I think I’m on the pink ones bottom left

Pills, pills and more pills! The day starts with a heart pill and 3 Ducolax softeners to keep the “bag” free and then around 8 a.m. three of the new big chemo pills ……. 12 hours later another 3 of those large chemo fellows …….. please don’t shake me!

One week down on the new revised program, no noticeable side effects as yet, so stay positive. Deep down I still feel I’m missing something along the way …….. must keep away from the internet which only makes me depressed, but that, I feel, is because I’m not being told everything …… maybe there’s nothing to tell, but I need a lot of reassurance at this time in my life.

Into week 2 of the pills and all seems well at the moment except, some shortness of breath on waking, but after a serious bout of nose blowing the system finally runs on air!

The time is rapidly approaching when “cabin fever” will strike and some good old “fettling” will begin in the workshop with a view to tarting up The No Excuse Cub and Superglitz. Brenda’s TY125 will also get the treatment and then some sales can take place.

A “new” to me Rover has come up and could easily be where I’m heading. Reasonable price, no state taxes as such, only 70K on the odometer and a few extras I like.

Gotta love  the detailing polish and the “Grille”

……. and supercharged

Unlike me, it better not be rattling!!!!






With surgery rejected life switches back to pills! however, trying to get to speak/see the Doctor is proving  difficult with some dumb arsed receptionists who don’t seem to understand!

Thursday, and not recovering from surgery, (thank God) and  Durango and Cortez are up to speed, so progress is being made despite the hiccups. It looks like Cortez will have the pills tomorrow so I should be starting this weekend.

From what a Durango nurse has told us it is 6 pills a day for two weeks, then a week off, and then back to the cycle which is food first then  pills ……. 12 hours break then food and pills. ……….. and as far as can be seen ……… that’s for life!……… however long that may be ??

The ultra expensive pills are here! thank goodness our special prescription rate covers them (I was fearing the worst) but I’m very happy they are not going to break the bank. I was also in Infusion again at South West and the port, which hadn’t been used since 12/20/19, functioned perfectly much to my surprise.




There now starts a week of clearing up misconceptions among all my medical teams who, despite ALL modern means of contact, seem to have blundered their way through to where we are today!

That was Monday, and now here we are on Thursday and ZERO progress and still no wiser. The only nurse/sec we did speak to said she would be emailing all the details including medication which needs to be picked up in Cortez for Sunday/Monday use before I check in and again NOTHING!!   I used to think Hospitals were supposed to reassure the patient in stressful times but this episode is leaving me COLD and overall VERY WORRIED by the general lack of concern and timeliness.

I also happen to be VERY CONCERNED and WORRIED by the overall operation and lack of knowledge regarding recovery time.

But I’ve already had TWO of those

Well bad luck with the Constitution

Good luck with that

Friday and I’m off to South West hospital to pick up the “new” medications for use on Sunday night! get that done and a new pack of diapers …… just in case! They do say the “bum” needs retraining after its long 8 month holiday!!!!!

“Do these pills cure ALL cancers ?”

Home again and a surprise call from the surgeon which achieves nothing  as before anything can be said she is off into surgery and now we are 3 hours down the road without a recall.

The return call comes in at 1410 when we are both getting ready to go to work. Yes, after review of the scans (which they have had since mid December) the rectal tumor is down 60% in size and under control by the chemo. The “Chemo Maintenance” will be the pills and periodic scans will let us know if it grows back again or is staying where it is. The question of the reconnect surgery, which she told me was a very simple procedure doesn’t sound quite so rosey after all and suddenly there are a whole load of risks which were not discussed during the October meeting.  What was a “nip the tumor and remove” and reconnect the pipes and get rid of the ugly stoma and bag seems now fraught with possible problems of leakage and worst case scenario of DEATH!   ……… or do nothing and keep the ugly bag! Considering all the info I had read on the internet (I’m glad I did) and now hearing from the “Expert in the field Surgeon” of all the problems I’m left with ONLY ONE choice!!!!! So the trip to Denver is now CNX despite the airline ticket which was purchased in early January to comply with their ONLY instructions. However from what I have heard, and what my mind was telling me all along I’m very pleased not to be having this op.