With Christmas now long gone and the autumn pool competitions in the history books time to see how the Spring pool sessions will go. The first rounds were last weekend but I was away with bus driving duties taking elementary kids to Telluride to play in the snow.

Brenda ventured over the road to the Riverfront and although playing well got knocked out fairly early. Sunday was the football post season rounds so a day by the fire only to watch a poor performance from the Broncos who we all expected to do much better. From what I have seen it looks like Seattle again to me as they are the most exciting team going into the semi finals and divisional championships.

A winter storm this week with around 8″ of heavy wet snow but it has melted for the most part although we still have a long way to go and we could get a huge dump at any time!

So this weekend, a long one, thanks to MLK day on Monday, the plan was Riverfront pool on Saturday, skiing on Sunday and collect the trailer on Monday.

Saturday and a few practice frames but I’m playing like a real novice and not enjoying my lack of talent. However we wander over and join all the regulars in the quest to qualify. Brenda is fighting a cold and is very determined even though the bug is sapping her energy. Brenda wins her first round while I lose mine although I wasn’t playing badly. I meet Anita in round two and manage to get the upper hand. Brenda has a great game against top player John McEwan but John takes it in the end.

Brenda and I now have to play and its fairly even and no quarter is asked or given and I finish with a good run for the win. (Sorry) Brenda now drinks heavily to kill the bug while I’m matched with Teresa. She is usually a tough competitor but thanks to my sponsor Gin & Tonic my eyesight and confidence are on a high and I win this one with some good shots.

Meanwhile on the winner’s side the top 4 players, Richie, John McEwan (who else), Fred and Mike (Anita’s husband who has been unstoppable of late winning the last 2 qualifiers of 2014 AND the Championship! and then opening his account with another win last week while I was up the mountain). John beats Richie and Mike loses to Fred.

More GT’s and now I’m playing youngster Austin who I lost to in Round 1. Revenge for the geriatric, so with 4 wins I’m moving up the loser’s table and now meet Richie for a place in the top three. A nicely banked Black and its all mine!

Oh, oh ! its McEwan time again but today I get the run and a great finish so with 6 wins I’ve actually made it to the final!! Fred is maybe at a distinct advantage as a non drinker thanks to a DUI while my sponsor’s have done all they can. I’m on my last ball with Fred still needing 3 and I fluff the shot which was very makeable. Fred cleans up for a well deserved victory and I can have no complaints with my second place finish having started with a first round loss!

Sunday morning and Brenda is suffering so no skiing today, just football and hallmark movies and a nice warm fire. First round of ebay sales complete and throughout ebay all the skiing equipment sales do seem much slower this year …… I wonder why ?

First match and I’m in the doldrums as Seattle just don’t seem to be in the game and look very mediocre. By the second half I’m beginning to despair but then it all changes with some brilliant play and they are back in with a chance. At the end they are all tied up and extra time is a demo of how the game should be played. Well done!








The 12th ?


This is the other “12th”, not the “Glorious 12th” associated with Grouse Shooting in the Scottish Highlands, this is the one signifying Christmas and its 12 days have now come to an end. Indeed, a very sad time for all at the Cozy as we love the season.


The 5th or 6th? …… where I came from it was always the 5th so today it all has to go to stay with tradition, although a dose of Wassailing would be good after nightfall!




What took several days to put up, adjust, improve, and add to, must now ALL come down and go into storage for another 10.5 months before it sees the light of day circa Thanksgiving. Mental plans are already in place for major improvements and the annual updating of lighting schemes. I see a “few” more inflatables (she doesn’t) a set of tree lights with candy canes (she doesn’t) and some of those meteor shower or falling ice lights (she does!)…… well however the display goes I’m sure it will be bigger and better.


Well I like it !

But …… today its taking down and my tasks are outside after bringing down all the containers for Brenda to load with ornaments and all the other precious goodies. Downstairs has its own boxes but still a fair work load to do. Outside its lights and a whole load of this year’s extra deer figures and frames all of which need to vanish into the workshop loft.


By mid afternoon all the outside lighting is down and Brenda has boxed everything upstairs and down and its all ready to load into the loft once more…….. by 1800 its all gone apart from the memories


The morning scene…… everything must go


Happy memories of Christmas 2014 











So into the last week of the school bus driver’s vacation and time to get all those ski gear items on ebay and give some freedom to buy a few extra bits and bobs for both skiing and the trials machines.

Today then, is a sorting and cataloging day after proving once more that the body can’t be squeezed into various items of clothing!

Boots wise I’m down to three selections but I’m struggling as there are no local dealers and I can’t try them on. One is a 2013 model and very difficult to find, but the other two are available at prices over $400 as they are this year’s . Need to sell a fair bit then ?




Today its New Year’s Eve and the forecast is a nice snow storm starting sometime today and dumping 4-8″ overnight and New Year’s Day. Better get plenty of wood in prior to the start as it sounds pretty nasty once it begins.

A few practice games to start and now ALL the ski stuff is humped on the table! WOW a lot more here than I thought, now the trying on phase (without pretending that one day …)



Well I could get on more than I thought but I still have at least 7 jackets, 5 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of boots to put on ebay.


It did snow overnight but nowhere near as bad as the forecast and today is maybe another 2-4″ to add to last night’s 2. The ski pants get measured and details taken, more pool is played and more snow comes down. Enough snow for Brenda to take the classic winter lights pics.

A champagne and pool party went well and a great practice for me with the cue. Normality today and finish the listings and photographs and get them on the bay this afternoon. Just a little cool this morning at -1F. That took a lot longer than planned but now its Saturday morning, everything is listed……. let the bids come in!

Today its the Riverfront Pool Championship and with both of us qualified a few practice frames will be the order of the morning, post dog walking.

Lunchtime, practice pool is done, now for some drinking in the Pool glass before copious GT’s during what I hope will be a full afternoon’s play.