Christmas 2015


Ho Ho Ho!

Some sprinkling, a mere dusting, in early December and then the first “proper” snow in the last school week ….. and now here we are in our second major storm, blizzard conditions outside, 15″ on the balcony rail, another full day of it to come with another 8″…… and its CHRISTMAS DAY 2015.


The yule log burns brightly on the TV and the real fire has just been lit and remaining presents are under the tree  ready for the unwrapping ceremony.


Ready for morning


Having a ripping time!


“Got any more ?”

The cat joins in and is in paper and boxes and lucky not to be tossed out in the trash. Lunch as always with me at the kitchen helm and then Hallmark movies and roaring fire.


Snow continues ALL day and by morning we have about 2 feet! Not too much today Boxing Day, Pool on Saturday and Brenda finally qualifies! Sunday and with skiing thoughts for Monday time to try on all the NEW stuff from last year that never got used. Sunday time to try Mancos and their pool comp, sadly I’m not with it, but Brenda gets with the program and finishes in 5th.


The NEW tree for 2015, the Maple with meteor shower lights

Monday we make it to the slopes and skiing goes well enough but its very cold for the “fair weather” skiers. Yesterday more unexpected snow with about 3″ and then another 1″ on the rail this morning and a good steady snow as I look out the window.


Since then no more snow and today is New Year’s Day but bitterly cold but we might crest Freezing Point by next Tuesday!!

Jan 2nd, still cold but very bright, blue skies and no wind. The “resort” snow is still super white, powder or squeaky crunchy! Quick shop for 75% off Christmas decs and then an afternoon of GT’s and pool!

Very cold weekend and then the taking down of all the decs to beat the 12th Night deadline. It actually warms up a little which should help as tomorrow is the first day back at school!