This is very frightening and could ignite a civil war and end up with the National Guard v Trump’s Blackwater Police ….. and maybe even the UN ?

What can I say? I feel somewhat helpless as I watch the USA being torn to pieces by a self appointed Dickhead who thinks he is some sort of Messiah or the Chosen One when in reality he, and his family of crooks, are the enemy of the country along with his blind followers who need a long time in rehab before they are safe to rejoin society, if at all!

You Sir, are a fucking Moron!

Here they are, cretins one and all, and NONE of them should reappear after the election if the electorate has any sense?

Does this woman know anything about schools?

Has he ever done anything for the American people?

More in the box of rocks category

Brain dead

Just an objectionable, nasty, loudmouth follower

As dumb as it gets

Single figure IQ

Just following orders

Indeed, and rude, very rude!

Polite, but a natural born sheep, and devoid of original thought

Baaaah !

Strange but true, absolutely ZERO on the news last night re; our good old friend Portland and the invading army ?

Nothing? did it just go away, or is that Butterfly about to strike ?

I did hear that the UN is not too pleased about the situation, although of course no mention of that in the news either.

Oh dear, this is not good

…….. and in “spelling B” parlance (talk for trump supporters) this isnit gooder ether

So, butterfly it is …..

……. and today we land on a bunch of Doctors who believe in our old friend that Malaria drug and fish pool cleaner that the entire Trump family has MASSIVE shareholdings in!


I’m back I’m hydrotrumpochlorine thingey pill

and there was himself advocating this crap ALL OVER again along with Trump Jnr thinking this is still the panacea to this virus despite ALL the MEDICAL EVIDENCE that IT IS NOT!

Nasty, very nasty!

All this from a supposed Doctor and of course Pastor who believes in alien DNA and the Devil’s Sperm ……. are we surprised that the articles were removed even though the RAT is still saying it works?

Complete BS, sorry to those suffering

Ask your Doctor if it’s right for you

Surprised he hasn’t told Homeland Security to send in a Water Tanker to deal with a burning Federal Court House…… should fix just about everything in that block …… protesters, Police (real) Blackwater and and few embers

No more problem in Portland !

So as the Master Muddled Mind moves on, what other stupid seeds can we sow, well yes, mystery seeds indeed from China, more murder hornets found in New York, let’s send Blackwater to Albuquerque, how about delaying the election, even if I don’t have the power, and you can’t trust a postal ballot as I’ve just appointed a NEW Postmaster General, because he likes me and gave over $1 million for my campaign so I can guarantee the results will be delayed even if I don’t know the man, and of course never met him. Oh, and by the way another week has gone by, the Virus is out of control, no stimulus in sight, and waiting for the first suckers to try and open a school.

Homelessness ?   only started 2 years ago?  Well it will be an issue when they join all the other unemployed who get evicted ….. coming soon! Who writes his script?

Well we didn’t have to wait long ……. yesterday 7/31 a school in Indiana reopened and was soon closed, as a student tested positive!!!!

You people just don’t fucking listen!


Here is the real deal ……..he wants to TRY AGAIN!!!

Nor me, YOU!

As there is a surprise around every Trump corner when the Butterfly landed on tiktok I suppose it was inevitable that it became the MOST important crisis in the country and everything else can wait!

Back to the important stuff, so much to do……

Need more script writers

Here we go!

Absolute horseshit, I’d put money on Blackwater Mercenaries

Better ask Jim

No, he is an OBNOXIOUS so called political animal

REMEMBER, make the most of this one as he won’t be around for much longer ……