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    Welcome to this site which covers, in a light hearted manner, all aspects of vintage trials from my early days in and out of the saddle to todays current competitions in AHRMA and ITSA. There are stories of major events, both current and yesteryear, sagas of building vintage bikes, and technical articles for the shade tree mechanic. A little history of the author; English by birth but now holding dual citizenship, I joined the Royal Air Force straight from school and flew predominately fighters for 30 years finishing up after Gulf War 1 as a civilian flying instructor in Saudi Arabia teaching the Royal Saudi Air Force how to fly the Tornado. Now a resident of Colorado, having formerly owned a large Grading and Trash Removal company in Arizona.
  • Past experiences include; first competition in 1963, 8 rides and finishes in the Scottish Six Days, 2 Welsh 2 Day events and 2 ISDT events. More recently 7 years riding Trials in Arizona and 4 years on the AHRMA circuit and all the fun that that entails. When not competing or building there is a chance that just maybe “We” (that’s the Royal we) will get the Beemer out for a ride.  For many years I would ride a Crotch Rocket to Team Arizona to teach road riding to beginers as a MSF instructor.  I hope you like what you see, and will actively join in the blogs with questions and comments. So, step back in time and enjoy the first article “Trials Back Then”. Yours in the mud, Tony Down

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  1. Hi Tony. Great site but most of the pictures in your older post don’t show up. Shame because i’m particularly interested in your work on the Tiger Cubs

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Tony,
    I’ve really enjoyed visiting your website over the years. I especially like your amazing work restoring trials bikes. A couple of questions I was hoping you could help me out with:
    What is the ball park weight of your 74 TY 250?
    Any good tips on how to get more power out of a 74 TY 250
    Mine seems to be a little on the underpowered side.
    Keep up the great work. Thanks Grant

  3. Tony great blog and I was interested in your ISDT experiences which helped me with content on ISDT events like 1975 in IoM in my ISDT tribute Archive http://www.speedtracktales.com. Alas the loss of Go Daddy’s Quickblogcast facility last year means I’ve lost some of your images that were hosted there. Is there any chance you can repost those pictures or if possible you might be willing to send me jpgs i can add to my page rather than link to… hope you get the time to read these responses… I’l leave the three holes in my 1975 page until I hear from you.. cheers

  4. Tony,
    Sven Olsen and I both own one of the Metro Police Team Cheney Triumph 650 ISDT bikes. Mine is one of the first three built up in 1970. Sven has one of the three built in 1973. All six competed in various international events until 1976 when the Met Team disbanded. Amongst other interests I administrate a Cheney Facebook page and reach out to individuals who may have information or images of interest to share with the group. Looking forward to your reply and I enjoy browsing your page as I also have a 1972 Penton Mudlark (Wassell). Cheers!

  5. Hi Tony, after reading your latest posts just wanted to say hang in there. Miss seeing you at the events, there should be at least two Englishmen at a trials event for it to be official, lol.
    Take care.

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