So here I am with a major dilemma and only a week until loading. The generator is missing parts, nothing else on the Safari is ready either and neither bike has been touched since cleaning post Turkey Rock 2015!

Now I know it could all be done, BUT I like to be better prepared and clearly I’m not.

Time has moved on a few days, the Safari generator was fixed on Friday and now seems to be running well on command. The last day of qualifying for the pool Championship was yesterday and once again I managed a qualifying performance and finished in 3rd giving me two 2nd’s and two 3rd’s ……… now the question is “Do I compete in the Pool or go to Turkey Rock this coming weekend?”

Health and fitness wise I seem to be stabilized at 196 lbs but the cycling has been pushed out to over 15 miles on the last 2 outings and 253.88 miles has been clocked up since pedaling restarted this year.

Warm and windy this morning which I can live with, but ominous black clouds floating in with the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon.

Quick FREE breakfast at a local restaurant (friends of Brenda) and then a little asparagus hunting but only a few stalks and not really enough for a meal. Am I too early ????

The Turkey Rock dilemma continues as once more the bloody Onan refuses to start ……… yes I can start it from outside by operating the throttle and once it has fired up it will start all day ….. BUT this is not how it should be with me on my hands and knees in my dressing gown in the wet grass half way up a mountain trying to get my morning coffee!!!

So the plan is NO turkey Rock this year and take the bloody unit to the Onan man again in Farmington. The Safari is duly de- winterized and clean water flows once more from all taps (faucets) and the hot water tank is re-connected. One mixer valve in the bathroom gives up the ghost as the plastic thread is no more. Luckily, and I’m about due for some, a new unit is sourced in good old Cortez.


Buggered thread !


Some luck at last

Work continues on the boat and its looking GOOD!!! All the bits and bobs on the hull are removed or drilled out and now Brenda has free access to her phase 1 polishing. The front area which had glued down carpet has been removed with a lot of effort and a marine piece of teak will be manufactured to replace it.


Looking good!


One month to sea trials

A good session over the weekend and some garden weeding was done along with the first lawnmower cuts and a lot of strimming up Shorty’s meadow. More rocks were recovered where some (nice children) had ruined the cat’s graves and a flower bed.


Destroyed flower bed


Destroyed cat graves

The last 3 school bus driving days are done! ……. and now the cabin fever can swing into action with me predominately on gardens, grass and weeding, workshop & motorcycles while Brenda is into her boat restoration before our planned fishing trip on Groundhog over 4th July weekend.

Today the Safari is going back to Farmington to get this bloody generator sorted out.











Today is May 1st and I’m seriously depressed with this non stop dismal wet weather and strong cold winds. Its the wind that does it for me but as I can’t do anything else today I’ll set about the workshop and try and get some order out of Winter’s chaos.

Less than 3 weeks to my first competitions of 2016 so plenty to do on the bike prep front but I can’t get do any of that until I get the place cleaned up and re-establish things where they can be found.

Well that didn’t happen, cold, wet and windy until Tuesday when the weather changes and its pleasantly warm! Clean up in the garden gets underway and after much thinking its time for a new Stihl weed eater which is duly sourced from Big- R- Arus who also sell jeans which I need to replace as all the others are falling down due to the diet and maybe this cycling thing? Having discarded the 38″ waist versions which, it has to be said were tight when I started,  naturally I went for 36″ but they looked horribly baggy so I grabbed some 34’s and believe it or not they look GOOD ! …….. even tried a pair of 33’s which fitted!!!


Big-R-Arus  Weed Eater



Not-So Big-R-Arus  Waist Eater Jeans

Weight now down to 195.6 or a smidge under 14 Stones in UK money. As at this moment the pedal thing has covered over 210 miles despite the winds and the legs and stamina are sticking with it!

Lawn gets strimmed as it was too long to mow and looks a lot better but I need to get in that workshop and get the place in order as its only 2 weeks to the 1st event and I’m way behind ……… also the non stop saga of the generator is becoming a pain as after 3 visits its still not guaranteed fully “S” even after filters, new plug wires and gaskets various.

Samsung Techwin

Real Pain in the R-Arus !

Saturday morning, and yet another storm arrives….. and its snowing really hard and bloody horrible!



Over to the Safari generator and absolutely no progress here as it refuses to start once more. This has now become critical and is causing yet more grief so a decision has to be made. We now have to take the whole rig over to Farmington which we did 2 years ago at great cost but there really isn’t an alternative. If I were to take it this Sunday then I could, maybe, collect it next weekend but that is asking a lot and doesn’t give any leeway. Therefore the decision is, as you can’t have a trials weekend up a mountain and spend 3 days without a generator, Turkey Rock is a non-starter for 2016…. a real pisser but not worth the agro and frustration!    ……. so today, reconnect the water pipes and de-winterize the system, and take it over next weekend. First trials will now be 2 months away in July but there shouldn’t be ANY excuses by then!!!

So, Mother’s Day and even after the duty brunch its raining and cold and the fire has just. been lit. There will be NO  OUTSIDE working TODAY !!

Later during the afternoon the generator man rings to say he is in Dove Creek and will drop by in 30 mins. He duly arrives and says its most likely the regulator and explains his theory ……… yes, I agree it sounds like it may be the problem. We then discuss that I can’t get the rig over to him and back in time so he says he will remove it and take it back to his place and see what it looks like internally. Seems it is toast and he will order a new one and have it on before next weekend ………. so maybe, …….. just maybe I will get to Turkey Rock after all? …….”Well Cinders, do you want to go to the ball ?”


Better get the Pumpkin ready!   …….. “hop to it Jesus!”






Lots of fun and the stuff that children’s cartoons are made of. A very pretty bird and hardly one to be confused with others until they GO BAD !!


For 2 years now this f#$%&@% pest has been beating the crap out of my house and digging bloody great holes in the wall. NOT what is classed as acceptable! What makes this even more annoying is that the house is having the trim repainted and the painter had repaired all the holes from last year and painted over the damage. One day later there is the familiar rat-a-tat-tat and sure enough the little bastard has ruined all the work. The high powered air rifle is brought out once more (its last outing was to protect my koi fish from the dreaded blue heron) …….. the bird saw the gun but flew off and hasn’t been seen since, but there again it snowed all afternoon yesterday so perhaps wood pecking is not on the alpine sports list. There are also ways to buy bulk ammo online for the gun.


Sunday morning, and its just started snowing again and we are supposed to be looking at another 2 days of this before the storm moves on.

Crap awful weather continued until Thursday which was pleasant, and Friday too, but now another storm has rolled in with warm temps but high winds up to 45 mph. Friday I actually managed to fix the vise in the workshop which had fallen apart, or rather the center bolt holding the carrier worm shaft had dropped down meaning the whole system had to be taken off the bench in order to put it back together!






Done !

Also managed to refit the tyres and tubes on the girl’s bike and the new $17.00 pump is superb delivering about 4-5 lbs per stroke.


A great bit of kit!

Another week of crap weather save for one day when we were able to clean up the shade garden and get the gazebo back up.


New covers on all the cushions from Brenda’s sewing shop and things are looking good! ……. then the weather changes back and now we are on storm 3 of a 4 storm run with the weather supposed to be improving by Wednesday and temps back up to 70 from the current dismal damp 40’s.



Shade Garden up and running

The generator saga is becoming a pain and I’m beginning to fear the worst and Turkey Rock is looking like a non-starter at this time. Really very annoying as we started on this project back in March!