Does the “stance” remind you of anyone ?

Many may have thought “The headless chicken” was just a story but in fact is was actually TRUE ! and it went on to live for over a year after decapitation!!!

Yes, you can accuse who you want, whether you know them or not, maybe never met them, but after all they are all tremendous very good people

Wark, wark, chuckup chuckup, bwaaarkk

No, chickens don’t Tweet!

Being headless its easy to see why the mind acts like a butterfly and can’t settle on any one task for any length of time or even see it through to the end?

…….. and the Mexicans will pay for it ……. Oh really?

Well, let’s see how that’s going

3 years in and 93 miles built, ……. well not exactly as 90 miles was replacement of some other barrier……

Part of the “new” 3 miles    ……… looks like we let Jared sort out the contracts …… te, he, he!

Oh dear, look what a 40 mph wind does if your contractor has never built a wall before and knows “cock all” about foundations !

…… are we paying the Mexicans for their trees ???

Well while we were waiting a pandemic arrived and let’s see how that went and how we handled it

…….. and then a black man gets murdered by Police on video, let’s see how that went ……

Not so good

Oh well, back to the rallies

More headless chickens

…….. still more

Officially Brain Dead

Better try another Hot Spot, how about Arizona ?  Yep wildfires and stupidity abound

Damm it’s hot, yes and that Covid thing has record cases and nearly all the ICU beds are full !

No masks, more brain dead, and tubing on the salt river with zero social distancing 

….. and finally here we are coming up to the end of June with states about to go back into lockdown (if they have any sense, and I doubt it on present showings) …… but let’s keep ourselves focused on that election!

What a leader !














We heard all about it a month ago, 3 trillion, I believe the number was ……. then absolutely nothing?

Here’s what other countries are getting, and our pittance of a few dollars of $1200 ran out in the 3rd week of JUNE !! …… and living on $120 a week really doesn’t crack it !

Not just me then ?    ….. good news it appears the Gov paid one, yes one million dead people a stimulus check for over $1.4 Billion, not sure how the math works for that 

The Wheels stopped going round and round way back in mid March when we went on to the very extended, terrific, great, very good people’s lock down.

Of course Loon in Chief has now washed his hands of all that, seems to have forgotten all about the economy, building any walls,  dealing with black lives matter, riots, looting, setting up communes in the middle of Seattle, and switched over to threats to all, especially those tearing down and defacing history’s monuments, pardoning criminals, abusing his position and justice, to forge ahead with very dull rallies to exceedingly dull people in the nations highest Covid 19 spiking states …… and no masks or social distancing required, as we have this pandemic thing beaten …….. according to the Chosen One who we know is a stable Genius !!!!!

More here than at the rally

Now here is a message from the Chosen one, of course he’ll say he never said it, doesn’t even know the man etc, very bad people etc


Sorry Clown, the Nation does NOT NEED rallies, or any other dumb political nonsense, and certainly any more pack of lies concerning the ongoing, and ever increasing Pandemic that YOU have washed your hands of !

Well that 1 has GONE !

Very soon we WILL be in TOTAL LOCKDOWN AGAIN !!!!

Well ? we are all asking 

that about sums up the Trump era!

Still he does have the power to “pardon” Turkeys, perhaps one day they will do the same for him!

Here, Here









While manic politics rages harder than the pandemic and stupidity abounds and is now widespread in some people I would not have expected to be so seriously inflicted even to the point of critical and requiring ICU treatment!

Another nail on the head

Well on the mileage front my endeavors continue and apart from, “dismal Tuesday”, when the wind was just too strong, I’ve been well over the “30” and no missed days.

A good Friday on 36.43

Saturday, and supposedly “light and variable winds”, horse shit! wild and blustery from the SW, and hard to deal with but no matter, try the Telluride run and make it up to South Fork for 12.5 before turning round. Another afternoon burst nets 33.43 for the day and a smidge over 210 miles for the week ….. must be a record here!

10 days left in the month and starting at 1628.10

So Saturday was also Solstice day and No maidens dancing through the gardens in the wee small hours. Many years ago I was stationed at A&AEE at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire which is a few miles from the famous Stone Henge on Salisbury plain.

Stone Henge  ……. as a good a Henge as you will see anywhere!

Considering the time frame of the building of this the engineering is quite unbelievable and there must have been several “trial and error” situations before these mammoth rocks were hauled into place.

What was I doing there you ask ? Well A&A EE stands for Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment and I was there assigned to 22JSTU testing the Martel TV guided bomb. We had a small fleet  of pre-development DH 110s or the Sea Vixen FAW1 which were wicked little beasts and, bloody fast, considering the year I’m talking of is 1970 !!

The primary training bird, XJ 481 with the glass nose

Evil little mother!

The primary “Firer” XJ 476 painted all white which we would launch the Martel from over Aberporth Bay in Wales

Enough then about aeroplanes and tales of daring do. Back to Solstice time and those strange people up in Seattle who have just given us this……

apparently go even nuttier at Solstice time with a nude cycling parade (no we don’t have any of that in Dolores)

Could it BEE my BE all you can BE outfit ?


?        ?        ?

so as I arrived home yesterday afternoon the front tire was slowly deflating which as it already had a pinhole in the tube really didn’t surprise me. However, keen to be on the road again I was mighty pissed off to find the rear was also flat so two flats for the price of one ….. hope these inner sleeves arrive soon!

Fresh tubes, front and rear but now the bloody wind has got up again and that does not amuse me! OK, I give in…… today has now become an Official Rest Day with much Moscow Mule drinking courtesy of daughter Sally …….(Father’s Day)

Monday and time to get back on track after yesterday’s official rest day. Weather forecast had changed from light and variable winds to RED FLAG, 30 mph gusts, so a determined effort to get out there before the winds picked up …..this I did, very warm, verging on really nice.

I need a haircut! but I got another 35.21 miles

Tuesday and more determination shows I could burst through the 1700 mile banner if I put my mind to it as just under 37 miles is all I need today. Pleasant enough morning run and just over 30 is done. The afternoon is windier but 40.38 says enough is enough and I’m now on 1703.69 with 7 more days in the month.

40.38 which is pretty good for me, now 13,094.62 around that Equator !

Wednesday comes and goes, once more my forecaster forgot to say anything about the gale force winds! Never mind and 30.75 gets done although things are not looking too good as Brenda is not feeling well (not Covid related) and we are waiting for the electrician who fixed slot 4 last year for $1600 and yesterday the power  went out again!

Waited for the electrician who failed to show, so no more riding but some weeding done ….. as long as you do something! Well the 19.07 helps but put me a few miles behind where I wanted to be.

Friday and more miles top out at 36.51 ……

Saturday, now the internet has gone down so I’m back on the mission with another 36.86 to finish the week on 1826.81 and still 3 days left in the month …….. might even crack 2000 by 4th July ?










Not a spare seat in the house, other than the 12,000 unoccupied

Wow, what a following !

So another much ado about nothing with a less than a third filled auditorium and nothing of importance to talk about …… sounds like a Covid 19 morning briefing or a State of the Union address.

But then they wisely didn’t turn up! Be wise or be dead!

Guess they didn’t get in along with the other 12,000 supporters, what a shame ….. such very terrific good people! Nice flags too

Fucking dreamers!!!

but wait there’s more

Never mind, lets try Arizona

Can’t be many left then !













With new cases in over 20 states and Republican denial, that its only because of testing,  never mind the HUGE spikes in CASES in Florida, Texas, and Arizona who ALL recorded their highest number of cases THE RALLY WILL GO ON !

Sadly no hope here, sorry!

Oh, by the way its still a Dem Hoax

Well ?

Nothing to worry about, its only flu

But never mind, we have a hospital bed for you, no PPE or ventilators though, we sent them to Russia

no worries then

Very terrific idea for all these great, good, terrific people with single figure IQ’s

However thankfully your views are not the only ones around,    you manic bastard!

and on a more personal look

Not alone with these points

not forgetting some of the other essential job requirements

……. and from a well known late night host

MEANWHILE  in sleepy Montezuma County what was once just a few cases has started up the “hill”. Here are the numbers as at 5/29/20 …… and then everybody in all the visiting states, namely Texas and Arizona, gave up on all the precautions and arrived …… today in just 3 weeks we have gone from 43 to 66

and of course it will only get worse

beyond me, and all for what ?  …. yet more empty promises and a pack of lies

I’m afraid I just don’t see it

Well if I hadn’t been told I would have said this was Clint Eastwood

The garden is coming along nicely













Warmer? yes, wind gusting 30 !   ….. another crap cycling day. Getting to the point of depression as everything else in life is becoming awful to boot! Staying the safe social distancing, wearing gloves and mask, disinfecting things, fighting the side effects of the chemo drugs and of course cancer itself ……… and ALL for WHAT ?

Forecast for 30 mph winds, day and night, until Tuesday ….. great! Well at least I can do some weeding in the meantime. ….. and now, a weather alert …… Strong Winds gusting 55 mph !

I pushed on with some more weeding of the driveway and rose bed, which is looking very nice this year. Then  replanting of cotoneaster seedlings, of which there were three. Out with a dead fir tree which was a shame but when they die they sure look scruffy.

Two more fir trees died over the winter for no apparent reason which is a bit annoying as they seemed to be in prime condition. I wonder what killed them and left the others around them to flourish?

? very annoying

Despite the less than perfect conditions for our vintage cyclist I shall be trying for a few more today just to show willing and not give up in the face of adversity. Another two-parter with 19+ in the morning after a late start. Clean up on a large fallen branch amid all the fluff from the cottonwood tree and then out for part 2 which seemed a bit easier even though it was blowing like hell. Total for the day a happy 31.22

Looks like I was a bit behind with the watering of my new plants with the strong drying winds and higher temperatures! Serious dose of  rectification in that department and back on track with happy plants.

Monday and no change with the dreadful winds and now suddenly three local wildfires all within 20 miles. Never mind not within my riding zone so out for another two-parter and 32.51 joins the tally as I approach my next target of the 1500 mile banner.

For whatever reason the winds are even stronger today and one huge gust had me in a minor panic mode and some rapid reactions to get my feet out of the cleats before I had a disaster!

After 13.65 miles of this I called it quits and can only hope it abates later in the afternoon. It didn’t, so I didn’t and the target stayed intact!

Wednesday and really no change, the wind is still fierce, the temps are still good and my plants seem to have bedded in. The quest goes on finishing at 27.84 for the day and well clear of the 1500 marker on 1523.39 so realistically maybe 1750 by the end of the month?

Wednesday and out in a  vintage US Army “BE all you can BEE” outfit which was their advertising slogan circa 2000 ….. even comes with matching socks

Busy Bee








That about sums it up!

What is wrong people ?  what don’t you understand ? Some trigger in all this chaos and the Western World goes doolally ……. are we all going fucking nuts ?

Try doing SOMETHING !!!!

He was neither a LOOTER NOR RACIST, he was an Explorer

Stick to the real FACTS

Beauty and History defaced for what?

and while this is going on it carries over to the United Kingdom with uneducated fools attempting to destroy British Heritage

A truly GREAT MAN in any crisis

Do they deserve this ?


and moving on into the more absurd …

I doubt there was ONE black life in Scotland in the 1400’s. Such total ignorance!

Bomber Command Memorial, (WWII) for the uneducated, keeping the nation from being occupied by NAZI Germany

Sir Robert Peel who founded the Police to protect YOU,  being protected by normal citizens in Bury

…… and I was THERE for this one

While anyone with a glimmer of an education, or any interest in history, or your own heritage, could possibly be “offended” by Robert the Bruce is totally beyond me! We might as well be protesting against the Danes for letting the Vikings invade ancient Britain raping and looting all they saw.

On a humorous note how’s this one ?

…….better tell Robert that there is a wall up there built by Hadrian that will need to come down too

The Romans thought this was the “End” of Civilization

Plenty of bricks for protesters ….. no need to bring your own

It really is difficult to know where to start when dealing with some genuine problems and grievances and people’s right to peacefully protest injustices but the violence, looting and criminal destruction of beautiful statues and memorials is going way too far and will do nothing for the cause. That having been said nobody seems to be doing anything about all this wanton damage to property, the non stop arson of buildings and businesses, taking over police precincts, torching police cars and forming ridiculous hillbilly communities in the center of Seattle.

Masks optional

A block in Seattle ……… time to sort it people!

Back on the Transporter

A fitting memorial for all those destroyed

The shouting and screaming of so called peaceful protests, while not conforming to the current health guidelines, will as they have been told, lead to the inevitable spike in cases ……. but of course LEMON – CHIEF is pressing on with more ridiculous rallies while telling them the Covid 19 thing is a Democratic Hoax but requiring them to sign a “no sue” clause in case they get it.

……. a fitting memorial or manurial?












The mission to get around the Equator in my lifetime continues and is a welcome relief from all the other World problems of an Imbecile President, the Coronavirus pandemic, and a badly handled Police murder against a Black man in handcuffs, which then resulted in yet more violence and looting.

A ridiculous farce, with ALL the evidence ON CAMERA, they could, and should, have ARRESTED them ALL THAT DAY !

“Oh, by the way hows that WALL coming on ?”

Sharpie, sharpie!

Well enough of that, my own personal social distancing continues unabated from my Infinity saddle of the S-Works Roubaix which is having its own mayhem from mini thorns which I’m collecting on a daily basis …… 7 punctures in 4 weeks this year and none at all in 2019.

I’m finding these on a daily basis !

OK, I went for it as the tube changing is becoming a pain

Hopefully the answer to the Maiden’s prayer

Two more this morning! Where the F*** do they keep coming from? No matter, our intrepid cyclist will not be put off by minor setbacks and is on the road again …….

Quickstep outfit and the “blackcat”

Big changes in the weather for the weekend with thunderstorms, high winds and 90% chance of heavy rain …… clearly not a riding weekend so settle in with the blog. Even some talk of down to freezing on Monday night!

The last week went pretty well and by end of play on Monday 6/1/20 the total for the year was a happy 1232.45

6/1/2020 with 1232.45 in the bag

Tuesday became an all gardening day with a lot of work completed on the top side of the center fir tree bed. A lot more done than I had planned on doing but the result was good!

Covered in the dreaded arsebine

…… but wait, there’s more …….. and a lot more!

1 Day later

Getting there

Front of House complete with baskets and some replacement firs

Shade Garden ferns all in

Slow build up but coming …….

Wheelbarrow  done!

After the Tuesday weeding day, time for some more miles, with some mini gardening tasks to fill in. The peonies get re-tied, cables and water pipes all buried, and the corners of the center bed are continued after some bed watering.

Get ‘er done

3 days of over 30 miles a day runs the total up to 1324.06 by close of play on Friday afternoon …… now the weather is awful and forecast to get worse, although just at this minute it’s sunny but very windy.

How nasty is that ?   Made it round the corners on both ends so could finish today or tomorrow 

Assbine, assbine wherefore art thou ?

The main forecast for damaging thunderstorms did not happen and the skies cleared, it became reasonably warm, but very windy, and a lot of falling branches. Too windy for me on the bike so back to the weeding which was actually quite pleasant as the soil was in perfect condition to complete the task.

Sunday 6/7/20 and weather much the same, very windy, but other than cycling,  acceptable for more of the weeding! Might get the job close to finished if I can crack on ?

Good session up to lunch break for coffee, quite enjoyable insomuch that with perfect soil you can see what you are doing as the bed gets cleared.

Coming to the final stretch of the edging

Almost there!

Full blown afternoon with good progress, and in celebration of 6/6 beachheads established on all targets by 1600 hours.

So here we are approaching the beaches at Normandy…. to your left… the British attack Sword with the Canadians on Juno by the two white stepping stones. British take Gold by the two grey rocks in front of the salvia . Americans take the right on Omaha and Utah

Mission to be completed tomorrow when we forge inland ….. good job men!

The dawn raid went in and met severe opposition with dense tangled assbine in trenches between the rocks. Damage was heavy and progress very slow in the arduous conditions. Defences included mass root clumps under more rocks and grass interspersed between growing plants and weeds of all descriptions. The center section is now cleared as we await reinforcements to finish off the right side and clifftops. Weather conditions are reported as sunny with a strong swirling wind from the West and North west.

By 1600 the beds were finished as temperatures went down in the increasing wind. Not sure how cold it got but the forecast was 28F and hanging baskets and other frail summer plants came into the Inn for overnight refuge.

Some early roses from the Rose Bed

Today not much warmer but we will be back to the 80’s in a couple of days. So, here we are at Tuesday 6/9 after 3 non riding days and its back to the hospital this morning for yet more blood letting before the team decide whether I’m back on the pills. Good time for a quick drive-by at Walmart and see if they have any more Dianthus and my favorite Ice plants.

Blood work complete, drive by at Walmart revealed no new plants so patience is a virtue and I’ll wait for later in the week when it warms up as currently its only 47F !!! Snow in the mountains and over 12″ at Alta and Snowbird in Utah….. and they are actually skiing!

Tuesday becomes the 4th non riding day in a row due to these awful winds, but another day at the garden resulted in the bed being finished, weeds (formally the lawn) mowed, other areas around the property strimmed and slot 5 cleaned up for a new resident.

So today, the winds seem calm, the temps are on the way up and those miles will soon be in the book. After the 4 day layoff the legs did not complain and I was able to hit 34.18 miles for the day and still make it home in one piece.

Good one!

Now as Albert reminds me time to press on with the task and enjoy the better weather now that I’m garden free for a few days

C’mon Al !

Good morning run and pleasant lunch, now time for another run at Walmart and a few more plants are home just after 1500 so time to get out there again and smack another 36.60 on the nose. Planting tomorrow!

Very good,       70+ miles in 2 days!

The planting is done, and some serious watering as the temps are way up and indeed when I eventually get out there both temps and wind are high! That bloody wind makes everything hard work and although a straight 30 would have been nice for a 100 in 3 days all I could muster was 23.33 for the afternoon which brings the total up to 1418.17 for the year. The Grand total for getting around the Oblate Spheroid, or Earth, is now 12,809.10 so lookout 13K !

12,809.10 and still going despite the bloody wind!





By Friday, 6/5/20 the case number had risen 46 and then 50 on 6/7/20 and 7 New cases this morning on 6/8/20 which is somewhat alarming ! 58 cases on 6/10/20

I hope you can’t catch it weeding?

Sorry, it’s going to be a VERY LONG 12th Night !

We will wait and see!!

Testing Continues

Your friendly Walmart Greeter!

Of course if you have other plans we can also help in that department as well

How thoughtful ?

If its something for personal defence then maybe this ?

Personally I prefer a 7 mm Mag … or if improved education is what you are looking for in these troubled times get the School activity bus to take you on a REAL Farm visit !

I’m afraid I despair !!!!

Never mind in times of crisis strong leadership will prevail, but of course that requires a leader


I always wondered why he stood like that in the “Leaning Trump Tower of Pizza” pose?

…… and no, it doesn’t get any better …….

A 75 year old man is forcefully shoved and falls

He cracks his skull on the pavement and starts bleeding …….

This complete Dumbfuck says he was a violent ANTIFA protestor and that “he” staged the fall to make it look worse  …….. man you are a sick deranged individual!!!

Let’s not forget what this IS all about ….. a Black man being murdered in police custody!

Slavery stopped here !   ….. and NO MORE Confederate Flags

Now perhaps you understand   …… but I doubt it

It would also appear all my UK taxes sorted out any slavery debts I didn’t even know about

From HIS Bunker Suite

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

…….. and you wonder why ?







No doubt about it,  the Butterfly flies we know not where? it flits from plant to plant and cares not where it lands!

The TRUMP 2 cent  BLUE!

…… and if that wasn’t enough some strange birds came through the garden, certainly ones I had not seen here in Colorado.

The leader seems to be holding a rally with the porcelain models ?

Off again

I wonder who ?

Well of course, news channels, political reporters, White House press secretaries, and other boot lickers all rush to his defence, but surely they must be  getting tired of this non stop stupidity and lack of leadership?

I thought the last one was rude but this one is beyond the box, rocks and all!

How can you justify clearing a street of protesters with tear gas and flash grenades so that a handful of goons can hold a “photo op” at a church that none of them attend  ….. and for what? ….. then disappear into a bunker for “a very tiny short time” …. and I quote, and turn all the lights out… ????

OK, got it, we needed the photo so that we can see all the political comparisons   ……. well this might be it ?

Could be accurate, and I like the “Bunker” story, which in his case makes a lot of sense

Night , night

Meanwhile across the nation

Well he’s gone to bed now



110,000 dead…  and for the Clown in Chief who wants to be King

…… and for the FACT checkers, the “photo shoppers” made a large mistake as that is ACTUALLY a QUEEN’s  CROWN  !!!!

NOTE the crown on this Royal Air Force Officer’s hat badge ….. a King’s Crown

MY, Royal Air Force Officer’s hat badge with the Queen’s Crown

So with $25 trillion already gone how about some more as my 10 week relief check of $1200 has gone ?

…… and $1200 is the best we can do for 10 WEEKS ?

……. and so as Stupidity cases spike here is one that i actually enjoyed …… you might see or SEA the similarity

” There isn’t any iceberg.

There was an iceberg but it’s in a totally different Ocean

The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon

There is an iceberg but we didn’t hit the iceberg

We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly

The iceberg is a Chinese iceberg

We are taking on water but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat and they are beautiful lifeboats

Look, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them

We don’t have any lifeboats, we’re not lifeboat distributors

Passengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats

I really  don’t think we need that many lifeboats

We have lifeboats and they are supposed to be our lifeboats, not the passenger’s lifeboats

The lifeboats were left on shore by the last Captain of this ship

Nobody could have foreseen the iceberg”


Perhaps you heard the story before ……