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Well Clouseauwhere were you yesterday when another one of my teeth fell out?  or was it stolen ??

Monsewer I waaas on holidaye it twaaas Eeeeester!

How apt!

Today time to refit the grille

So far so good, might even get the lower one done today

Another unexpected rest day! Morning went as normal, but then a little lunch and I’d fallen asleep again and slept through until 1700.

Anyhoo, back to the plan today, grille, lower grille, and then work on the front number plate.

Did the roof again but today its another bloody cold one and a 20 mph wind just to kill my hands and put a stop to everything again!

Back to Wednesday and another windy day. But I must start getting things done. Marginally warmer, and perhaps a little less wind, but who cares, I’ve got my Spyder Gortex Sweater on! Front grille back in place and now a gentle de-dusting wash before work starts on grille lower!

Top Grille back in place

Back to it, I know I have some cutting and drilling but I live in hope that that this one will be easier. Managed to get the lower grille off and now needs a little superglue on the rubber surround. This one I can finish in the workshop.

Badges start to go on the lower grille only to end with a GIANT ? Seems I can’t measure either! and my center point (critical in an operation this size) was way off. Start again, much better and finished up with just one badge to drill.

Ready to fit at last!

TGIF and a bit warmer, and less wind , NO EXCUSES!

All drilled and filed, now let’s put it together and hope the bloody wind doesn’t curtail operations again. Yet another stumbling block so now delicately saw off all the excess length on all the bolts as they are too long to allow the mesh to lie flat.

Bolts cut down

Time to finish that bloody front grille!

Grille now complete, the wind is back but I’ll give her a quick once once over to remove all the top soil the wind has deposited and then into town and see what the auto parts think is my best option for mounting the licence plate holder.

Some of those “press stud” fasteners that fix engine covers, however the number plate now obscures the badges! Well maybe another day repositioning ….. I’ll see

While I’m in town I became a Uber Driver as another fluffy animal hopped in the back seat

Who are you ?












Just realised today is actually Friday, Good Friday to be precise, and already my mind is saying Saturday so I now have another day off on my extended Covid holiday.

Looking out of the window the area on the Jag roof certainly doesn’t look like there  was any sun damage so another dose of the “swirl” polish will be on the day’s programme.

A bit better to the naked eye

I’ll leave Clouseau and the Pink to carry on with their investigation while I consider the easist way of getting the info I really need on my Jag. Seems a download from the internet has to be the quickest and the cheapest.

My tasks for the day will be another dose of magic on the roof and then the pleasureable mission of layout of the badges. Needless to say I have bought too many, only to be expected, so some will sadly get left in the box!

Roof TOO hot to use polish! Better get up earlier. Front grille off, well here comes problem one with a curved surface? Now do I try and bend the badges? or do I saw off the lower mounting area and then redrill?

Well ?????

Bending did not seem the way to go, so sawing and filing was the order of the day and as a follow up some precision drilling will be  along shortly and then as the grille is off I should be able to get it back together today. After that, lower grille, and then the front plate.

Ambition is a wonderful thing! but I had to deal with the layout, which will be good but I hadn’t noticed the curvature of the grille so a bit of replanning and a lot of very CAREFUL drilling and worth the dilligence to get it right. Tomorrow just one more for the main grille to get drilled then I can screw them on which will be fun at last!

The warm weather has attracted Cyclists and Motorcyclists out of the woodwork. 2 enquiries on the cycle rack, and one turned up, and the other has more questions. Soon after that an enquiry about the BMW but hopefully this time not a scammer!

Memories of the “Cup Cake” scammer!

No more of these thank you!

It has to be said that all this drilling is beating the crap out of my poor hands and I’m trying so hard not to make any mistakes on these one off badges. Slow progress indeed but overall I believe that my patience is up to it. 1 day jobs now take 3 if I’m lucky. A few refinements need to be made on the drilling and maybe another trip into town for yet more nuts and bolts! Always the way and to be expected with this number of badges, do it once and do it right.

Very warm this afternoon,  “Could that be the Front Wheel of the Roubaix ?”   The start of the next 3000 miles

Lunch begins with a very nice home made quiche

The chocolate stone rolls up for desert, but its been attacked!

All the drilling and filing done, now the placement, screwing and final adjustments.

First one in place

Right side all done

Left side complete

The full VISTA

weekend over











R.I.P.  For my Cousin TOM, sorry we lost touch through the years

Nothing much seems to be happening although I have been feeling very unwell of late even to the point of questionning my own survival in amongst these side effects and cancer cycles. I have tried to be positive but at times it is very hard with lacking energy and the drain on willpower. If I could just sense an improvement in my overall condition and feel as though things are within my capabilities then I would love that feeling I had at the beginning of the year when nearly everything was going my way.

Perhaps a bit better today, horrid cold outside, hopefully found F1 on TV and also Moto GP now that all the Skiing has ended. Just 3 matches left on the Six Nations Rugby.

Still snowing and will get worse tonight. 6″-12″ forecast which looking at the map is more likely to be around 4″.

Nothing done today on the parts front, but what’s another day amid all the other things that are going on. We ended up with 6″ on the rail and forecast for more during the day until 6 pm. Seems I actually have a bit more determination and energy, so just maybe some work will get done on the spare parts




Goodly time polishing and decruding some units for sale, slow progress but progress none the less and if I can get this lot photographed then I’ll be well pleased. Car is finished in Durango but can’t get there until Monday afternoon as Brenda has her second shot on Monday at 1200.

Saturday, F1 gets underway tomorrow, Rugby finished, Moto Gp again tomorrow, and today for me photography on the next bunch of bits and bobs for ebay. Tired again today, don’t know why. Better start snapping before I start sleeping.

As it’s Saturday and I like purple roses


Still the two annoying latches to fix when it gets back

Just back from refloating Evergreen so I can get back on the car. But first Brenda is away to get her second jab!





Having pre-empted the bank on my debit card, the car gets paid for and armed with more info on the 2 remaining latches I’m on the road……..

Another Jaguar upgrade!

Car people had done a good job on the parts that I had told them to do and the steering and ride were noticeably better after a full alignment. Service agent says the fuel catch system is the motor so I’ll be in there after an experiment on the sun faded patches on the roof.

I wonder if ?

Still cold and windy, but I want to get on, weekend says temps might be 65+, I hope so getting tired of this strong cold wind!

Wednesday, 0930 temp says 50F, and no wind! the scales show an alarming 156.4 ???? Yes, that’s what left of me!!!!!!!!! I’m surprised I can even stand up on my own!!!! IS THIS THE END ????

So first up will be a touch of the miracle polish, and if that turns out then onto more mysteries and check all the lights. My “sixth sense” is pointing me in the direction of a rear end “fender bender” from which this car was never fully repaired.

OK , Clouseau go find it

The Magic polish certainly took some of the white away from the spot I was working on and did exactly what it said it would on a couple of severe scratches that I tried it on. A few more goes and we will see if it gets better.

I’ll give it a try

The hood/bonnet

Not too bad

Thursday, I believe and also April 1st ! Must eat more food, and try and regain some muscle mass as I’m shrivelling up. Also need to start the cycling campaign again, but only if the vicious wind isn’t blowing!

Did all the roof spots, lets remember how bad they were



Well they all got one dose

Not quite so noticeable

Flush with my limited success it was time to board passengers as Granpa begins to lose it ……

I think I’m getting there

All strapped in ?

That’s all for today!
















Always liked daffs

How VERY true!

Can’t Wait

My Spring Break is of a different kind as I’m off the Chemo for a Whole Month! Might even think about that bicycle that’s been inside since November, but I did crack 5000.17 last year. That pushed the big total up to 16,391.10 on the Equator ride so maybe get up there over 20,000 this year?

Starting soon

Managed to sift through a load more parts finding some extra bits and also an enquiry on the bike rack I relisted yesterday. Today finish off the swinging arm components and get them listed along with some brake plates and anything else I haven’t yet uncovered up in the loft.

Time to get rid of the infernal bag and pump after 24 sessions of chemo and now into a month long break and perhaps see some of these side effects diminish as they are driving me nuts big time!

My ambitious plans don’t seem to be getting anywhere as my hands are too sore to use and I don’t have the will power to force myself to start sanding brake plates until I feel a bit more with it. Yes, there is plenty to do but it isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.

Might just get to layout some of the badges for best design and best groupings and while on the subject may just consider changing the front grille as the Jaguar “growler emblem” can cost over $100 and you can get top and botton grille at $325 delivered, with emblem already mounted.

Here’s what I have

Maybe ?

Another day of lack of energy, but my appetite is coming back but of course my mouth is still very, very sore and its difficult to eat so I’ll soon be back on Gerber baby foods! Creaming of hands and heels continues along with vitamin B. Please, oh please, give me a break from these bloody side effects!!

Monday, maybe some improvement, difficult to tell. A couple of sales overnight so I’m encouraged to get going on those other items. But the non stop weeping eyes make everything I want to do unpleasant or downright impossible.

Tried the eye cream one more time, and yes it was a major improvement, also stumbling around on the internet I had a sad moment of two when I discovered my old club, whose badge will soon be up on the grille, Barham & District Motor Cycle & LCC,

All repainted and ready

Sadly my Uncle Tom who was Chairman, President, and all things motorcycling passed away 15 years ago

Uncle Tom, footing coat, and trilby, on one of his AJ’s

Reading on through club notes I sadly read that my cousin Tom who rode with me as a youth had sadly passed last summer and as Uncle Tom sold Greeves we ended up with “the boy’s bikes” on a hand me down chain.

Tom on the Square Barrel 24 TES which would be my next bike

Me on the Scottish 9E and those flat handlebars!

There she is the 24TES, 928 VKE, while Tom is on the TFS and we are both now Centre Experts ! Tom is 18 and I’m 17 and the year is 1963. Way back then you had to have a MC licence to compete as the course was 15-30 miles on the public highway stopping off at “groups” of sections along the way.

Just while I’m reliving a lot of memories the next storm arrives with a fresh 3″ on the rail lest we forget its still only March. Must get listing some more parts, shouldn’t be too bad and I think a few will sell pretty quickly. Looks like its too cold again for me in the workshop but we will see. Too Cold! Another 6″ expected from this storm before it clears off on Friday. I have all those parts in my mind’s eye but I’m afraid I can’t work in the cold any more. Positive effort tomorrow as I haven’t heard from the car repairers who were waiting on a part.

Clearly a family thing!













Yes, I’m up the proverbial without a paddle. Haven’t been able to shake this lethargy, only just managed to get some firewood in, an all day struggle.

Sunday and the weather looks a little kinder so I might get some things I want to do accomplished. Time to get a lot more wood ready, clean up branches from the last vicious winds, check Big Red for more leaks, and maybe give him/her a clean. Relisted a lot of items on ebay that seem to have gone quiet and see what else is left in the boxes.

Wood collected and chopped, a wash wipe-over, also completed so it looks somewhat better, now need to get over to Durango to address these “non opening” panels and see if anything else needs attention..

Meanwhile, with a sore mouth from chemo my appetite is decidedly lacking and I’m rapidly falling apart and can easily see why I’m lacking strength and energy as I’m down to 162 lbs. I weighed more than this when I was 12!!!!

Appointment made for next week for the car issues and I’ll be asking about the roof respray as well. Not turning out as I had hoped but if this isn’t the death spiral I might have it all going in a couple of weeks and be able to complete all the fun aspects of “badging”.

Some signs this morning (3/11/21) I might be getting a little better and hopefully have some energy to do a few things. Its been over a week in the doldrums and I WANT TO FEEL BETTER as this a not a feeling I want to repeat EVER!

Front number plate holder, genuine Jag offering, predrilled and in good condition arrived ahead of time. Not much I can do about the rear one as I think it will have to be a new boot lid and resprayed.

Exactly what I wanted

All pre-drilled and ready to fit.

Bad case of over keeness to get the car to me! My assumption is that IT IS NOT A Licence Plate Screw, but

One of these Horrors, screwed in sideways breaking all the plastic and the predrilled, and tapped holes!!

Saturday, 3/13/21 and the predicted storm has arrived. About 6″ on the rail by 0900 and still going strong. Another 2 days of this, constant snowing and melting. Very heavy wet snow. I would like to be going through parts in the workshop but its just too bloody cold.

Sunday and fast approaching the “Ides” et tu Brute ? and just as cold even with the “Spring Forward” and yet another 8″ overnight to join yesterday’s dump. Going to force myself into the workshop and see if I can achieve anything. Don’t think the trip to Durango is a good idea this week, but what’s another 7 days in these crap conditions?

I declined the invitation to the workshop and I’m still bundled up waiting for something to happen.

The situation up North became dire, with many areas closing roads and even sending the plows home and then we ended up with stuck and abandonned cars all the way down I70 and I80 with howling 40 mph winds to add to the fun.

Get out of that!, when you can!


Meanwhile after I stopped being a little wimp we set off for Cortez for the bloodwork and onward to Durango. Hardly a flake in Cortez and not much different in Durango with grass evidence and no signs of snow from this mega storm?

One day later a very nice report from the Car Shop. More on that later but finally I’m feeling a bit better, the last of this session of 12 trips to the dreaded Chemo chair so now a month off as a break before another PET Scan. So today it’s back to the workshop and carry on with the spares assortment and see what else will sell.

24 sessions done.

Hopefully get the reversal soon and get rid of these damm Colostomy shorts, yes they live up Schitte Creek

Progress as the car goes up on the rack and lets see what we find in Pre or Post Purchase inspections. Confirmation that the boot and fuel door won’t open electrically as they should. Cost for the pair around $1500 but I think I can do it myself for less than $200

On the rack and lift

Dirty brake fluid so drain and flush, refill and bleed, for $170.07 and also change out the driver’s window controlled console for another $429.86 as nothing was working! But there again it had been too cold to consider having any windows open. However with all the Police problems of late I do not wish to be stopped by trigger happy police and then be unable to open the window so that one I’ll chalk down to personal safety.

These are the Lower Control Arm Bushings running out at a princely cost of $1390 for the pair!

and the last one on my current shopping list is the Bellow Boots which are splitting or will cause more trouble when all the road muck gets in those splits and when they replace these they have to do a full alignment.

Should all be  ready about mid next week

Appetite improving along with mouth not so sore so some improvements all round compared to the previous two weeks of abject misery.

Seems I can eat fish!













Either today or tomorrow and all will be revealed. Nearly time for some strawberries to go with all that cream. It’s loaded and on its way!

A Single Delivery? well it does deserve special treatment

The Courier Service for all the paperwork has not been close to anything I would have expected. It has taken longer than expected, all the frills and notifications have come to nothing, and all that has been achieved is that it has moved 400 miles in 6 Days!!! Disgraceful and Fed-Ex should be ashamed as I have still not received it or been given any update and its still 50 miles away over in Durango.

Big Red is supposed to be delivered by 1200 noon which I hope happens as I must be in the hospital by 1315 for those Scans.

Another of yesterday’s surprises was the arrival of my 4 sets of cycling attire which were ordered at Thankgiving and been a real pain in the proverbial as the company was taking orders here in the US and then placing those orders in China. No response to emails or telephone calls, a few worthless tracking numbers and even “2 out for delivery” “and delivered!” Complete nonsense and never again!

Just gone 1100 so within the last hour if all is on time. Dealer was coming to work in Denver where they had about 1 foot of snow overnight so very pleased they got it out of there before it started. 1200 and the first ETA goes by with nothing achieved. 1230 and the paperwork arrives from Fed-EX so a start.


Diagnostic Scans on me with ehancement!

Into town for the Scans and they get done then home by 1430 and achieve MY ETA of 1500 so I’m ready to sit back and wait for them to turn up as though nothing has happened.

Two buckles and a pin that need to be cut down to fit

If everything comes to fruition then I have a few fun days arranging badges, modifying a couple of belt buckles and finding a metal to metal glue or epoxy to bond them to the licence plate. A lot of stainless screws and nuts to purchase to get the right “look” and finally put the goodies on the jacket without overdoing it!

1 hour to go to the shipper’s last ETA, lets see how accurate this one is ? 1700 comes and goes and I shut down the operation at this end.

Imagine my surprise at 1730 as a bedraggled transporter parks across the road from the house with two cars on it.

There is much to read, as in truth I have much to learn about this car and what it can do. It looks like it has just finished a very wet full blown rally and is covered in muck and mud. The driver says the snowstorm in Denver dumped two feet and the wonder car has been treated to all this flying spray and grot for a good portion of the day. Tomorrow it will be off for a bath.

A serious mess!

Friday and time to give her a look over, sure did pick up some spray, well a wash will fix all that so into town and go to the drive through and give the boys a generous tip! Round the back out with the new chamois and start the wipe down. Wipe down complete and note quite a lot of scratches and 4 areas of paint fade due to the sun which I had not seen in ANY of the previous photos. All done so off to MVD for title and plates, but “WHAT’S THIS ??? A bloody check ENGINE LIGHT” and another caution “RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE” …… clearly this must all be related to the car wash, but I am less than happy.

MVD said drive on the 2 months worth of dealer tags and apply for plates later. New tags are only $120 a year so pretty good compared to some vehicles I’ve owned. I will have to address the roof paint issue and see what that will cost. I am very surprised about the roof paintwork damage as in 2 months of negotiations not a hint that I would have to take it in to a body shop for a respray to the roof! This is what it looked liked when I got it home and by then the restricted Performance caption had gone out, but I still have Check Engine!

“Well Data, what do you think?”   “I think it’s one of those Jaguar Car Engines from circa 2005”

I will get an estimate from my friendly bodyshop

Complied with all the instructions from the dealership, topped off the battery, started, Check Engine caption on, allow to warm up, but no sooner out of the “blue” and the “Resctricted Performance” is back on again. Light throttle openings, and the motor sounds rough to me as though its only running on 6! This will be discussed at length tomorrow  along with another another couple of issues I found.

Some of the hundreds of reasons that Check Engine caption can come on, low grade fuel, Premium or nothing, a poorly fitting gas cap, to name but a couple that I CAN check. Well first up there is no way to open the gas cap! However, there is an emergency catch located behind the boot carpet which operates when you find it. No amount of grease or lubricant work as I can see the bracket but can’t undo it. Well make another latch release so at least I can get fuel. Suprise here as you move from normal unleaded at $2.59 to Premium at $3.09 but at least its full but of course I’m not in the business of driving round with Check Engine on all the time!!! and it will have to go. Next surprise is to find out the BOOT is plastic, and how do I know you ask? Well this horror story starts at the dealer temporary Tags which appear to have been rapidly attached by none other than what looks like SHEET METAL SELF TAPPING SCREWS and a power tool. They have their uses, but not on plastic and not an item that has been predrilled and threaded! One of the said screws is at an angle, and the plastic behind it has shattered and split. Top to bottom, very ugly, but it will stay covered when the new plates are on.

I don’t like what I’m seeing, angled screw in, the horrors of split and broken plastic underneath!

Currently I have the following faults which MUST be fixed under warranty or I’ll lose my mind :

Check Engine Light

Fuel Door Release

Boot Release

Tag fixing damage

Well down to the Post Office for a sale to France and then off for bloodwork before tomorrow’s chemo. Parcel away, back in the car and after start up the Check Engine caption has vermoosed! All after I booked a diagnostic at Auto Zone, none the wiser but it sure feels better not to be staring at that caption.

Wednesday and a later chemo session with a new Doctor, off we go and within yards another bloody caption  “Engine Coolant Low”, I know it isn’t as I have just looked at it!! It’s a RED light so stop and up with the hood, all looks good but it keeps coming on needing a stop and recycling the ignition. Talk about pissed off this is now getting beyond a joke! It may have to go back as this is depressing me more than the chemo and cancer. I need answers and quickly!

The belt buckles get sorted and should fit now using the metal bonding putty.

Ready for putty!

New arrival from China but I’ll wait before fitting, all very annoying 










Well I have plenty of room up front for all the acquired assets with a double row of grille space

Just need to plan it all out in the “mind’s eye”

The only two badges of memrobelia that I have not got are Donnington Raceway and Thruxton Circuit, very close to where I lived in Andover, Hampshire. Yes, there is a story here!

Not the most elegant support vehicle

During my 8 cherished years on BBMF with the Lancaster our support crews did their duties in somewhat less than elegant RAF transit vans, which, although adequate for the task, did little for the “Image”. Time for some “loaner vehicles” which were acquired from British Areospace who also controlled British Leyland and all the various marques of British cars, including, Rover, MG, Austin, Morris, and a host more. We got three Rover Montego Estates and I think one MG 1300.

We get invited to go to a Trade Day at Donnington and fly the Lanc over there and a standard photo shoot takes place with our support vehicles.

Donington Park Raceway for both cars and bikes

Now this promotional day is to showcase all the company’s new ranges of cars and 200 members of the trade are invited to test drive any of the available cars. After a few laps of the circuit  with an instructor, people can come and go, driving whatever they fancy by themselves, or drive the more powerful variants with an instructor.

Of course there were some hazards and “moments”, some wild arse driving from so called professionals entering corners way too fast while others appeared to be on a Sunday drive and seem to know nothing about “the racing line, or double de-clutching and heel and toe techniques”. The Track Marshals would wave a flag at you if you were solo and going like a bat out of hell, but if you were with an instructor they would just carry on with their lunch. I do remember that race tracks had that “rumble strip” on the edge of the track and now we see it everywhere on our modern day roads.

I think I drove about 3 of the more mundane cars to keep my mind on the line and recognise the braking points and then it was about 10 sessions with the instructors who were taking notes as you went round.

Craner Curves Donington

Come the end of the day a massed buffett and liquid refreshment which we could enjoy as we were night stopping, and then the CEO of British Leyland gives his speech and thanks to all the invited guests and “professional trade drivers”. During the course of the day (we) were all entertained by our Lancaster Captain, Squadron Leader Tony Banfield , telling us how to handle fast cars, how GOOD HE WAS without any modesty, and many other tricks of the trade.

The CEO rambles on “…. and now we come to the winner of the best driver of the day ……… by unanimous verdict of the Instructors, and is in fact a member of our visiting Lancaster Crew ?………… Squadron Leader ……….( wait for it) ……… TONY ………. (I see Banfield pushing back his chair) ……….. DOWN, well Banfield was suddenly gracious as if he were clearing the way for me and started the applause……. good recovery!

The Prize was a day at the Thruxton Racing Circuit, near my home in Andover, driving a Single Seater open wheel Formula Ford Race Car and as a momento of the day a pair of very nice engraved drinking tumblers.

Formula Ford Open wheel & Cockpit

Once again a few runs around the Circuit in those pretty punchy MG Maestro Turbos which were quite delightful apart from the too narrow screaming tires.

Time to get dressed in full Racing Attire and get briefed on the car that I’ll be driving. A few other drivers on paid courses, one or two know alls, and a load of mechanics and Instructors. Get strapped in which of course doesn’t phase me flying the F4 Phantom.

Biggest problem is clutch/power, wrong ratios here and you stall or jerk away like a startled horse! Couple of stalls for me but then get it sorted. Incredible narrow “H” gate which I’m not too happy with on the gearbox, vision OK, steering wheel good, and off I go.

First couple of laps getting the feel

Keep getting passed by the MG Maestros as my machine is decidedly down on power.

These MG’s are Quicker!

Get waved in after a few laps, situation explained, YES, they have detuned them as we don’t want any lunatic behaviour, little horns poking through helmets, or any crashes. Drink and smoke later, invited to drive a different car. Well the colors are better, and it does seem to have some extra WOOF !!

This is more like it! even manage to pass a few MG’s !!

All too soon the day is over. Always thought I was better on a bike, so stick to Trials and then when I came to the USA joined up with TEAM ARIZONA in Phoenix becoming a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor/Rider Coach  which also made you a MVD Motorcycle Examiner (More stories!)

The MV Augusta Italian Racehorse with 186 HP and only weighed in at just under 400lbs. 4 exhausts under the seat for an orgasmic howl and over 200 mph. It also said “Running in, do not exceed 9000 RPM!!!!!!”

This one was perhaps my favorite, an Erion Racing Honda 929RR which had been all chromed out at vast expense and I rebuilt it in Rothman’s Racing colors. About 160 HP 170 mph and a joy to ride

Teaching my son, Edward, the joys of a high speed bike. No the MV was not involved!

Well enough, well nearly, of my motoring experiences, time to sit back and remember as I await my next toy! Should be here this week and I’ll carry on the global search for those two badges. Here is one I just missed at a UK auction!

I know they are out there!




























Only thing in the way is the weather

12″ on the rail, WINTER STORM WARNINGS until Wednesday, will they come or will common sense prevail?

Even though we had a plow out yesterday there is still a mega load of snow everywhere and I’m not even sure where the Jag could go?

I was wondering what was happening on ebay as nothing sold this last weekend compared to 7 items last weekend  but eventually at 2130 last night the TY175 Carb sold at the asking price just after someone put in an offer. No post today as the Post Office is closed.

The Logo looks closer

A bit of a melt but more on the way! Patience IS a virtue, and in this case I’m more than happy to wait as I see the roadway disasters, mostly caused by reckless driving and excessive speed, but some of the black ice situations are more than difficult to deal with no matter how good you maybe behind the wheel!

The overnight Winter Storm Warning did all it said and another 5″ joins the pile. Today’s WSW says 5″ today then fizzling out around 1700.

If common sense takes over then hopefully Wed/Thurs look better days assuming the roads get cleared, getting to be one of the biggest storms we have had here. Another warning, this time High Risk Avalanche Warning just up the road at Rico !! NO THANK YOU!!

This is what happened 2 years ago when the ice melted! Just a mile up the road from where I turn round on the bike!!

Tuesday and a full 30 minutes to clear all the snow off the Cadi so I can get to the hospital for the bloodwok. Get home and little old lady in space 5 can’t start her car or get the snow off. Car cleared, hood up, battery a bit down but that click and nothing from the starter. I can’t get close enough with my jumpers so out with the charger and boost her up to 12.5v and now it starts. Need another set of jumpers with longer leads. Duly ordered.

Jumpers Coming

Wednesday and yet another day in the chemo chair, roads all clear and dry, a few snow flurries in Durango and the Summit area but all clear so no problems.

Thursday, not much change, 1F but can’t complain as I have power and wood to burn later, unlike those poor souls in Texas, my heart goes out to them.

Shipper drivers still greedy, but I’ve seen so many big rig accidents on the freeways I can hardly blame them, but caution doesn’t seem to be their strong suit. Dealership getting understandably pissed off with current inflated prices. They have been very accomodating to me so a few extra days in this cold snap won’t make much of a difference.

That was the Rock Slide 2 years ago, fotunately not a soul injured

It seems its all coming together and Big Red could be here sometime this week. Should be good and by then and the driveway well may be clear of snow and ice and even dried out. More Scans for me this week and the second Covid shot tomorrow which is a Sunday.

















Sitting wondering why two ebayers have not paid only to find one is in Brazil and the other in New Zealand ! Well that answered that, so I’ll carry on listing and I now have 63 listings up for people to peruse and make a purchase.

Off to Brazil

Another Lazer helmet gets sold! Money from all my checks now in my bank and by 1115 I had managed to transfer the money to the dealer! So far the day is going well and I actually enjoyed a good reasonable nights sleep! Better be careful with the chainsaw this afternoon as we need a load of logs but I must say I’m very happy to get all the business issues done!

Paid at last, one week late, but DONE!

Would be nice to declare tomorrow a rest day but I have several things left to do and the world of ebay waits for no man! Still need to have my final rumage in the loft and see what is sellable but judging by what I’ve seen it all goes! Another Cup Cake Bakery deal is causing a problem, I do hope this is not another SCAM

A light dusting of snow overnight but I suspect it will melt fairly quickly. A good night’s sleep again so into town and see if I can get my 3 spare watches new batteries and also check on a little sewing I would like done.

My Breitling I bought at London Airport on my way out to Saudi

New battery required, and others in a Citizen and last one in an old Seiko, but they to could find their way onto Ebay. Then I want to find out about Sewing or Ironing patches onto the new Jag jacket which is satin.

Don’t want this melting! 

Bit of a change of mind here as I have “Pins” which will look neater and more professional. Do the Cup Cakes look genuine ?

Three have gone missing?

Meanwhile, I still have my two new cycling helmets to personalise so a nice period indoors laughing at the ridiculous lamentable Trump lawyers trying to come up with a defence. Accept INSANITY!! Well now we have a sudden change in the weather, yes, predictably it’s started snowing again.

Of course it would NOT have made any difference whether he was there or not as the Trump Arse Lickers are going to vote NOT Guilty regardless, of facts or testimony!

Two batteries fitted, credit card declined!     Over to Walmart for car essentials, snow brush, deicer, chamois, and a duster    ….. card declined AGAIN!! back to the bank ……. Manager does it all over and off to the outside cash withdrawal machine ….. and this time it works so I’m armed with a working new account card and a fistful of cash.

No word yet on when the delivery will be but we are under a current WINTER WEATHER ALERT and they claim 10-20″ of snow between 0700 Saturday morning until 1100 PM Sunday night. Methinks it should stay in a nice warm garage until these 3 mega storms clear out. Time to test fire some more of these Cup Cakes.

0900 and the snow begins, now 1330 and it has snowed all morning generating about 2″ in town but I had to go back to Cortez for the Valentine Orchid which is now safely home and in pride of place on “her” desk. Where do these Cup Cakes keep going ?

The Valentine Orchid

Only 6 ?????

By 1700 the balcony rail was showing around the 5″ mark and no let up other than changing from resort snow to snizzle and then back to the heavy stuff.

0300, another Cup Cake has vapourised! and now there are only two left, it has to be a conspiracy theory from that rude Trump lawyer, more religious cults in space with their lazer.The snow is now around the 9″ mark and supposed to continue until 2300 later tonight.

This is serious!

0700  and 12″ on the rail

Open Outside Dining for Breakfast

0700, now the snowmometer is showing a solid 12″ on the rail and we are confined to camp! The cup cake mystery continues as one by one they are vanishing, both the dog and cat have been questioned by the Police.

Wasn’t ME!

Was it you? no point in asking WE KNOW you are going to lie!

Now Sir, You say you can’t eat sugar, is that correct ? and you don’t know what a Cup Cake is ?

None! one of the great mysteries of our time

Well here is another one! During my 8 years on BBMF one of my sideline jobs was “upping the image” to match or exceed our other national display team, the famous RED ARROWS. Some lengthy work and very soon we were in Black Flight Suits, 2 per year, and nicely embroided name plates, insignia and NO more sew on patches! I also acquired, cosmetics, full luggage from Samsonite, Boelle sunglasses, and after flight evening dress wear of slacks, blazers, shirts and ties, and really top of the line German Leather flight Jackets in Black. LEST WE FORGET! I also took delivery of about 15 very expensive Irvin Leather Flight jackets that Wartime Aircrew were all issued with to combat the cold of high altitude and lengthy operations on the massed bomber raids. We wore them for  a few photo shoots but were far too warm for our summer display season. As you wait, with baited breath …………… ……….. …………

Here I am with PA 474 City of Lincoln, the BBMF Lancaster, that’s me in the Boelle  Sunglasses

and here I am again in an advertising campaign by an American Company now selling “knock off” versions of the famous Irvin Leather jacket. The Jacket usually goes a darker color closer to black and the tan sheepskin liner changes color to a dirty white but everything goes much softer with use. Needless to say this picture they are using is the ORIGINAL IRVIN and how they got permission to use it, as though its their product, is quite beyond me!

The Lancaster is real, so am I, and the Jackets were supplied by Irvin and I signed for them!






More to come up in that, there, loft! Wasted a bit of time polishing a front and back TY set of spindles only to find the threads had been ruined by someone hammering them out. A little grease is the way to go when fitting after you have decruded same, also applies to the faces of the brake shoes and the actuator they fit on. Makes such a big difference.

That’s how clean I like them to be, and now add a little grease

Good start in the house and found my entire stock of Yamaha TY stickers in all engine capacities and Majesty. Also found a load of Harley sew on patches, and my collection of old watches, and their instruction manuals.

Tank decals

Majesty if you are that lucky

Quick trip into town as the only engine enamel I didn’t have was, believe it or not BLACK! Reds, blues, yellows and silver but no black. Well about 10 different  items to photograph and list……. YIPEEEE!

Cleaned up and ready to paint

The head gets cleaned and sprayed along with a 1974 set of cable guides, a rear shock, only one, gets a bit of reconditioning and three bicycle helmets are cleaned and ready to photograph. More paint stripper on 4 brake plates. I’m done now and its champers and shrimp to kick off SUPERBOWL 55.

Great game, rather pleased Brady won, youth will get it’s day. Poor night’s sleep with the wretched running eyes. well lets see what today can bring as yet another (the last) oil reservoir sells.

Three sold, truly amazing

Today’s mission, finish the TY Cyclinder head along with cable guides and clean up two useable axels. Not going to happen! but the good news was that the Medical Insurance cards arrived meaning the Auditor has finished rummaging through accounts and life can go back to normal.

A bit of a surprise when the check arrived!

Checks all paid into the bank including another as my beautiful Beretta shotgun down in Phoenix also sold!

No more nosing about in Bank Accounts

Another awful night’s sleep and ended up sitting up in the lounge where I could close my eyes without them stinging. I think I got about 4 hours. It really is the limit !

Better have a nice slow day and get back to normal. Maybe the TY head and a couple of axels and decorate my two new posh cycling helmets. A lot of questions about my old Lazer helmet so another load of photos for the potential buyer so they can see everything.

My favorite Lazer helmet getting a lot of interest … SOLD!

Just to prove YOU CAN sell anything, I had only 1 rear shock of the standard pair, and yes, believe it or not it’s SOLD!!!


Some progress on the Head as the fins get cut, the broken one removed, and now the cutting back to bright metal to give them that new look.

All painted and dried now watch this!

Bright metal appears

Two plugs or a decompressor

You might remember this one was a bit scruffy

Repainted and varnished

Original front brake cable guides from 1974….. lot of interest!

A Clutch case could sell between $50-70

What will see today? I have a few more items to get ready and as I’m knee deep in all this stuff time to start putting it away in places that I can find it. Still convinced there is a lot more up in the loft so I think I’ll try up there again and see what I have. Another dusting of snow overnight and daily showers all week.

Closer, and closer, on the car deal, tomorrow or Friday and transfer funds then await delivery, but it’s still so bloody cold I don’t want the poor thing covered in snow, now of course I wish I had a garage.