lustful passion, heaving bodices etc
that this year they have adopted the “if you can’t beat them…. join them” philosophy. Maybe we will get
to meet them at the Pot Luck Saturday night cookout.

“Raeph we must pick the apples up at the Fish Ponds  before those trials riders find them and make a crumble for the pot luck”

So what is it about this event that makes it so special in my eyes ? Here is an event at either the end
of August or beginning of September that gives the rider a full spectrum of true trials sections. We
have mud, and more mud, rivers and streams, rocks of all sizes, tight nasty nadgery, open hillsides,
fallen trees and logs, woodland riding with roots and other surprizes, and some interesting artifical
obstacles in the start area called “Lego-Land”…….. and my personal favorite down by the start
“The Waterfall” ….without doubt the BEST Trials riding venue on the calendar.

Goopey mud in August ?

A winter trial in summer

Serious water with mud

A divine section …… a real joy to ride

Splashing around in rivers

In the “lover’s” babbling brook

Rocks of all sizes

Interesting Nadgery

Roots and a fallen tree thrown in

A “mini” brick in lego-land

Through the Diamond of lego-land ….. the pros go OVER it !!

My personal favorite “The Waterfall”

Summer fun at those “Falls”

Meanwhile our devious duo mull over plans to keep their lover’s retreat a private sanctuary with no
more motorcycles either vintage or modern. They considered joining AHRMA who had already brought
down the 3 day event to only 2, or even buying a Royal Enfield to destroy the sections and all the Trialsmaster’s hard work. In previous years, and it took time to fathom, many sections were destroyed overnight by vandals and other persons unknown…….. now the truth can be told !

“Priscilla darling, don’t worry I’ll let the wild horses loose again and they
will never get all the tape up again in time for the start” 

Security film footage shows the “tape eaters” during a dastardly early
morning attack

 Of course we don’t know whether Raeph and Priscilla will turn up but rumour has it they have bought
some vintage bikes!! …….not sure who is riding what but their next novel reveals all

Who gets to ride what on the 4 line ?

Priscilla must have been reading my articles on “Green” for riding the Cub and again we are told she ordered some of the new green one piece ladies suits from Lewisport but was having trouble with
some of the body armor

“Thank you Raeph darling, it really is a lovely suit, but where do these
cups go ?”

The lovers are discovering there is a lot more to this Vintage Trials thing and its not just a matter of
turning up and hoping for the best. Maintenance and preparation are the keys especially for the Novice
on an older machine.

“Raeph have you been working on that Enfield thing again ?”

Well whatever you are riding and wherever you are coming from the wildlife is spectacular as you
cross into Wyoming and the roads get better too…….. well until you turn off for the trials site!!! Hope to
see everybody there including the “lovers”

CASPER = The No 1 venue for Vintage Trials IMHO


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Last weekend’s Dolores Escalante Days Trials are now in the history books, the event was ridden,
clean up completed, and reports written. A final site walk round and the return of the treasured keys to
the dump.

So what did we learn? ….. well it seems that locally there are quite a few trials and ex-trials riders
lurking in the Colorado woodpiles so I really need to get on this one and get them out for some
practice sessions in the coming months.

Secretary John sold his 76 pristine TY175 to local business man Casey who has a son and daughter
who both ride and although Casey rode the bike in the Saturday competition returning Best Beginner I
think he wants either a modern or a good TY250A model for himself. Walt encouraged his friend Steve
Olsen out for the Sunday event and local Cortez man Waldo joined the fun on his 4RT. Also running
was Kirtis from Mancos on his 2011 Gasser and he did pretty well in his first ever competitions and
now has a taste for it big time!!

Currently benched through a knee injury is our NEW prospective DA, Will Furse. He has a 2011
Gasser as well and has also never ridden a competition……… how many more are out there just
waiting for something local to come along ?

Maybe get the word out to all are other interested states…… UT failed to show with Travis booked in
but also benched with another MX knee injury, Jim Lipscomb sailing  the 7 seas and no reply from
Lee. AZ CAT had a trial that weekend in the AZ heat !! …. and most of NM seems to be wrapped up
in this Cannon Ball thing. Well we WILL keep trying.

The excellent articles that The Dolores Star and Cortez Journal produced attracted a lot of interest and
for a small event we were blessed with about 30 spectators a day, and as it turns out would have been
more if I had sign posted the place.

Amazingly we recieved TWO offers of land to use which I shall certainly follow up on and maybe run a
couple of fun trials or practice sessions in the near future before the snows arrive.

In the middle of a dull session of driveway weeding Stewart from the Chamber of Commerce drove up
and presented ITSA Mountain West with an award ! I’m thinking this must be a first for any portion of
ITSA ….. seems they like us were very pleased with our contribution to the Town Parade and want us
back next year.

I’m already mentally thinking of something a little special perhaps in the form of a giant low loader
from Casey’s rock company that we can ride over as it trickles down the parade at walking speed.
Just waiting for today’s Dolores Star to see if we got a mention and then I’ll reproduce all the local
coverage on here.

Vintage motorcycle event in Dolores

Escalante Days home to unique gathering of classic bikes

Tony Down shows off his 1964 English Triumph Tiger Cub, a motorcycle he plans on riding in the first vintage motorcycle trials event coming to Dolores Saturday and Sunday. Enlargephoto


Tony Down shows off his 1964 English Triumph Tiger Cub, a motorcycle he plans on riding in the first vintage motorcycle trials event coming to Dolores Saturday and Sunday.

When it comes to riding motorcycles, Dolores resident Tony Down never likes to do it the easy way.

“We ride motorcycles over terrain, you wouldn’t choose to walk over,” Down said with an English
accent and a smile.

Down, 65, has been doing exactly that since he was 17, riding motorcycles over very difficult terrain
and not only living to tell the tale but competing against others all over the world.

“The objective is to do it without putting your feet down,” he said.

This Saturday and Sunday, Down will compete in an event he has put together in Dolores, giving riders
from around the country a chance to compete and discover Dolores and a chance for Dolores residents
to discover a new sport.

In order to compete in the two-day Vintage Motorcycle Trial, one must own a vintage machine, circa
1955-1985. Down will ride his 1964 English Triumph Tiger Cub.

It’ll go over rocks, trees, mud, rivers, steep banks and fallen trees.

“You name it, we will go over it,” he said.

While the motorcycles at this upcoming event will mostly be classics, Down said the riders are classic

“Vintage bikes are usually ridden by vintage riders so to speak,” he said. Riders start in their 40s and
range up to their mid-70s.

The motorcyclists in this event will compete for the lowest score and bragging rights; no cash prizes
are given out in this event. A competitor is watched closely as they go over each 20- to 60-yard course.
If a rider puts down his foot, he is awarded one point. And if he puts down another foot he is awarded
two points. The maximum points in one section is five, Down explained.

The riders usually have about five hours to negotiate 12 different sections and they can ride each
section three times. When the dust settles, the rider with the lowest score wins.

“If you do a section perfectly, you get a zero,” Down said.

While the competitors aren’t usually handed cash prizes, riders compete in a circuit and at various
events across the country. Having this year’s event on Escalante Days just fits in with the racers’

Down said he is excited to host the first day of the event on Aug. 11. The riders will all be at the end of
the parade and will keep going down to the end of Central Ave., the location of the first day of events.

Down plans to use the parking lot near the People’s Cemetery to stage different obstacles for riders.
They will ride on land belonging to the Town of Dolores, the old BMX track and rocks and obstacles
near McPhee Reservoir.

“A lot of people coming are looking forward to Escalante Days too,” Down said. “Wives and girlfriends
who normally get bored can wander down and check things out.”

Plaques and photographs line the halls of the Cozy Comfort RV Park in Dolores, which Down owns
with his wife Brenda, commemorating the 40-plus years that Down has been in love with the sport.

When asked about his biggest accomplishment, English-born Down thinks back to the 1970s when
he rode in the Scottish 6-Day Trial, which was 1,200 miles, that’s 200 miles a day across the Scottish

“Since it’s Scotland, it is always pouring rain,” he said.

When asked how he did.

“I finished,” he said. “I finished all eight times I was in it.”

There are modern day motorcycle trials with modern equipment. The routes seem nearly impossible
and require gravity defying feats. Those that compete in the vintage motorcycle trials prefer the older motorcycles, opting for equipment they can work on, equipment they are familiar with and routes that
won’t send them to the hospital if a wrong move is made.

Another interesting fact: Most trials motorcycles don’t have seats. Riders stand up as they negotiate
the obstacles.

On Sunday, riders will compete across the highway for the Dolores Public Lands Office at the Town of Dolores’ materials yard; access is off Road T.5.

Down said the sport is spectator-friendly and hopes Dolores will turn out to watch.

Down expects about 20 to 30 riders to attend the event.

For more information, call Down at the Cozy Comfort RV park at 882-2484.

Tony Down competing in the Scottish 6-day trial in 1975. The race is 1,200 miles long. Enlargephoto

Courtesy photo

Tony Down competing in the Scottish 6-day trial in 1975. The race is 1,200 miles long.

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  • 8/22/2012 11:54 AM Rich wrote:
    The CAT event (Hualapai Mtn Trial) was good but I was quite torn about not being able to attend your inaugural event. Looked to be quite the success! I will attend, just give me another chance.
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Up again early in order to change the Betor shocks on the Cub as riding a rigid is not the way to go !
Plan is to go for the Magicals off Superglitz and then in time replace them with some Rockshocks from Lewisport to fit the Majesty mounts at 12.5 “.

The big Question is how the hell did they get bent in the first place? With the help of Sherlock it clearly
must have happened at Turkey Rock, but when ? There were NO 5’s on either day, no crashes on the
loop so all that can be deduced is that “it” fell over somewhere while I was walking a section. There
were big gouges on the rear pipe, which was pressed in, or so I thought on the spring, but on further
review it looks like it fell from  standing into some rocks which pushed the exhaust into the spring and
bent the rod. Anyhoo which ever, what way, it happened the result is the same the shock is Toast !!

Magicals first but the lower mount is the wrong size so that won’t work. Plan B try the gas Betors off
the Enfield which are the same size but once again the lower mounts won’t fit so much banging and
shade tree removal techniques to knock out the centers and rubbers so that the correct size ones
from the dead set will fit. Finally all in place and bolted up and I’m back in business.

At the Dump we have good following from the local newspaper and an unusually large number of
local spectators. Yet another offer of land for future events which in itself is amazing. Several other
vintage riders appear from the woodwork who have bikes locally so things are on the up for next year

We start at our No1, “The Lumber Yard”, and most riders are using this as the “test” section to warm
up which in view of the rather more difficult 2 & 3 is perhaps a good idea. Lets see how DRB has
affected the riding.

John on the 1 line

Peter on the 3 line

Walt aviates over the second hazard

Dan eases forward to ready for the turn

The “Checker’s Nightmare Flash” from the Stealth Cub

……..and now, how many ways to make the exit ?

Wolfie with a load of “Body English”

Easy clutchless turn on idle from Bill Todd

Back tire through the middle of the gate

Steve Olsen with a straight line and “air dab”

Was he through before the real dab ??

Over at 2 there was a “cheater” line for the 1’s but John Clement found another that I hadn’t seen and seemed to be using it to good effect. The basic design of 2 was a run round some bushes cross
some concrete with varying degrees of difficulty for 1,2,3 then complete a wide open left hander on
level ground before a fast run at a 20′ uphill with loose stuff at the bottom. 1 liners had what looked like
a very difficult climb away from the last concrete step in the loose with little chance of getting enough
speed to get up the hill. My thoughts were that if you turned immediately right after the last 1 gate you
could go down to the level and then full bore up the climb. John saw another way of turning down to
the level before the card, complete the turn then back over the concrete and then uphill.

JC finds the alternate line through 2

John H going well up 2 ………. but then….

Up she comes……… but he did get it under control

Something similar from Wolfie ……. must be a Yam thing !

Cortez man Waldo, gets the 4RT airborne

Steady does it from Dan

Generous turning area after coming off the slab steps

Easing forward to control the front end

Section 3 in it’s virgin state viewed from the top, 2 obvious lines shallower
by the blue, or steeper and more direct closer to the red

Section 3 was another uphill with a slight adverse. Two large pieces of concrete for the first 10′ or so
very firmly embedded in the hillside then loose dirt, concrete and stones up the last 15′ to the cards. A
whole lot of 5’s and 3’s with not enough attack and power and quite a few out of bounds attempts over
the red ribbon. Dan has a dab at the top and I’m through for a nice clean.

Walt tries the lower line but ends up in a spot of bother

……… and now on the other side how close can you be on that tape ?

Steve looking a bit wide from this angle

John calls the  “out of bounds”

When I was flying it was called Target Fixation, in motorcycling we have
all heard the phrase “The bike goes where you look”

Wolfie looking at that red ribbon

Right on the line, still looking

Still in for the dab, or out for the 5  still looking ?

In or out  ? for Waldo

I’m thinking OUT

Looking to be on line

A slow lingering dab from Dan

Nearly there, time to roll off the power

Over  the summit for the clean

A small section of loop riding and we are at 4 and 5 which are close together at the bottom of the
dump area. Dan and I are circulating with John’s Nov group with John Clement riding the 1 line. The
design of this one was a series of undulations over firmly embedded rocks with a 180 right hander at
the half way point to make line gates for the exit bumps and dips over more firm rocks. The wide line
for looked like the way to go but after John C ground out for a 5 Dan and I revised our thinking to use
a tighter line. We both took a planned safety dab but thought we could do it.

John’s 5 at the turn made us rethink the outside line

Appropriately named “Fork” or 5 started with a split around a bush after hours of cutting out with
pruners. 3,4 go right while 1,2 go left over a rock berm  then over some big wobblers into a blind
shallow right turn on a narrow crest with 1 going down into a private turn area. From the crest a
chocolate box assortment of rocks on a ridge and ride out to the exit with 3’s joining in for their dose
of the candy. This section requires absolute precision on the line or it will surely end in tears. Dan
slips through with the well executed dab and my attempt costs me a second so we are even steven
on 3 points with 5 sections completed.

The entry to 5

A relaxing ride down to 6 which is in a narrow wash culminating in an uphill around the tree affair
before dropping back in the wash over a series of loose sandstone slabs to the uphill exit. The
planned no 1 “gimmee” rides  as expected and we climb back up the loop to 7 called “Firewood”.
This is the 2nd “gimmee” of the day as everything you walk on which is dead branches cracks
underfoot. That having been said it seems the simple 3 line is cutting up and taking a few marks
from the Novices. We are good here so follow the loop to 8 getting back to the start area.

From the Begins, line dependent gates over a ridge then remuster for an open attack at a series of
uphill logs and an open ditch with a right left turn to the ends cards. A nice precise clean for me but
Dan has an unexpected dab coming off the first ridge. Advantage 1 point to me !

The uphill logs of 8

Short ride to 9 which was a section I was determined to use from the first time I saw it back in March.
Now as we will see perhaps I personally would have been better bypassing this one and finding
something else !! Some giant slabs of concrete at about 30 degree incline on a bank but wide enough
to turn on and the rough side of the concrete exposed so plenty of grip. At the top a 90 right to join the 3
line who are just riding the ridge up and down. Dan is in and has a bit of a shambles 3 at the top but
I’m confident that I can do this, at least with a dab, and increase my lead. Pop up the step and
commence left turn on the giant slab but the front is starting to lift, albeit only a couple of inches, and I
can’t get back in full control for the top turn and ride off the slab missing the split gate !!! Several
expletives later we move on to 10 the “Kitty Litter” with roles reversed and Dan now holding the all
important 1 point advantage.

The start of 9 with 3’s going straight up and riding the ridge, 1 & 2 go off
to the right and then face this

Small step up, left turn to the top then right 90 along the ridge

The Kitty Litter has had all the other 2 liners through as we are circulating at the back of the pack and
the predicted “main road” is beginning to emerge. Good cleans from both of us with a bit of work.

Across from 10 is the good looking section 11 which is a series of concrete slabs and turns with what
was a corner piece of pathway around some building so has an inviting 90 degree slot to ride through.
No problems for either of us here so just 12, “The Picnicer’s Delight”, to complete the loop.

The good looking Section 11

Seems the entire entry has seen through my dummy turn after the entry ! I had laid out an attractive
wide red ribbon turn at the start card but of course the “line” was a direct attack at the first ridge on a
45 angle through the start cards, oh well, you can fool some people some of the time! Up a berm
turning on the top to pick up your line crossing of the final ridge with the 2 line being the most difficult
with a down up turn on a loose adverse. Dan and I are, I think, a little over cautious and take dabs but
this is very doable. First loop done with Dan now having a 1 point advantage and the scores are 8
and 9.

Out for loop 2 and see how this cookie thing crumbles! The logs are the same and 2 has cut up a bit
more with 3 liners chewing at the bank to get on the first hazard of the slabs so a faster entry required,
both through for cleans and back to 3. I clean it again and Dan has his duty dab at the same spot so
its back to level again as we head for 4 & 5. No changes here and we are both through 4 and 5 for a
dab on both so still level pegging.

6,7 and 8 all clean so back to the troublesome No 9. Dan has a scrabbly 3 and I do exactly the same
as the first time and ride over the edge missing the gate for yet another crap 5 !! Just goes to show I
should have left this one out!!! Talk about hoisted by one’s own petard.

10 has predictably settled in so through both 10 and 11 without grief. Over to 12 which has both cut
up and softened so with more attention to line we both ride it well for satisfying cleans and complete
the loop with Dan on 6 and me on 7. Dan now has a 2 point advantage as we head out on loop 3 and
all because of section 9  where I have lost 10 to Dan’s 6. Had I parred this one I would have had the
2 points in my favor.

Through 1 & 2 and back to 3. Dan takes his customary dab at the top and I’m thinking with 2 cleans
that this will not be a problem. I have the speed and I have the line but the front wheel flicks a very
large piece of unseen concrete up on its side and stops me dead in my tracks from 15 mph !! Talk
about an unexpected feet up stop !!! Advantage Dan by 6 points.

At 4 where we have both been working long dabs on the tricky corner we both produce an “A” game
ride with a super clean controlled ride from Dan and a spectacular feet up way off line by me. 5 is
good for both of us and we both clean this one at last.

6,7, and 8 are all clean and back to 9 we go. With two 5’s here already I need to do something and
this time I stay on line and keep the front down by easing off but I need some prods to get lined up on
the ridge for a 3. Dan improves on his previous 3’s and escapes with a 2.

We easily clean 10 and 11 and with a 7 point lead the day is Dan’s. I sail through the last like a train
on rails and Dan has a moment but cleans it too.

Good to see some different riders today and a lot of spectators too. It does seem there are quite a
few riders, both vintage and modern, in this area and the local newspapers, The Dolores Star, and
Cortez Journal must be thanked for running good articles and prompting a renewed interest in the
sport. I have a feeling we could get at least 10-15 local riders next year from within a 20 mile radius !
This year we went from our expected 2 of Walt and myself to 7 with Casey and son, having bought
John’s pristine Yam, Walt’s friend Steve Olsen on the TL125, and Kirtis and Waldo joining us on
modern bikes….. and we still have our DA Will Furse, also modern to join in.

Results were about as predicted although some found the going a bit tough. In the classes where
there was a competition John got his revenge over Walt and Dan repaid the favor over me. Kirtis got
his win in Modern Int with a good ride finishing on 32 along with Wolfie who stuck with the Hist Int
class today for his win.

Thanks to Ryan our Town Manager, The Chamber of Commerce for putting us in the parade, and on
the worker front John, wife Hazel, and Brenda for all their efforts to make it run smoothly.

The Town of Dolores wants us back next year !

” In case you haven’t heard ….. it says here they are doing it all again in a couple of weeks up in Casper Wyoming”


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  • 8/22/2012 7:50 PM G Porlier wrote:
    would like to spectate, maybe ride, if you have a trailbike class, have a couple of old Honda 200’s, would be happy to mount a trials tire on the thing….Gary
    Reply to this
  • 10/28/2012 4:37 AM g hildrew wrote:
    Hi Tony, I am seeking advice on a DMW badged trials machine identical to the one shown on your site, The black frame, with the tank as the top tube. I have bought a unmolested original rolling frame minus only the engine. I cant as yet find any real info on this other than the Frazer versions. A villiers 32a does not fit. Can you assist please.
    Reply to this

    1. 10/28/2012 7:49 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Hi there,

      Well you have no doubt read the original article on the building of what became “Ossamaha” (Nov 2007). The frame I bought came from the IOM, and was complete with the original Hagon gas shocks, and the seat unit. From research that I did the frames were a limited number that were produced by DMW and used their other company forks, Metal Profile. At the time, circa 1970 one of the DMW employees was the Midland Centre Trials Champion and he got the factory to build some of these revolutionary frames. The Frazer frames were, I believe, a much later adaptation and design to use the TL125 Honda engine and of course nothing to do with DMW who were then out of business.

      The frame I think is a pretty good universal unit and I converted mine to use the TY motor. Some basics had to be changed as the fuel tap is too far forward and needs to go further back. Also no provision for a top coil, and the SA mounting point was too high for the Yam motor. Not entirely sure what the original motor was, most likely a Villiers 9E or anything else that Greeves was using at the time in the 60’s.

      Have fun building it ! It is well worth it and makes a very fine handling bike. Isold mine on and it is still being used having wrapped up a couple of US National Championships and the only major component that finally failed after 40 years was the Hagon gas shocks, and that after 3 more years of competition in their current state.

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ITSA Mountain West banner flies proudly at the Cozy 

The ITSA Mountain West Banner flies proudly at the Cozy Comfort denoting a new home for Vintage
Trials in South West Colorado. Sign up begins in the Shade Garden with ITSA T shirts available for the parade.

John and Hazel in the “new” ITSA T’s ready for sign up

John and Dan model the new parade shirts

Up far too early, must have slept badly or had a dog on me as my back  is very sore. I’ll try the duty
dose of Ibruprofen and see what happens. The body is slow to respond this morning so lets hope the
brain can convince everything else that I really want to do this. After two weeks of cutting brush, rolling
rocks, laying tape and hammering stakes into bullet hard ground I can see why a lot of Trialsmasters
elect not to ride on the day of the event.

Brenda’s TY125 is ready for parade action

The town goat takes breakfast at the Fire Station

It maybe today that I’m effectively running a 36 section trials school for the beginners, of which I think
we may have 4 !! 2 of the 4 elected to ride the 3 line but they DID have the chance to improve
confidence on the 4.

Getting ready for the off

0915 and we set off to form up in the Town Parade……. the usual shambles that you would expect from
an unrehearsed event but we eventually set off all wearing our new ITSA Mountain West T shirts. Wolfie
and John Clement ended up on the inside of the kiddies train that was going round in circles, a sort of reverse Indians and wagon train theme. A huge turnout from the town and a lot of people in for the
weekend from the neighbouring communities. Respects paid to the burnt down Hollywood bar we ride
on to our start at the Cemetery and the usual briefing ritual. With Hazel and Brenda manning the score
table the trial gets underway at just after 11 a.m.

Brenda all smiles as the parade begins

Yes, that “thing” is a Rokon

Rodeo Queens

Horses a’plenty

Big crowds at the town hall

The log stops here in front of the old Hollywood

My group starts at No 10 on the old BMX track and my 2 beginners, father and son Casey, get their
very first taste of a trials section. As I have said many times before it doesn’t matter how simple or hard
the section is as soon as you put up 2 pie plates with “Begins” and “Ends” on them chaos will ensue
as the mind sets all the nervous systems into full alert mode.

Now for those not really in the “know” all the 24 sections that have been set are NOT designed to be
cleaned by the entire entry, they should be safe, challenging, and realistic of what Vintage trials
machines are designed to do. Of course I can lay out a course that gives easy, safe, simple sections
that wouldn’t challenge anybody riding a push bike…… but that is NOT trials and becomes a farce very
quickly with many riders returning clean score cards…….enough said, and while the Editorial rant
continues perhaps when a trials school is offered then several souls should take advantage of it and
see the difference it will make to their performance and enjoyment.

At 11, which I envisage as the hardest section of the day, I’m not expecting more than a couple of
cleans all day on any of the 1,2 or 3 lines. Casey SNR makes it through on the 4, while son CJ comes
very close. The Cub sails up the big loose hillside but the final lefthander up by the fence takes me for
a dab, yes it is deliberately hard. The key on this one is INERTIA !  I see quite a few failures here as
many fail to get the power on early enough .

12 is right behind the start ( Jose please note) and has naturally drawn a big crowd. I wasn’t sure
how this one would go as after a gentle uphill lefthander in the trees on rolling river rock the next
hazard looked very daunting with the dark dried mud covered rocks. It actually rode much better than I expected but with that portion done the uphill S to the road on more river rocks caused problems for
those not on the line or using too much power!!

Kirtis in a spot of bother on the exit from 12

Young CJ was looking good at this stage

Father, Casey walks the Yam out of 12

1 line rider John “showboats” the exit of 12 as a crowd pleaser

Now a sequence up the double turns of 12 for the beginners to show  counter weighting or as it is
otherwise known “Body English” …….. by a body english.

Knees wide apart as the bars are turned Left and body weight begins to
shift to the outside of the turn

With the turn established to the left the weight is to the right and the inside
arm should be nearly straight

Changing direction, and on a slight adverse, the weight transfers to the
left side and the right arm straightens 

More “showboating” for the cameras and crowd but it does show the full
“body english” stance with a fully straight right arm

No 1 by the tow path at the start also had a good crowd of spectators. Downhill start, 4’s follow the
blue ribbon and Casey is through for a good clean and is clearly beginning to enjoy this new trials
sport as the nerves subside. The 2/3 line had been softened after layout with the cards placed lower
down to give the 3’s plenty of time to get on line and join the 4 line to the exit. 2’s complete a right 180
into rocks and uphill loose prior to the exit. It rides smoothly for me but I can feel the rear wheel
rotating stones behind me.

John makes the rocks of 1 look easy but takes a dab on the grass!!!!!!!!

Kirtis beginning to relax and getting to terms with this english body thing

Smooth ride through 1 from Dan as wife Colleen looks on

The 180 turn at the bottom of the hill in 1

Cresting the ridge in the rolling rocks

Simple turn out at the exit

Off to the farthest point on the loop which was our section under the bridge with the exit up a flight of
stairs. As I’m not hearing any complaints about it I assume its riding well and the only problem on any
line is just keeping the concentration going on the loose gravel and wide open turns. A photographer
asked if he could take pictures at 2  so maybe they will be in this week’s Dolores Star (Friday).

Section 3 is right beside the tow path and is all solid rock affair with 1,2,3 all following a common line
before turning through their gates to the exit. 4’s stay up top but do get a few rocks to ride over.. Good
and solid on my walk through and rides nicely for the clean.

Now time for the first group of “1 line for all” with the continuous sections 4 & 5. These took an age to
find a suitable line through and I must have spent nearly 2 days designing something rideable for ALL classes. Bouncing through 4 brings back happy memories of riding rocky trails in the SSDT. Through
4 with the clean but a dab on the corner of 5 when an unexpected rock from a previous rider appears
bang on my intended line.

6,7, & 8 is where I’m expecting on getting complaints about the severity of the downhill, but there is no
other way in. Casey is in, and cleans all 3 subs looking like a seasoned professional !!! My attempt
and another dab is in the books on entry to 8. Please don’t tell me its too hard if a first timer, first time
on a trials bike, no practice, and first trial can clean all 3. Brenda has moved over to 6,7, & 8 with her
supercleaned Nikon but after 1 shot the battery dies!!! …. it will be FULLY charged tomorrow !

Just before the battery died a great picture of Jose cleaning 6 and about
to enter 7

Only 9 left for our first loop and now as I walk it I’m thinking perhaps I did place the gates a little too
tightly. Casey cleans the 4 easily while I get in an almighty mess for a 3 doubling my total up to 6 for
the loop. 1 down 2 to go.

Loop 2 starts well with easy cleans on 1 & 2 and then a surprize on what was the solid path of 3 for a
double dab. 4 goes well again and this time a pleasing clean on 5 at last. Clean the 3 subber of 6,7 &
8 and now back to 9 and time for another look. Take a bit more care is really the answer here. Nearly
get the first turn right but forced into a safety dab, too late into the second turn so another lofted dab turn
for the 2 but still better than last time….. it can be done.

No problems at 10 but 11 is really cutting up at the top turn by the fence. Good line up, a little fast at the
turn, pull round dab and very nearly need another to avoid the cable !! Second loop 1 better for a total
of 5. Back at the table Dan had 10 on his first loop and also had 5 on his second. Better not waste the
4 point advantage today !!!

Loop 3, and another nice ride through 1-4 without penalty and 5 looks easier on this loop but a dumb
dab is lost on that infuriating turn. 6 & 7 good, dab on 8. Catch up with Dan on 9 who takes a 2 and I
replicate the same. Ok on 10 and over to the uncleaned 11. Fast up the hill, maybe too fast, looking
good …. the oh so nearly dab…… but it could be done !! Serious walk on 12 looking for rollers in the far
bank minefield but it is still solid and rides well. Total 5 for the loop so 16 for the day and Dan just
behind on 20.

End of Day 1

A review of the day shows Neal broke his thumb in a weird crashing 5, young CJ decided he needed
more practice after stumping his thumb nail, father Casey (nothing to do with the Church) finished as
best beginner showing a lot of talent and enjoying his new (ex John) TY. John Clement said 2 sections
were impossible on the 1 line….. I agree !! Bill Todd sheared off his footrest, my right side suspension
locked down …… do we have a rigid class ? and newcomer Kirtis romped round on the Gas Gas riding
the 2 line to finish his first ever event. Hist Nov had their usual battle with Walt edging John today…..
that class is VERY close.

Back through town, time for a lot of that DRB mild (it was hot and we were dehydrated, thats my
excuse and I’m sticking with it) time for awards and the good old pot luck.

Nearly time for awards

A talented ride from first time ever Beginner Casey

Bill Todd is looking for a welder ? Saturday evening in hodunkum Dolores in the middle of a holiday
weekend??? Fortunately for him (not me) I have the left side  SM Tiger Cub footrest which has been strengthened but could be made to fit if I can drill through 1/2″ of steel and then cut off the original
hanger mounts….. about 2 hours later, covered in metal filings, hot ash and minus 2 Makita wheels
and a load of blunt drill bits the footrest is done !!

A lot of steel to cut off with the Makita

Footrest done!! you will go to the Ball

Its too late to look at the Cub suspension problem and after burning myself to a crisp with the Makita
I’m even thirstier than I was before.

The Right shock off the Rigid Cub


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  • 8/15/2012 11:18 AM Dale wrote:
    Tony, looks like a good time was had by all at the Delores event. I do have a question regarding the upcoming event in Casper. As AHRMA will be there as well do you plan on using the same sections as them or laying out completely different sections? The reason I ask is that I and possible a few others (some of your fellow riders from the Outlaw in Summerland) will be traveling down from B.C. and the more riding we could get in the better.See you there.

    Dale Coull
    Reply to this

  • 8/17/2012 1:59 PM Glenn wrote:
    Tony , Looks you had a great time , Glad to see you guys are up and rolling
    Reply to this
  • 8/18/2012 10:38 PM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Both days were enjoyable. Although I thought day two was more “realistic”. Does a man breathe who does not hate rocks? See under Sisyphus. I am still not convinced that we need 12 sections.maybe a little later in the year and it wouldn’t be so hot. I need to talk to you in person about attrition. Overall, a Jolly Good Show!
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One week to go so off to the Town Dump and see whats happened up there since my last visit.
Looking for 12 sections all with splits and some confidence builders in the mix. First impressions on
arrival, a bit overgrown, things that I looked at some time ago may be too ambitious so time to rethink
the op !

On my walkround today (3 hours) 7 sections identified themselves, one got cut out and taped before dehydration set in. I think the sections I had in mind need to be detuned a little, also need a garden
rake to remove tons of tumbleweeds and clear the ground.

Back out again (Sunday) another two good sections found and two others taped up ready to go. Still
need to find the last 3 which I should be able to remember lower down on the site. As I recall I had
one in a wash, another over some roots and the last one on a big bank, but of course something else
might take my fancy before the red and blue comes out.

Progress seems to be about right with 14 of the two day total taped leaving 10 to do this week. I would
like to have the other 9 done by Wednesday night, leaving route marking for Thursday and the section
under the Bridge for Friday morning.

Need a shovel today to speed up the brush clearance. Better get on with it, ….. two more taped this
morning, really nice sections though I say so myself. Another to lay out this afternoon then maybe add
a few splits to round off the day after removing some branches and a nasty bit on the log crossing.
Last section of the afternoon after a series of lunchtime visitors, another goodie which will be No 12
and is called “Picnicers Delight”. Reason for the name is at the bottom of the section there is a pile of
junked picnic bar-b-q stands which must have been previously located in one of the Town’s parks.
They were set in concrete so come complete with a 3′ x 2′ x 2′ chunk on the bottom a weigh a ton! I had
to move 4 of them to create the 4 line. Each one has a plaque on it ……

Sunday 12

The 4 line on Sunday 12

Tuesday morning August 7 th and I can now earn as much as I like and still get social security having achieved the magic 66 ! John and Hazel arrived last night having had a long drive. Today we are left to
sort out 6 more Sunday sections and Saturday No 2 under the road bridge so timing looks good
without any panic setting in. Carding and route marking to follow and then check and see how much
red tape the rodent has consumed.

Saturday 2 under the bridge

Exit of Saturday 2 with with the barber pole markings 

A great morning at the dump, 4 sections sorted, cleaned and taped ! this afternoon we will lay out and complete Saturday No 2 under the bridge as at least its in the shade then perhaps plate and card
some of the Saturday sections that are all ready to go. Saturday 1, 2, 9 and 10 plated and carded, 4 &
5 single line, along with  6,7, 8 so only 3, 11 and 12 left to card and Saturday is finished. 2 more easy
Sunday sections and then into plating and carding and final route marking and the job is done.

Wednesday, birthday done, so back to the dump and card sections 1-5 and now go and find two more simple ones to give everybody a break, route marking and 2 “just right” sections found and completed
which took us, loop included up to section 8 the uphill logs. We will start there this afternoon and put
the cards on 8-12 and that should just leave Saturday 3, 11 & 12 to card and lay out the route loop
marking and then, apart from last minute changes we are DONE !

Big John at the top of Uphill Logs…”Go for yer log, but go for it slow”

So the 12 Sunday Dump sections line up as follows with my predictions:

Section                                                          Prediction

1   The Lumber Yard                   Cleanable, all loops, all lines
2   Chunkey Monkey                    1 line might struggle, there is a way !
3   Up & Up                                   NO 4 line on this one, straight uphill with a kink
4   Short & Sweet                         Random dabs, tough on the 3 line
5   Fork                                           Should ride well
6   The Wash                                Technical turns
7   Firewood                                  “Gimmee” of the day
8   Uphill Logs                              Surprises for some !
9   Hill Slabs                                 NO 4 line, easy for 3, tricky exit for 1
10 Kitty Litter                                 A mark grabber ! Might “main road” by loop 3
11 Concrete Jungle                    What a cracker, it won’t change !
12 Picnicers delight                    2 line might find it tough

Now as a little aside, and I really don’t take any pleasure in this, the latest  Ahrma National
Championship series had THREE riders competing in three different classes !!……. unreal.

Currently we WERE at 20 riders but 2 have dropped out with injuries (don’t ride bloody MX) and thats
just pre entries we know about.

Thursday morning, section testing and final plating and replating in some cases after the mighty
God Thor destroyed a lot of my work from earlier. This afternoon final work on the Dump sections and
loop leaving Friday for other chores.

Nearly went to plan, all Saturday sections redone, retaped, recarded thanks to the storm and all route marking in place. Sunday sections complete along with route marking, a couple need a little fine
tuning adjustments tomorrow with a tweak or two for rideability reasons…. and some gentle work with
the sledgehammer.

Lets look at whats in store for your pleasure,

The Lumber Yard

The view from the top of “Up & Up” No 3

No 4 “Short & Sweet” …. well not that sweet !

Start of 5 “Fork”, 1/2 left and 3/4 right…. the storm rolls in

Hill Slabs, needs a sledgehammer adjustment ! 

“The Kitty Litter”, or piles of crap, which will take some marks

Entry to 11, “The Concrete Jungle” before the man with the hammer has


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Now he gets a Trial named after him

Back from Turkey Rock with two only weeks to go until the Escalante Days Trial here in home town
Dolores. With the local press in on the act  it has certainly generated a lot of local interest with some
potential new young riders and their father has land to use as well, maybe next year ?

This made the Front Page in our local paper!!

As a one man band I’ve taped and done the splits for 5 of the Saturday sections and if all goes well
tomorrow (Friday) I hope to have 5 more done. These are all the “single line for all” sections and
divided in a two subber and the longer 3 subber called “The Yellow Brick Road”, looks like an all day
job rolling those rocks!! Also a ton of driftwood to shift and a couple of black bags worth of gatorade
bottles, beer cans and broken glass….. don’t you just love people who toss crap everywhere on public
land ?

….and in local news the Town Bar “The Hollywood” burnt down !!! Police suspect arson so the whole
area was cordoned off this morning with loads of boy Sheriffs everywhere. Even stranger, yesterday
and today the Town is hosting a Firefighters Convention!

Sometime last night at the height of the blaze

What remains of The Hollywood 8/3/12…… will it be up and running for Escalante Days next week ?

Morning mission complete on rock rolling in sections 4 & 5, a really daunting project trying to find the
correct shape and size of rock to make the sections rideable, but 2 hours into the mission a “line” is
discernable through the rock jungle and its ready for taping this afternoon.

Next part of the jigsaw is to find a safe way through the crevasse field to the start of sections 6,7 & 8 a
bit like being a sherpa on Everest looking for a new route up the South Col. With 4 & 5 taped up and
offending branches gone time to survey the way down to the beach.

Complete busted flush, no way, can’t be done ! I searched for over one hour but nothing looked like
it could be safely ridden and I couldn’t relocate the start and first sub that I had walked a few weeks
ago. The second and third subs look fine with just a few adjustments but after making a way in from
a different direction it seems the way in will now be section 6. Taping complete so 10 sections ready
for Saturday.

Here is a taste of the “Yellow Brick Road” or sections 4 & 5 for those that don’t like names

Hope you like rocks

1/2 way through 4

Right turn between the trees

Through the trees to the uphill exit of 5

A lot of work went into building those two, so if you like those lets have a look at the next jewel in the
crown, the 3 subber called “Grey Matter”. This group has a downhill start  where the pesky rodent who
likes red lives and ate some of the tape. The changeover from the downhill section 6 leads into a
flatish 7 where you will most likely get lost, unless you have picked some datums, and then turning
into 8 for a shortish uphill to the Ends cards.

The flatish section 7

The changeover to 8, there is a line, trust me !

I’m the town goat, see you Saturday

 Section 3 got taped up Saturday afternoon so only No 2 left under the main road bridge next week
when the Dog Competition is finished and tape can be laid. Overall Saturday is just about complete
apart from carding, some riding in, and route marking.

Town Dump next and see if I can remember where I had mentally planned Sunday’s fun run !


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Day 2, “more Turkey anyone ?”

The traditional “pot luck” with brats, dogs and burgers finished up another excellent first day on Turkey
Rock and everyone was clearly looking forward to a second helping at Ed and Evelyn’s table.

A few more riders swell the ranks today taking our total to 27, Neal is riding some “strange PH twin”
Rick Field is out but not with those ghastly gold lame boxers and Mike B has his new Yam in action…..
but why those Suzuki forks ?

The fluffy Cub trio are a little delayed as Dan needs to flash a front tube and it doesn’t look like the
new one is much better. Again we are starting at 2 following Ed’s group of Historic Ints. Line seems
quite straight forward and we are all through clean.

At 3 we have a downhill into 2 choices of uphill into a right hander on some loose rocks and then two
jumble piles before the exit. I pop through for the clean after Nick had sqandered a dab on that first
right turn. Dan is still pumping up but gets going only to take a dab where Nick did so no clean card
today !

Section 4 is a “gimmee” for the trio and I don’t see any of us losing any here. Past the water station
(a nice touch I thought) and up to 5 starting again off the path. This version has a lot more bite to it and
a lot more areas to go wrong ! Over the ledge and drop into the gorge for an immediate right into a big
pile of solid and rolling rocks……. uphill in this into a sharp left over a step….. brief recovery and right
turn for the exit step back onto the path. Nick gets through clean but Dan starts a bit off line and then a
solid rock moves causing all manner of problems resulting in a rather untidy 2. Well with that rock out
of the way I slip through clean.

Today’s 6 is fairly simple and I don’t see points being lost here and the Trio sail on for No 8. Here we
take on a largish well used pumice boulder which has the history of many bash plates being dragged
over it’s crest.Off the top a drop off onto solid pumice and dirt into a left turn to line up on an adverse
dirt and rock outcrop and once over that an uphill wiggle through loose dirt, rocks and shale before a sweeping downhill between big rocks to the finish.

Nick and I slip through for the clean while Dan is pumping up again. This tire thing is getting to Dan
and clearly putting him off his game and he takes another fleeting dab on the outcrop. 9 is another
simple affair and other than getting in a real muddle I don’t see us losing marks here.

Now at Section 1 to complete the loop. Difficult start off uneven ground and straight into a tight right
turn by the tree into a rock gorge (rear tire wide) or over a gnarly rock beside the gap. From there uphill
to a plateau into a quickie right/left descending over roots and rocks into another drop off to complete a
right 180 and up a step and drop into another step and left turn to the exit. Nick elects to ride the gnarly
rock and then glides through the rest but just when it looks good he completely misses the last gate!
A very sad 5 and a 6 point loop. I need a dab  which gives me a total of 1 and Dan cleans it too for a 4
point loop.

Temps now way up in the 90’s we are back at 1 again and this time I clean it along with Nick. Dan
has a moment or two and needs a dab.

2 looks much the same and Nick goes through clean and I follow but the back slides off a now
polished rock on the way to the exit  needing a dab which nearly ended badly but I just got the wheel
through before losing control. Dan follows my line and does virtually the same thing for his dab.

Section 3 is not good for the Trio and we all take a dab. No mistakes from anyone on 4, 5, 6, so down
the loop to 8 where we see Steve Elms take a nasty looking 5 coming off the first drop. A big rock has appeared from nowhere on the final uphill needing a few extra turns to get round. All clean here and
back to the start for 9 which being solid bedrock will not change. 3 more cleans complete the loop.
Dan has added a further 3 to his score and has a 2 loop total of 7. Nick did better with just 1 this time
round for a total of 7 as well and yours truly added 2 for a total of 3.

A little rectification on Nick’s carb while Dan slimes the annoying front tube. Out for the final loop.
Section 1 could have been the game changer with some strange lines after that gnarly rock but
determination and skill got everyone through for the clean.

At 2 things look the same and Nick takes an easy clean. Coming down the mini step I must have
been 2″ off line and my right boot lodges against the rock swinging me to the right and knocking me completely off balance……. nothing for it but to get away from the rock that has me prisoner but now
I’m forced to paddle it out up through the very loose dirt. Well that was horrible! not sure how it
happened but which ever way you look at it its a 3 and I’ve doubled my total.

Over at 3 Nick and Dan are through for a clean but I’m still fuming about doubling my score and get
way off line for yet another dab so the Trio are now all on 7 a piece! Now I’m really cross with myself
for blowing a 4 point lead !

Reviewing whats to come 4 should be cleans all round, 5 could take a mark or two. 6 is unlikely to
be anything but cleans all round. 8 could be problematic and 9 none of us has lost a mark yet.
Well thats the way it went with Nick and Dan on clean loops and yours truly screwing up the 4 point
advantage…….. as they say, “that’s trials”, or “its never over until the fat lady sings”….. a 3 way tie, it just
doesn’t get any closer!!

Having had the camera with me for two days in the fanny pack time to get some pics to fit in the story.

A tired June Newby makes it to the end of her first 2 days of trialing…….
I think she will be back for more

Neal brings home the Pre Historic twin thing ?

The Wolf pack salute at the bottom of 10 reversed

John Clement wrapping up 10 reversed and ready for battle with Travis
at Dolores in 2 weeks time

Mike takes the new toy Yam on the wide line of 10 reversed

Mike coming off the high point of 10

Rick Daniel taking the inside line on 10

Rick does a “Ben Spies” off the top of 10 to finsh on 1 point

Meanwhile in other news, readers will excuse me as I’ve been somewhat wrapped up in my own little
world for the last 3 hours. Sec John has made it for a double win in Hist Nov beating out Walt by a
small margin. In MTS Exp Bob Rowland took another easy win over the opposition. Rick Armstrong
who was riding very smoothly whenever I saw him had a fine, and deserved win in Hist Int while Steve
Elms seemed to be at 6’s & 7’s after yesterdays excellent ride.

The main interest of the day centered around Historic Experts with a talent laden entry. Yesterday’s
winner Rick Daniel was again on fine form with another 1 point day which tied him with Bultaco
mounted Mike Shay also on 1. Under ITSA rules when a tie break is unresolved it goes to a ride off.

A new section was devised and they went at it for 3 runs a piece. Some fantastic riding displayed on
Vintage bikes and Mike clearly had the advantage with the Bult which did everything it was asked, and
believe me there was a lot of asking !!

Eventual and deserved win in Historic Exp after the ride off for Mike Shay 

Yum, yum, thats enough Turkey for this year !

Hope to see you all in Dolores Aug 11/12


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Well if you like turkeys you will love this!…….. actually left on time! can’t remember the last time or if this
has ever happened before but at 0800 I had the ignition key on, the motor was running and we were
ready to leave.!!!!! Duly arrived before 1400 TR time and after a couple of wind down beers I’m ready to
go looksee at what Ed has laid out……. but then the storms arrive, more beer, less doing….. will I get
out for a ride? …. some how I rather doubt it but …..the rain comes down, more beer and then it clears
up and the ground is still dry !

Out for that look at Sat and Sun 1, 8 and 9…… there are 10 sections for 1 liners and only 8 a day for the
rest of us. It is of course stinking hot so 8 will do nicely. The sections are a variety of the very grippy
pumice rocks, loose dirt and rollers and a few random tree roots. The funny thing about Turkey Rock
is the sections always look a LOT harder than they actually ride so more often than not you can look at
a section and be left wondering whether, you, the bike, or both are capable of scaling the obstacles.
The primary thing about TR is LINE !! ……. stay on it and you should be OK, wander off and a surprise
is in store.

Saturday morning, hot, dry and virtually no wind. A good turnout for our growing Mountain West
Chapter of ITSA  with a big turnout for a duel on the A or 1 line. Perhaps we are now offering the Expert
riders what they want to ride ? It’s Buddy Check so we are despatched in our personal groups to
sections various. Riding the Cub today (with no leaks) I’m with Dan Straka and Nick Turner.
Competition doesn’t get much keener than this with three equally talented riders all riding the same
make of machine.

I don’t think any of our bikes were running that well, just an impression …… they all seemed a bit fluffy
and wooly caused by the 90+temps up at 8000’…… but that being said it was the same for everyone
but they did seem to lack that crack and snap.

We start at Section 2 along with Historic Ints with Ed punching for everybody. A gentle uphill in some
loose rocks along with the solids and then a reverse S through the pines before turning downhill to
the cards.A good opener for our group with everyone settling down with solid cleans.

With a very well marked loop we are soon at 3 which starts with a bumpy pumice rock selection into
a right hander where you could easily hit a protruding rock and spoil your whole day. Uphill beside a
pine into a left hander coming down to make the tightish right hander before climbing back up some
adverse flaky pumice to the exit. A case of little knowledge dangerous and I inadvertently set off
(unbeknown to me) with the new petcock in the off position……. well that really makes things Fluffy……
but there was just enough fuel to creep through for the clean before it died…….. better remember the
ON position!!

Over at 4 a gentle start in around a solid boulder then cross the gorge for a squirt up a solid rock face
into a left hander in loose and then pick a line to go through the exit cards at about 45 degrees. 3
sections completed and all of us on clean cards. No problems for any of us at 5 where we drop in off
the main path and come back to it further up.

At 6 we descend in over a solid rock with a drop off and then continue downhill on an adverse in loose
shale and dirt entering a down an ever upward turn to the left into a right / left soft turn to the exit. No
problems here for Dan and myself but Nick took a dab on the bottom turn. We bypass 7 and move to 8
which for our group rides well with three more cleans.

9, which I had seen yesterday is clearly our hardest challenge with traps a plenty to fall into if the
wheels are not on that planned line. We all take the same entry through a gap in a solid rock
descending into some soft and loose before turning right uphill onto a narrow established rock path.
Just time to recover on the path before setting up for a tight left/right uphill on pumice to take us to the
high point for a very tight right where we descend through some nasty looking rocks to the exit. Nick
and Dan both go clean and I take a panic dab at the top when the fluffy Cub seemed to be running out
of power.

Final section of the loop is No1 back at the start and for our group does not look like any marks will be
lost here. A gentle series of ups and downs across pumice with a touch of adverse and as predicted
we are all through for a group “main road”.

The “Triumph Trio” on their first loop at No 1

The Stealth glides through 1

Nick Turner follows me through

Dan Straka brings the other Stealth through 1 en-route to a clean card

First loop complete with Dan still clean and Nick and myself both on 1.

Out for loop 2 with the Triumph Trio all showing good form and we all sail round for clean cards with
Nick and I rectifying our earlier scores in 6 and 9 respectively.

Nothing much has changed on loop 3 so try not to make a goofy mistake, but as we all know anything
can happen at a trial! 1 & 2 have bedded in so we put another 6 cleans on the cards and arrive at 3. I
think I went a little wider than planned and the front caught a small roller and took me for a silly inside
dab. Everyone clean through the rest so just the tough section at 9 to get through. Nick rides it well and
is therefore home on 1 for the day and I have a good ride too finishing on 2. Dan is last to go on his
“make or break” effort for a clean card.

Last loop action on 9, rather nice “momento” for everyone courtesy of
“Mr Bill”

It doesn’t start well with an awkward exit through the rock groove putting him off line and lower in the
loose andmuch slower than he intended…… a lot of body weight and footpeg changes but Dan coaxes
the Cub up on the path……. more shuffling of feet on the pegs in the recovery zone and finally he has it
back under control for the final hazard and a very good clean.

In the other divisions our 24 riders had some fierce competition and some very good rides with Rob Rowland losing 2 on the 1 line in MTS. Historic Exp was won convincingly by an on form Rick Daniel on
the ex TD Ossamaha now with Yam forks, a later engine and Works Shocks. In the Int section Steve
Elms took the win on 3 with Rick Armstrong having a smooth ride to finish on 5. In Historic Nov
Secretary John romped home with the only other clean card of the day to take his first win of the series
after 2 seconds at Bull Hollow. The Newby’s completed the event, Neal’s new toy needing a little work
and June having completed her baptism of fire and her first event.

End of day 1 and first event for the “new look” Cub. I enjoyed it, and a big thanks to all the people setting this one up. We can’t do it without you!!


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