Friday marked the last day of school so no more 0430 get ups for a few months and time to catch up
on things on the home front. A mass of summertime weeding, clean up of ditches and boundaries,
and a ton of strimming just for a start.

A few days of this kneeling and weeding and then some more work on the Safari replacing the bin
struts and another look at the coolant system to try and find a solution to the “big hill” over heating

On the Trials front time to start my exploration of Casey’s land in preparation for the Escalante Days
Trial (Aug 10/11) which Bob Ginder has declared as being an ITSA National for this year….. more of
this in several other articles.

Then unless I forget, time to rebuild the Cub back to the expected excellence provided by Ray’s new
mods, although I’m really enjoying riding Superglitz with every new ride. More and more confidence is
being gained and I’m sure there is much more on tap as it seems fautless in both handling and performance. 4 rides and not a single thing that I can say needs changing!

Cub in a box

Need some more of this Pre Historic stuff

Saturday begins with a leftover task from winter with grave digging to bury Luna the cat. Luna was
close to 20 and now joins Ratcat, my old friend, under the Cottonwood tree. A duty run to Walmart and
then Four Seasons for this year’s hanging baskets.

Baskets up, irrigation systems on, time to make a plan on how to proceed. Weeding for those that are
forced to do it can be the most depressing task, and of course never ending but I try and divide it up
into bite sized chunks and then pre water the little bastards the night before…… a bit like the last meal
ritual for the condemmed man. With areas of the park and gravel driveway wetted the weeds perk right
up and I can usually get them and their roots out as one.

Whisky barrels and frontage weeded and the new baskets up

Sunday, Brenda does more painting on the big sign, branches galore are raked up and weeding of
the front begins. Tedious but satisfying when done and another item is completed for the next couple
of months.

“RV PARK” now emboldened in the matching purple

First dose of the weeding

Much better !

Monday’s mission is pre-watered and is the driveway and rose bed surrounds. If I can finish this lot by
nightfall I will be well pleased. Too much, driveway complete and about 1/4 of the rose bed area before
the pain set in. Jabbing around in rock and gravel with the hand fork causes a blister in the palm of my
hand so now time to play other games until the pain goes away.

The less than attractive driveway with weeds and thistles

Driveway done ! 

Tuesday may be the “rake up” day followed by strimming before returning to heavy duty weeding. Still,
I have so many things to do it will be a constant changing and flip flopping between tasks but one
thing is for sure I’m not likely to get bored. Well it was heavy duty weeding and the front of the property
is back up to spec! …… well maybe a bit more weeding on the conifer bed before the new plants go in.

Joy of joys, the rose bed

…..but wait, there’s more

Phase 1

Phase 2 complete

1930 and the last weeds are pulled from the rose bed and surrounds…… my hands are battered and
sore from jabbing in gravel and rock so time for a gentle day on Wednesday doing clean up, raking,
branch removal and strimming. All sounds delightful, but like all gardening bloody hard work and it
always takes a lot, lot longer than the mind forecasts.

Wednesday so strimming and stuff once the branches are lopped and surface debris is cleaned up.
In the unlikely event that 3/4 of the plan gets achieved then I have the rentable cabin area to get to with
all last year’s leaves, weeds and a dose of strimming and reseeding a grass area which can then be
mowed in a later life.

Serious strimming required


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Yesterday was all Chuck said it would be and after the cook out there was some extra bike fun for
those that just can’t get enough of this trials bike thing. A few beers later and as night descends a
VERY tired bunch of vintage trialers are soon asleep dreaming of what might have been, and of whats
in store for tomorrow.

“Foods UP !”

Riding the plank

“Honey, I’m home”   rules:get your dress on, put the dog in the purse and
leap through the window……. and ride like the wind

……dress on, dog in the purse

Not sure what this one was ?

0800 …….not much happening? …….. very quiet outside ……… better hit  the enthusiasm button again!

Start time comes and we will start at No 1 today as its in the start area. A straight forward blast up the pumice. First hurdle large rounded embedded ridge, either steep and straight up, or shallower over
the first, jink through some rubble and blast up to the top line and right turn staying by the blue to the
end. Is this our “gimmee” of the day ? All clean here so follow the track up to moon country.

No 2 has a short uphill trail into a smooth 18″ step turning tight right on top and then staying tight
against the rock wall of this narrow wash and following it down to the adverse cross turn of the wash
in our old favorite of soft dirt. From there a fairly simple uphill to summit the large smooth exit wall.
Chris makes it look easy while Dan and I have a dab on the bottom turn.

Still in moon country for section 3. Downhill right turn to come face to face with a smooth 4′ rounded
step, with some crumbly bits on top. Over this and on upward in a variety of loose, rollers and grippy
pumice, turn right and a choice of descent lines to the exit. Chris and Dan are good, I get wheelspin
over the first step for an unexpected dab…… more care required!

Coming to the top of 3

Down the big hill, reminded me of some parts of the SSDT, to 4 at the base of the mountain. 4 is
certainly a quickie. A naturally restricted area right left turn to a most unpleasant looking rock with a
large split in it. Plan is to ride the front up the right side switching across as the back wheel tries to
enter the groove. I power up this on line and I’m surprized how nicely it rides, take a dab but too fast
into the track and a bad line at the small final hazard, somehow manage to stall the engine ………
don’t ask!!

Back down to the gate and see how 5 looks. Bumpy bounce down some slabs by the tree, small
rock pile to get over then idle back up the path under the tree to get up the big step with a wide variety
of lines, over this, jink round a boulder then cross a 6″ high root and plain sailing to the exit. Another 1
lost on the step but another very cleanable section.

We go to the right of the card then up the path to where I am and over the steps to the exit. Chris in good form.

6 is just around the corner and a lot of riders are all here…. bit of a backlog often suggests a hard
section. Lets  have a look see. From the start set up for left hander over a series of slabs  which you
must be on to line up for the cross boulder field hazard which looks pretty nasty. From the boulders a medium or high line on the rock wall to line up for the downhill. Bounce down the boulders into left
right loose dirt and old friend pine needles turn. We decide to extend our turn line further to give an
easy sweeper into the last uphill left 180. This works well and the group sail through a daunting
looking section without penalty.

Medium to high line on the rock wall of 6 as Chris demonstrates

Short ride to 7 which has the previous group dabbing at random. Simple gentle uphill right 180, mini
descent into left right flick around boulder and between firs, slight descent into sweeping uphill off
camber dirt turn in the trees. Recovery zone, then steeper downhill into right left uphill S to the exit. An overview of whats required is counter weighted turns, peg pressure, positive minimal steering inputs
and delicate throttle control with changing balance……… as I live and breathe…… isn’t this what we
used to call Trials ? 3 more cleans here.

A couple of groups at 8 so plenty of time to see the “do’s and don’t’s”. Start on the side of a ditch, drop
in and climb a step amid loose dirt and rubble into gated turn on top of plateau then drop back in a
steeper descent to cross the ditch again setting up for right 180 into angled 2 footer step followed by
big moving slab rocks. This lot could change on every loop ! Over those into left 180 and back across
to the ditch side to creep uhill in soft dirt between firs turning right over mini step into final left 180 and
drop off to exit. Bit of work required but it rode well enough for the clean.

Some quick loop riding and for the Novices this is great  instant “line” decision making practice, which
will help in faster sections when things don’t always go as planned. You will be amazed what this
does for  you. As Mick Andrews said ” I can’t do this stationary thing, but I’m bloody good at high speed balancing”

On the backside of the Turkey we are at 9. Giant pumice rocks form the hillside and our line takes us
uphill beside the first mother, then jink left right  around this and the next avoiding the “golf like” soft
bunker,(which clearly from the tire tracks some have not!) then up to the flattening top crossing flatish
rocks into gentle left turn in soft dust ….. all through without problems.

More of the loop trail back to the start and 10. This section has been used with many variations in the
past  and today we are in going downhill over a large rock and then turning right uphill to get on the
winding goat track. 3/4 way up the natural track veers right and if you don’t remember where you are
going you can miss the split and be on the wrong track. At the top a tight over turn is required to get
back right to set up for the very difficult lower turn. An early turn on the bedrock is where you need to be
and then double apex the corner or the back wheel will hit an awkwardly placed rock, turn too late and
you will be in some very soft stuff which will put you on a bad line to complete turn…… problems,
problems, problems….. perfect section! Line, weight transfer and throttle control. We watch Wolfy’s
group through including Tom himself who picked up the tempting line only to realise on the way down
with a bunch of choice expletives! I take a dab on the bottom corner but again quite possible with a bit
more care.

Second loop we are joined by Paul on the SWM who managed to get lost after the first ridge in 1 and
found himself in the rubble field for a resultant 5….. another don’t ask !!

Up top to moon country and a tipee toe in 2 when I thought I had it but a better effort in 3 for the clean
this time round.

At 4 its looking good with a dab on the split rock but a slip on the exit rock loses two more for annoying
3 which I should of done for 1 if I could of just hung on a little longer. A pleasing clean main road style
at 5 felt good and another at 6 amid those massive boulders. 7 we like and all slip through in good

Dan comes through the boulder field of 6

Section 8 is causing problem on the penultimate climb and the moving slabs above the step are becoming an extra hazard.and catch me for a dab. Section 9 should have been easy but for reasons I
can’t remember I take a dab on the final turn……. exceedingly dumb!! Back to 10 and a perfect set up
for the final turn and a very satisfying clean.

Last loop and many groups are still out and we all sail through 1 this time and set off for the moon. A
clean at last on 2 and an easy ride through 3 so now lets sort out this 4 horror which has been giving
me some grief. The split rock catches me feet up and requires an annoying 2 to lift out the crack while
the rest of the team all clean it. 5 isn’t much better with an off line ride over the top step and a second
prod to get round the last big rock.

Everybody through 6 and 7 clean and I avoid the dab on 8 with a good controlled clean. Chris looks
good until that penultimate climb when from what looked like a good line the back wheel goes
sideways and he can’t catch it before its on its side in the rubble……. nasty 5. No errors on 9 this time
and still don’t know how I lost 1 last time. Too wide again on 10 at the bottom turn so another dab to complete the day. Overall better and the only section I didn’t clean was 4 although I know it was
certainly on the cards. Good sections, great company, testing and good fun. Chris was top man this
weekend who will dominate at the next one ?


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Trialsmaster Chuck said “Bring your “A” game”

….and so it was that after a week of never ending frustration and expense we finally alight on the
hallowed ground once more. From broken Cadi window mechanisms, busted water lines, toilets,
and rough running generators to last minute loading and shopping we have made it!!

No matter we are here, its Friday night and I need a beer! The generator is still problematic but I’m
tired and further problem solving can wait.

Saturday morning and the game plan is get the show on the road early to make time for the evening
fun and games. 27 riders in the fray this morning with several prominent people missing……. we want
to be in the 30’s this year and we are getting very close.

Grouping is the same  as San Ysidro so Dan, Chris and myself will be together for another friendly
needle match. We elect to start at Section 4 which should give us some breathing space from the
other groups.

Section 4 kicks off with a dirt entry into the first hurdle of a big step on the side of a big rock formation
to get up and round the split marker dropping back down into the soft dirt to turn right back into the
rock outcrop with another step into a footrest wide gap to the other side of the formation. From there a
gentle left turn into another steep uphill crack and then crest some gnarly formation before starting a
descent to the exit. Everyone is looking a bit nervous and we all take a 2 dabber on this opener.

Around the track to the gate and No 5. Enter into right turn over steep step then flick left for a double
step onto the upper boundary. stay wide to pick up the steep descent and then into right turn in soft dirt through our gate before a quick burst up a mini hill to the exit. Dan and I clean it but Chris missed the downhill gate and collected a 5.

John Clement coming down the steep drop of 5 with the card Chris
missed far right

Don Siedel comes down the 2 line of Section 5

Aptly named “Steps” Section 6 starts with a sheer 2 footer followed by a recovery zone to line up on a
5 footer with about an 85 degree incline. Once over that pick up the water course leading to a series
of large jagged bedrock steps turning left back into the watercourse for one more step to the exit. We
all make it through and plan our subsequent loops, in my case a little slower I think.

Over at 7 we once again have a sheer 2 footer into a boulder field   (Chuck sure likes these!) then
gentle right around a huge boulder then left uphill in dirt and loose, descend slightly then back up a
step before a 180 left to come back down. The ride in line turns sharp right in loose dirt and rollers but,
there is plenty of open ground to make the 180 right before going uphill into the final 180 left to the exit.
A small stick 2 feet out from that huge rock will be our “line marker” and stop us from any track
crossing. All through clean.

8 looks challenging but doable! Downhill entry into a dirt and loose rock gulley making a quick right to
follow the gulley uphill into a left around a big rock coming back into the loose for a 130 degree 4 foot
rising  right turn between a rock and a fir tree into a simple step out exit. Two goes out the window here
but should ride better next time.

Section 9 we have seen before, come across the loop path into uphill step onto the ridge and then
drop off into choice of tight or wide right 180. Back up into final 180 left to the exit. Looks simple
enough but line is everything and I’m just left of where I wanted to be needing a dab and pull right to restablish. Overdid the pull and needed two inside dabs to get back around the final turn…… dumb!

Nice fast loop ride back to the start for 10 on the big pumice rocks that make up the mountain. Start
into small mini turn and then step around the card, which I dismiss,and then into the meat of the
section. Quick burst up the 4 footer then idle over the ridge dropping downhill but commencing early
turn to scale the next 4 footer before dropping off into a bedrock wash. Follow the wash uphill through
a footrest wide jumble and then choice of lines to the exit. Dan’s TY just stops going up the hill for no apparent reason……fuel/plug ?

Dan coming over the big ridge and getting ready for the early adverse
turn, over the next ridge and then it just Stopped ??

I’m in but overdo the first turn having not paid attention, jack knife the bars and it won’t go up the mini
step and the back wheel just hops and spins in the dirt. Restart from there and clean the rest, a bit
like 10 pin bowling picking up the spare after a gutter ball!!

Also in the start area is No1 where we bump into Ed & Evelyn who are down for the day spectating.
Follow the white dust path in over a couple of bumps into easy 180 left, back over the ridge then up a
3′ adverse to gain a very narrow path to cross a 1′ angled root before turning left and picking up the
descent to the exit. A bit out of balance on the narrow path and in danger of the front dropping back
down so a miserable safety 3 goes out the window! Hmmm, thats 11 lost in the last 3 sections…….
having fun yet?

Now up to moon country and a B/C section up and down smooth rollers, well cleans all round here
so we can still remember some of this trials stuff.

Pete eases through the roller coaster of Section 2

Last section of the loop at No 3 …… follow a gulley up the smoothish moon rock, hang a tight right
hand descending turn staying out right for a left  crossing turn in dirt to the base of a smooth 3′ lump.
The bike comes out of the dirt and loops on contact with the rock ……. Great !! another 5 to wrap up the
first loop on 22.

Fresh cards and back to 4 again where a minor improvement for a single dab but this is cleanable.
At 5 off line over the flick second step and another dab but still cleanable. One better on the steps of 6
and another easy clean on 7.

8 seems to have bedded in this time round and I clean this one and nearly get the clean on 9 to boot.
Bad luck for Chris who rode it nicely but then crossed his tracks by the exit for a second dumb 5 of the
day. Back at the start, that first corner has me nervous where I lost the 5 and now I’m over thinking it
and lose a safety dab. Trying too hard for a better line on 1 results in another annoying 3 but I think I
can see it now. Section 2 was our “gimmee” although Dan had a careless dab and back to 3 where I
had previously looped it. This time a better effort and a dab at the bottom followed by one more over
the lump and a final prod on the really nasty exit. Total now on 35 but feeling a lot more confident and

Out on the last loop we start at 1 and finally the elusive clean as though the thing was on rails!! 2 is as
easy as before and this time at 3 the “ultimate trials engined Superglitz” pops over the first hurdle in its
stride, carts me ever upward and sails over all the rocks for that perfect pleasing clean. The clean at
last on 4, no mistakes this time on 5 and another pleaser with a good controlled clean on those steps
in 6.

At 7 we catch up Wolfy’s group who don’t like the first step much, and clearly have not seen our wider
line prior to the last uphill. We show our line and are all clean ……. here is some of the action

The 2′ sheer entry step takes Rick for a dab

Wolfy takes 1 on the other side

No problems for Chris

1/2 way through the “S” Dan now on the baby Yam

Rick on the hard line in soft dirt

Wolfy a bit wider…… “our” marker is the stick, stay right on the way up,
then right on the way down and out to the blue for the easy option and
our NINE cleans !

8 has cut up again, and I take a giant dab on the last big rock on the tricky right hander. well not bad its
the first lost point of the loop!!  Section 9 and a nice working clean so back to 10. Marginally better on
the first turn but can’t resist that dab.

Last run on 10 coming up the second ridge

However, 2 for the loop is very pleasing compared to the first lap effort of 22 !!

Chuck said bring the A game but until the last loop mine was a C+ but riding friend Chris brought his
and Dan was up there with a B+


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Less than a week to our next rounds of the 2013 series and once more Superglitz  will be getting the
ride as nothing much has happened in the Cub department. I know I said I would be taking my time on
the build but other things keep coming up. Now I’m away for 4 days driving the school bus up in the
Denver area, so once again time is slipping by.

Superglitz gets the nod for Turkey Rock

Next priority has to be the Safari which hasn’t been on the road since Casper at the end of August.
How much damage did the winter frosts do ? How many leaks ? Does everything still work ? Well only
one way to find out. Fill it up with fluids and wait and see what happens.

Currently the weather has been a bit “Scottish” this morning as the rain started around 9’ish and has
been coming down steadily for the last 4 hours and looks set for the day. Yuk!! Yes, I know we need
the moisture but I don’t have to like it. Just as well I got all the serious gardening done yesterday and I
still have another day before the long Denver trip.

Safari work went more or less as planned, 2 major water leaks which must be repaired and one that
has been shut off under the tub. Generator started but seemed to be running slower than usual or is
this just an impression? So leaky taps in kitchen and bathroom + generator to be looked at by the RV
Guru. Engine started straight away and sounds good, the tires are back up as high as I can get them
with my compressor and I did give the old girl a wash to get rid of everything winter had thrown at her.

First wash

In other news the passenger window in the Cadi opened when Brenda wanted to say something but
now refuses to go back up or down ! ……. and of course “google” has no answers as to how to remove
the door side trim to get in for a look…….. quite infuriating. Finally after a visit to a GM dealer the way in
is found although the motor is yet another sealed unit and I believe the replacement part comes gold
plated at around $500 a pop!

Over at Turkey Rock Chuck, Roy and Tom have been hard at it setting up what promises to be another
great event. The pumice rock offers fantastic traction but stray into the loose and rollers and a dab can
very quickly become a 3 or worse.

That grippy pumice

Mike B on last year’s creation of a TY Twinshock

Tuesday, and running out of time, window to sort, RV to get fixed and a host of other things to finish
and I’d like to try the “rack” on the back of the RV but the receiver hitch on same is too low and too far in
so I need a hitch extension……. the question is do I need one with the step up? …… maybe I do, or the
rack might just  hit the ground on the way in up the rocky tracks.

2 days left to get this all sorted out and things are looking pretty bleak. Fortunately the GM dealer had
the window assembly and that has been fitted so if the Safari doesn’t make it I could use the Cadi and
have another night out camping in the back …… not my idea of how to do trials in your 60’s !!

This time last week I was on my way to Denver which was something else but I did get a laugh or two
at the planned evening restaurant stop. Our first port of call was Grand Junction and then straight up
I70 to Denver……. it rained nearly all the way and was pretty heavy at times. As we climbed the hill the
rain changed over to snow and on exiting the major tunnel the roads were covered in 2″ of slush and
the snow quickly covered the windshield and wipers….. what fun! This continued down to about 7000′
when it reverted to heavy rain. Finally at our food stop ……..CASA BONITA

What on earth is this ?

What a ghastly building and inside is no better with walkways everywhere and the sound of running
water which reminded me of Danny’s Car Wash in Phoenix …….. and then there were the fake palms,
a 30′ diving pool in something that Tarzan might have built, and a million christmas tree lights with
the red peppers ………. man, this is SO tacky it made me laugh.

Reminded me of Danny’s Car Wash ……. must be a Mexican thing

Unbelieveably tacky !! 

Wednesday night and the RV man turns up, I mow the lawn, depression begins to lift as water starts
to go where its required and leaks are fixed. Still desperately tight on time but there is a chance this
will all come together on time. Of all the various plans it looks like we are back with plan A, so need to
renew the tags this morning, refit the Beemer battery and get her out of the trailer. Next up move the
trailer and then refuel and propane for the Safari and get the show out front and coupled up such that
loading can begin.

New tags

Beemer battery back in

1100, new tags in hand, RV man fitting last faucet and gene exhaust new pipe, battery fitted in BMW,
…. just a chance this could all come together. Get Beemer out, fill up with water, drag trailer round to
the front, then off for propane and diesel. Didn’t quite happen that way but, Beemer done, trailer taken
around front and washed, now not enough time for refeulling so leave that until this evening as RV
Guru still working but wrapping up!

Quickie wash for the trailer

Time for the afternoon run and a lot of mental planning on what to do on my return but before that here
are a few of the “new” bikes we might be seeing this weekend.

Mike B will be using this gorgeous new TY Stump puller in the Early
Mono Class

Torben built this 350 Jumbo and had it for sale … who has it now ?

Torben should be in Modern Twin Shock with this Fantic

All liquids done, bus hooked up to trailer without my helper….. not easy !! Bikes and bits loaded along
with helmets and boots. Just clothes and other essentials to get onboard this morning and hopefully
get on the road by 1030 ….. hope to see you all there.


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Pool crack repaired, Cub crankcase welded, Rockshocks in my hand …… time to get going again on
the next round of projects. In order to keep things on an even keel once the waterfall flows are adjusted
first priority will be to put all the rocks back and then before I know it I’ll be mowing the lawn again and
cutting the edges after weeding the conifer bed.

Nice idea but the temps shot down 20 degrees and the wind is a crisp 25-35 !! Well there is always
another day and I could sneak down to the workshop and do a few things……. or wait until tomorrow.
Fairly unproductive day but all the oils are drained from the Cub so time to replace all those little red
fiber washers that I was having trouble acquiring last year.

Another cold and windy day, and really no pleasure being outside so the pool gets another bye. Good
news is that it starts getting warmer and less windy today and the weekend looks fine. Not quite so
nice across in Scotland where the Pre 65 starts today, or will do as they are changing the route due to
pouring rain and flooding !  All sounds like my visit in 2009 when it poured all day. Would I like to ride
it again? Of course I would but not on a BSA ! Perhaps one of those DOT’s or a well prepared Cub or
even mine but I don’t think it would pass scrutineering as they don’t like the B50 four stud forks, there
has to be the undertube, crazy as that sounds to any Armac or UPB owner, and it must run on an

A wee burn becomes a raging torrent

Being Scotland it rained and when I say rained we are talking buckets! 4″ in fact causing massive
flooding, sections that could hardly be walked, and certainly not remembered as to line, but press on
they did until common sense said NO MORE ! So perhaps the wettest and shortest Pre 65 ever with
only 15 sections to score, and worse than when I rode in 2009. All credit to John Moffat’s son David
for achieving his ambition of riding his Grandfather’s 1951 AJS in such awful conditions and a nice
touch from the organisers giving him the 102 plate that his Grandfather had in the 1951 SSDT. Well

David on his Grandad’s 1951 AJS

The weekend is here, the forecast looks good, tons of things to get on, and just maybe get to the Cub.
Yesterday rocks of all sizes went back into the freshly weeded pool surrounds and the first run on the
lower pool edging stones. Of course with odd shaped rocks this is very much trial and error and now
needs to be adjusted for that “artistic” finish.

Things to do in no particular order of merit:

1.Finsh pool

2.Mow lawn

3.Cut edges

4.Weed Conifer bed

5.Bring Safari out of Hibernation

6.Play with  Cub

7.Ride Superglitz

8.Tidy up property (that will be on hold for 2 weeks until school finishes)

……. and course unless I forget our next rounds of the ITSA Mtn West  Trials Championships are also
only 2 weeks away at Turkey Rock. Will the Royal WE be taking the Safari or will I be using the Cadi as
base camp again and doing another out n’back with another dawn set off to make the 270 miles ?

Cadi conversion nearly complete for solo use

Close of play Saturday, the long haul of rock moving and water flows complete and about 3/4 way
through task 4 weeding the conifer bed. Should be easy enough to finish this one, complete task 2
and do task 3’s edges before moving over to the the Safari which will be the primary weapon for TR on
17-19 May.

Rocks back in, edge stones in place and waterfalls in full flow

Turned out to be a full gardening day completing the conifer bed weeding and then standard lawn
mowing before edge cutting but at least its all done and the front is now complete and I can move on
to sorting out the Safari which we are now using for Turkey Rock.

Weeded, edged and ready for summer


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  • 5/10/2013 9:40 AM Harold Tokins wrote:
    Can you help please. I am looking for a school chum. the left hander that kept blotting ink all over my work. that if alive will be 80 plus – Derek Belvoir that went to the States and was a great Matchless Man. With his first Matchless ex WD in 1950 we both went to tour Germany in 1950. Was I think the first bike with Tele Forks.
    If you by chance have anything on Derek please let this old man know.
    Reply to this

    1. 5/13/2013 9:26 PM Derek Belvoir wrote:
      This is Derek Belvoir. Evelyn Peacock e-mailed me about H. Tokin. How do I get in touch with him.
      e-mail me at
      Reply to this

      1. 5/14/2013 5:59 AM Harold P Tokins wrote:
        Think I might have the wrong Derek Belvoir as he is my age 81 on Friday 17th May. Saw picture of a Derek Belvoir riding in 2011 contest and the water must be good in the States to look so young.
        Best Regards
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Perhaps I should have called this tagging a tig for a tiger ? ………. anyhooo, with the Cub parts back
from CA its time to start the rebuild, or not, as will be revealed in the text to come. Usually when
building a bike I like to start with a working platform and in the case of the Yam its put the engine on
the floor and then offer the frame around it. The front end then follows and its plain sailing from that
point on.

The reshaped bash plate and mounts

In the case of the Cub, with all its new parts it will be a backward forward sequence so first up fit the
new shaped bash plate and with that done remove the the lower engine mount  from under the

Lower engine mount to go

The mount is duly sawn off and engine offered to frame. Observation shows the bash plate bolts
are a little too long so they get shortened and while I’m about it I might as well clean up the saw area
and smooth it off with the file. A little black line appears ? ……. idle curiosity touches same with finger
nail and goes straight through wafer thin metal …………

Carefully sawn off leaving plenty of meat

……… and then it went decidedly wormy!!

Depressed of Dolores is immediately on the phone to the Guru to see what can be done. Seems
there are two choices, as with most things in life, either send the entire motor to Ray who will strip,
rebuild with new inner cases and return, or find a TIG welder to pop a 1″ square patch over the hole.
Easy says Ray, just turn it upside down weld on the patch, should take about 10 mins. Sounds
fantastic, depression lifts, and the quest is on!

One week later and zero progress although I have seen the inside of many welding and fabrication
shops. My next door neighbor is “Metal Megan” a lady welder who has a TIG but has never welded
aluminum. Other shops all give me the hard luck stories of how it will crack when it cools, while
others say they can do it but need the cases split apart…….. and of course a ton of “yes, there used to
be someone who did that…. think he moved to Texas”. Two more hopeful places for next week and
failing that should I be trying some of these new JB Weld products ? or one of these aluminum stick
welds that are a fairly new product ? Somebody must have one of these TIG things out there and can
use it….. its becoming difficult and trying my patience to the limit. Better turn my attention to another
phase and put the headstock bits back on………. and a final word on the subject so far


On the good news side the Rockshocks have left the UK and are in transit with Parcelforce. In the
past anything that has been sent with this service has arrived quite quickly so fingers crossed.

So with no progress a weekend of gardening begins starting with the lawn. Unlike previous years the
mower (Honda) fires up and battle commences. Next project, the pools and waterfalls which need
some cleaning, weeding and a leak repairing in the lower retention pool. Might be able to sneak in the
workshop and get a little more cubbing done if I’m lucky.

Weeds gone, pillar and debris removal begins

Meanwhile other pillars and balcony get painted by Brenda

A full day on the pools with mega weeding which needed mucho large rocks removed to get at the
roots and then with that lot gone time to get into the lower pool removing rock and debris as I go. The
crack is found and is “flex sealed” so the acid test tonight having let it cure for 24 hours. Some rebuild
to do on the pillar and reseat the pumps.

Crack located and final clean up begins

Will this flexseal stuff work ?

O’beer thirty is declared

Monday morning and go and see the welder who was away last week. Having heard all the bad luck
stories from other welders it was a pleasant surprize to find somebody with the same mindset as Ray
and the motor was duly left and I’ll be back within the hour to pick it up.  His comment when I relayed
all the other welders misgivings was “That’s because they don’t know how to weld aluminium”.

First leak ……..gone

……and then to add to my pleasure after rebuilding the pillar, walking the dogs, when I came in I saw
the parcel from the UK. Pretty good service, posted on 24 Apr and arrived on 29 Apr. So if they can
send a pair of shocks that quickly how come my son’s birthday card that I sent on 19 Apr didn’t make
it for his birthday today ??

Bouncing with joy as the new Rockshocks arrive on time

Tuesday morning and the acid test for the flex seal….. did it or didn’t it ?

As far as I can see it Did !   ……second leak gone

Projects …… projects…… projects  …..it never ends!


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