The sickly child plans a return for 2016

I suppose the last few months have been a “wake-up”  call and the frustrations of sickness and life have left me wondering?  Well, I’m off again and with melting snow as the temperatures rise I’m getting cabin fever and I’m ready for 2016 and all that it will bring.


My night time companion

January and early Feb were pretty cold and about 4′ of snow overall from Christmas onwards. The county roads that I drive the bus on do not get plowed very well and the clown that does it uses a John Deere motor-grader and not a proper snow plow!! The net result of this is NO GRITTING and no melting agent as there is no dispenser fitted. Last week was the first week I’ve been able to get round without using chains. The recapped tires the bus uses have plenty of tread….. great! ………….. but the blocks are SO close together they immediately fill in and become “slicks” and are completely useless and provide zero grip. Not a TRIALS tire that’s for sure!! Our worst day during all this accumulating snow was when we had 6 buses off the road due to the  conditions. Of course there is still plenty of time for more snow as its only 2/3 the way through Feb but the temps are up to the low 60’s so its a muddy black and white mess right now.


We ordered a carport for the boat back in November and suddenly a group of Mexicans show up in the “ice age”  and have it up in 2.5 hours flat! The boat “Scuffy” is now back in its shelter and Brenda is keen to get at it and carry on with the refurbishing task.

Bike wise I managed to get the stand sorted on the Beemer and it has sat outside through all the snow….. and last week the ground melted quickly and the stand sunk on one side and 850 lbs of Bavaria’s finest fell sideways but fortunately only into the 3′ snowbank!

With not much else to do at the weekends Pool is in full swing over the road at our very local Riverside Bar. We have been putting in some practice time and Brenda is shooting VERY well and not giving games away when she has them in the bag! This year in the NEW season I’ve not really been “on” but very close on a few occasions until 2 weeks ago when suddenly we ended up with 27 players!!


Just started back on the old Nutri-system Diet trying to lose about 20-25 lbs and then start cycling again to get some cardio fitness and improve lung function. Well maybe the diet has something to do with it drinking diet tonic with the Gin but I surge through winning 5 games straight which puts me in the final and by the time my opposition has worked their way through the loser’s bracket  its after 7 pm and I’m on my ninth pint of GT. No surprise I lose the last 2 games and have to settle for a semi drunken second place……. Wow!!


Last Saturday we are there again and 24 players are on the books. Brenda gets a 1st round bye and wins her next while I win my first 2 games. My next game is against my young protégé , Willie, who has a magnificent game and wins easily despite the nervousness. More GT’s like last weekend and I’m in almost non stop play for the afternoon beating Nick, Chris, Lauren for the second time, Brenda (who has fought through beating Bob which pleased her and several others). Next up its John again who beat me in the final last week and today its my turn! Now its Anita who is a real threat but like myself alcohol has taken over and I beat her and she takes a well earned 3rd place. NINE games down and I’m in the final for the second week in a row!!! I now play Jim, who I have to say I don’t care much for with his cocky attitude. OK, he is the best player I’ve seen around here but there is something about him ?

Strangely he screws up a shot and lets me in and I drive through for the rather unexpected win even though I relished every moment. He wins the coin toss for the final game and I hardly get to play a shot so finish 2nd ……. buts that’s two weeks in a row in these high entry events so I’m more than pleased.