“Are you ready boots?”

Cycling targets now in sight so if I get the ship out of harbor early enough in the day there is a reasonable chance of some good and worthwhile gardening.

Warm Wednesday, light winds and another 27.68 goes in the books ….. its me down to 172 lbs !

Hopefully the beds will have dried out enough for the last of the front bed weeding and then I can cut and level the sloping areas where I want the shrubs to go in. At least the hole digging should be a bit easier although there are all manner of rocks buried in the wilderness of plants and bind weed.

Serious trimming required

Good session on the waterfall beds with a mass of the Russian Sage cut. This plant loved the two nights of torrential rain and had a growth spurt but is now back to a respectable size. My birthday present from Sally of the Lab in the Bullrushes was placed with great care behind the Travelocity Gnomes.

The Lab Domain

A multi colored rock I have had for about 6 months was finally placed in the desired spot to get the right amount of water falling on it and the last of the pot hanger gnomes were put in position.

Pretty colors

The “Trump” gnome with butterfly mind

King Midas and friends were all relocated on the top of the rockery so the project is now officially complete.

Rude Harley Gnomes

More Weeding in favorable conditions completed the day but I’ll be back tomorrow to hopefully finish and then think about layout.

Thursday and the ride goes well apart from some unexpected wind and I’m home with 28.20 on the odometer to push the yearly total to 2615.08……. and if I add that to the 11,390.93 that I started the year on then I’m 14,006.01 around the globe and I have one day left, today, 7/31/covid

Gardening continued during the afternoon but with good intentions of keeping my ice plants the plan had to be revised as there was just too much weed into everything! Therefore yet another plan had to be brought into action which means, ice plant out, all the rocks out, dig the entire zone until its weed and root free, plant the shrubs, plus anything else I can find and reposition all the rocks again. Oh well, that’s gardening and what we do!







……. and here HE is !

With all the political turmoil and stupidity combined with pandemic misinformation from, guess who ? and pedaling around the  world like a maniac certain aspects of life have been getting away from me.

2412.05 was where I left it at close of play 7/19

So, decision made, get your arse in gear and get out there and get some of the tasks done! The game plan will be three days of gardening and other jobs that need to be taken care of and have become annoying as I keep saying I’ll do that and then get side tracked into something else.

Some time ago I noticed that the leveling jacks on the Safari were not down? Not sure why, but there again I can’t honestly remember putting them down either. Undo the lower bin and the light will not come on in the main control …….. well there is another on the driver’s console to make sure you don’t attempt to drive off with them still deployed …… that won’t come on either?  Check the main panel which tells me the batteries are all fully charged. Try the generator which starts first time ?    ….. Ignition, not a glimmer! Leave a few messages for Jack my long time friend who is the Cortez lead Bus mechanic ……. no answer. Hummmmm!

They won’t hold the charge

Last year the batteries were playing up so eventually after much testing they were all taken into Walmart, including a new one that was only 18 months old……… testing says 3 are dead and will be replaced under warranty but the last one was bowed indicating it was toast and didn’t even have a date stamp.

4 Newbies in the Cadi

Home then in August last year and replace ALL 4 and everything is good. Move the bus from front of house to a rear RV slot and due to all the Chemo of 2019 never get to take it out again.

This pair don’t have a Volt between them !

Armed with my trusty battery tester/ voltmeter and lo, and behold, both of the rear set are showing 0.4 volts whereas the front pair are on 13.45 …….. OK out with the low boys and off to Walmart for their testing. Both are BAD and are replaced free of charge. All refitted, lights on, jacks down, ignition lights on engine starts! Mission No 1 complete.

My new plants that took a lot of digging for the Potentillas and were causing me grief as they kept wilting in the fierce temps so some surgery was attempted by boring several holes in the root ball to let the water in rather than pool around the main plant …… seems to have done the trick and its called a “Malletpolectomy” for any further reference.

Place pole close to stem area and tap through root ball with Mallet

My other fine specimens that I bought a week ago are still in their pots waiting for vacant land to become available in the front bed which I’m diligently working on.

Waiting for vacant land

The Waterfall bed got another weeding and mucho dead heading of dianthus but I fear these cheapo walmarters are not much good! Still plenty to do in the water zone as pothangers have fallen off the cliff or been removed by cats various. Pumps need to be cleaned and a few extra rocks added.

A couple of mystery guests arrived, a fiddling gnome and an Easter Bunny ……. so far unable to find the benefactor.

Fiddler on the shipwreck

An Easter Bunny

A few injuries over the winter months as the motorcycle frog duo must have crashed breaking the riders left leg and King Midas had a great fall, but all the King’s men were able to glue him back together again.

A nasty dab on the top of the falls, and whoops, broken leg!

King Midas returns

With rain in the forecast every day for the next week hitting targets could be difficult but you have to try. So out again on Thursday and make 30.25 between showers and then on a very miserable looking Friday I managed to stay close to home and claw 23.50 miles for the morning session. Now some “demo” in the front bed and a lot of my ice plants get tossed out as the bind weed has taken over. Well the ground gets cleared and I’ll have to replant them next year when the nursery has them again.

Afternoon run, still dry, finishes on 34.40 leaving 23.30 for the 2500 total ……. but this morning (7/25) its very, very wet!

1030, just stopped raining, will have to wait and see if it dries up and then it will be a series of “piecemeal” rides in small numbers between the showers. Not yet, mid afternoon and some real hum-  dingers of very hard torrential showers so not much progress.

It never stopped and Plan “B” came into action with a full on clean of the workshop and a light dusting and cleaning of the trials bikes. Very happy to have got that out of the way but now I’m back on the quest for miles, about 150 in fact and 6 days to do it.

Sunday, a lot of overnight rain but hardly any wind and starting to warm up so time to get with it. 25.40 complete taking me through the 2500 banner so now I need 106.97 by the end of the month and I’ll be at the 14,000 mile marker in this epic journey.

2500 in the bag!

After Saturday night’s heavy rains the planned weeding didn’t happen as the ground was a little too wet.

Monday, slight change to the forecast with thunderstorms late in the afternoon so plan a longer single ride in the morning then an easy gardening afternoon. Ride goes well with 31.50, so nicely in the target range.

Start with some work on the rockery and get the pool pumps clean. Collect a few rocks from the building site pile to go around the new plants when I eventually get them in the ground. Mowing time and the weeds, can’t really call it a lawn, get mowed and then a final whip round with the strimmer to finish the day. …….. and then the storms arrive! torrential rain and high winds …. most impressive but I think it will be too wet again for weeding.

A bit of flash flooding in the garden as the ground couldn’t take it but I did move a few rocks around, so I’m getting there. Now need to trim back the Lavender Russian Vine which took off after two days of real rain.

Tuesday, late start but not supposed to rain today and I clock 27.60 for my afternoon efforts so closing in for the end of month numbers with 3 days left to go.









Hanna 100%    Trump Wall 0%

……. and the walls came tumbling down!

Looks like the Mexican Wall took an almighty hammering from Hanna the first of the season’s hurricanes and some large sections toppled over piece by piece in the Rio Bravo area …… better get those foundations done properly next time! (I told you before when the California section blew down)

Whose Wall is this ?   Looks like Stephen Colbert can get another book on the road!

Couldn’t help but notice that a little WH interference on the Covid numbers again today. All the news channels are saying over a 1000 dead for the 5th straight day but Donnie and team pulled it down to 428 ?  In Texas its “Triage Time” as they are out of beds so the sickest are being sent home to die. Of course it’s only a Hoax ….right ?

So the next few days people will be facing eviction to add to, no money, no medical treatment, and no food either while Munchin and the Dems argue over inconsequential trivia for the next few weeks. The question surely is WHY was this NOT put in a “ready to go” box if the situation did not improve with the disastrous re-opening saga, which would have been obvious to anyone with an IQ above single digits including Presidente Dumbass

Boldly Overconfident …… just doing what we are told to

This could take WEEKS

All because of the “strings”

Bouncing along side by side, or hand in hand, will be the school “will they, won’t they” ? absurd nonsense with no help whatsoever from a non caring administration. NONE OF THIS COMES AS A SURPRISE  and clearly the “It will just disappear crap” isn’t working either.

Plenty of distractions then to kick off the week, more meddling on the mortality numbers again…… the ridiculous invasion of cities by the Trump Private Army, Zero resolution to any stimulus package, and the School opening issue just left in another vague state of “what do we do now?”

The more I see of this “Federal Army” the more I believe that they are indeed Blackwater!

Pointing a 12 bore in someones face can hardly be because “You” were in fear for your life, and the tattoos are very similar to other Blackwater ads


The Stimulus as expected will take some time, maybe weeks, before any progress is made and in the meantime the situation will become DIRE for many unemployed. If you can’t see MORE Violence,looting, robberies and shootings then you are indeed blind.

Without entering into the Mask/anti Mask debate when amazingly members of the public still think this is a HOAX while others say their personal liberties are being infringed ….. all of whom need to get a grip on reality or get your dumb ass kicked!

Wear those masks in public you will get more than you bargained for! That should be 6 months in jail!

On the subject of dumbasses that brings us back to my favorite cherry,  Schools, where lots of Republican Governors are running on the Stupidity Platform once again

Certainly a Front Runner


So shall thee REAP !

…..and AZ still thanks you!!

Florida teachers SEE right through you…… 

Another very good question

Based on what you halfwit!

For America’s sake run for President in 2024, you HAVE my vote!

Just heard that the United Nations is taking a very dim view of Trump’s actions in Portland  ….. that would be interesting with UN blue helmets versus Blackwater Federal Police.

Meanwhile Donny is considering sending Clint Eastwood up in the Space Farce’s latest Craft “Pandemic One”   as they are equipped with the Super Duper Missile ……. ?????

Only to be expected!









While the Loon in Chief keeps bragging about his dementia test, and the World looks on in horror, as armed gunmen in full riot gear terrorize  protesters armed with leaf blowers and cupcakes, lets see if we can unravel this mess and see who they really are, and what are they doing here ?

“Donnie, any ideas ?”

These are MY THOUGHTS and mine alone, and I have NO REAL TIME INFORMATION to back them up, other than 31 years of military service in the Royal Air Force and hopefully a lifetime of logic and common sense.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on my assumptions but as I understood the situation the USA has its obvious Police Forces, Sheriff’s Departments, State Patrol and Troopers, DEA and FBI and many other Federal Departments, Marshals, etc, and then the DHS and Border Patrol. Over and above all of these are the National Guard and then the full force of the Military.

It would therefore seem ODD,  VERY ODD,  that this force of theoretical “law enforcement” has NOTHING on its uniform other than POLICE. Please don’t tell me they are Homeland Security or Border Patrol BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT !!!

So if I’m right who the Hell are they ? I personally believe they are ALL members of the World’s largest MERCENARY ARMY and none other than BLACKWATER SECURITY or whatever guise they are currently going under.

This bunch of mercenaries sprung up after the end of Gulf War I while I was in Saudi Arabia as a Top Gun Instructor to the RSAF. Now I can’t blame any military man for becoming a mercenary, as after all they are paid precious little by ANY country whose military they joined, most likely straight from school. I suppose an average front line troop will earn about $30-40K  per year and of course that will be taxed by their own government.  So probably after a couple of tours in the Gulf and Afghanistan if you are approached by “Blackwater” lets say, and you are recruited at, lets say,  twice what you were being paid, and your new salary will be TAX FREE you will most likely sign up!  No doubt you will have several friends who have gone that way. This “Private Army” is not just US personnel but a worldwide clan from all nations!

This is WHO they are!

The despicable twins know it ……. and a whistle blower will surely blow and all will be revealed …… coming soon at an Impeachment near you!

Police ?       I really Don’t Think So

What did she do ?

These ladies really look like a threat

Definite trouble

……. and they brought their husbands …… with LEAF BLOWERS !!!

Now all of this was clearly planned and must have been for some time as contracts would need to be signed, uniform decided on, weapons to be used etc, etc, private cars and vans hired….. the list goes on.

I wonder was this Trump administration not advised or consulted and why was it necessary to use this team in preference to the National Guard ?

It would seem that with all his threats to the other cities he claimed he was going to send troops (police) into he would indeed need an army the size of Blackwater to do what he is talking of ……. but how in hell’s name is he not being opposed by the Republican party ? He is talking about Chicago, Albuquerque (what did they do wrong?) Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, and even New York !!!! ……..and Blackwater’s services do not come cheap.

Well this moronic behavior is QUITE the DISTRACTION, can’t really see how this helps his poll numbers, or his fantastic non-leadership of the sniffles problems that are affecting over 4 million of the ever decreasing population.

No matter, yes, it butterfly time again ……..

Today’s target China ! Close down one of their facilities and accuse them of spying!  Blame them for everything and promote more World harmony

……. and while you are still trying to get your head round those two items let’s send congress home for the weekend as this stimulus thing doesn’t really have anything going for it, and by the way its fine to open schools as the CDC says so??????

Yes, quite amazing but what was, and still is a joke, is becoming even more worrying in this NEW phase where his staunch opinions are changing on all manner of topics. This I find frightening as I feel  he is behaving more as a “puppet” and is under someones direction in his quest (God forbid) to get re-elected.

Clearly all these planned invasions, which one assumes will now form center stage, rather than have Conventions, and should take us through August and September and divert attention away from issues like a PANDEMIC, SCHOOLS, EVICTIONS, FORECLOSURES and small potatoes, ..NO STIMULUS CHECKS ……. as we can’t have unemployed people being paid more to stay at home as there is no incentive to go back to work.

OK, I lied but I was only doing my job!

Never mind LOOK at ALL these NEW jobs your Administration has created

Other NEW jobs, School Mortuary Attendants

According to Donnie it should be just fine

……..and how does all this look to the rest of the World ?

Haven’t we seen this before ?

While the Puppet Masters (whoever they are) are using all this civil unrest to their advantage, more on this in a moment, I was relieved to see I’m not totally alone in my opinions …… as we can see

Maybe, those Puppet Masters are actually PLANNING a Civil War with Blackwater on one side against the National Guard acting for the invaded City …… TOO terrifying to think about…. or is it?

He isn’t doing this because he believes …. he is being TOLD!

Anybody understand ?





















Not for much longer, we hope

Every day is a mystery in this current age and it would seem that we no sooner get back on track after one set of “bizarre lulus” and then we are plunged headlong into another bout of absurd ideas and moronic drivel.

What is this all about ?   is he trying to start a civil war?

It just goes from bad to worse!

sadly this is ONLY going to ESCALATE!!!!

That he is, and a Major embarrassment on the Global Stage

If this Pandemic has taught us anything then my No 1 pick would be the Exposure of Idiots in positions of Authority. We have Cities suing Federal Gov and school teachers suing their state Governor, and quite rightly so. People with ZERO experience in ANY field are giving their opinions and some dumbasses are in FULL belief of these wildly misleading statements. I saw some of this myself both in the Falklands War and Gulf War I . The classic “promoted one step above his ability” syndrome…….. here are a few noteworthy examples of those that have NO PLACE in authority

Box of rocks!

A bigger box !

This surely has to be the WINNER !!!

Perhaps, given that we have an election in the very near future, some of the electorate will remember what some of these clowns said and vote them out of office ….. I live in hope!

Interesting to see after hi-jacking all the Covid 19 information from the CDC the fairly predictable death rates dropped for 2 days as the new and improved Surgeon General of the USA adjusted the number having clearly been told by his advisors and campaign managers that the “Mortality Rate” was the key issue to improving his poll numbers

The key issue again in this rambling interview joke, not forgetting the “cognitive test”

“That’s right Donnie, Elefunt ….. well done”

Death Rate for the week:    7/15    926

                                                             7/16    872

                                                            7/17     825

                                                           7/18     797

                                                          7/19     392           Amazing ! well done

                                                         7/20     503           well done indeed!

I’m on TV ….. no time         7/21   1075          ooops!

So after two days of adjustments (guess which 2) he is told he will get a better audience for his Covid 19 Briefings …. NO Doctors though!

It’s from the Latin  you Fuckwit!

But it goes both ways

Bringing Peace to Our World

So what will happen next? you ask. In my uninformed opinion when we are dealing with such incompetence and his requirements for numbers, polls and adulation, this will force even MORE ridiculous situations on all of us.

Today he is ranting and raving about how well he did on the cognitive “dementia” test ! Holy shit, you would think he sees this as some universal security clearance !!!  and I have to ask my own question here  …….. “Why was it deemed necessary for him to take a Dementia Test anyway ?  or was he told it was part of his daily Covid testing ?

Yes, you passed

Here are my views, on what’s in store ……… More thuggery from these unwanted special unbranded “police” and some reciprocal violence which I believe is his INTENTION

More daily Covid drivel with the press briefings, but NO DOCTORS to contradict him so , we just say its bad, but don’t tell anybody the numbers : 7/22      70,983  new cases and    1181 Deaths

No action on the “Very Generous” Stimulus Package, as he, and now Munchkin (I like his name spelled that way with the “n” in the right place) have promised   …… more bail outs for who knows who but nothing for the people …….as this will FORCE them back to work!

Thanks very Munch for nothing

Yet more CRAP about children and Schools as this will create more dissent and local flare ups between teachers and parents, and even myself!

Can’t see our old friend “The Wall” coming up just yet as who in their right mind would currently wish to be in what were the United States that he is desperately trying to rip apart.

I was only joking about this a few days ago! Perhaps it WILL become reality ?

So maybe we will be back to the Middle East, China, or North Korea for some sort of conflict which will demand more outrageous actions

Please No


Meanwhile lets see what people think about all this mayhem on the other side of the “pond”

Just a reminder of my years of privilege flying Lancaster PA 474 on the BBMF during the 1980’s. Seen here in the CO’s Guy Gibson’s markings  AJ-G of the 617 Squadron Dambusters

Guy Gibson with his “renamed” lab  “Bugger” for the bomb that bounced over the Dam wall!

thank you

Some thoughts on the virus and a nice cup of tea

and finally …..




You are indeed Fucking mental!

The Principal (hardly ever went there, never knew the place, very bad instruction from bad people etc, etc) and his faithful Secretary DeVoss (Dead Loss) and dumber than dumb, VP Mask Dispence have decided, against ALL Common Sense, that the Butterfly says reopen schools!

You might remember back in March when we had less cases in the country than we do in any one day, ……today, as they surpass 60,000 on a daily count (but of course the White House will soon be correcting them to fit “HIS” wishes). Back then it was deemed too dangerous to even think of schools being opened for the last 6 weeks of the school year but today ……… with 3.5M cases and on an upward trend its perfectly OK ???????

BAD ?      just wait till you try it!

School Crossing …….. or CLOSING ?

…….. and today, 7/20 we are being told HE will be doing those ridiculous WH briefings again! ….. well he has got control of the numbers and can say anything he wants.

Back to reality from my point of view,         sadly “The Wheels on the bus Won’t go Round and Round”

Parked for 2020

More of my views and explanations in a moment but first lets give Stupidity Section their say and then, from the Common Sense Party made up of Physicians, Teachers, Parents and responsible Mayors and Governors.

OK, stupidity you’r on ……

Great opener!

Let us Pray

Grade A Twat!

Another very good question ?



Very much so

More prayers from the VP I suspect

Please note this

If the Gov can’t get PPE for Doctors and Nurses your kids have NO chance

Well, seems the results are in and the Common Sense party has it by a landslide!


My own views on all this buffoonery;

Let’s take your average School Bus Driver …….. most likely retired, looking for something to do, other than garden or watch mindless TV, dedicated, Honors degree in Common Sense, reliable, and an excellent “stand-in” locum grandparent.

Flaws in the Corona Virus pandemic;    (1) Like myself most will be senior citizens. (2) Heart Condition ?     (3) Any form of lung problems including COPD ? (4) Cancer either past or present?     It seems I’m very well qualified in this section!

Now the School Bus;   normally either 65, 67, or 72 passenger capability …… but this is THREE elementary or kindergarten children/seat …….. now with social distancing  this makes the seating capacity look like this

12, yes 12 ONLY, might expand slightly if siblings can sit together, however if your run, like mine, has between 45-52 passengers this will be impossible as we DO NOT have three times the number of buses or drivers.

……. and as we are well aware children are CONSTANTLY being told to SIT DOWN and stop CHANGING SEATS, which will need a teacher or aide to ensure this doesn’t happen.   …….. and finally I do not want to be driving a Bus dressed like an astronaut so I’ll be waiting for the vaccine.




Well at last we have identified where these bloody butterfly homing pigeons keep coming from!

Over the last few weeks, and indeed throughout his so called Presidency, these have flitted from one topic to another never ever making any sense or giving the slightest indication of care, respect, or positive guidance or leadership. In just the last week alone the Nation has been subjected to the following absurd nonsense

…… and all the other little goodies I told you about!

Well look out, here come the next round of lies, maybes, and “you can’t be fucking serious!”

The ongoing mask saga

Munchin, mnuouchin or whatever says that long awaited 2nd round of stimulus checks should be done by end of July

Back to school ………. ho, fucking ho, and I don’t think so!!!!

and then it will be the Blow Down Mexican Wall and if that doesn’t work how about a Canadian Wall ? or a private one for Alaska ?

You think I’m joking  ……. wait and see

So what is it about masks? why do these ridiculous people think their rights are being infringed? If your mask or face covering isn’t fitting well and is uncomfortable find one that is right for you  …… and you are only being asked (or told) to wear one in public to protect yourself and others…. lets review some comments…….

Sorry about the spelling soldiers

She is wearing all that PPE to keep her alive while trying to save YOU!

Air Force 1 on the way home  …… of course there are some that find it VERY difficult to comply

Sorry !

Darryl was fortunate enough to get his from Progressive Ins

So here we go with our no 2 story of the missing mystery Stimulus checks! Well as they noted $1.4 B got handed back as the people that were issued “trump” checks were already dead, and of course we have another 140,000 corpses who really don’t need the checks either!

No matter the genius has promised a “very generous” 2nd round check …….. I think not, the lying bastard wants to defund social security with a ridiculous payroll tax cut or he WILL NOT sign! What a nice understanding man.

…… not forgetting those election promises

…… and when might any of this be ?

Munchin says end of July ??????? I really doubt that as Trump is altering the death rates

I was totally appalled that our Medical (Mr I’m right) Loon in Chief has now followed up his grabbing of the Covid data from the CDC and is changing the mortality rates to try and improve his polls …….AND he can’t do that SMARTLY either!!!

let’s look at the death rates for the last week starting on 7/14  …….. 871,  926,   872   825   797  and for Sunday 7/19      ……. “392” now that is UNLIKELY in any book!

Well “The One Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind” could see this coming !!!

In yet another switch in the classic “I’m not responsible mode” he is now blaming Dr Debora Birx as Dr Fauci WILL NOT agree with him …….. and now its ALL HER FAULT that we are in this mess as she said re-opening could take place if case factors followed the guidelines ……… what a DICK !

Yet more unjust accusations

She had it right the FIRST TIME !

The 2020 Campaign is going well then ?

Social Security at risk ?


I digress here as the trilogy of this article now has so much feeling and material, and also being involved on a personal basis I will be writing “Back to School” as a separate article   …… but on a happy note I was very pleased to see HM The Queen Knighting Tom













7/4/20 Covid and the pedals push us onto 2005.64 miles for the year. Champers flows and more targets and goals are set. Total around the Globe stands at 13,396.57 so I’m looking for 14,000 by the end of July.

Worth the wait ….. the “2000” prize!

Well that was 7/4/20 and since then the pedals have kept moving along with the weeding fork and quite a lot of garden work out in the front bed. With the virus in full swing, and getting worse on a daily basis, the toilet paper hoarders moved their attention over to plants and seeds! our local nursery has NEVER had a season like this and even the Walmart Mortuary is also stripped bare. After everything froze in the late May frosts they were back for everything they could get their hands on leaving precious little for those of us who plant when the beds are ready.

You may remember the sad scenes of my dead and dying fir trees…

Too sad

3 Walmart purchases, didn’t like the full sun or the soil conditions and wilted twice a day despite my best efforts at watering

Sulky devils get replanted in the whisky barrels and love the twice a day irrigation ……. happy now

With fresh plants purchased and specific instructions from the Nursery and my dearly departed Mother ….. holes are dug in the bullet hard ground and then a couple of sessions of “puddling” as Mother called it to set the area for the new plant

New plants and compost ready to go

The hole is excavated

Puddling begins …. Potentilla observes …. its a BIG hole

In we go !

All dug in and mucho water twice a day

My self seeded Cotoneasters join in for ground cover

Around the corner and what was “in” is now “out” and more mega hole digging and puddling begins

“All In”     as they say

More work on the walkway completes this area ……. more coming

The days are warmer, but the afternoon winds are still very strong with Red Flag warnings on a daily basis. Game plan has now become, morning ride, beer drinking, afternoon weeding and planting, beer drinking …… depressing world news!

In other news from the garden “Rocky Raccoon” has become a mother again!

Mamma Cat with gorgeous eyes

The unnamed first born on guard

A new litter of 5 !

Not very friendly, as yet, we will see how this goes.

The garden struggle continues and I had to return to 4 Seasons to redeem our “fall gold” bonus vouchers  …… again never seen the place so bare!

Home and watered

Blue Eyes looks on

The new plants are in intensive care with mega watering while in their pots as other areas are worked on. Radish and lettuce finally get planted after an afternoon of removing maple roots from the seed bed and are already germinating and poking through.

Finally, I actually get the seeds in the ground …… hello Radish

……. and some lettuce too

The Scuffy Bed gets its last bit of weeding and with a sharpened lawn knife and edging shears the edge is re-cut to  my liking.


There has been a “Mint” invasion in the raised front bed!!

Friday, 7/17 and absolutely NO Wind ? not quite sure about this but the cyclist is on his way and knocks out another 30.24 before lunch.

Not so good after lunch as the wind starts up again with a vicious blast from the east and becomes very unpleasant. Any plans for the extra miles go out the window and more gardening gets underway with pruning lower annoying branches off the Maple and clearing and dead heading the Rosebed. A little work on the Mint but the ground is too hard so it gets watered. Needn’t have bothered as we get a heavy shower which lasts for over an hour ….. so no watering this morning.

Another round of those chemo pills is complete and hands are not quite such a mess as they were, and apparently the results from the scan from last week were good!

Morning ride went well, not too much wind and 30.35 completed but I’m planning on a few more this afternoon to make up for the afternoons I missed ….. still on track for the monthly targets. No sooner out on the bike and making my way downtown when it starts sprinkling with rain and then really lets go …….. just make it into the drive through portion of the bank. Never mind 35.26 for the day.

….. and I stayed dry

Sunday 7/19/ Covid a bit late getting under way but home with 28.67 to take me through the 2400 Banner and with every intention of getting a few more this afternoon to give me a head start into the 25’s. Finished the day on 38.87 for 2412.05 for the year.

12 days in the month left ……. how much more?









I’m Back and worse than ever!

Yes, everyday, something new to try and alter course to divert our attention away from the ensuing disaster and his total lack of response!

Because he and his ass followers have started using this testing nonsense crap as the reason his polls are falling it must be fairly obvious to the MAGA community as to what will happen next? Perhaps it isn’t as they don’t believe  in it anyway, after all it’s only a hoax ….. right?

…….. well, clearly based on this ridiculous republican statement we should stop testing immediately!

Making an average of around 70,000 new cases a day! well done everybody!

A question that defies ALL ANSWERS!

and while addressing some of his dumbest moments I’d missed this one re the Kurds  …… sorry Kurds

So during a White House meeting with its totally Unqualified staff you can see what “Master Coup” is coming next ………

Yep, don’t like the numbers ? well if we get all the info sent here to the WH then we can adjust the numbers and pick up your ratings

Don’t need to be a Rocket scientist to see through this one!

Absolutely ….. but I warned you!

While the world looks on at yet more unfathomable stupidity, and what will become criminal book keeping, the Butterfly is off again to land on …….

BEANS<  yes, fucking Beans !!!!!

I really do DESPAIR with this one

With numbers in the polls down  ……where to now?

Can you guess ????????

“BRAD”                     ” you are fired!”

Just in via the Space Farce

One for the VP

and finally

Oh well, back to lock down then, but never mind you can get the tattoo fixed when they reopen

….. and ignorance is bliss!












A very good question, never met the man, hardly know him, must be a disgruntled reality TV person with an ego trip!

Before the arrival of the pandemic as we approached Spring Break, “back in the winter of our discontent” as someone once said, I did not have a single picture of the current incumbent of the White House in my blog library. I had NO reason, his ridiculous ramblings on the global stage, were at worst disgraceful and disrespectful, and no more than pure comedy at best!

No idea of how to behave in the presence of Royalty … looks more like a stuffed Emperor Penguin, especially with that awkward stance

With a total lack of political knowledge or acceptance of protocol, I though perhaps he would listen to his advisors and experts before making absurd decisions …. well he proved me wrong back then, and has gone from strength to strength with his lies, accusations and ludicrous theories.

Back in the UK in the 80’s we had this hilarious comedy  called            “Yes Minister” which showed how parliament operated under a party change between Labour and Conservative governments. Now for those not in the “know” UK also has the Civil Service who have all the political knowledge and know “what works, and what doesn’t” so they can keep NEW ministers on track without making them look very foolish with election promises and hairbrained ideas

The NEW “Minister” (seated) with his two private secretaries …. I confess I thought the USA had something similar, perhaps it does, but clearly Donny Boy does not listen!  

I can’t remember the order of events but as they are all so ridiculous it probably doesn’t matter much. I believe his bullying tactics began with a full blown attack on NATO claiming all the members needed to pay their fair share or he might pull the USA out of the failing organization.

Then there was the absurd idea that “Global Warming” was a Hoax ? A word that of course we are now VERY familiar with amid all the other lies. He doesn’t get on with any of the European Leaders and tends to favor despots in North Korea, China (at this stage), Saudi Arabia, and tremendous, very good friend, and head of global Intel Mr Putin. If Putin says so …. then that’s the way it is! So NATO on the brink. Pull out of the Paris Accord, dump the IRAN Nuclear deal, be surprised when told Great Britain IS a Nuclear Power and has been since the 1950’s ….. oh, and by the way Finland is not part of Russia.

…… and then he storms off as other World leaders are laughing at him

Yes, he really can piss everybody off!

Back home time to show your Presidential power with claims on the Inauguration turnout

Just a comparison 

No prizes there either so how about a national emergency that devastates “sh…ole countries” which gives massive material for Stephen Colbert and his late night show as a hurricane rips Puerto Rico apart.

Yes HE really said that (common theme here) and they made a book of it

Sales of the book were very good, approval for the relief not so high!

Bounty paper rolls was about it, and as far as I’m aware not much has happened since from a Federal point of view

Well, how about the campaign promises ?    … oh yes, the Border Wall that Mexico will pay for ….. nothing happens but Donny Boy closes down the Gov over the Christmas period as this is the No 1 priority and he diverts money from the Pentagon…    still not much progress here as only 93 miles have been built and so far, only 3 new miles, as the other 90 miles replaced fences and barricades. As a builder Mr Trump I would have thought you knew more about foundations ?    clearly not!

The NEW wall blown over by 40 mph winds ….

But to get more support for this ugly, ridiculous monument to “Don” we invent the “CARAVAN”   which relentlessly marches towards the southern border     …….. but then unlike the Corona Virus …… it suddenly disappears   ????????

Where did they go ?    never mind the Butterfly is off!

….. and today it lands on a Windmill turbine ?

Now what ?

Are you fucking mad ?

But lets ignore this deranged waffling as another hurricane sets off to devastate the US  ……… this one, he gets briefed about, but is fiddling with his “Sharpie”

No, please NO !!

Here it is ….. the predicted path of “Dorian” produced by NOAA with a little Trump “add on” to encompass the Great State of Alabama

He later says he was RIGHT and gets the head of NOAA to give him a personal apology!….. even though it followed the predicted course and never touched Alabama

While we are still laughing as the late night shows and media rip him to shreds he outdoes himself with this little treat ……

Yes you are indeed fucking mad!

Well of course that butterfly is off again and now lets defeat ISIS in a month ……… of course a lot of other Nations are involved but Trump naturally takes all the “so called” credit …

Not really sure what we are supposed to see from this map other than ISIS strongholds   ….. but no matter

Special forces found the leader and removed him     …… now what?

Oh, oh,

Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire in Paris ……. and without being asked Loon-in-Chief offers this advice …….

As John McEnroe once said “You can’t be fucking serious?”

More devastating than a bulldozer !

While the dust and ashes settle on this one let’s stir up some more trouble in the Middle East ……. and as if by magic a missile strike on an oilfield in Saudi Arabia …… USA rushes to their defence

An old oilfield methinks

I would ask you to look at the markings on the missile and then compare them to the letters and numbers of the Persian alphabet

So where was this “mystery” missile manufactured and who sold it to the Iranians, if indeed it was them ??????

This meets with much political waffle, lots of accusations, but no reaction in a military sense at all …… very strange!……. a little while later this happens

Again no REACTION against an Iranian attack in the Gulf ? A lot of threats of course, but no action ?????

Meanwhile time to revisit Europe and this time its a visit to Denmark where Trumpty Dumpty and First lady will be staying at the Queen of Denmark’s Palace

I’m back !

Without doubt one of his dumbest moments …… but becomes sulky when told the Country is NOT FOR SALE and cancels his trip thereby insulting the Queen of Denmark

Well what’s to do now …..?    Oh, an upcoming election….. good idea and the Butterfly flits off again landing on ?  …… yes, you guessed it Ukraine !

….. and the saga of “Quid pro Quo” which for Trump’s benefit is from the Latin but as he doesn’t study cock all and has such a limited vocabulary I thought I’d throw that in here!

SO THE PERFECT PHONE CALL  … couldn’t help but think that beautiful and perfect are not adjectives to describe a phone call!

Beginning to look just “Peachy”

The saga of blackmail, corruption and treason continues …. whistle blowers, whistle, ….. Trump shouts and screams but here comes a waste of time Impeachment as the brain dead Republicans will stick behind this Dumb fuck no matter what !!!

I won’t bore you with the mindless details of this criminal charade but hope he gets fully prosecuted  in the years ahead

Just about every witness, key or otherwise, has lost their job, been asked to resign, or removed from office by this tyrant.

The sharpie strikes again. Of course you didn’t you lying bastard, the fact that he gave YOUR campaign $1M and you made him an Ambassador would give you absolutely no reason to know or ever meet the man !

Impeachment goes ahead although we all know its a lost cause

Whistle blowers and very credible witnesses come and go and get removed as Donny boy fires them

Another bunch of crooks, his crooks, get to stay and once again, he has never met, doesn’t know any of them, even though they were in his Florida resort!

As this is not going well, better do something outrageously stupid to switch attention, so how about bringing all the troops home from Syria now that ISIS is defeated and that will allow Turkey to kill off our allies the Kurds!!!!!!!

Yes, very sadly he actually said this and even worse said they were not our allies 400 years ago ????? Fathom that one out as America hasn’t been around that long

With allies like Trump who needs enemies ?

The World recovers from this bout of stupidity, which leaves a bad taste, ….. but wait there’s more …….. and now its in Iraq which after another supposed attack and protest at the US embassy we discover that a very prominent, tremendous, bad man, from the very bad, worst country, with very bad people, Iran, is arriving so we must kill him!

Judge, Jury and Executioner, must be a form of Islamic Law and we kill off an Iranian General

Iran takes a very dim view of this and sends a salvo of missiles onto a US Air Base destroying buildings and causing brain damage to our troops

Trump responds with more outrageous threats but no action is taken …..

Amid other world chaos called a Pandemic one more threat to Iran as tension builds in the Gulf 

As an Aviator I spent hours laughing over this

Mr President we have a pandemic        ” it will go away”

We are almost there, yes it arrived in 2020, he didn’t believe it and carried on with more nonsense called the Space Force or perhaps the Space Farce

I wonder where this idea came from ?

What exactly does this “Force” do ?

The mind boggles ?

……. and this from a man who said “the Moon is part of Mars”

Well I’m about done, not sure he is, so we are very sorry