Another 25.50 cycled today in squally winds from every which way with a break for lunch and finish the Scuffy beds weeding and the odd one or two weeds I missed in the driveway.

Saxo Bank Team Tinkoff outfit

Going through the cycling wardrobe to see what fits and get a few pics of outfits that I don’t usually wear.

Tuesday, 5/26/20 and time to get the car an oil change and some new rear brake pads. Weather improving, not quite so windy and getting warmer ….. and should be up in the 80’s by Thursday which is now the date for the mini service.

Tuesday and two cycling targets, No 1 crack the 1100 mile banner for the year, and No 2 crack last year’s dismal Chemo total of 1113.32 miles. Pleased to say I was through the “1100” before lunch and after a good weeding session the 1113 went too with 26.46 for the day ……… might even crack 1200 by the end of the month ?

Wednesday, more water on the front beds which I discovered yesterday were bullet hard! …… all apart from the pool area where I had left the water on overnight!!! Not very bright! This is how weedy they were before I started …

A lot of weed and grass

Grass and weeds removed

Mucho grasso!

A new patch for some annuals

A Whisky Barrel clematis

I was able to complete the poolside of the rockery and not really a surprise insomuch that the grass came out very easily thanks to the excessive amount of water that I unknowingly applied!

Another hard work cycling day with winds very unpredictable and bloody annoying. Warmer though, and 77F on the Bank Sign. Tough but 26.12 joins the total but no more weeding as the hands were saying enough!

The Shimano rig by the “I love ME Motorcycle Trials Wall”

Thursday, and up early for the car service and Brenda takes the Subaru to the hospital for her follow up with Dr Mattison. Dump the Cadi which was sounding awful and “rivetty” and then cycle 2 miles down to the hospital ….. very warm!

The ride goes well, nice conditions, and I even see 82F on the bank which is the highest temp this year!!! Lots of changes to the plan …. car needs NEW rotors (well no surprise here, as when I last had new tires the fitter said the rear pads needed replacing …… and I forgot all about it) $730 for that bit of Dementia!    ……. so now a 1500 chat with the medical team and then pick up the car.

Out to complete the day’s ride  and back onto the drive at 27.17 completed when PING! and another bloody puncture right out side the house …… that is FIVE in one month, and I had none at all last year. Well at least I know what causes it, it not a penetration of the cover ( well ok, there was 1 thorn, but the others are all concussion bursts)  ….. no matter 31 miles to the 1200 and 3 days to get there.

Master of the Flat !

Come 1500 hours and the video phone call and the medic says STOP taking the pills to give the hands a chance to recover. Collect Cadi and stop by the bike shop for curbside vending of fresh tubes!

Friday and Brenda says “Its plants day!” so we trundle off to see what is left after all the manic buying while lock down was under way. I can only assume that many “non gardeners” bought all the annuals and hanging baskets during March and early April as the whole nursery is just about bare! Needless to say everything that was sold has subsequently frozen as they do say NO planting until very late May or early June. …… precious few of whats left make their way to the car.

City Market not much better but amazingly Walmart has had a big delivery and so far hasn’t killed everything off! A full car load here and we will be back for more when this load is planted. Rest of the day spent weeding with more to come tomorrow.

Saturday and by 0930 I’m in full weeding mode and actually quite enjoying the process ….. hoping to finish today, but I still have a few miles to tack onto the total before nightfall.

Finished the weeding on the Waterfall Bed and I’m well pleased, more of this in the next few articles. another 18.21 hits the books so all round a very good day!















It never stops does it ? In the world card game of “Bridge” we seem to be short suited in Common Sense and playing against the dumbest hand of Trumps!

Here are the Jack, Queen and King of the suit and of course the Ace is missing.

“Meanwhile” The Head Loon friended Jesus I’m told but the request was denied!

I’m assuming this was to give him some free time off this weekend as he clearly needs it after all the nonsense from last week!

Once again his advisors have not yet told him he doesn’t have the authority to override State Governors but let him go his own way and make an even bigger fool of himself.

Malaria drugs and face masks are clearly important issues as you can only imagine and see whatever Dumbshit  does his followers will surely do too!

The mind boggles

Please !

It never stops 

Another “F” on the school report!

……. and then we come to masks and social distancing and maybe being polite to others

……… and so he did …… the Fat Boy goes golfing

and I’m told he cheats

Did you expect anything else?

Morbidly Obese 

Opening up and getting ready for the upsurge of cases

6′ apart from another case

This is REAL Social distancing!

Watch this space for more …….

“Meanwhile”  religious leaders were forced to meet up in a local

Being “FAKE NEWS” it was incorrectly reported ……..

………. and there we have it/rab bit    ……





Peace & Solitude

While the Pandemic rages throughout the World our safety factor isolation continues. With the easing of restrictions 3 new cases in the county has to be expected as visitors seem to be everywhere, especially from AZ, where they have been turning a blind eye to everything going on around them and have in NO WAY adhered to any CDC guidelines.

Up here I’ve completed Round 5 of the Chemo Maintenance pill program but the side effects are very painful to hands and feet with all the peeling and cracking skin.

No real attack on the flower beds, as yet, but we are only 1/2 way through May so I’ll be on it soon when I’ve hit some of those cycling targets. 3 flat tires this week! all from hitting little sharp bits of gravel in the road …… of course you see it frequently happening to Tour de France competitors at some of the worst moments of the race.

Currently my ambitious program is for 3 days of 30+ miles, today being Day 2. Yesterday I was on target and less than 1/4 mile from home when another “ping” and then some tricky steering as the front blew out….. off the bike and walk home in disgust but I will not be beaten and with 28.70 its a quick tube change and out again to make 31.50 for the day.

So today more fun, as I passed 26.70 and going well I see the front going down AGAIN!  …..a little closer and make it home with about 20 lbs left. This time its a needle nosed bullet hard thorn. Located and removed and yet another tube goes in! Total for the day 32.35

Having some serious thoughts on life, or what’s left. Feeling VERY lonely, unwanted, and unloved. Thoughts, are with the World in chaos, zero to look forward to, the chemo medication makes walking painful to impossible and my hands are next to useless.  Perhaps I should stop taking the pills and see how long I have left?  I AM CURRENTLY NOT ENJOYING WHAT THERE IS.

This is what those “nice pills” are doing to my left foot

……. and the right! Very painful and difficult to walk ….. worth it ??

Day 3 of the challenge and I make it to 34.65 without a puncture to be seen! Yearly total now 1010.75    …….. life gets a little BETTER!

Tuesday and despite all the good riding of the last 3 days there will be NONE today and little chance tomorrow as the winds are classed as damaging between 35-50 so the Roubaix gets a rest day or two. Brenda went in to SW Hospital this morning for some plumbing work and the Surgeon has rung to say all went well and she is in recovery so I await the call …… I have to go in anyway for more blood testing and pick up Round 6 of the pills.

Testing, pills, and Brenda all done and collected and home again in the vicious winds which are blowing things over as the wind gusts increase. Maybe some gardening in about an hour or so. The trench was dug, new electric cable fitted across the drive, now working and back filled.

The trench is dug

Backfilled and working

Water flows

Wednesday followed suit with zero riding in the high winds but a good session of gardening and collecting all the fallen branches. Whisky barrels all weeded and their surrounds cleaned up. More gardening in the forecast for Thursday!

After another day of gardening with all the branches picked up, the seed bed by the Maple cleaned out including a couple of years worth of roots from the said Maple. Driveway weeded and some work completed on the Scuffy surrounds which is where I am now.

Seed bed weeded and cleaned of leaves, weeds and roots

You can see where I got to with the weeding  TBC …..

More pruning of roses

The bigger logs from the fall’s wood hunting ready for cutting

Friday and after 3 non riding days time to get back in the saddle and try for another target to keep the enthusiasm in full cry. Next one, is the HALF WAY point, or International Date Line, at 12,451.00 hard fought pedaling miles. Currently I’m at 12,401.68 and the gap is very doable in two days. Following the dismal cancer year’s riding the next target after that will be to crack the 2019 total of 1113.32 which I should manage next week as I’m at 1010.75 for this year already.

DAY 1 of the mission 2/28/16 in full COPD mode and 3.39 miles achieved

Today, 2 part ride with dog feeding and walking in the middle but 30.55 done leaving  just 18.77 to the painted line in the road to mark the 1/2 way point on the IDL or the 180 degree meridian opposite Greenwich.

“Meanwhile”, Saturday 5/23 its the start of Session 6 of those bloody pills and then a couple of hours of leaf blowing, weeding and lawn mowing all before saddling up for the 1/2 way dash. 1200 noon and blowing, mowing, and strimming all complete ….. coffee next!

Off we go into the ever increasing wind, yes another Red Flag Day with high gusty winds!  Nearly 2 hours later I’m back with the sash for making it 1/2 way around the Equator and a couple of extra miles for good measure at 21.78    As they say “Its all downhill from here!” Oh really ?

Yes! first 1/2 done ……… where’s the champagne ?


It tastes good …… very good



















YES, it could come to this

Just when you think it is over HE does it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN! There really is no end to it and his butterfly mind switches from subject to subject without reaching any conclusion or even a glimmer of logic and common sense.

Difficult to say it any other way.

The chaos of re-opening industry and leisure together really have no comparison, and the political suggestion that its essential, by the Loon and cheering on supporters breaking laws, and insulting State Governors is on the verge of inciting a civil war. Why in hell can’t someone get this clown removed from office before he commits any more of this deadly nonsense

Sadly too late, and tha spelin  aint much betterer iether

Arrest them ALL

A gay squad ? Surely there must be a DAM conspiracy?

…… and as if the death toll from the virus is not bad enough the fucking moron now announces he has been on hydroxychloroquine for the last 10 days because “he” thinks it’s good. I’m thinking his family has bought a massive shareholding!

“I’ve heard good reports from lots of great people”

Well as it comes in a fish tank cleaning variety it would help to drain the swamp and killed the last person in Arizona the same afternoon he tried it !

I suppose it is true and you really can’t fix stupid, and it appears its passed down in generations as 3rd in charge Lemon still believes its a democratic hoax

According to him the virus will vanish on 4th November

“MEANWHILE” across the pond it is nice to see there is still some good coming from others as Capt Tom pushed his walker around his garden to raise money for the National Health Service on his 100th birthday. He raised 32Million GBP for his efforts, WELL DONE SIR!

For his endeavors, HM The Queen, promoted him to honorary Colonel, something I have not seen in my years in the RAF, and clearly his efforts touched the Queen and she has decided to give him a Knighthood   ……. how absolutely wonderful!

Well done Sir Tom

as for this bunch of dummies I wouldn’t give you my garden weeds for the whole lot of them.

Thank God

Well that time of the year again for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, as if there hasn’t been enough awful weather for the South and Mid West for the last 7 months or more ?

I’m sure they will!

Outside it is then

……… but as you are a Harley rider I can hardly expect you to wear a mask as you won’t wear a fucking helmet!


……. and finally, ……..

It’s all about TIMING

these stickers too










Seems about right

Here we are again  and despite my sore hands its time for full blown weeding to get underway.  Still a little early for planting out and collecting hanging baskets. Very little left at the local nursery as everybody has bought up everything, which of course will freeze and die before we get underway with totally frost free days ….. even the bedding plants have nearly all gone!!!!!

This month is normally a great month for wild asparagus but our one look around the ditches where it has been in the past revealed nothing not even cut stems!

Super good and free!

Yesterday I just couldn’t get going, every time I decided to do a task I  immediately changed my mind as the winds kept changing direction and strength. The weeding task was “reviewed” but nothing happened, other avenues explored but no action. Eventually with little interest I pushed off on another 2 phase ride in the increasing wind gusts. 22.85 went in the books but not the most pleasant by any means.

It does get somewhat depressing with the “self interest” political nonsense all blaming each other rather than uniting for the common good and what they are supposedly being paid to do.

The Loon in Chief doesn’t like anything that contradicts his own loopy theories and refuses to answer any serious questions with a straight forward response. Now he has turned on his best and most reliable advisor so we can expect him to be fired in the very near future.

Perhaps he thinks he’s getting the Clorox Vaccine

Only for the “Chosen One”

After all the rants and raves the medical team are  in self quarantine

Well never mind, rest is always good and we have at last found the TP stockpile in Colorado

……… American Idol found it and can fix the problem thanks to Lionel Richie

While I can see the need to get schools reopened for the fall session which actually starts in mid August or even earlier, with this current new wave of child infections that really might not be such a brilliant Trump idea, unless we would like to infect school teachers and the bus drivers. Judging by their current student’s inability to spell anything from where they live, to major everyday words, that they can chant but cannot spell, I can’t believe a whole year off school will make any difference to their level of knowledge ………….

…….. and I offer the following exhibits into evidence   …..

The Prosecution rests ……..

But wait!   ……. there’s more as we also need to get a school’s cabinet member who actually works for improving schools, now wouldn’t that be nice, perhaps History, maybe even some American History, in depth appreciation for Native Americans, and a little world and home geography

it’s getting to be ridiculous  ……..but sadly TRUE

She needs to be behind those bars

Of course testing will be required but even here the obvious  meets with the insane and quite frankly its impossible to understand how politicians can be so party orientated and downright fucking stupid!

Perhaps he is unaware f this

But as we know from these goofs  Economics takes priority, but how do you re-fire spending and confidence when the very people you want to “spend”  are out of work? 

Regardless of the dangers Trump is forcing the 33 million out of work to sacrifice themselves and others for some menial form of employment which will in NO WAY bolster the economy as buying and selling worldwide is not happening as we are all in the same boat which sadly is NOT SAILING!!!

Thanks a lot

…….. and still he is allowed to get away with it ????? REMEMBER HENRY VIII and a certain Archbishop ……… the phrase starts off in a similar manner   “Who will rid me of this troublesome PRE …..”












Another Sinko de Mayo, but you get to eat!

……. and I’m one of them

I’m with you ……. more common sense from the man below who should be the NEXT President

A lot of good intentions for today but ……….. along comes the Gale Force Wind and down come the branches and after many false starts I’m forced to accept this is a no riding day!

I did actually manage to move all 5 hanging basket brackets as the fir trees in the lower Whisky Barrels have grown so  more clearance is required. That was it for a disappointing Thursday with the second ZERO of the week due to high winds.

Friday, 8th May, again bright and sunny, but not quite so warm but the intrepid cyclist bangs in the third 30+ day of the week with a 31.73 and the total surges forward to 757.22 for the year.

Saturday, and time to ride a few more windy miles before some extra  photos for the Infinity Seat competition. I seem to get more ideas by the day but so far haven’t captured any of them ….. perhaps today is the day?

“Meanwhile,” I do hope some of the Governors open up the libraries as some of the electorate need a few history lessons as to where various flags came from.

History lessons required

These belong to NO nation and should be burnt!

All “very good people ?”

Windy, very windy miles completed, on the morning run, getting even worse now as the lunch break is over. Brenda back from a shopping run and seems the populace has decided that masks don’t matter anymore as people are out and about. Zero social distancing and the disaster about to begin ALL OVER again! 5 more positive cases in the county in the last 2 days …….. watch this boom ….. again, mark my words!!! Phase II is coming.

Despite the Loon’s statements from the White House there are now 2 cases in the West Wing and as yet the husband of the second case will not quarantine with his wife. It never ceases to amaze me that these buffoons think that immediately testing is the ALL CLEAR when of course it will take a few days to incubate and manifest itself in the next batch of infected individuals. DUMB must be BLISS!

At the Post Office, didn’t use this shot as the sign behind on the bike rack, that I wanted, can’t be deciphered due to the sun!

The afternoon goes pretty well with a mega photo shoot for the Infinity Competition and another 26.76 joins the riding total. Well at least I should have a bunch of entries and we will see how that goes as there is a rather nice saddle I would like to win in blue/white to match the Roubaix.

Tribute to Mother’s Day

Peace at the Lake

Sunday and Mother’s Day here in the US. A few miles to start after pumping up the slow leak in the rear tire. Just make it back past the house when there is a giant “ping” from a stone and shortly after that the wobbly feeling as the tube gives in! Well no big surprise there so back home and change the tube. Inside of tire inspected and fresh tube in and pumped up to 95 psi and after a coffee check the pressure again …. all good and out for another 10 miles, when “ping” again and a slow ride in with yet another puncture!!!! not my lucky day but I did crack 800 for the year.

Brenda made the BEST Quiche EVER!!

Overnight rain as forecast so the quarantine continues with a wet weather program. First up some new tires and tubes for the Roubaix and then workshop cleaning and reorg.

Better do both while I’m at it

Job done NEW rubber all round

Weather seems to be improving, although black ominous clouds down the valley but maybe a few miles after the tire change? Tires done, better check the weather and see if I can recover some unexpected miles this afternoon. 13.66 achieved despite the darkening gloom and build up of winds. Made it home as the skies went black and no sooner had the coffee in my hand and it started raining.

Tuesday, and supposedly very windy for the next 3 days. Getting used to it but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Grass needs mowing again and maybe riding after that.

Grass mowed, side of property strimmed ….. good morning’s effort and  time for an afternoon ride….. wind picking up as the forecast said 15-25 with 35 mph gusts! Hard work but 18.74 better than nothing.

Talking of nothing …… where is the next stimulus check ???? maybe the Dictator has decided that without money people will be forced back to work, regardless of safety, to appease the arsehole’s desire for the economy

Well done Trump

Back to blaming China for everything and Obama for what ever’s left there is never and end to it and if someone argues he stomps off!

She asked a question that he said was “nasty”

HE has to GO!!


When it’s over a holiday will be needed but currently this is the CASE

Got to love it





The time has come for some more Competition Entries!

A little narrative first, Since last week another 160 miles have joined the total for the Equator ride and as of today I’m 200 miles short of the 1/2 way mark of 12,451 miles. 2 days off due to red flag warnings and nasty 25-35 mph winds but No Rest days due to “Numb Bum Syndrome” thanks to Infinity!!!

Onward and Upward then with a batch of entries in this blog format as the pictures look better in this context.

Mother’s Day      ……. and the day starts with my Tarot card ….

6 of Wands …….. meaning:  You are a winner ?  ever hopeful!


Mother’s Day   …… you suggested it

Gone but not forgotten


Should have bought INFINITY, then you wouldn’t have abandoned so close to the finish




The message here, in the Post Office bike rack, is a bicycle converts energy to 3,000 miles per gallon ……. 4 gallons for me for the 12,000 target


The Trail Maps around our Reservoir

Bit tough on a road bike!


Here’s ME … hand launching the Roubaix and Infinity javelin style


Reflecting on ripples on the road to Infinity  ….. peace and comfort


Should have bought your Ass an Infinity!

Trust ME … Asses love Infinity!

Of course in the world of Motor Cycle Trials we NEVER sit down

Up the stairs

Up the cliff

Dive, Dive, Dive!

Coming down

……… and finally “I like the blue/white seat!”……   Judges

INFINITY …. “the best there is”



A lot to do…… waiting

While the nice warm weather continues, gardening and workshop clean up will be in full swing along with cleaning up the trials bikes which have been sadly lacking attention. …….. Meanwhile, the Infinity bike saddle competition keeps adding an extra week for close of entries so time for some more ideas in that department.

Saturday and a full gardening day with an all out attack on the rose bed. The mission was long and arduous and there were some losses! Mainly to my arms during the afternoon hand to hand battle. Several beers later the pool pumps were reactivated and water flowed. Much later sprinklers were switched on but one maybe toast and didn’t seem to be working well.

With hardly any rain or other precipitation the lawn and flower beds are unseasonably dry so full speed ahead on the sprinklers, and yet more fun as the deluge trips the circuit breaker for the pool pumps!

Out in the constant windy afternoon conditions, but sunny and warm. People are now misbehaving and cars, travel trailers and RVs are everywhere???? we may be lucky in our neck of the woods but you lot either have faith or are completely mad as in my opinion we have a long, long way to go. Mine was 22.50 but enough for today. I did see a really good setting for a “Infinity Competition” shot with some gorgeous yellow tulips which are a very similar shape to the seat.

Monday and strong winds getting stronger and stronger…… pool pump  circuit breaker will not reset! Not a good day. Nothing gets done!

Tuesday again, my watch tells me, and weather a little cooler but the winds are not too bad. Good morning session after an earlier than usual start …… I see the Montezuma Restaurant is serving take away briskly, well it is their day after all…


Not a good day if you are a Tiger

Out again as the wind isn’t killing yet and after a few more “infinity site selections” run out the day on 30.63 which sort of makes up for yesterday’s no ride day. Red Flag warnings for the next 2 days so most riding will have to be done earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, lunacy continues unabated……. why and for what did you buy all this military hardware????????

Fortunately ……

assuming you get there in time

It does seem to be true that “you can’t fix stupid” and none more true than yesterday’s statement from the White House that they were considering closing down and disbanding the Corona Virus Task Force !!!!!!  ,…… all this in light of the latest model predictions of 3000 dead/day in June ……. well it seems they have reconsidered, but even the mere thought is just unbelievable …..

Now I’m not a political animal but there are a LOT of people who really have had enough

and this one when discussing his Space Force, whatever they are for

In the meantime I’ll just keep riding the bike and look forward to the future although I don’t like the idea of these …

Ugly critters

Which gives rise to ……….


Winds fail to make the forecast force so riding continues for another 30.65 driving the numbers up to 725.49 for the year.

Yes, it’s an Infinity










I’m going for “once round the Equator, 24,902 miles”

The mission to circumnavigate the Planet Earth continues despite today’s cold winds from the North.  Slightly warmer,  as I set off to crack the 400 mile barrier on 4/22/20 ……. and I’ll be out there until the job is done!         Some time later I return having completed the task and adding a few “bonus” miles to the tally which now stands at 406.40  ……. and I still have 8 days left in the month to rack up some extra mileage.

Thursday, I believe, (they all seem the same) a little warmer, but still with the strong swirling wind. No matter, go out once more and yet more miles go in the collection pot.

Looking to find some interesting locations around town for a photo contest for a NEW Infinity cycling saddle. I’m currently using one and I’m well impressed and don’t suffer from that “numb bum”.

Talking Numb Bum, no other way to describe him, 2 of his latest lunatic ideas ….. strange when you never do anything about the outcome you switch back to old favorites “The Border Wall”,  those nasty “Iranians” and the “Covid 19 Saga” all of which you know cock all about!

This one slays me after 30 years flying in the RAF …..

Having spent a lot of time in Iran, and then more latterly as a Top Gun Instructor to the Royal Saudi Air Force, and flying during the Gulf War ……..

No Gunboats up here!

…….. and the latest……. and the most lunacy EVER to be said “let’s inject Covid 19 + people with disinfectant as it kills the bug” !!!!!!

God help us all!

To the tune of “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”

Saturday, weather improving, temps on the way up, winds not quite so strong….. so while the “disinfectant saga” rages I’ll research some more saddle shoot locations and bang in a few more miles.

Finished with Round 4 of the chemo pills and the side effects on my hands are awful!!!

I’m falling to bits!

Finger tips numb, no sensitivity

The Gazebo goes up ! ….. the miles are done, and on target.

NEW Gazebo up and ready

Sunday, supposedly warmer (that will be nice) but then windy come the afternoon so better get the most part on the morning run.1st run complete, just need another 8 miles later this afternoon ….. not quite as windy as forecast, and nice and warm! Miles done!

Monday morning and very nice weather with a standard light Easterly wind which will turn Westbound this afternoon…….. time for more miles and less thermals as it supposed to make 73 F. Other news the Nutbrain in Chief won’t play anymore in his daily drivel briefings after his awful Disinfectant Showdown, oh well, I guess its back to the ridiculous Wall nonsense ……

Here we go again!

Yesterday warm and sunny, one layer of clothing removed, might even try shirt and shorts today. I actually saw 71F on the Bank’s thermometer for the first time this year as I rode on to 31.77 for the day.

Off for the blood draw again in Cortez so not so much saddle time today but I have those extra miles in the bank. Blood and more pills all done and a Tuesday sort out of riding gear that still fits 177 lbs of cycling force! Only 16.68 this afternoon in less than pleasant high, gusty winds but I had a few extra miles in the bank.

Here we are, April 29th, Edward’s birthday, and he turns 40 today! For my part its a short sleeve & shorts day for the pasty body but if the weather stays like this a tan is just around the corner. Due to the Doctor’s video conference and muddled timings the ride became a three part affair in some warm but strange windy conditions. 30.40 for the day and a little pinkness for the pasty body ! its a good start for the tan.

He really doesn’t care

Thursday, 30th April and the last day of Lockdown as Economy overtakes Safety and Common Sense. For my part I have 2 goals for today, but more of those later.

Nice to see the Deputy Loon observing all the GOV guidelines by attending the Mayo Clinic, and despite advice, zero social distancing and no fucking MASK!!!!

The morning goes well  after dragging the hibernating mower out of the toolshed. Grumpy little bastard wouldn’t start, eventually sorted out plug and carb and away we go for “Mow 1” of 2020. Just need to do a bit of strimming around the pool edging and the tricky bits under the lawn swings and electrics. Out for phase 1 of the mileage targets and then time for some lunch.

Morning targets all done

Warm and windy again and a bit overcast but should hit target 2 later on this afternoon. Even warmer at 74F this afternoon and last target passed at 27.83 for the day and 530 for April bringing the 2020 total to 615.18 …….. and if I add that to the “World Cruise” I’m at 12,006.11 ……. next target “1/2 Way” at 12,451.00

That’s all for April 2020