Enough, I tell you!

Yesterday, 3/23/19 we decided a treat was in store after yet another bout of rain and snow. Now I love it when its snowing and you can get cozy with a nice roaring fire but after over 4 months of same its becoming more than tedious!

The joy of a REAL log fire

Time to cross the Colorado border and enter New Mexico for a visit to Red Lobster ! It was, as expected, delicious and well worth the drive……. and NO crisis on the Southern Border!!

No problem at the New Mexico border ?

We take on “Lobster Fest” with much gusto!

These just keep on coming…..  Mister Piggy loves them


Sunday and with the melt/thaw in full flight parts of the garden that have been hidden for 4 months start coming into view. With a full determined effort the Waterfall Bed and the Center Bed are finally cleared of Christmas decorations and the last of the frozen in power cables are out of the ground.

Last of the decorations finally removed from “Scuffy” now that the onboard snow and ice have let go of the fixings and cables. Now all that remains is to work my way through all the boxes and get them all back where they should be. With the floor cleared I can get the stuff up in the loft section and perhaps throw out a load of miscellaneous junk that has crept up there.

Cycling was a bit more pleasant with some half decent days and not too much wind to contend with. Mon-Wed averaged over 20 miles per day and by Tuesday night the total was up to 191.09 while on the weight front the total was down to 199.6 but I’m still pushing for more.

Wednesday and I’m on an Activity trip to Cortez with the Baseball team which is something I’ve never done before as Cortez always sent them in a Mini Bus with a teacher/coach as driver. While I’m doing my pre-trip the Boss man pops over and asks me if I would like to drive full-time? It seems someone is leaving (and I can guess who, but equally it also seems someone else has asked for HER route!) should hear the final outcome of this one next week.

Quick “Sub” drive on Friday afternoon, and then a 15 hour day and 355 mile drive for the Baseball Team on Saturday. The plan for the weekend is to review the weather and decide whether its a Sunday or Monday Ski trip. Weather not so good for Sunday so Monday is the DAY. plan for Sunday, a gentle top-up ride, to hit the 240 mile marker ……..

Yes, the weather really is THAT nasty!

I manage 3.70 of the planned 13.20 that I need before I’m forced to abandon in 34 degrees and blowing wet snow ……… maybe later.

Later …… temps up to 39F, wet roads, wind increasing, equally nasty and very unpleasant but I carry on and I’m very pleased as I see miles getting ever closer to the target and, with numb fingers and lips, but a running nose and watery eyes I make it home with 13.37 on the odometer and 240.17 for March and 2019. The weight is now at this year’s low of 197.0 lbs.







The storm of the Century seems to have passed us by. About 10″ of fresh white stuff and now the next melt begins. Tomorrow the School is closed and then all next week as its Spring Break again.

Hopefully if it melts fast enough I might be able to get some riding in next week as the weather has certainly been keeping me in check this year.

The Ides came and went and after a small shopping expedition to top up with yet more salad veggies (hard work eating like a rabbit on this diet) the afternoon was spent sorting through the ever diminishing woodpile for something that wasn’t wet from the rain or still covered in snow. Three big loads chopped and brought in. A ride was considered but still muddy and the roads have too many puddles. Should be good for Sunday onwards as temps are forecast for the 50’s !!

Saturday morning, 3/16/19, and the scales say 200.0 !  very happy about the Zero! Today Brenda wants to drive up to Telluride and see if her COPD is going to be a problem before she gives skiing another go.

Need a “check run” to see if Brenda can breathe with the COPD

Pleasant drive up  the mountain, and they sure have had a load of snow! Mountain Village and the Gondola ride into Old Town and a drift down the sunny side of Main Street.

Phase II of the ride, on the Telluride side of the slopes, from Mountain Village

Time for a late lunch and from the many bars, bistros, cafes and restaurants we pick “FLORADORA” ….. we think we have been in here before ?

……. in we go

Like the artwork

Menus arrive, and we try “their” Bloody Mary”  …. V nice and pretty spicy ….

Can’t decide ….. I like the Honey baked Brie, and the Duck Eggrolls sound pretty good too! Well we have them both and they are superb

Duck Eggrolls and a plate of the brie in the top left corner

Sunday, the melt continues and its sunny and demi warm, well about 50F, which is a nice change and after a lot of “shall I ? shalln’t I ?” I get out there and knock up 26.80 miles. Monday and Tuesday are much the same and 27.32 and 27.45 are added. Wednesday and I should be getting a new rear cluster and chain on the Roubaix but the day is too nice so after a full blown working morning on the remaining iced in Christmas decorations and lights up the pillars I take another ride as the Thursday/Friday forecasts are awful! The year’s total now stands at 130.71

Thursday morning, a very slight dusting of snow and now some light rain as I set off into town. Very windy! with a strong Easterly. Hardly a sign of any snow as I fight my way through the gusts into Cortez.

Roubaix gets all it’s new bits and an hour later I’m on my way home along with a new cable for the gear changing system and a new dose of handlebar tape. Looking exceedingly BLACK out to the West as yet another storm arrives.

New cluster and chain for no more clacking

No sooner home and ready to take over dogs as Brenda is off for a lunch trip with Carol. She departs, I take the dogs out and get peppered with hail which then turns over to snow, and heavy resort style snow at that! 30 minutes later Brenda is back, lunch project has been cancelled! Too slippery and zero visibility and within the hour we have nearly 2″ on the rail. Just as quickly it all melts and now we are back to light rain.

The forecast is less than 1/2″ overnight and the same for Friday. However I awake to 6″ on the rail and it has finally stopped at 1030. Now its relatively warm, bright blue skies, and the melt begins again!!










Its wet, very wet!

But it is melting

No changes with constant showers and blizzard type snow bursts. The temps are still up there so the melt continues and the mud stays just as deep as the water struggles to find a way to seep down.

The snow continues to melt and more and more hidden Christmas decorations come into view. Another few days and I should be able to start harvesting all that is left.

Finally some progress on the weight front as 201.0 pops up for the first time …. I’m  hoping this will continue. It could also be mild enough for a ride but, the winds are starting to increase again so I’ll stay on hold until I see a green light.

Time for the duty “Spring Forward” so next up all the joys of changing clocks. No problems today getting my watch to move to the new time, just an expected battery change to come in April.

At last I stop wimping and get out there and battle against the wind and manage 13.54 before the cold gets to me, but at least I got some done even if I’m a long way behind this year by about 600 miles!

Monday morning and the snow (non forecast) is coming down in buckets and about an inch on the rail and its still dark with the time change. Dreary and miserable at dawn and now its a mix of snow and rain and looks like its here for the next few days.

My shoulder has been so sore that the rehab exercises have been out of the question as the pain is too much. Today at Rehab it was just heat treatment and muscle therapy, and don’t do the exercises unless it doesn’t hurt.

Today’s snow has now melted and interestingly going into Cortez this morning ALL signs of winter snow had gone!! Back here they are changing the forecast AGAIN and we are now looking at ANOTHER 2-4″ of snow Tuesday night.

Tuesday and now raining but I can see grass in some places out front and with impending doom in the forecast I have to get out there this morning, despite the rain, and pick up buried cables and lights.

Across the road there are emergency vehicles, fire engines, police, ambulances, a giant tow truck and all manner (3) power pole trucks and a host of pickups and walking supervisors. Out with the camera and see what’s happening.

The white slab side truck (under the yellow arm) ran off the road and hit the power pole

Uncle Tom Cobley and friends

Despite the pouring rain I manage to get most of the cables and lights out of the front beds and from around Scuffy. Finishing about 1800, still raining, my hat, boots, and gloves are all soaked as the snow is still 10″ in places and there are still some areas where the cables and lights are still frozen in.


More changes to the forecast again and now 3-5″ for overnight Tuesday followed by another 4-6″ for Wednesday daytime! Up around 0700 this morning and surprise, surprise 6″ on the rail and an even bigger surprise when I see one of our School buses go rolling by …… although I did see Curt’s bus running about 30 minutes late!

Good Morning!

Solid 6″ on the rail

Looking at “Scuffy” this morning I’m well pleased I got those lights, cables and the last of the Santakins cleaned up yesterday!











Becoming a yukky mess

About sums it up!

With temperatures not dipping below freezing and a week of near constant rain the snow pack in and around our dwelling is melting and turning everything into a very muddy swamp. Can’t complain as maybe I can get to the buried Christmas decoration cables and the last of the display items.

I’m sure we are not fully done with the snow but a “clean up break” would be appreciated. Might also be nice to start racking up the miles for this year and shedding those last 7lbs that seem to be plateauing backwards and forwards and can be soul destroying when you are staying on their plan.

Despite all the rain of the last couple of days this morning awoke to yet another 5″ on the rail while the forecast was showing “less than 1/2″ total overnight”.  Melting like crazy with mega sunshine and clear skies with temps forecast to be around 50F all week.

Lets hope if the melt goes well I’ll be able to find a decent surface to ride on without getting plastered with slush and spray.

Not quite


Here we are, Wednesday 3/6/19,and all that 5″ melted and now its rain, and more rain for the rest of the week although the temps are up around the 50F mark, but its doesn’t feel like it as its very damp and muddy and of course the snow has changed color with all the mud and slop!

Up at the bus barn two of our lady drivers are off, one has been sick since last Thursday and the other is away all week tending to her brood who got sent home with the Flu. So 3 days driving the D3 Mouse bus to wrap up the pay period.

Friday morning and still raining, muddy and melting! The last of the Christmas Decorations are down to about 6″ cover so perhaps by Sunday they can be rescued after “66th Night”. New LOW on the weight front of 202.2 this morning …… I want to see the 190’s!!!









Need to find some snow free roads

I think I can safely say that even here, up in the mountains, we have now had enough snow and, much as we love it, it will be nice to return to some warm, wind free, weather and glorious sunshine. The temps are now showing 57F on the outside Weather Station and that is confirmed by the secondary equipment of the standard old fashioned thermometer. Its so warm in fact that I’m THINKING of a gentle break-in ride for yours truly!

Time to open the 2019 account

But first, some more snow and ice clearing as there has just been another massive fall off the roof. Then I think I should change that other battery on the fork leg of the Roubaix to keep the speedo and odometer in a state of union. Because I don’t want to risk losing any more Wooden Rings by Urban Designer.

New battery in the sender unit

Wednesday and the snow was cleared, and the other battery was changed during yesterday afternoon. Can’t see any reason not to go for the FIRST RIDE OF THE YEAR, the bike is ready, I have all the kit, the weather is much better and there is NO WIND !

With all the excuses pushed to one side the Roubaix was carried out to the road over the ice, slush and snow and for the first time since  11/24/18 the wheels went round again. Double set of thermals, no wind, and 11.18 miles are in the book to open the account for 2019.

Thursday 2/28/19 and although the forecast is warmish there is no sign of the sun. I’ll give it one hour and see how it looks. An extra trip this afternoon on D30. It didn’t warm up, the sun didn’t break through so I chopped wood and cleaned the Roubaix after my ride from yesterday ….. it was pretty mucky!

Here we are on a dismal Sunday morning 3/3/19 and the memory banks tell me it was 55years ago yesterday when  the boy child, having achieved the “magic” 17.5 years of age started his Officer Training at RAF South Cerney  and onward air force career.

Yesterday the next storm system arrived and its been RAINING ever since and looks like continuing most of this week. The long period of permafrost is abating and the huge puddles and lakes from all the melt run off are beginning to seep into the mud.

I’ll wait !

With wet roads, rain and mud everywhere, any thoughts of riding have been cancelled until there is a positive change in the weather.