Tuesday, I think, and a wet and miserable morning it is, overnight rain and now a fairly constant light drizzle. The plan was to hit the roads again and make it through that 400 mile barrier by nightfall, some 10 days before the target date.

Beards and automatic weapons ?

Please KNOW how to spell!

While I can appreciate the manic urge to return to some form of normality it will not happen just like that. You can open whatever you like but it doesn’t mean that people will suddenly come out of the woodwork and spend tons of money on commodities, suddenly all be lining up for haircuts,  and returning to bars and restaurants, be there on the 18th green, or opening up industry for anything other than PPE and manufacturing toilet rolls! If we are to open up things then maybe libraries would be a good idea where the red hatted clowns can research history (assuming they can read, as I know they can’t spell) also barbers as it seems all automatic military weapon owners have developed a goofy beard during the quarantine, unless its compulsory under the armed militia rules.

Maybe you should join the Army Reserve ? ….. at least you will have a job and not need a stimulus check ….. and you already have all the weapons and ammunition you could ever need.

First history lesson to be read in the “newly opened library”

Well it has continued  to rain all morning, maybe just a sign it might be drying up……….. riding?    drying up …… yes and now its getting windy …… I’m thinking I’ll give up today!

Some of you may remember I was researching a newer used car for me. Some have come and gone, other are still there, be interesting to see how the prices will be when this is all over. Fuel should be cheap!

Meanwhile, Dumbass and friends….. 

Should read 45,000 now  …… also appalling grammar, but I expect little less as he has such a limited vocabulary…….. and who incited this protest!!!

Meanwhile, at the library, perhaps those that can read might like to evaluate the following …..

…… and moving on

……. and of course this nonsense is allowed to continue

Some more good ones from this year’s SPELLING B

Ah, I see it, it should be “give me darth”

Is this the best the Education System can do??????????











A month in lockdown plus our week off for Spring Break and where are we? The Lemon in Chief is now in manic pursuit of opening up and yesterday even started chanting “LIBERTY, LIBERTY” almost bordering on inciting civil violence in 3 states…… mark my words this will not end well!

Beyond belief!!

Some people, fortunately, have a different idea of the great outdoors

Be like Bob

Meanwhile ……..     what led up to this saga?

Well here he is

Maybe you do


Well, while the lockdown continues it looks like Noah will have to continue with the “Uber Ark” as others have already found gainful employment.

and now onto today’s news ……midday, and the sun is peeking through, roses beginning to leaf up and the grass is coming out of winter hibernation. Some clean up has been done and hopefully it will start warming up and I can spend some leisure & pleasure time out there doing some of the early gardening tasks, and maybe get in the workshop and tart up the trials bikes again.

Up that Waterfall

….. and out for the clean

But before any of that work begins I’m still pushing those pedals to get around the planet, and although at this time of the year it can be very easy to sit and do nothing I’m pushing myself to get out there and try and hit my personal targets.

Sunday, not quite so nice, looks a little stormy! Set off and 6 miles in it starts to rain but I can see the house ahead so arrive as it starts coming down. Doesn’t last long and the mission starts over with another 8 miles as a big black cloud arrives and now some heavy hail to add to the fun. When it dries up a bit out for the last session and finish the day with 22.66 and 122 miles in the last 6 days! Not bad in winter conditions for the 73 year old.

Getting there!

…….. as I said he couldn’t open the bottle

your hands AREN’T big enough!




Let’s try again! I keep taking them but he just won’t go away

April, and Round 4 of those NICE Chemo pills! Unreal side effects that become very annoying especially with this ongoing quarantine regime. Sore hands and heels of the feet, watery eyes and runny nose. Thankfully no nausea or balance problems, but the hand issues and this new session of sudden large bumps like insect bites that will not stop itching. Doctor’s advice take one less pill in the morning …. can’t say as there is any difference but it hasn’t got any worse.

Yikes it’s nasty CCCC’OLD

2 days of awful cycling weather with strong cold winds to start the week so nothing happened on the cycling or gazebo front. Tuesday and really no better but I did force myself out in it but 2 miles down the road I was questioning my own sanity despite being first time out in full thermal headgear and mask. At least I did something and maybe, just maybe, I might be dumb enough to go out again for a few more miles

Yes, it was like that

Even with the crap weather another bitter cold 10.63 joined the total for 243.27 so I’m still on track for the 400 by the end of the month.

Wednesday, very windy but not quite so cold, and not a gazebo day so press on with a 2 part ride with a hot chocolate stop (at home) for a pleasing, but hard work 21.35 miles and then the standard log chopping session to complete outside activities.

Thursday morning ………

time for a little humor……..

Never mind this guy makes up for it

But of course, ONLY HE, can decide!!!

Never mind his decisions, (Ho-Ho) they only last a day …. we will be back to the “blow down wall” soon

Friday again, I think, end of week 1, session 4, of the pills. A better day, bright and sunny and not too windy. A few fun things on Facebook  this morning …… a picture of the BBMF Lancaster PA474 which I had the honor of flying on from 1980 to 1989 and this is one of the designations from 44 Sqn KM B, others were AJ G, Guy Gibson’s 617 Sqn Dambuster’s markings and PM M2, which actually completed over 100 missions, while its predecessor didn’t make it blowing up on the runway on it’s first.

Cherished days

…… and an Aviator’s thoughts on the Coronavirus is fairly accurate re: Opening up the Economy …..

……. and you will hit the ground at 64 mph!












With very little else to do I’m back to riding when the weather lets me complete the mission without turning into a block of ice!

Its not been that easy when that bitter wind is blowing and you can feel it coming through the best thermals you own. When the suns on your back and the winds behind you it changes your mind and you get suckered in. Staying in town seems to be the best way to deal with it by turning down side streets to ease the pain …… well with all that being said,  and riding every day this week, the total has risen to a reasonable 211.62 for the year and with 20 days of quarantine and the month to go my next target will be the 400 mile marker.

Saturday 11 Apr and off for some more despite the wind!

Always a good start when the odometer clicks over into double figures and somehow it then seems easier to build up the numbers, crazy I know, but that’s how it feels. I think when you hit the “10” you feel as though your mission was not in vain. Yesterday I hit 21.02 and 232.64 for the year so only 167 and a bit for the 400 target by April 30th.

Better stay in the “Batcave” and order out Jesus

Easter Sunday then, no chocolate for me!  I NEED those Cadbury creme eggs…….. can I order out ? Today the game plan is to put up the new Gazebo in the garden but its currently cold and windy so we will see.

Lunchtime and still bloody windy! maybe not a Gazebo day? … better get chopping those logs, another 2 basket day. Logs done, all inside and dry just in case it rains …… not much more I can do.

If only I had a chocolate bunny ?

Which ever end you start on they are still yummie!

Here are some getting ready in Greece

Ready to go

Monday 13th April and NOT happy! the side effects from these chemo drugs are driving me nuts …. watering eyes, runny nose, loss of feeling in my fingertips, and swellings like giant insect bites that itch like hell…… apart from that its cold and windy. Second day of nothing, no ride, no gazebo  ….. but no virus either! followed the rules from John Bull



















With the pandemic raging outside and with the Covidiots trying to catch it with their flagrant abuse of the social distancing rules I’m not really surprised that the canine society have had something to say about all the excessive dog walking.

Poor pooch

Piss off!

Not good if you are a Dalmation and all those nice kids are home

and we call them “Covidiots”

Here we are in Egypt, no travel restrictions!

Meanwhile at home things are not much better……..

At the nursing home the survivors are trying some new games

Well, almost time to take Fluffy over to the park by the river,  where all the other dogs go, for his morning run  ……. must say he seems to be putting on a bit of weight lately?

C’mon Fluffy, walkies












Day 4 of the current 30 day lockdown and life goes on. A few smiles from Facebook articles with many glimpses of like minded sense of humor shining through … thank you all!

Still can’t find the other sock!

Amazing the cartoons and pictures that people find and adapt and from my motorcycling friends this one is without doubt my favorite

Sally seated, Edward on the floor

Superglitz, the best Yam I ever built

But let’s not forget the other machine, the “No Excuses” Tiger Cub, which also has been extensively modified from its original design. It arrived from Sammy Miller UK and was a pretty much standard Trials Cub with a “Sammy” rear end, the dreadful Amal, and matching twistgrip which was too small for my hand! Original twisty, clunky forks that topped out every time the front wheel came off the ground, and a nice alloy tank.

What a difference a Carb makes!

First improvement was the Del Orto …… WOW! and some heavy duty B50 forks mated up backwards to fit  a Yam TY175 front wheel with the narrow rim.

B50 forks, in backwards and the Yam wheel….. and better brakes

Down and back …….. Sammy always had high up pegs!

Finally some improved footrests, down and back and homemade. In this fit she wins many, many events and Championships. CAT, AHRMA , and Mountain West.

Just about perfect handling!

Up the steps  at Tucker’s

Down the rocks at Donner

Almost there!

Mudhole in AZ

More tricky bits in AZ

Full bore uphill

The water at Casper

Up the Waterfall at Casper

More water at Casper

Into the bog at Milliken

Out of the bog at Milliken

Time comes for a few changes and a good friend in CA, Ray Iddon, says he will do me a frame, bashplate, footrest hangers, stealth style fuel tank and left side oil tank …….. work begins

Powder coated and ready to go

Change 1 remove lower tube, add Rockshocks

Change 2 expansion chamber, hi-comp piston and new barrel

Change 3 some Apico pegs

Very pretty

It works well!











Superb job!

Not that April 1st has much significance to this boy! He’s at it EVERY  day…….. and then we have all the hoarders, and those that just can’t stay at home, or those that don’t understand SIX FEET!

So there we have it from the Doctor

Freedom of the press ……

……. and another admirer

With life “on hold” as it were, I will eventually get in the workshop and refurbish the trials bikes and of course continue with the social distance cycling thing.

Just in case Sally and Edward ask

Not enjoying the forced layoff

The beauty of “Superglitz”

Yesterday, day 1 of the 30 days of lockdown, was pleasant enough to get another 13.75 ridden round the Equator and if the weather holds I should make 100 by close of play.

Colder and rain in the forecast with strong 20 mph winds so I’ll pass as its too depressing when the conditions make it unenjoyable.

Now let’s see what other doses of stupidity have come from that house painted white?

What can I say ?   …… but wait there’s more

…….. and then when someone in “real authority” tells you of yet another major disaster about to happen …… you do this ……

At least HE did HIS job!!!!

…… And to finish on a brighter note, although bright and sunny it never got past 50F but the intrepid cyclist pushed on for another 17.28 and cracked the first  100 milestone of the year finishing on 105.15









Very cold again this morning with overnight snow which has since melted only to be replaced by a vicious cold strong wind. Most unpleasant and not my kind of cycling weather. No matter, a review of next week’s forecast says temps up to the high 50’s and cracking 60 on a couple of days!

Sunday, not much better weather wise but dogged determination says “you are riding”……. don’t think it will be very far but I must stop being a Wuss and do something …… anything! Finally pushed off and even with a coffee break to restore the circulation another 14.65 hits the book. Hard work with an easterly wind but satisfying after a rather slow week on the pedals.

This Covid 19 thing can be very depressing when you see all the warnings and see you are ticking off too many boxes, over 65? Yes. Respiratory problems? Yes, COPD. Being treated for Cancer? Yes, still on these chemo drugs for life! Only saving grace is NO symptoms, and as of  3/28/20 only one + case in Montezuma County.

Lockdown continued through April, the Loon has at last been persuaded that it is indeed SERIOUS! He comes out with an outrageous statement from thin air claiming the death toll is likely to be 2.2 Million ?   this was later corrected by the health experts to be between 100,000 and 200,000 …….seems 2.2 was a mental leftover from the 2.2 Trillion bail out package.

I think, “sorry I was wrong” would have been better

Weather today looks better after overnight snow and snow showers all morning …….. looking out side I can’t really see an excuse not to get a few more miles. Out I go, not quite as bad today, bit of wind so stay in town and click off another 13.28 and just tomorrow to go before we hit April.

3/31/20, very much “out like a lamb” weather today, bright and sunny, hardly any wind, and temps around 58F …… a no excuse day to be sure! and with that said a pleasant ride in user friendly conditions for another 15.68 miles to complete March on 74.12

We live in HOPE