What started out as “a few things to do” post Casper has now become a mini rebuild. First there was the
slow leak in the back tire. Sure enough a tiny pinprick right on the seam so a new tube and a new IRC to
replace the Michelin.

Fresh rubber goes on

The annoying Magicals got the heave ho and the newest Rockshocks arrived. They too seemed a little long
so I’ve shortened them by 1/2 and inch using the other set of ends from the Cub which I had to lengthen!
I have a feeling that the true Majesty or Godden frame uses a longer swinging arm whereas I’m still on

Not so magical !

Further inspection of SG revealed that the jumping chain which had clattered round on top of the sprocket
had taken a bite out of every tooth, so a new back sprocket goes on the shopping list, and of course that
means a new one up front as well. I have plenty of new chains at the ready but nothing to mount them on
until they arrive from BJ Racing.

The Dentist’s nightmare

Every tooth chipped

As Trialsmasters keep making sections tighter and tighter I’m forced to succumb and get round to using
that dreaded clutch thing which would have had my trials mentor turning in his grave and rapping my
knuckles with his ash twig. However as most of our trials are in the dry I’ll give it a go with a new soft pull
lever and join the “clutchers”.

The “gold plated” chain tensioner block turned up from Lewisport  so I can fit that while I wait for sprockets
and other goodies. One of the strange things is that tensioner blocks ALL have the same fitting with hole
spacing the same as on modern bikes as it is on the old Yam. All that was needed was a little Makita work
to reshape the arm where the block connects.

A little Makita work to keep the new block in place

Ready to fit

The Rockshocks had the shorter ends fitted and were mounted on the lower Majesty posts. The wait time
for the BJ goods has now become excessive waiting on the new engine sprocket so I told them to send
what they have and then I can start as the front sprocket is very useable unlike the back one!!

The Rockshocks go on

Wednesday, 24th October, and the new rear sprocket arrives along with the “soft pull” lever by Moose. I’ve
been using a similar one by Moose on the Cub so I’ll be interested to see how it alters the feel and action
on SG. Only 2 weeks left to Roswell so amid all the other fall activity of wood gathering, pool playing and
winter garden prep better get on before I’m shut down with snow. Really need to get this buttoned up this
weekend and get some ride time.

53 new teeth join the battle

My mentor’s worst fear

In other news I see my fabricator Ray has the Enfield up for sale on the Bay and the bids suddenly shot up
to $8000 when a bidder placed a bunch of test shots at the Reserve price!  We both noted during our chat
on the subject that the prospective bidder has ZERO ebay transactions so this one could be another scam
…..we watch with interest.

Meanwhile the “gathering winter fuel” game has begun in earnest and 4 Cadi loads have been collected
and stacked and by my calculations another 4 should have that mission complete and Brenda can burn
all she wants. The Shade Garden gazebo WILL be taken down this year to avoid the destruction by snow
falling off the roof……. we learn but slowly! Full weekend planned in all departments and school has this
Friday and next off so 2 three day weekends and no excuses!

First load of wood collected and stacked but as I set out for round two it starts to rain so the project gets
the CNX and now its time for bike building. The new parts are laid out, sprocket goes on and time to put
the wheel back in. Interesting to note that with longer shocks fitted, and with the wheel fully forward the
tire just touches the lower frame rail ? Well of course under compression this will move away but still not
a lot of clearance down there. While the wheel was out the spindle and hub were polished and greased
before going back in.

Rear axle chariot greasing


Time to get chained up

Wheel in and the new 428 chain by DID goes on, it gets cut to size and the split link pops on …… but the
fish plate will not fit ??? Yes, the link is good but the fish plate is incorrect being the same as the rest of
the chain and not a flat sided one ??? Put the used plate on from the old link and all is good until I do
the old rotation test looking for fouling and tight spots which can happen with new chains. The chain just
touches the spring on the Rockshock so that comes off and spacers are fitted behind the shock. All put
back and seems smooth enough……… but then I remembered a similar incident when I tried to fit a DID
on the Cub. Those that read the Cub saga will remember that DID chains are WIDER than RK and the
rest by about a fishplate’s width !

These DID chains are a fishplate wider

Fit a new RK, cut to size and everything seems better. Upshot of the story is I now have 2 DID chains
in 428 and 420 that I’m unlikely to use. Moral …… stick with RK.

Arse end complete, new tire and tube, sprocket, shocks, chain and the
bright yellow tensioner

Upstairs and time to fit the new Moose clutch lever in place of the Magura. Cable goes in, and a note for
anyone wanting to use one of these, make sure that the adjuster barrel slot is turned away from the line
of pull or the cable will want to pop out of its slot. The Moose lever cover protects the cable end from grot
ingress but leaves the cable and adjuster uncovered so I’ll be looking through my box to see what I have
in this department.


Is this the maiden’s prayer ?

Well that about completes this phase apart from testing and minor adjustments….will I notice any major
improvements ? Time for some testing and a bit of clutching !





We certainly set ourselves an ambitious program for 2013 but as we come to the twilight of it we only have
two more rounds to go from the original 17. The big question was did you like it ? or was it all too much?
Remember this is YOUR club and we organize trials for YOUR enjoyment and fun, so speak up and let your
views and comments be known.

Lets recap what we have achieved, 10 events in our opening year of 2012 and 15/17 completed to date this

We started back in April with San Ysidro NM which was a first for me never having been there before and as
a piece of land for Vintage Trials the place was well suited to our needs. Perhaps the most grip I have ever
seen on rock !

Day1 Section 10

The hardest section of Day 2

Moving to another grip fest we were in CO for Turkey Rock in May and put Vintage trials up a notch in the
severity bracket thanks to Chuck and friends who gave us their “A” game event. I have to say by the end of
the third loop I was impressed what a 40 year old bike would do across rocks that we don’t usually try.

Straight shot 2′ step to start this one !

Seriously BIG boulders….. but we all cleaned it every loop

That “grippy” stuff down at the start

June had everybody at Corral Bluffs for some snake hunting after the big fires in Colorado Springs with
Wolfy diving into a pit to check for rattlers!

Lots of downhills

Nick Turner on his “new toy”

Wolfy goes snake hunting

Back to NM for our July offering at the little ski resort of Sipapu, another venue I had not been to. The storm
pissed on our Day 1 parade and Day 2 nearly pissed on mine when I cracked my wrist and camera after 2
stalling falls…. (this I now believe to be the OKO problem). A good riding area in the fir trees and a fun loop
around the ski runs. Can’t say I enjoyed the drive in with the big RV and the road surfaces leave a lot to be

Opposite the ski lodge, Sat 10

Day 2 with Jimmy on the logs of Section 9

Dan picks his way up the exit of 9

“Who put that tape there? ….. Oh, it must have been me!”

August and my own 2 month one man band cutting and hacking my way through Casey’s 230 acres of
jungle on a hillside. Great fun to lay out and perhaps two of my best rides of the year. Another massive
storm took us from the mid 80’sF down to 42F on Saturday afternoon but the post trial smiles showed that
we like a little adversity……. but a jokes a joke!

The Parade in 80+ temps

Spectator section under the 4th Road Bridge

Kirtis on the Ossa Explorer coming up the 2 line rock of Section 12

Sunday was weather as normal and everybody seemed to enjoy Lost Canyon Creek and the two special
sections of “The Graded Hill” and “Honey I’m Home”.  Casey will be out around Thanksgiving time, if we
are snow free, and be cutting trails with his Dozer ready for next year.

A well known “Guru” comes up Lost Canyon Creek

That “Graded Hill”

Not all sweetness and light

Nearly at the “2” boards

Casey goes “mono”

On the steps of Podium

Turning a mattress at “Honey I’m Home”

Coming out of the spare bedroom

Wolfy exits Honey I’m Home in full kit, Granny’s dress, purse, and dog

Still in August, but only just, its up to Casper WY to see the devastation from last year’s fire and the recent
horrendous flood. Dan and Bob had done sterling work making some excellent sections amid the debris
and revamping a few “tried & true” old faithfulls. 3 days of fun trials and always one of my favorites even if
I didn’t ride as well as I would have liked.

Horses or Yams for Trialsmaster Bob

The one legged man

At the bottom of an old favorite

At the top of the same

Something NEW in the shape of Monday 2

Monday 3, a great section

Plenty of scope for the years ahead

Last weekend (Oct 5/6) and another new venue at Stephenson’s Ranch in OK which I will be missed due
to distance. Be interesting to see how it went and from some of the pictures of the landscape it looks like
some good trials country.

That just leaves Roswell in NM for November, another area I have never been to but one day I’ll see if I
can make it. By then the RV will have been winterized so it would have to be the Cadi and the “bouncy
castle” air mattress in the back. I’m getting keen on going to this one already…. but first the mini rebuild.





Full cry at Casper

Always a good start when you are home again and looking forward to the next time. So what did I learn from
3 days of trialing ?

Still love the sport

OKO’s need a smidge of tick over unlike the Mikuni

Magical rear shocks are NOT worth the money!

Worn tires cost marks

The SM peg sets need strengthening

You can’t rest on your laurels and rely on your memory !

Well, the BIG clock tells me it was about this time some 50 years ago that I was learning the ropes of this
trialing game and about to win my BEST NOVICE cup at the Folkestone  EKTC event on my newly acquired
Greeves Scottish. Here I am 50 years later and still enjoying the sport as much as ever.

Looking back across this season I can think of about six 5’s caused, as it would now appear, by lack of
tuning knowledge of the OKO. Some at Turkey Rock and Sipapu, one on the podium at Dolores and the two previously reported at Casper. That extra turn on the screw makes a huge difference !

The throttle slide screw! Hereafter called “The Screw that Screws You” 

The worthless Magicals did not live up to the hype. I measured them when they arrived at 14″ which I
thought was a bit long as the OEM ones are13.25″. The shocks that I had been using on SG were Showa
at 12.25″ and these worked exceptionally well on the lower mounts, of course I now wish I had kept them
but I think I was sucked in by the need for some purpose built ones.  When I first mounted the “less than”
Magicals they seemed to jack the rear end up too much and with the swinging arm pushed way down the
brake pedal was fouling the frame. After only two events they started leaking !! For a $550 pair of shocks
this was a disgrace. At Casper they even bottomed out several times while riding at a moderate speed on
the loop.

Magicals mounted on the Majesty points jacked the back up too much

Better on the original mounts…… but then they leaked!!

Mr Michelin’s faithful 4 x 18 X11 was turned when SG was rebuilt but now after 10 rides it is toast having
rounded off both sides. Value for money the IRC is just as good in my opinion but is a touch softer so it
needs to run a little higher in pressure or the center will fold in and not give the required footprint or grip.
The pinprick of a hole was found in the tube and the new IRC now has a new running partner in the shape
of a new tube and is all mounted and ready for the first outing. Just waiting on the arrival of the new
Rockshocks from the UK, which like all Rockshocks are custom made for both machine and rider. From
what John tells me these are going to be a lot better as he has made many pairs for the Majesty.

The Michelin is now toast

A new hedgehog IRC goes on

While the wheel was out a quick look at everything else down the back end and the chain needs to be
replaced along with the chain tensioner block. Have you seen the price on these little blocks ?? When bike
building was going full tilt I used to buy them by the pack ! The price has shot up to almost $20 a pop, for a
chunk of molded nylon……. more research required here, someone is getting rich quick!

Used and abused

Fancy one in yellow please

The new Rockshocks arrived yesterday (Monday) from the UK and were only posted last Thursday so it
can be done! They often say 5-10 days to get a letter to the UK which in my opinion is really unacceptable
in this day and age.

New Rockshocks…. are they too long ?

Further review of the SG rear end also shows the rear sprocket is toast……. well it has been on there for
some time now I think about it although the bike wasn’t ridden for quite a few years. So new sprockets,
chain, just had to have the expensive yellow block, and while I was in the ordering process I went for a
different clutch lever to try and soften that side of the operation as well.

New chain ready to fit

Waiting on the soft pull lever

First try at mounting the new Rockshocks and these again are VERY long !! However John tells me that
they have the requisite sag so should adapt with weight on the bike. Small filing job needed on the Majesty
angled chainguard and then small problemee with grot and mud having got in the lowered shock mounts
which I’m currently trying to persuade to come out and let the bolts screw in. While I’m waiting for the new
sprocket to arrive I could refit the old chain and see how it feels …. always something to tinker with….. and
then I do have a set of shorter ends for the Rockshocks so I can shorten them a little if I think it will make
any difference.

…and finally on the learning curve. I NEED to PRACTICE!! This is realistically something that I’ve never
done! Perhaps if I had I could have been quite useful, but, having made it to expert class by the age of 17,
bearing in mind you could only ride trials with a licence so you had to be 16 before you could start, I gave
up dedicated practicing as such as I was riding every weekend throughout the year both Saturday and
Sunday. Being 67 now I think its time to refresh the memory banks as resting on the laurels memory still
kicks into gear but sometimes is taking the 3rd loop to come on line! A bit of Carnegie Hall syndrome I
think as the New Year’s resolution.

So as always we wait to start the next mini rebuild