Great plan ……. but not today!

Plan was to get out there and push those pedals, but just like most days, but seemingly much worse this year, that bloody wind is as strong as ever and the vintage cyclist is not interested in what would be exceedingly hard work!

Don’t want any of this either, last ride end of November last year

Revert to listing more parts for ebay and maybe trying to put up the Gazebo. Parts done! Just need to get on with the listings and see what sells. Last of the chain tensioner blocks sold this morning.

Not that good

Overnight no less than FIVE severe weather alerts all reference strong winds of course so yet another pedal free day and yet more depression as the saga continues!

Somebody save me from these watering eyes and runny nose!

Tuesday, 4/27 and no weather alerts to wake up to, wind has stopped but might flare up again. 13 new listings yesterday and a box of B7ES Yamaha plugs sold in one shot! A lot of time yesterday with all those listings, try a few more today. Wet morning with showers of snow and rain.

Time to find some cycling stuff to list

Had it all out, man I have a lot! however I sold a load since I started selling in December. Now I have to decide where I’m going with all this. Of course with all the weight loss, and misleading Asian sizes its difficult to know what to keep and what to push out the sales door.

Post lunch out the door with Doggo and its snowing!! C’mon weather let’s get this shit together it’s nearly MAY.

Looks like about 7 items I can list with ebay as I clearly have more outfits than I can possibly wear in this summer. Well that can all wait until tomorrow.


Well back to another Wednesday and today its inquiries on Boots and Helmets!

Helmets in Purple I can do and boots in Red and White

Just waiting on an answer

Meanwhile time to get listing again, all the pics done and uploaded, enough for today.

Thursday morning and 7 more items listed, mainly excess cycling gear so we will see how that goes now that people are out and about apart from me!









Time has come to replace the “Dealer Plates” and see if I can rectify the damage done by the Dealership in their haste to get the Jaguar to me

YOU know it’s not right! Screwing self tapping screws into plastic at an angle???

Little bit of overnight rain, not quite so windy (yet) so nearly time to be off to Cortez for Tags, some more coolant, and those licence plate screws.

The rear one

Front ready

Now equipped with title and tags and two licence plates as its Colorado. Coolant and extra screws collected along the way, now to see if anything fits, matches up, or if there is anything left to screw into.

Front sort of screws in but a little super glue for added security and its on!

Doctor “F”   ?

Now lets look at the back and see what total damage has been done here …… and yes, just as bad as I expected, or maybe worse!

Two “self tappers ” and the wrong size to boot!

In at an angle …… and this is the result on a $90,000 car!

What can I say!

Well, it’s on and covers up most of the damage

The constant “Weather Alert” just been issued for another round of high winds! However I’m thinking a wipeover wash and then maybe try this ceramic coating I’ve had since Christmas.

Good start to the morning with an old trials suit selling very close to the asking price

The SSDT Suit by Hebo, CAT Trial in AZ, on “Pre-Glitz” and the precursor to what would become “Glitz” and then the one to beat “Superglitz”

Mick Andrews gives “Glitz” a run

“Superglitz” takes the win on home turf

Have two more suits for ebay, some shorty levers and a load of carb hose clamps …. things are selling fast!

Wipe/Wash completed, think I’ll hold off for a few days on the Ceramic coating so on to the loose panels in the engine bay and get them secured. Need some in the Cadi as well.

These studs always go missing or get broken when they are removed …… all back in both cars

A little “tart up” for the Jag engine bay


Enough for today

Clean up and wash the levers and clamps and I have a couple of 428 chains to throw at the bay as well. Need to find one of the spring links!! …… bloody typical! must be in one of my fanny packs. Might try a ride on Sunday.













Here we go

Everything, including me, requires a boost, and today it’s the Jag’s turn with new licence plate lights, and a fully functioning boot/trunk lid!

Just a mild feeling that I might have a little more energy today, and the weight has started to build up again.

With the boot functional again another string pulled Jaguar device is removed. Only one to go.

Wednesday and yet another bloody strong wind warning!!! Getting sick of it and it’s also a cold wind which makes it twice as bad. Today I’m hoping to get in the boot and take some part numbers for the fuel catch which is still string controlled! First though, a couple of sales to get packed up and on their way. Another one joins the pile making 3 for the day. Well it’s someone’s birthday today…….

95 today, and she certainly needs a Boost after all she has been through of late.

Not much happening, and running out of things to sell, better clean up the workshop so I know where I have put everything. I had a big box of Tripple Trees and I can’t see them anywhere! Might even think of selling the SUPERGLITZ at about $7000 if anyone out there is interested. It is the BEST Yam I have ever built.

Mick riding what was the “Glitz” before it was improved to todays version the “Superglitz”

The best Yam I have ever ridden

Another clean in my favorite mud hole at Casper WY

A little work done outside sawing down a biggish branch that our flag had been blown into by these ferocious winds. No way was it coming down so the branch had to go! The Jag had to be moved before the operation and must have a little radiator leak as it was down on coolant so something to keep an eye on. Body weight on the rise and back to around 164-165 so some improvement there as I was down to 156 at the low end. Sad to see the loss of muscle mass and feel the loss of pure strength but I suppose thats all part of the chemo and cancer fun when you are nearly 75. Next up some new teeth!

Be nice to eat again!!! Mine are like the stubs they plug these dentures into

They will do














The Wind alert for this afternoon is 20-30 mph gusting 45-50 so not much in the way of outside weather or doing anything for this year’s cycling total.

Having done over 16,000 miles I’m getting annoyed with this infernal wind as I haven’t yet moved the odometer off ZERO this year!

Thursday, 4/15 and not much change to the wind situation as I prepare myself for a day of the PET Scan Diet! The PET is down for tomorrow at 0840 so need to leave here at around 0730 which will be a bit of a shock.

All went smoothly

Today determination to get back up in the loft and see if anything is still lurking up there. Did manage to finish the front number plate with it’s decals.

Something done at last

I have a few more for the car when the boot gets done and all being well should get the new plates next week. The car goes in next Tuesday and I’ll sit and wait while they do it. Sadly the weather is just TOO BLOODY MISERABLE to try anything outside!

Friday, 4/16 and a dawn start with no drink or breakfast pre the PET Scan in Durango, all went very smoothly and I was home again by 1100. Now need to flush all this Radio Active stuff out of the system and get back to normality. However the weather people have just issued another SNOW STORM Warning until Sunday night!

I’m a little tired of it too!

Today I want to get to know the Navigation system in the car and get it to a scale I can read and a brightness level I can see. There are more controls in that panel than I can believe. Still trying to get in the loft for the last ebay search.

Saturday again

In the loft at last, a few fork legs, two semi dismantled engines, TY 250A’s half a dozen wheels, one good frame and swinging arm, and not much else! Never mind.

Out to the Car armed with the instruction manual and with lighting levels and screen adjusted I think I can now use it!

Well it knows where I am

The weather people have now cancelled the snow storm and replaced it with strong winds for the next 2 days! Right now its bloody cold at 27F

3 enquiries on the Beemer but no second bite as yet.Some kid trying to get a cracking deal on a Hebo trials suit offering half of the asking price ….. no,  no,  no.

Never mind Moto GP on soon and F1 at 2000 so a couple of things to look forward to. Might give the Jag a wipe over to pass the time.

Here we are, not much wiser, at Monday again. two more sales on ebay, need to start searching again. Results of the PET Scan later, and a bit of a clean on the car after some wind and snow.

Head of the Durango cancer unit unit says the scan all looks good so I can have another month off chemo to try and diminish the side effects. Also one more allergy medicine to try, very hit and miss says the Doctor! It does seem a little energy is creeping back in the picture.

TV bonus for me is Biathlon is back on which is ALL the pre Christmas events that Peacock grabbed, charged extra for, and is now using them on its NBC outlet. I’m sure cycling will go the same way this year.

Rear brake cable sold on ebay!

Expensive boot lock opener day !










Pleased I found a solution for the front licence plate, but of course it is masking the badges on the lower rack, so some work required here

I’m having a bad day, month, or whatever, so what’s left of me goes out to you in weekend purple.

I have to say that the “Jag Forums” are anything but helpful! So far I have learnt nothing from reading them as they are, in the main, a load of worthless opinions founded on best guesses rather than fact or mechanical expertise. All very annoying.

Personal sitrep: Mouth still very sore, difficult to eat due to lack of teeth. total lack or energy, very suscepetible to cold, running nose and watering eyes. Sore hands and feet, but apart from that  GREAT! Weight still at 159lbs which seems quite ridiculous despite trying to eat more. Better buy some teeth!

So success in the form of the number plate hanger but back a step on the design of the lower grille badges. No matter off it comes again, survey the problem, and now take out the middle section and two old UK shooting badges. New design looks good to me.

Nicely spaced, looks good, ……… but!

Forced into town as the rad leak from the Cadi is getting worse, but we have kept her that way for a couple of years so time for some more leak stopper for the radiator, ……. seems to have worked.

However, comma, on the drive into town the Jag wants to say thank you and pops up another message “ACC BLOCKED SENSOR” ……. another with one of it’s many AMBER lights. While I sit and try and deduce the clue and trying to think what it could be, of course the obvious is something I have touched, bumped, or otherwise nudged while working on the grille.

Offending badge removed, not sure yet

Home again and read through the “AMBERS” and as expected its airflow to the Radiator that I have blocked off with a badge. Badge removed and now it needs a road test to check if it comes on again

Clouseau checks from underneath, “itsa bodged blockee badgee”

“Thank you Inspector”    Yet more thinking, perhaps I should get the Jag Repairers to do the boot and the Licence plate lights as I have neither the knowledge, expertise with Jag electrics, or as it seems any of the other many and various quirks. Better give them a ring this afternoon.

Right, down to the workshop and see what else will sell. 2 more items went on ebay, better find some more!  Durango is ordering the parts for the boot and licence plate lights and I can sit and wait while they do it.

Back to the “JAG” ER for a rear end go through. Stop complaining I had to have it done 3 times!! ON ME!

Another enquiry about the bicycle rack, lets hope this buyer isn’t using those fat tires! Some hopeful purple flowers ……

Crocus today, used to have loads of these in the woods near where I lived as a kid

Weather turning crappy again, cooler and with yet more strong winds, surely there must be an end to this? I have some serious cycling to get on with!

She sits and …….. waits ? …… and waits some more

With all the Internet research I’ve been doing (getting nowhere) I might add, I did turn up the “Back door to Heaven” so if I have no “ID” when I get there or I’m not on the Voter’s List I suppose you go to the Tradesman’s entrance?

Coming soon!

Amazing! Rough old side stand from a TY250A,  put on ebay last night, sold and shipped this morning! Better find some more.

Quick test drive to see if moving the badge is more to Jaguar’s liking and so far no more annoying lights.

Wednesday morning and finally the bicycle rack is SOLD!     taken a while but sold it is, and a good start to the morning. Weather says cold and VERY WINDY! up to 45-50 gusts. Well I needed a free day to read all about the other features not covered in the owners manual. Back inside after the sale, and I notice another ebay sale they haven’t told me about to somewhere in France for a front brake plate and shoes, can’t complain and another $45 in the pot.

Not one of these, though I have plenty, but a “glitzie” one








Well Clouseauwhere were you yesterday when another one of my teeth fell out?  or was it stolen ??

Monsewer I waaas on holidaye it twaaas Eeeeester!

How apt!

Today time to refit the grille

So far so good, might even get the lower one done today

Another unexpected rest day! Morning went as normal, but then a little lunch and I’d fallen asleep again and slept through until 1700.

Anyhoo, back to the plan today, grille, lower grille, and then work on the front number plate.

Did the roof again but today its another bloody cold one and a 20 mph wind just to kill my hands and put a stop to everything again!

Back to Wednesday and another windy day. But I must start getting things done. Marginally warmer, and perhaps a little less wind, but who cares, I’ve got my Spyder Gortex Sweater on! Front grille back in place and now a gentle de-dusting wash before work starts on grille lower!

Top Grille back in place

Back to it, I know I have some cutting and drilling but I live in hope that that this one will be easier. Managed to get the lower grille off and now needs a little superglue on the rubber surround. This one I can finish in the workshop.

Badges start to go on the lower grille only to end with a GIANT ? Seems I can’t measure either! and my center point (critical in an operation this size) was way off. Start again, much better and finished up with just one badge to drill.

Ready to fit at last!

TGIF and a bit warmer, and less wind , NO EXCUSES!

All drilled and filed, now let’s put it together and hope the bloody wind doesn’t curtail operations again. Yet another stumbling block so now delicately saw off all the excess length on all the bolts as they are too long to allow the mesh to lie flat.

Bolts cut down

Time to finish that bloody front grille!

Grille now complete, the wind is back but I’ll give her a quick once  over to remove all the top soil the wind has deposited and then into town and see what the auto parts think is my best option for mounting the licence plate holder.

Some of those “press stud” fasteners that fix engine covers, however the number plate now obscures the badges! Well maybe another day repositioning ….. I’ll see

While I’m in town I became a Uber Driver as another fluffy animal hopped in the back seat

Who are you ?











Just realised today is actually Friday, Good Friday to be precise, and already my mind is saying Saturday so I now have another day off on my extended Covid holiday.

Looking out of the window the area on the Jag roof certainly doesn’t look like there  was any sun damage so another dose of the “swirl” polish will be on the day’s programme.

A bit better to the naked eye

I’ll leave Clouseau and the Pink to carry on with their investigation while I consider the easist way of getting the info I really need on my Jag. Seems a download from the internet has to be the quickest and the cheapest.

My tasks for the day will be another dose of magic on the roof and then the pleasureable mission of layout of the badges. Needless to say I have bought too many, only to be expected, so some will sadly get left in the box!

Roof TOO hot to use polish! Better get up earlier. Front grille off, well here comes problem one with a curved surface? Now do I try and bend the badges? or do I saw off the lower mounting area and then redrill?

Well ?????

Bending did not seem the way to go, so sawing and filing was the order of the day and as a follow up some precision drilling will be  along shortly and then as the grille is off I should be able to get it back together today. After that, lower grille, and then the front plate.

Ambition is a wonderful thing! but I had to deal with the layout, which will be good but I hadn’t noticed the curvature of the grille so a bit of replanning and a lot of very CAREFUL drilling and worth the dilligence to get it right. Tomorrow just one more for the main grille to get drilled then I can screw them on which will be fun at last

The warm weather has attracted Cyclists and Motorcyclists out of the woodwork. 2 enquiries on the cycle rack, and one turned up, and the other has more questions. Soon after that an enquiry about the BMW but hopefully this time not a scammer!

Memories of the “Cup Cake” scammer!

No more of these thank you!

It has to be said that all this drilling is beating the crap out of my poor hands and I’m trying so hard not to make any mistakes on these one off badges. Slow progress indeed but overall I believe that my patience is up to it. 1 day jobs now take 3 if I’m lucky. A few refinements need to be made on the drilling and maybe another trip into town for yet more nuts and bolts! Always the way and to be expected with this number of badges, do it once and do it right.

Very warm this afternoon,  “Could that be the Front Wheel of the Roubaix ?”   The start of the next 3000 miles

Lunch begins with a very nice home made quiche

The chocolate stone rolls up for desert, but its been attacked!

All the drilling and filing done, now the placement, screwing and final adjustments.

First one in place

Right side all done

Left side complete

The full VISTA

weekend over











R.I.P.  For my Cousin TOM, sorry we lost touch through the years

Nothing much seems to be happening although I have been feeling very unwell of late even to the point of questionning my own survival in amongst these side effects and cancer cycles. I have tried to be positive but at times it is very hard with lacking energy and the drain on willpower. If I could just sense an improvement in my overall condition and feel as though things are within my capabilities then I would love that feeling I had at the beginning of the year when nearly everything was going my way.

Perhaps a bit better today, horrid cold outside, hopefully found F1 on TV and also Moto GP now that all the Skiing has ended. Just 3 matches left on the Six Nations Rugby.

Still snowing and will get worse tonight. 6″-12″ forecast which looking at the map is more likely to be around 4″.

Nothing done today on the parts front, but what’s another day amid all the other things that are going on. We ended up with 6″ on the rail and forecast for more during the day until 6 pm. Seems I actually have a bit more determination and energy, so just maybe some work will get done on the spare parts

Goodly time polishing and decruding some units for sale, slow progress but progress none the less and if I can get this lot photographed then I’ll be well pleased. Car is finished in Durango but can’t get there until Monday afternoon as Brenda has her second shot on Monday at 1200.

Saturday, F1 gets underway tomorrow, Rugby finished, Moto Gp again tomorrow, and today for me photography on the next bunch of bits and bobs for ebay. Tired again today, don’t know why. Better start snapping before I start sleeping.

As it’s Saturday and I like purple roses

Still the two annoying latches to fix when it gets back

Just back from refloating Evergreen so I can get back on the car. But first Brenda is away to get her second jab!


Had to take all the tin cans off first but they will find a use for them, and now some clown is trying it in the UK

The SS Scargill runs aground in high winds in Yorkshire

Having pre-empted the bank on my debit card, the car gets paid for and armed with more info on the 2 remaining latches I’m on the road……..

Another Jaguar upgrade!

Car people had done a good job on the parts that I had told them to do and the steering and ride were noticeably better after a full alignment. Service agent says the fuel catch system is the motor so I’ll be in there after an experiment on the sun faded patches on the roof.

I wonder if ?

Still cold and windy, but I want to get on, weekend says temps might be 65+, I hope so getting tired of this strong cold wind!

Wednesday, 0930 temp says 50F, and no wind! the scales show an alarming 156.4 ???? Yes, that’s what left of me!!!!!!!!! I’m surprised I can even stand up on my own!!!! IS THIS THE END ????

So first up will be a touch of the miracle polish, and if that turns out then onto more mysteries and check all the lights. My “sixth sense” is pointing me in the direction of a rear end “fender bender” from which this car was never fully repaired.

OK , Clouseau go find it

The Magic polish certainly took some of the white away from the spot I was working on and did exactly what it said it would on a couple of severe scratches that I tried it on. A few more goes and we will see if it gets better.

I’ll give it a try

The hood/bonnet

Not too bad

Thursday, I believe and also April 1st ! Must eat more food, and try and regain some muscle mass as I’m shrivelling up. Also need to start the cycling campaign again, but only if the vicious wind isn’t blowing!

Did all the roof spots, lets remember how bad they were



Well they all got one dose

Not quite so noticeable

Flush with my limited success it was time to board passengers as Granpa begins to lose it ……

I think I’m getting there

All strapped in ?

That’s all for today!