5/23/19 Last day of school and STILL snowing!

The non stop awful weather continued all the way through to the last day of school (5/23/19) and we even had yet another heavy snowstorm for the morning run and rain showers to complete the day with an overnight freeze warning!

All the trees are weighed down with it

Now while all this has been depressingly bad I have to be thankful we are not in the middle or east side of the country enduring Tornadoes and constant flooding from the nonstop storms.

On the cycling front there just has not been many acceptable days to go for a ride and this month in 24 days I’ve only achieved 200 miles! Must be the worst cycling winter on record, well my record, anyhoo. So today despite everything I’ll get out there later after repairing all our “Hot Showers” and “RV Dump” signs which were destroyed by the town snow plow.

Signs done

Remember this ?

Up with the NEW

With the sign job complete I’m on the road around 1600 and the wind is dropping off and the temp is up close to 60F. Two miles out of town and its non stop emergency vehicles, fire engines, several ambulances, heavy equipment and local police and state troopers. The plan is out to the 3 mile point and turn round there and then knock up 19.5 miles for the day stopping at the Brewery for some pizza and beers.

Later on I see the reason for the emergency! It appears there has been a massive rock slide 10 miles out of town which doesn’t really surprise me as with all my activity drives up and down the Telluride road I had a feeling that it was only a question of “when” with all the wet snow and constant rains of the last month. The road is now completely closed as amid all the dirt, trees, and debris two giant boulders, literally, the size of HOUSES came crashing down removing power poles and the “road” leaving an eight foot trench! One of these boulders is still there and will need to be broken up with explosives before it can be moved and the road repaired. There is no forecast as to when the road will reopen.


These mega boulders are “Two Storey” and will require drilling and the liquid expansion work to crack them into smaller pieces before removal.

Saturday and lawn mowing and putting up the hanging basket hangers on the new balcony. A trip into Walmart for some roses before they kill them, plants for the whisky barrels, and 10 bags of Miracle Grow soil.

Replacement roses

Whisky Barrel center pieces

Fresh growing medium for the barrels

The late snowstorms of last week destroyed the gazebo, despite all our storage efforts of the winter, but we were NOT expecting another fierce blanket of wet snow in the middle of May!!!! The gazebo is dismantled and irrigation begins along the balcony.

Balcony irrigation begins

Harleys go by the house with their constant rumble only to return when they either see the “Sign” or make it 10 miles up the road. New pictures of the disaster are now on Facebook from somebody’s drone and show the magnitude of the repair task.

They must have been traveling when they hit the roadway……. thankfully nobody was involved

2 days you say ?

Good luck

I think the initial estimate of 2 days was ambitious and 2 weeks is perhaps closer.

Sunday and warm but windy and then another colder snap with yet more bad weather before finally warming up for next weekend …….. about time as we will be in June by then!



The week changes and I’m now driving full time for Dolores or sentenced to 600 hours community service driving the school bus.

This week its full time on D11 but I had already booked 3 Activity trips for the week prior to the full time appointment. Managed a bit of clean up in the Shade Garden and a couple of barrow loads of branches and then some “break up” of the remaining ice and snow that had pushed the garden furniture down into the soil by about four inches!

Saturday and much work in the garden with all the boiler room contents of cushions and gazebo out, and inbound for the larger display items which were always difficult to put away in the loft space of the workshop. All the display bins out of the workshop and now lights and décor can at last get back in their correct boxes.

Finally the floor! and with hoover in full action things are looking much better. Hoover needs a blow out and the volume of dust is immense and I’m covered in it and think I’ve breathed in a good load which is making the airways hurt…….. really NOT good!!!

With the Gazebo up again we set off for Mancos for a delightful Easter Sunday Brunch. Very good and no problems with the diet which struggles along with a lot of “plateauing” at this stage but its still a downward trend.

A full week on D11 Horse and I have to cancel an activity trip as Brenda is away in LA and the dogs wouldn’t get walked or fed if I took the trip.

The weather has been a little better and cycling is done when it can be, but not always easy. Now we are coming into that windy season which I really dislike. However, I have been getting out there and should pass the 500 mile barrier, today 4/28/19, and on the weight side another first at 190.4 !

Edward turns 39 on the 29th but his new phone won’t accept calls from me if he is at home!! ……. we roll into May and once more the weather changes and we have 3 days of pouring rain and a nice cold wind.

Late developments on the Activity trip schedule and the Baseball team that I have been carting around the state get a double bonus set of trips with 3 days at Aztec this week and then a game at Cortez and an overnighter next weekend at Delta.

New numbers with a Friday ride taking me up to 522.91 and the beginning of the end with the last of the Nutrisystem meals taking me down to 188.4 which I don’t remember ever seeing!

Baseball games all go pretty well and we are now off to Pueblo this week after the Delta outing. A nearly 6 hour drive to get there, night stop, and two games on Friday then drive home.

Prior to leaving on Thursday the weather becomes nice, warm and sunny, with a rise into the 70’s and I manage to creep the total up to 587.04 but the weather is supposed to revert to WINTER on the day we leave!

Thursday, and after the morning run, the parents of the Baseball Team arrive to decorate the bus before it’s departure for Pueblo and the State Championships. The weather in Pueblo is close to 90F but very windy. We get a full “911” departure escort with Police and the Town’s  fire trucks with blaring horns and flashing lights. 8 hours on the road with plenty of stops and some roadworks but we are finally there.

On the personal front I have been anything but well and although I achieved a good weight loss getting down to 185.6 there have been some consequences either related or not. Another Doctor visit to deal with a serious upset stomach issue has so far revealed nothing other than no infection but other problems. It seems all the effective medicines out there have a magnitude of side effects. Ibruprofen  that I have been using as a pain killer for my shoulder injury while going through rehab causes stomach bleeding and should not be used by people over 62 ? All the anti-biotics that I was told to take for the pneumonia and coughs kills all the good stomach bacteria which may cause “leaky gut” !!! now I’m left with 4 weeks of nonstop uncontrollable diarrhea  which the proven Imodium has NO EFFECT on !!! Looks like I’m going in for some very unpleasant testing soon.

Not for me!

By the time we have made Pueblo the weather has changed back in Dolores and is now cold, wet and very windy. New discovery in some of the rooms are BED BUGS!!! I don’t see any.

Friday and off to the games and it sure is warm. We are leading 6-4 as we start the bottom the 6th but the opposition get some wild hits, a couple of missed catches and before you know it the score is 6-10. All out in the 7th and we are on our way home.

The END of a great season

The journey home is anything but nice! Coming down I25 it must be blowing 50mph and the bus can only just make 55 into the howling headwind. We turn off on the 160 and make our way into the awful mountain weather ahead. Pouring rain, bursts of SNOW and yet more wind.

Stop at Alamosa which has to be one of the windiest places on Earth! Up ahead you can see Wolf Creek has the next batch of foul weather and sure enough its coming down blocking the windscreen and even settling on the road!!!!!!

….. but its the middle of May ????

Finally into Pagosa Springs and yet another stop. Just another two hours to go.