It seems although winter may not have quite finished with us just yet there has been a slight warming trend. The ravages of all our recent snow storms are done, and for the most part, it has nearly all melted although I shoveled about 4 tons of snow and ice on Monday so that the Safari could be moved to its other slot. The puddles have dried up and many of winter’s potholes around the town have been filled.

The town’s Street Cleaner has been out and about and despite previous Town Manager’s efforts its back to its old problems. Runs out of water!! leaking seals, incorrect brush settings and a badly latching rear door on the debris container!!! It is its own Tornado of dust wherever it goes, but at least you can see the plume and the dust cloud coming.

A busy week after the “would you like to drive full time? question” with a long trip on Saturday to a  new place for me “Hotchkiss”, and then another activity trip on Tuesday to Nucla. A refresher drive on D11, the Horse, both morning and afternoon, and then a surprise trip on Thursday morning when the other interested party goes for a “ride along trip” on the said D11 ? Hopefully there won’t be any “12th hour” changes as I’m driving it Monday as the Sub then full time from Wednesday onwards. Friday and as Dolores has a 4 Day week I’m driving the special needs boy into Cortez morning and afternoon.

Cycling back on the program with some days in the 50’sF and not too much wind and I’m hoping to wrap up the week with 300 miles in the bag. Weight down to an unseen set of numbers at 194.8 from the initial 211.8 starting point.

Friday goes well with the CMS run to Cortez, a quick 5 miles around town and then into Cortez for some more rehab on the shoulder. Home again, lunch, and out for a few more miles before the p.m. run to CMS. All complete and now for the top up for my “20” and a few beers. The beer is most welcome and I finish the ride at 23.30 with only 16 and a bit left for the 300.

Saturday and a return to the pool tables. The skills are still there but just fall short in the final stages. However, another 20.39 on the bike first so the 300 has fallen.


Sunday and today’s mission is to explore a large lake on the NM border but state owned. Still waiting for run off and a bit low due to last year’s drought. Looks good and a few “slots” are earmarked for booking after the end of the School Year on May 23rd.

1st choice would be 130 and then either 136 or 140

We return via Durango and after Brenda trolls her phone we come up with a new place on Main Street, El Moro. A nice bar with a good atmosphere and excellent food ….. we will be back for this one!


Don’t remember this one

Very nice inside

Maybe after the diet!

Pleasant weather on Monday, it almost feels like Spring,  and a few more miles take me to 332.1 but then the temps drop THIRTY DEGREES, yes 30!!! as another huge storm rips through the entire country. Cold, wet, and miserable and with the combination of snow and cold winds riding comes to an end again.

Here we go again

Thursday and Friday still cold with the biting wind but supposed to be back up in the 60’s next week, I hope so, Winter and I are not friends anymore!