The week flew by, busy driving with 2 full activity drives so not much done in the workshop. A refurbished bit of radiator hose gets cleaned up and put on the Cub after cleaning the Del Orto one more time. The annealed washers are double banked and the rocker feed fitted.


New carb intake hose


No leaks please

The weekend arrives and another pool day on Saturday. Last week’s winner, Nick, loses his first 2 games and is out! I win my first 2 easily and can’t get on much playing Isaac but eventually get sorted and have a chance but have my first poor shot on my last ball which sits in the jaws and watch the cue ball roll to exactly where I wanted it for a perfect shot on the black! Isaac wins. Next game and I’m on the black but can’t get it down and the opposition run their last 3 and I’m done for the day with just 2 poor shots…… funny game this pool !

Sunday and back to gardening with 4 new posts in the shade garden raised bed. Now back to the fountain and that gets back to fully functional although a 90 bend is needed for perfect flow…. later.


Working again


More work on the Cub and the front all has to come to pieces as I need to fit some new wipers as the old set are a little too big even though I was assured they were the right ones. New ones on, a little smaller and a perfect fit, a few more adjustments and rewire the kill switch.


The right size at last

More activity driving and a run on the Durango-Silverton train, have to say I was quite impressed. Now the weather has dropped 25 degrees by day and the wind is up and its bloody cold and miserable. The cold week continues with lots of snow up in the Denver region but just cold and with a biting wind. The numbers have changed from last week’s 63 to this week’s 36 !! NOT workshop weather and then as a grand finale 3″ of snow last night. Good thing we have plenty of wood and the fire roared once more.

The snow is melting, and the wind is back so being Saturday, its Pool and GT and maybe if things improve then some workshop time tomorrow as we are leaving on Friday as I have yet another day off for PTO stuff.

Cue ball control a bit off today but the news is its Championship Day at Mancos tomorrow so perhaps if we go I can do something over there. However, currently need to get the Cub going this morning  and see if it is still leaking oil? Some cue practice this morning in the hope that I’ll be “on” this afternoon. Still time  for the Cub if I can get my act in gear.

Started well, the pool that is, and in my first game I’m well up and on my last three balls which are still clustered from the initial break. No clear shot so try an extreme cut which nearly goes in but the cue ball clips the black coming back up the table and the little sod rolls in!!!

No matter, win my next 3 games without any problems and seem to be playing well. Many of the fancied players I see putting cues away so not been their day. Next game fairly even and I’m back on with perfect position for 2 very easy shots to finish. Don’t ask!!! I’m still fuming!!!!!!!

Back to the main thread, ………. the plug gets changed , the tank fitted, blue touch paper lit and the first firing begins ……. it starts and runs, no leaks seen ……. trundle round outside ……….not happy with the fork action, seems very stiff.


Fork oil replaced again …. finished but unpolished


Bring on the Solvol

Redo the forks with 7 wt from 15 and all seems better…… but now the crossfeed fuel line is leaking all across the top of the engine but at least the oil problem has gone away. I think I’ll blank off the cross- feed and hope there is enough “splash” in the tank to keep the carb fed.


Couple of blanks found and fitted. Now Wednesday so a bit of finishing off, some cleaning and polishing and fresh fuel.



Polished and ready!

Thursday and time to drag Safari out of hibernation and get road ready. New element in the bottom of the water heater.


Lines switched back and anti freeze pumped out. System refilled and checked for leaks….. only 1 ! Some time later after diesel and propane all hooked up to trailer and ready for Friday loading and final checks of coolant, oil and tire pressures. Any luck we should be away around noon.












Last day of Spring Break or Easter Sunday worldwide……. lots to do and only a percentage of planned tasks can be achieved in the time left.

Nothing accomplished yesterday as it was “day out” and a standard pool day at the Riverfront just across the street. A much better day for me even after drawing No2 in 19 players. First round up against Fred who I lost to in the final several weeks ago. We both start badly and can hardly get on a ball for a decent run. However I get the upper hand and run out nicely for the win. Game 2 against Sydney who is getting more accurate every week but still hitting the ball too hard. Nice clean win here with no mistakes. A lot more GT !! and onto Round 3 against regular winner and in top form Bob. A bad cue ball position for Bob and I’m back on for the clean up and win. With 19 players I need 1more to get in the money. For the life of me I can’t remember who I played but I must have won as I’m playing Nick for either a slot in the final or 3rd or better. Close game but Nick edges it even though I had my chance being first on the black.

More GT and now see who I meet from the losers bench. Its either Bob again or John McEwan. John wins so off we go and he is going well but then runs into a spot of bother and lets me back in for a nice run out and the victory. Now its final time with me back against on form Nick.

I rack and watch the first few balls disappear and take about 5 of mine off leaving Nick with four of his. What looks like an easy shot jaw rattles and I’m back on to take 2 long shots from non ideal positions but they drop and I have great position for the easy black.

Last game for all the marbles and nothing is easy for either of us but I get to the black first but the white I allowed to roll too far down the table. I can either cut the black to the center which is difficult or take a simple bank shot bringing the black across the table to the other center pocket. I elect what looks like the simpler shot but the rail is dead as a dodo and comes back at a strange angle! Nick cleans up and wins the day. Can’t complain, enjoyed it and had my chances and didn’t make any stupid mistakes and another 2nd place makes me very happy.

Back to the garden and pick up all the branches from these self pruning trees AGAIN! Good old Mother Nature sure sorts things out with some high winds and another two wheelbarrow loads are picked up.

Meanwhile back in the workshop time to turn my attention to getting one machine finished and Superglitz gets the full treatment with carb and filter cleaning and the wheels and brake pivot arm re-greasing.



Renthals back on and NEW grips


One more cleaning


The bits that stick!



Rear axle chariot greasing complete

New fuel and tire pressures adjusted time for the 2015 start up and first test ride ……. all good! No faults, seems just like new for a 41 year old machine that’s pretty good.



Enough humping wood and weeding, time to get into some oil and grease! Two bikes to prep for San Ysidro, only 3 weeks away, and fit the center stand assembly to the Beemer that I found on ebay.


Lets review the schedule of work that is in the mind’s eye. Both bikes need fork oil changes so that will be Task 1 and with that done the handlebars will be changed over with bar risers fitted on the Cub which will then have the black pro taper 6″. The 7″ Renthals will move back to Superglitz as I can’t use bar risers on those yokes without it looking mighty odd,  whereas the Cub has the B50 yokes which are direct up-and- down style. Also the bars have to be removed on the Cub to take off the fork nuts for refilling.

Then finish off that job (Task 2) with new color coordinated NEW Progrips for both.

Some serious annealing of those pesky copper washers and a good check on the Wiseco fitting for the rocker oil feed on the Cub will be Task 3 along with fitting the NEW finned rocker covers to replace the “over tightened” set that dished and caused the “ticking” noise.

Back to Superglitz for Task 4 with both wheels out and redo the brake actuators for smooth operation.

Fresh fuel, clean the OKO carb on Glitzie, for Task 5 and finish off with removing the seat pad and fitting NEW decals as Task 6.

Cub time and wheels out here for those brake actuators (Task 7) and then re-clean the carb and fit the fuel tank and NEW iridium plug as Task 8.

Day 1 of bike prep complete, not all sun and roses, but the fork oil changes are done which is a simple task on the Yam but a major dismantle on the Cub because of the variety of parts used in its build. The BSA B50 forks and their yokes, which work well, have the oil drain plugs  located on the outside of the legs and because I’m using a Yam TY175 swinging arm bolt as the axle the axle nuts are directly under the drain plugs. The front wheel is also a TY250A unit which gives good front end braking and is one of the listed Tasks to clean the brake pivot arm so that had to come off anyway.

With the wheel out and the handlebars off, another part of a task, the top 1.5″ nuts can be undone, the mudguard and modified TY stay has to be removed, and then each leg removed from the forks and then emptied, refitted and refilled. Well that got done and the Renthals   put back on Superglitz along with the removal of the foam seat pad which was falling to bits.


A lot to remove to change the fork oil !


Renthals back on Superglitz



Old seat gets cleaned off

Day 2, starts  measuring the  bolts for the handlebar risers as I’m not sure of length or thread. As one original old English BSA bolt was stripped I may as well drill straight through and nut them from the underside. Better fit the NEW rocker covers before any ingress of dirt….. that Task ….. Done!

Info in hand time to drive into town for the MUCH needed haircut as the strong winds are playing havoc with the flowing locks. All town missions complete and work begins. Holes are drilled……… but, there is a little lip on the rear of the yoke which needs filing off for the nuts. Seems I had forgotten the design here and as  I remove the crown nut the stem slides down and the ball bearings fall on the floor! Hadn’t planned on repacking the head bearings but looks like I’m doing it anyway.




Regreased and ready to go

Some time later and nearly at close of play the bars, bearings, forks, yokes and re-cleaned front wheel are all back on. Brake action fine just a few minor adjustments required and rewire the kill switch.

Thought I would have had it all done by now, but advancing years and lack of spanner time are showing so I guess I’m looking at a few more days to complete this lot.



Spring is definitely here! temps are very warm for the end of March and nature is off again, roses are leafing out, clematis are in full growing mode, the bleeding heart is away and tulips and daffs are up.


It’s Spring

What that means is yours truly is in full clean up mode with a spot of “nesting” beginning last Friday with a trip to Durango for the chance of finding a NEW settee or sofa. We found what we wanted, a little over budget, but never mind its sooo comfortable, and  it was bought after a little sushi lunch.

Saturday was pool day as always but sadly was not my best day on the tables!! Sunday, and attention switches to the shade garden and leaf removal and debris gets sorted. Over hanging branches removed and now time to move the excess wood pile from front of house to the “Great Wall of Dolores” and saw up the oversize lumps I couldn’t resist in the hunting gathering mode last year. A lot of wood to move this year as its been so warm we haven’t had a fire for most of March .


Chain saw gets the once over and with new fuel she bursts into action and rips through the oversize pile in no time.


Chainsaw action

Tuesday and the old couch has found a new home and is away by 1000 and the new one arrives circa 1030 and is in place without  any damage.


Old couch on its way out


….. in with the NEW

The moving wood pile game continues and one side of the frontage is now clear, weeded and  swept. Still a lot of work to do but looking much better and you can see where I’ve been!


Ready for winter 2015/16

Wednesday and time for some “bike research” to address the Cub oil leaks and the 2 BMW faults. Consulting with Cub “Gurus” I’m right in my assumptions that the theoretical copper crush washers on the rocker oil feed don’t!! I knew I wasn’t going completely mad but I needed that little extra bit of reassurance. The old British copper crush washers used to be a bit like the washer on plugs and with not much pressure you could dent them with a finger nail if you had the mind. Seems the current ones, out of China, are bullet hard and have too much nickel in them.

Morning gone, time to finish the wood pile and clean up a very leafy bed. The bed takes a lot longer and now the wind is up and hampering progress but it eventually gets done. Last of the wood moves to the Great Wall and I’m ready for the second round of afternoon beers.


Despite the “gale” the bed gets finished ….. now for a beer!

Thinks bubble, 1 hour work time left, what shall I do ? Time to replace the front tire and tube on the bicycle which went pop over the winter as the rear one did when we went to Napa last year. I’d bought the new ones a few weeks back so this should be easy and wrap up the day. Off with the old and on with the new. Tire on, tube out of its box, valve in, couple of pumps ???? ……. this looks a little small……. “what the FFFF ????” its a bloody 20″ tube in a sealed box marked 26″ !!!!






The last full week of bus driving is now complete so only 4 more days until the much needed Spring Break. I’m now driving in a completely snow free environment and indeed yesterday I saw my first tree in full blossom? At home the tulips are up, the clematis has started and one of the shade garden trees is in full bud. The roses are also pushing out new growth and the early spring is fully underway and of course lets not forget those bloody weeds which are back stronger than ever!



Spring is here!

So this weekend the temps will once again be in the 60’s and it will be a Gin & Tonic day with yet more pool. Brenda is a bit more determined this week so we are hoping for a qualification today. It may be a little early but it looks like a gardening day tomorrow and as always there is a ton of work to do. Seems all the best laid plans for the 2014/15 ski season have been for nothing but there is always closing day.

Sunday morning, what will the day hold?  Yesterday’s pool was not bad, met Bob in round 1 and after a very close game I was first on the black but with an impossible shot going nowhere. Bob is back on and cleans up and goes on to win the day. I meet Mike who has also lost his first round which is surprising as he was unstoppable at Christmas time. Its close, but I don’t make any mistakes and win.

Round 3 and another good win with a superb banked black to the center bag. Round 4 is similar and a good even game with Marty who is in catch up mode and sinks my last ball while trying for one of his. Once again the black is in a problematic position parked almost touching one of his two last balls. Even with free positioning of the white the shot is fraught with “scratch” written all over it. Only thing I can do is try an angled shot onto the top cushion and try to avoid the scratch and his ball with the black and bring it all the way down the table to the end pocket. It was close but with an non levelled table it was asking too much. One of those days, only played two poor shots but enough to let the opposition in for the wins. Oh well, always next week.


No skiing this year despite all the NEW kit

With zero skiing this year and fast rising temps time to switch over to other things and get the garden underway and prep the bikes for this year’s events. The season schedule is up, and for the first year in three I can sit back, pick the events I want to ride without having 2 months of trail cutting and section building. A bit of a shame as I always enjoyed doing it but after last year’s insults time for others to step up.