Despite ALL the evidence to the WORLD at large, it would seem there are still millions of dumbarses that can’t get a handle on what MUST be done if we are going to win this battle.

Two weeks, three weeks, whatever ……. yes, you maybe clear or you could have been infected on the last day of your quarantine so the cycle continues only you are now the carrier…….. for ALL our sakes LISTEN to the Experts!!

My own social distancing on the bike got nowhere yesterday and today is no better with winds between 25-35 mph and not very warm either. Tomorrow the forecast is snow!

Friday, cold and windy with a high of 39F and 60% chance of snow! Another non riding day, but it is March at 7000′ in the Colorado Mountains after all.

With the USA now with the most cases of this virus in the World the Lemon in Chief wants to re-open the country by Easter, he claims more people will die from a poor economy than a deadly virus!!!!!

Difficult to enthuse over much in this current Global Crisis, and equally difficult to get to the truth of the matter with so much panic and fear, not forgetting the constant string of lies and misleading comments from people who have only one aim in mind and that is NOT our welfare!

Saturday, bright and sunny but very cold with overnight snow. If the wind stays low I might get something done today after another round of chopping logs.

With over 30,000 new cases in the USA in the last 2 days and the likelihood of that topping 50,000 by the end of the day (in my humble, and non informed opinion) I really can’t see this country being open for business until early June or mid May at the soonest.

Someone, of course THINKS? otherwise ………

A sobering thought

















Let’s get some “Social Distancing” then

Social distancing or extended cabin fever, whatever we want to call it is getting tough so I’m hoping that just maybe I can do some anti social distancing by putting a few miles on the bike in the very near future.

With schools closed until 17th April I should be able to force myself back into the thermals and take on the challenge again. Weight is down to around 180 lbs and if its not too windy 10-12 miles a day will be a good start for week one.

Lady, you must have a serious problem! …… you need the NEW Supercart!!

Now this I can believe

Crazy shopping everywhere and TP seems to everyone’s No1 choice for hoarding although difficult to understand why people think this will be the first commodity shortfall???  Personally, as I no longer use the product you can have my share!      Of course with all the viral illness around, and the TP shortage, I’ll leave the “reversal op” until some sort of normality returns.

So how  is the “Chosen One” dealing with the problem so far?

Well no matter I’m sure we will think of something, but MEANWHILE it helps to explain all this………

Just as I was about to set off on the bike …. it started raining! Well, never mind I’ve pumped up the tires and I’m ready to roll when the weather decides to play ball. An overnight dusting of snow but that has now melted, temperature creeping up and not much wind.

Finally the door opens, the odometer is reset, and the pedals crank round once again! Bloody cold it has to be said but 12.26 goes into the book to open the 2020 account.

Monday, and strangely NO morning nonsense from the White House, whatever is going on? ….. perhaps its because he doesn’t like journalists asking questions. Anyhooooo we start another portion of our personal lockdown. Truly appalling to see  the civil disobedience from both the US and the UK with people behaving as though nothing was happening, crowded beaches in CA, biker outings, city parks with crowds picnicing, and in the UK cars chock a’ block in Snowdonia and also in Scotland …….. they must all be suffering from something else and have a death wish, or perhaps they are brain dead already.

Looking for the answer

Cold and windy Monday and not good for cycling with yet more rain and snow in the forecast. Eventually got the thermals on but, yes, you guessed it …… it started raining changing over to snow. NO RIDING, and more rain overnight so pretty wet out there right now. However the forecast says 50F and sunny.

Tuesday, again no White House briefing, but I see the lemon wants to remove restrictions by Easter ?????? We  will see what the medics think and then of course they will be fired!

You Sir, have my sympathy

We live in hope that common sense will prevail

Meanwhile, in sleepy little Dolores the solo cyclist ventured out on the deserted roads and popped another 18.25 into the books

God help us all!







We made it to Spring Break without closing the School  but will we re-open ?

International mayhem and home based pack of lies (I expect nothing less) continues amid much self praise and total ignorance! …… even had the audacity to say HE didn’t need to be checked despite standing next to a confirmed case!!!!! Just think how many people he could pass it onto ……. never mind Mike will say a prayer!

Another stupid hat and the one wearing it has tested positive!!

New Mexico just announced schools will close for 3 weeks, but they have a Snow Day if 1/2″ falls!

My good intentions got nowhere today with pouring rain to get up to which then changed to wet snow and a winter storm warning for the next 2 days.

Saturday, damp and miserable, to add to the rest of the horror stories and panic reactions. It seems like all sporting events have now been cancelled, Spain has gone on TOTAL lock down, Italy is having a very hard time, mass graves in Iran, and The Moron in Chief has little or no idea what is fact or fiction!

Personally “social distancing” since Sunday apart from minor shopping, a trip to Durango airport to collect Brenda and a visit to SW Hospital for more chemo pills and more blood letting.

Dolores School initially closed until 3/27 but I suspect it will be longer. The news remains a major source of Global panic as there is NO cure for this virus and everywhere is very quiet with everything shut down.

Yet more nonsense and self praise giving himself 10/10

Zero understanding despite the TRUE medical evidence

The political answer is to have daily briefings from people who have NO CLUE and contradict all medical advice and evidence. Their concern is more related to hurling Trillions at the Stock Market ????? and getting re-elected       ………… Well yes, having studied economics for some years I can only say that while many greedy little bastards will want to “get out” to save what they have, we are dealing with self induced panic and not real goods, but pure fears of the futures markets much like the way oil prices fluctuate at the pump every time some mini insurrection or weapon is released in the Middle East………. and bearing in mind the oil you are charging me for, and the rest of the World, is still in the GROUND!

Yes, airlines and cruises are in for a hard time for a short while, in reality there will obviously be a dip in profits, but it will be the same for ALL. Likewise share prices will tumble and the greedy little bastards will buy up everything again until the next self made crisis.

Another Winter Storm Warning but this one actually produced 5″ on the rail overnight and the forecast is for another 5″ today. Its wet sloppy snow and the roads are already clear.

Coming down


While reading through endless articles on the virus and world misery I came across this book called “End of Days” published in 2008 by a modern day Nostradamus ….. page 312 is VERY interesting and pretty accurate!

Colorado just closed ALL schools until April 17th. Morning virus conferences degenerating into shouting matches at question time when Moron in Chief refuses to accept journalism and the right to free speech if it doesn’t praise him personally!

Persisting that he thinks a 20 year old Malaria drug is the answer

It snowed a little last night, and few showers today,  and now a muddy mess everywhere ….. still VERY quiet.









As Cabin Fever sets in its time to think of what I want to do and how I’m going to achieve it ?  Just coming to the end of the first session of the chemo pills and the only side effect (other than tiredness, which is common to all chemo products) is the good old runny nose!

Still below FREEZING at dawn

Two weeks have slipped by while I have been in “thinking” mode and at last it has become warmer during the day with temps close on 50F  and it even feels good when the wind eases off a bit. Therefore I see cycling coming back on the “menu” as I move into the second half of my journey around the Equator (24,902 miles)  …. after last year’s miserable weather and Stage IV Cancer I finished up on 11,390.73 miles completed so almost 1/2 way.

Maybe during Spring Break I can get in the workshop and look over the trials bikes which haven’t been touched since 2016. Need to sell 2 of them and sell the BMW K1200LT as well although a beautiful bike like the Beemer deserves a better price than $5390 which is the Kelly Blue Book as of today!

Worth more than 5K !

About to start a 4 day week, with Friday off, and then Spring Break. Brenda  is off to LA on Tuesday but prior to that a consultation with Dr Mattison in Cortez re: the reversal surgery …….. hopefully this can be done after School finishes in the third week of May. This has been suggested by my two local Doctors for improved quality of life which would indeed be a blessing as it is a very tiresome device.

Not a thing of beauty!

I’m led to believe that it involves a considerable amount of extra “retraining” especially after nearly a year off! (I still think I should have gone for a stainless model this time around)……….

However just to add a little humor to the subject there is an advert on TV where a farmer is promoting his lactose free milk which he is drinking in front of his herd of cows.

He goes on to say that if “they” are not cows then they must be big dogs ………

Let’s see    ” SIT ……. I said SIT”

Following along on the same theme, once the reversal is done then it will be a liquid diet before getting the system back to solid food. I’m told the first signs of the system coming back on line are GAS!

So, some serious ARSE/ASS retraining looms ………..

You can’t be serious!

“I said SHIT not SIT!!!!