With the TY125 just about wrapped up time to bring the Tiger Cub out of hibernation for a full wash and brush up.

Lurking somewhere in the workshop

Today I might just start backwards and give her a “pre polish” just to remember all the near perfect, and plenty of Zero score cards, during her 6 year reign as the machine to beat! Time to remember all the work that went into her transformation from an Amal Sammy Miller variant to where we are today.

Still snowing and a crisp wind!       but I need to get out there, and get the job started as time waits for no one. First yet more wood and I’m getting through it at an alarming rate! Still gotta keep warm!!

Temps went up a bit and the overnight 1″ soon melted but the storm warning continues. Just as well as I’m safe and warm inside and just been out in it, with just one dog, as Rossi Had to be put to sleep this afternoon, but she was over 15 years old which is way up there for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Always sad so we are down to one dog from six .

Plenty of re-org in the workshop and a sudden discovery, while looking for something else, all my Solvol Autosol Polish which I now remember I had run out of and ordered a 3 pack way back when and put it in a special container …….. not to be seen for 5 YEARS! until today. No matter the one I had to order before Christmas has been going well but I think I now have enough to last my lifetime.

A lifetime of Solvol Autosol 

Some cat damage as our five feral kittens had got in the workshop and destroyed a Harley Davidson model!

Not suitable as a “Cat Toy”

Polishing began after some airing of tires and now we can see the benefits of that fine auto/bike polish!

A lot of polish on the “Ray Iddon” custom fabricated units of the Stealth fuel tank, left side oil tank, Custom bash plate and footrest hangers, “my rear brake assembly and stops”, modified chainguard, RAF humor “Ejection seat” which has the oil tank filler under the velcro ejection cover

The Apico footrests, and custom $500 rear shocks by Rockshocks

A good look at Ray’s custom bash plate with the frame lower tube removed and the add on expansion chamber on the exhaust which I’m told prevents some stalling, although I never noticed any difference! Del Orto now routed to the right side

Standard cub rear silencer/muffler with the add on spark arrestor 

Neat Velcro cover under ejection seat to oil tank filler which takes SAE 50

With all the cleaning, a fault is found! While NO Excuses has sat idle it appears the Rocker feed/return oil pipe has lost its SOLDER! so that must be repaired which I would normally do in 5 minutes but as the dexterity in my hands (thanks chemo!) is sadly lacking I will have to take it up to my local motorcycle shop (which I have never had reason to use) get them to solder the pipe back in and ” anneal” the copper crush washers. These washers are getting increasingly difficult to find as the current crop ALL have TOO MUCH NICKEL in them and will neither “crush” for a perfect oil seal or ANNEAL such that they can be reused.

Time for the tank off, you now get to see “Ray’s Custom Frame” where he puts in a top tube to strengthen up the “swan neck ” of the original which got it’s strength from the heavy steel tank which acted as a brace. You also get to see where I put the top coil. On with the show.

You can see where Ray puts the upper tube, then grafts the wrap around it and produces one tough frame!

A little cutting and the top coil has it’s own private house

Protected ignition wires from downstairs

T’other side, a little filing for the ignition cable

Custom covered cables in green of course

The heart of the matter the “Del Orto”

Will collect the soldered rocker oil feed tomorrow and give Mister Del Orto his bath and clean up including the standard blow job on all the jetting.







With the temp coming up and none of that bitter wind I’d better get on with my refurbishing tasks on the Ty125 and No Excuses. Into the workhouse then,  and off I jolly well go! Out with the back wheel and a severe brushing of the chain

Clean again

Next up the spindle for rear axel degreasing and of course the mirror shine before more grease and the rebuild. Same program for the rear brake hub and remove 5 years of tarnish from all and sundry

I’ll get to you in a minute

Believe it or not it’s Magnesium 

Some serious elbow grease!

All rebuilt

As requested “slow action” Domino

NEW Grips arrived today!

More from mister Autosol to finish the day, always the best polish for trials bikes, more on this later

Yes the yokes are highly polished

It was a steel one I had chromed

Elbow grease cover and fin

More cover and fin “elbowsol”

Forgot I chromed the exhaust guard, and my decals as a bonus

1000, and still below FREEZING, I will get in that workhouse, promise, but it needs to warm up a little first as my hands can’t take it with the wretched chemo side effects.

They are coming to bits!

Here is the forecast until Tuesday night!


Just what I needed!

Now they have issued a WINTER STORM WARNING until Tuesday evening       GREAT!

Meanwhile back in the Workhouse the Engineer sets about the front end of the TY125 with the hope of finishing the task before the Packers game.

Front end day with grips, front wheel axel, brakes and polish all including the forks

A little vodka to settle the grips

Throttle side

… and the clutch side

Badly tarnished brake plate, axel not too bad

More elbow and solvol for the bright finish

Forks next for a pre delivery polish

Replaced a stripped anchor plate bolt, easy if you have a spare

Nice shine on the hub and forks

Here she is

Ready for action

Tomorrow its time for No Excuses to go in for her “Makeover”










Yo Ho Ho, tis Christmas Eve and it’s 1F this morning! Strange how some years you see such nice things by way of Christmas Cards, but this year, rather like 2020 its all a bit bland. Well here’s  one from my youth in “Bridge” down in Kent just outside Canterbury.

The simple Morris Minor the UK answer to the VW Bug

It has that 50’s-60’s feel and making me remember Christmases long ago. This year will hardly rate up there for me as the chemo side effects take all pleasure out of everything, and the colder it is the worse it gets.

So here we are Christmas morning 2020 at 0830 with the temp at 8F and just making freezing about midday. Presents under the tree, well boxes actually and unwrapped at that. I can only hope if I survive another year that I will get my “Christmas Mojo” back. Right now my feelings are nowhere close and as 2020 goes its just another day.

Here’s a nice card I like  and I’ll put up a few more to see if I can cheer myself up

Getting there

Fun but dangerous to decorate this Waterfall Christmas Tree


My token effort this year

Yes, I’m here, whereas 335,000 others, have perished under the “Hoax”

What a happy greeting card? Factual as it may be 

Looking forward to the New Year and getting on with my personal project of the nice used car. I need about $12,000 to achieve this ,        although,  I have two checks for $9000, I can’t cash or deposit them until Brenda has her financial review with the hospital. We are NOT allowed to have an account with over $5000 in it or they will reduce the insurance payments, which I can currently afford, and then it will be a progressive take down to the last penny. Of course I could STOP the chemo and just wait to see how much longer I have but that’s the death row wait until the final days.

However, bearing all that in mind I will continue with my projects and aim for mid February as my target date. Sales of surplus stuff seem to be going well on ebay so I’ll keep working on that and get   my arse in gear and get the Cub and TY125 all sparkling clean and running if my fingers can grip the spanners.

The fire is lit, and after a mega search the Yule Log, Pets, and Carols found on the TV. More wood split and ready for the evening fire. Mimosas beginning to take effect and about 30 mins out for the Prime Rib Christmas lunch, it’s looking good after a peek in the oven and all the veg which I love. Great football game going on which I’m enjoying, hope the Saints win!

The meal was delicious! and of course an early bed followed as I perhaps ate a little more than usual, and as a total surprise our TV channels that had been taken off due to a dispute with the cable company suddenly came back to life. The power of Christmas !

On the car front, a Botanical Green is now the competition No1, located in Columbus Ohio. Current price $8970 and $1150 to transport door to door. This is a 2008 model VP with 98K on the clock.

Another one which has been exceptionally detailed is in Blue and is the 2006 VP at $9850.

One Christmas present to me from me

I’m entering my Green mood

“Ready ?”

“Let’s GO!”







WOW! went out to go to the workshop and Cancer and Chemo said NO! bigtime. My eyes and nose were running profusely and it was so bloody cold I could only just manage a few menial tasks and chop two loads of wood. Nasty business this Cancer and the poison to try to keep it in check.

Only 1600 and the temps are down to 19F already with a forecast low of 4F overnight ….. extra blanket for me please!

The news is not good as that LOON just will not let go! I stopped commenting on the ludicrous buffoon several months ago but many of the comments are now facing us as the Dictator finds himself at the end of, thankfully a short rope! You may remember all those mysterious “Police” in Oregon with their non police vehicles, their arms festooned with tattoos and my thoughts on who they were? Then they disappeared without trace, now once again he is trying to threaten Marshal Law, and somehow overturn the election. Today he pardoned several of those BLACKWATER thugs, I wonder why??

Now that’s very TRUE, they are very well paid MERCENARIES

And where did they suddenly go to?

These are NOT Police Officers they are Mercenaries paid for by the Clown Prince Trump, let’s hope they don’t reappear in January and cause more trouble. Go peacefully, and without conceding, if you must be a pain until the very end. Fortunately you WON’T Be Back.

Dumbarse Extrodinaire the Mighty Humpty Dumpty Trump

Now he is refusing to sign the Armed Forces Bill although I’m sure both houses will override his Veto! and at the same time shouts and rants that we all need $2000, which of course we do, but he alone wants to be the one who got it through. Now he departs for Florida amid all the usual chaos he has caused, a truly worthless and despicable, theoretical national leader who has the nerve to pretend to be a president even when defeated.














Not quite there yet, but Christmas is just around the corner, and although I need to get my act together on the Trials bikes I could be on top of the BIG present to ME! from ME

Well the checks for the the TY and the Cub arrived so time to set about reconditioning both of them. Could be the wheels out day today and start the 125.

Need to resolve an unpaid time waster who made an offer was all gung ho when I accepted and then said after agreeing that he/she could not afford it! They have until 1300 today before we call in ebay.

Checked on some of the transportation and quotes are actually  lower than I expected. Suddenly a lot more “Greens” and “Blues”  appearing so my choice is improving and I have about six weeks before I can complete the mission.







Trepidation sets in as I don’t want that awful nausea again! Is the cure better than the disease as these side effects make you think twice?

Wednesday again and that heralds yet another round of chemo. Bitter cold at 4F this morning. just made 14F when i pulled out of the drive at 0920.

Despite all the horrors of the side effects the tumor index has come down to 20 from 29.7 so thankful for small mercies. The dizziness and loss of hearing points me towards the ears and semi circular canals which are part of our balance and orientation system in the body and from all my years flying and understanding aviation medicine this could be the cause.

Just as I remember the lectures

Another cold morning, no surprises there, and no change in the forecast. The hunting jacket that was returned by some whining wimp has sold again without haggling over prices! Next on the Bay will be some of my gortex Spyder Ski Sweaters which really hold their price and maybe one of the funky Christmas sweaters that I don’t wear.

Still. waiting on checks for the TY125 and my nearest and dearest No Excuses Cub.

A great little bike

Only ever got beaten ONCE!!!  must be the bike!

Next was a sudden rather unexpected sale of an expensive Christopher Dawes Harris Tweed all wool hunting jacket with the pleated back and full width bum flap, along with suede elbow and shoulder pads. Bought to go on an expensive Driven Pheasant Shoot but never got to wear it!


What a “Gentleman” wears for the shoot dinner



Well no matter a little festive decoration for the Roubaix after carrying me 5000.17 miles this year! That makes 16,391.10 as the Total and only leaves 8510.90 to hit the big one. Of course will I make it or will the dreaded big “C” get me first?

A bit of Christmas wrapping as the old tape was giving up the ghost

pretty in chrome

and the end of season clean and polish

No nasty reactions after the last chemo for 2020 so scans on 12/29 and see where we are then and what the Doctors say is next on the menu?






Here we go

A little progress despite the dizziness, always wondered why the nurse who does the “vitals” asks ” Had any falls recently?” well now we know as its all part of the fun of chemo!

Snoopy is on the balcony in the center spot

Actually managed to put up 5 large decs on the balcony rail and maybe I’ll wire them in tomorrow if I’m feeling a bit more stable.

The wiring goes well, or well enough as of course I checked them all as we do every year like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation and then only some of the bloody ice lights come on, usually its just a bulb fallen out and another usually fixes the problem. At other times it’s age and to avoid the frustration get a new set! Another check over reveals nothing so I’ll be cutting out some sections and joining in some bits from previous years failed lines!

Not Again!     better get Russ to check them

” Won’t take you long”

Needless to say due to the pandemic there are NO Christmas lights left in the store! Can’t imagine how this has become the season “toilet paper” and people are stocking up?

Good news another couple of items sold on the Bay and I had a positive enquiry of the TY125 which I am now currently working on. It seems the buyer is an ex Brit who was in the Army and rode at several of the venues that I did. Spoke to him on the phone and it seems he is also interested in NO Excuses Cub which would be wonderful!

TY125 all back together and cleaned, looks good just need to kick it over and get her running. Can’t find my Solvol Autosol for the final polishing which is a must for any serious trials rider. Better start on the Cub as this guy is interested in both.

My MAN rang to say he wants BOTH!!!!!! doesn’t need them until the AHRMA event up at Steamboat, but will send the checks anyway, I can hardly not deliver them to Steamboat and might just ride Superglitz round for a complete day.

Getting decidedly unpleasant

The forecast storm arrives as the previous 1-2″ was just starting to melt and now we have had an all day snowfall which has dumped about 6-8″ but now it has stopped.

Coming to an end

Three sets of ice lights repaired and now hopefully fully functional. Will fit them as soon as I can when the temp starts moving up the ladder, long way to go as it was starting at 5F which by any standard is bloody cold!

Repairs done, time to change them out

In the meantime I have another batch of goodies to put on the Bay and see if I can get the sales numbers up where I want them. Plowed out and temps eventually make 34F and I get ALL the outside lights repaired and everything looks good with no missing sectors.

Inside we are done and boxes back in the loft, lets see how it looks

The tree in all its beauty

Baubles, bangles ………..  ……….. 

bright shiny beads 


Last bit to do outside for this miserable Covid 19 year are two more shooting stars and a small streamer of lights on both sides of the house and then the duty pic. Too cold for more work so onto the pics with no gaps or holes in the lighting

Enough for today












1/12 / Covid and it’s another chemo week so blood letting today and chemo tomorrow, Joy of Joys! Well it’s box time and the tree when I get back from the hospital so we are actually geared up for the first upheaval.

Getting a lot of low ball offers on ebay but an offer at least shows they are interested so keep ’em coming!

Back from Session 5 of this round of chemo and I still have some trepidation with this slight nausea but keeping up with the water seems to help. Home from that and everywhere I’ve been there seems to be nothing in the way of Christmas decorations, I can only imagine its the bitter cold wind.

Nothing happening to the chaos of boxes due to most things electrical by internet and cable TV all going pear shaped the same morning and now we have lost Channel 2 and 13 as the cable provider won’t pay the fees these TV people are demanding.

Some of my car choices come and go, the one I like most is not the cheapest and has the most miles but maybe a similar one will turn up a bit closer than New York!!




Another couple claim to be “Botanical Green” whatever that maybe, look black to me with a hint of green flecks




So, no decisions as I need to sell things to raise the cash so if anyone is looking for some trials bikes now might be a good time to catch me. TY125 for $2000, the “No  Excuses Cub”$7000 and the best Yam in the USA our old friend “the Superglitz Yam TY250A at $7000, yes it is worth that much! and if you are more touring minded there is the Beemer at $7000 too. Only 11000 miles on a 2005 K1200LT in a very pretty blue.

“No excuses” in action in Colorado

Superglitz even gleams in the mud

Without doubt the best Yam I ever built!

New leather all round, new tires, new battery, Remus exhaust, new fork oil seals. 12,000 service completed.

Bit of nausea today but kept it down remembering to drink plenty of liquids as there is a big need to flush out all the saline and other left over parts of the poison remembering that I get two more days of the stuff being pumped in!

Not good! Felt queasy all day, and then come Friday same as before, nasty explosive vomiting, and yet more severe dehydration! Went on all day, I can only guess its this current cocktail of poisons my body doesn’t like. Reasonable nights sleep but dizziness this morning but just coming out of it by mid afternoon.

Christmas Decs tomorrow!