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That about sums it up!

What is wrong people ?  what don’t you understand ? Some trigger in all this chaos and the Western World goes doolally ……. are we all going fucking nuts ?

Try doing SOMETHING !!!!

He was neither a LOOTER NOR RACIST, he was an Explorer

Stick to the real FACTS

Beauty and History defaced for what?

and while this is going on it carries over to the United Kingdom with uneducated fools attempting to destroy British Heritage

A truly GREAT MAN in any crisis

Do they deserve this ?


and moving on into the more absurd …

I doubt there was ONE black life in Scotland in the 1400’s. Such total ignorance!

Bomber Command Memorial, (WWII) for the uneducated, keeping the nation from being occupied by NAZI Germany

Sir Robert Peel who founded the Police to protect YOU,  being protected by normal citizens in Bury

…… and I was THERE for this one

While anyone with a glimmer of an education, or any interest in history, or your own heritage, could possibly be “offended” by Robert the Bruce is totally beyond me! We might as well be protesting against the Danes for letting the Vikings invade ancient Britain raping and looting all they saw.

On a humorous note how’s this one ?

…….better tell Robert that there is a wall up there built by Hadrian that will need to come down too

The Romans thought this was the “End” of Civilization

Plenty of bricks for protesters ….. no need to bring your own

It really is difficult to know where to start when dealing with some genuine problems and grievances and people’s right to peacefully protest injustices but the violence, looting and criminal destruction of beautiful statues and memorials is going way too far and will do nothing for the cause. That having been said nobody seems to be doing anything about all this wanton damage to property, the non stop arson of buildings and businesses, taking over police precincts, torching police cars and forming ridiculous hillbilly communities in the center of Seattle.

Masks optional

A block in Seattle ……… time to sort it people!

Back on the Transporter

A fitting memorial for all those destroyed

The shouting and screaming of so called peaceful protests, while not conforming to the current health guidelines, will as they have been told, lead to the inevitable spike in cases ……. but of course LEMON – CHIEF is pressing on with more ridiculous rallies while telling them the Covid 19 thing is a Democratic Hoax but requiring them to sign a “no sue” clause in case they get it.

……. a fitting memorial or manurial?












The mission to get around the Equator in my lifetime continues and is a welcome relief from all the other World problems of an Imbecile President, the Coronavirus pandemic, and a badly handled Police murder against a Black man in handcuffs, which then resulted in yet more violence and looting.

A ridiculous farce, with ALL the evidence ON CAMERA, they could, and should, have ARRESTED them ALL THAT DAY !

“Oh, by the way hows that WALL coming on ?”

Sharpie, sharpie!

Well enough of that, my own personal social distancing continues unabated from my Infinity saddle of the S-Works Roubaix which is having its own mayhem from mini thorns which I’m collecting on a daily basis …… 7 punctures in 4 weeks this year and none at all in 2019.

I’m finding these on a daily basis !

OK, I went for it as the tube changing is becoming a pain

Hopefully the answer to the Maiden’s prayer

Two more this morning! Where the F*** do they keep coming from? No matter, our intrepid cyclist will not be put off by minor setbacks and is on the road again …….

Quickstep outfit and the “blackcat”

Big changes in the weather for the weekend with thunderstorms, high winds and 90% chance of heavy rain …… clearly not a riding weekend so settle in with the blog. Even some talk of down to freezing on Monday night!

The last week went pretty well and by end of play on Monday 6/1/20 the total for the year was a happy 1232.45

6/1/2020 with 1232.45 in the bag

Tuesday became an all gardening day with a lot of work completed on the top side of the center fir tree bed. A lot more done than I had planned on doing but the result was good!

Covered in the dreaded arsebine

…… but wait, there’s more …….. and a lot more!

1 Day later

Getting there

Front of House complete with baskets and some replacement firs

Shade Garden ferns all in

Slow build up but coming …….

Wheelbarrow  done!

After the Tuesday weeding day, time for some more miles, with some mini gardening tasks to fill in. The peonies get re-tied, cables and water pipes all buried, and the corners of the center bed are continued after some bed watering.

Get ‘er done

3 days of over 30 miles a day runs the total up to 1324.06 by close of play on Friday afternoon …… now the weather is awful and forecast to get worse, although just at this minute it’s sunny but very windy.

How nasty is that ?   Made it round the corners on both ends so could finish today or tomorrow 

Assbine, assbine wherefore art thou ?

The main forecast for damaging thunderstorms did not happen and the skies cleared, it became reasonably warm, but very windy, and a lot of falling branches. Too windy for me on the bike so back to the weeding which was actually quite pleasant as the soil was in perfect condition to complete the task.

Sunday 6/7/20 and weather much the same, very windy, but other than cycling,  acceptable for more of the weeding! Might get the job close to finished if I can crack on ?

Good session up to lunch break for coffee, quite enjoyable insomuch that with perfect soil you can see what you are doing as the bed gets cleared.

Coming to the final stretch of the edging

Almost there!

Full blown afternoon with good progress, and in celebration of 6/6 beachheads established on all targets by 1600 hours.

So here we are approaching the beaches at Normandy…. to your left… the British attack Sword with the Canadians on Juno by the two white stepping stones. British take Gold by the two grey rocks in front of the salvia . Americans take the right on Omaha and Utah

Mission to be completed tomorrow when we forge inland ….. good job men!

The dawn raid went in and met severe opposition with dense tangled assbine in trenches between the rocks. Damage was heavy and progress very slow in the arduous conditions. Defences included mass root clumps under more rocks and grass interspersed between growing plants and weeds of all descriptions. The center section is now cleared as we await reinforcements to finish off the right side and clifftops. Weather conditions are reported as sunny with a strong swirling wind from the West and North west.

By 1600 the beds were finished as temperatures went down in the increasing wind. Not sure how cold it got but the forecast was 28F and hanging baskets and other frail summer plants came into the Inn for overnight refuge.

Some early roses from the Rose Bed

Today not much warmer but we will be back to the 80’s in a couple of days. So, here we are at Tuesday 6/9 after 3 non riding days and its back to the hospital this morning for yet more blood letting before the team decide whether I’m back on the pills. Good time for a quick drive-by at Walmart and see if they have any more Dianthus and my favorite Ice plants.

Blood work complete, drive by at Walmart revealed no new plants so patience is a virtue and I’ll wait for later in the week when it warms up as currently its only 47F !!! Snow in the mountains and over 12″ at Alta and Snowbird in Utah….. and they are actually skiing!

Tuesday becomes the 4th non riding day in a row due to these awful winds, but another day at the garden resulted in the bed being finished, weeds (formally the lawn) mowed, other areas around the property strimmed and slot 5 cleaned up for a new resident.

So today, the winds seem calm, the temps are on the way up and those miles will soon be in the book. After the 4 day layoff the legs did not complain and I was able to hit 34.18 miles for the day and still make it home in one piece.

Good one!

Now as Albert reminds me time to press on with the task and enjoy the better weather now that I’m garden free for a few days

C’mon Al !

Good morning run and pleasant lunch, now time for another run at Walmart and a few more plants are home just after 1500 so time to get out there again and smack another 36.60 on the nose. Planting tomorrow!

Very good,       70+ miles in 2 days!

The planting is done, and some serious watering as the temps are way up and indeed when I eventually get out there both temps and wind are high! That bloody wind makes everything hard work and although a straight 30 would have been nice for a 100 in 3 days all I could muster was 23.33 for the afternoon which brings the total up to 1418.17 for the year. The Grand total for getting around the Oblate Spheroid, or Earth, is now 12,809.10 so lookout 13K !

12,809.10 and still going despite the bloody wind!





By Friday, 6/5/20 the case number had risen 46 and then 50 on 6/7/20 and 7 New cases this morning on 6/8/20 which is somewhat alarming ! 58 cases on 6/10/20

I hope you can’t catch it weeding?

Sorry, it’s going to be a VERY LONG 12th Night !

We will wait and see!!

Testing Continues

Your friendly Walmart Greeter!

Of course if you have other plans we can also help in that department as well

How thoughtful ?

If its something for personal defence then maybe this ?

Personally I prefer a 7 mm Mag … or if improved education is what you are looking for in these troubled times get the School activity bus to take you on a REAL Farm visit !

I’m afraid I despair !!!!

Never mind in times of crisis strong leadership will prevail, but of course that requires a leader


I always wondered why he stood like that in the “Leaning Trump Tower of Pizza” pose?

…… and no, it doesn’t get any better …….

A 75 year old man is forcefully shoved and falls

He cracks his skull on the pavement and starts bleeding …….

This complete Dumbfuck says he was a violent ANTIFA protestor and that “he” staged the fall to make it look worse  …….. man you are a sick deranged individual!!!

Let’s not forget what this IS all about ….. a Black man being murdered in police custody!

Slavery stopped here !   ….. and NO MORE Confederate Flags

Now perhaps you understand   …… but I doubt it

It would also appear all my UK taxes sorted out any slavery debts I didn’t even know about

From HIS Bunker Suite

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

…….. and you wonder why ?







No doubt about it,  the Butterfly flies we know not where? it flits from plant to plant and cares not where it lands!

The TRUMP 2 cent  BLUE!

…… and if that wasn’t enough some strange birds came through the garden, certainly ones I had not seen here in Colorado.

The leader seems to be holding a rally with the porcelain models ?

Off again

I wonder who ?

Well of course, news channels, political reporters, White House press secretaries, and other boot lickers all rush to his defence, but surely they must be  getting tired of this non stop stupidity and lack of leadership?

I thought the last one was rude but this one is beyond the box, rocks and all!

How can you justify clearing a street of protesters with tear gas and flash grenades so that a handful of goons can hold a “photo op” at a church that none of them attend  ….. and for what? ….. then disappear into a bunker for “a very tiny short time” …. and I quote, and turn all the lights out… ????

OK, got it, we needed the photo so that we can see all the political comparisons   ……. well this might be it ?

Could be accurate, and I like the “Bunker” story, which in his case makes a lot of sense

Night , night

Meanwhile across the nation

Well he’s gone to bed now



110,000 dead…  and for the Clown in Chief who wants to be King

…… and for the FACT checkers, the “photo shoppers” made a large mistake as that is ACTUALLY a QUEEN’s  CROWN  !!!!

NOTE the crown on this Royal Air Force Officer’s hat badge ….. a King’s Crown

MY, Royal Air Force Officer’s hat badge with the Queen’s Crown

So with $25 trillion already gone how about some more as my 10 week relief check of $1200 has gone ?

…… and $1200 is the best we can do for 10 WEEKS ?

……. and so as Stupidity cases spike here is one that i actually enjoyed …… you might see or SEA the similarity

” There isn’t any iceberg.

There was an iceberg but it’s in a totally different Ocean

The iceberg is in this ocean but it will melt very soon

There is an iceberg but we didn’t hit the iceberg

We hit the iceberg, but the damage will be repaired very shortly

The iceberg is a Chinese iceberg

We are taking on water but every passenger who wants a lifeboat can get a lifeboat and they are beautiful lifeboats

Look, passengers need to ask nicely for the lifeboats if they want them

We don’t have any lifeboats, we’re not lifeboat distributors

Passengers should have planned for icebergs and brought their own lifeboats

I really  don’t think we need that many lifeboats

We have lifeboats and they are supposed to be our lifeboats, not the passenger’s lifeboats

The lifeboats were left on shore by the last Captain of this ship

Nobody could have foreseen the iceberg”


Perhaps you heard the story before ……










Monday and now 45 cases, Tuesday/Wed 46

The weekend arrives, the Month clicks over into June, and like Trumpski Dumpski I will ignore all the World’s problems and self induced misery and concentrate on the simple things of life and things that I CAN control and make me happy.

I don’t have a bunker to hide in, and why would you turn all the lights out ? Perhaps its Vacant possession ?

My thoughts from that day

Friday was designated a PLANT DAY as hanging baskets and bedding plants had been purchased by the crowds of would be gardeners who followed the same guidelines as the toilet paper hoarders and sanitizer shelf clearers.    Yes, all gone! and  Vic, the owner of 4 Seasons Nursery, said they had been back for the “second wave” after the first purchases all died from the Frost!

So a disappointing start, not much better at City Market, and then   Walmart where there had been a recent delivery and we were able to replan a few beds in “the mind’s eye” ….. home with those, and yet more weeding to get things ready for the planting to come. No riding today but only about 32 miles for the 1200 marker and still 2 days to go.

Saturday and I bag another 18.21 to show willing and blast on with the Waterfall Bed annual weeding of grass and the dreaded assbine which is the bain of my gardening life. Brenda is back with the City market ferns and a few other bits and then sets off for Cliff Rose, our other nursery and manages to find our “2020” hanging baskets.

Sunday, my bed is ready for planting, but before I can set off to hit the 1200 mile marker I have another flat tire!!!! Out with the tube and try and find the leak at which point it EXPLODES in little bits of rubber ……. not a puncture after all, but a manufacturing fault.

Great start

Out into the blustery wind but pleasant 82F and knock out another 18.37 which takes me up to 1204.91 for the year.

Another Saxo Bank outfit

Walmart again and amazingly I’m through there in a flash and the garden center check out is working so no waiting in the lines ….. home within the hour and now ready for planting which goes on to 1830 when I’m done ….. only one hour to wait and the forecast rain starts coming down ……. pictures coming today!

Not the ideal day for photos, too many black clouds and a bit of swirling wind. Temps way up and a daily ride of 27.54 helps the total along.

Not many teeth left …… thanks, Cancer & Chemo

Tuesday and all seems well, wait for the sun to open up the ice plants and then the mass of pictures including, the Waterfall,  and my work to come with center bed weeding, irrigation pipes to be reburied, and 4, yes 4 bloody thorns in both tires!!!!!    …… into town for some different tires and more tubes.

Getting pissed off with this!

In this day and age is this Fake news ?

Tubes and tires in hand and home again but elect to start weeding on the top section of the center bed. This usually takes 4 days for the first session if enthusiasm can be maintained. Get more down than expected.

Waterfall bed all complete so let’s see where we are with that ….

The dreaded assbine!

….. and a load of grass

Some new dianthus

…. and an ice plant

Ice  plant and another dianthus

A couple more by the fish dish

Something for the frogs to smile about

weed free!




Hanging baskets and new firs

Better tie up the Peonies before they escape

irrigation and electric to bury before someone trips over

More tales from the garden coming soon ….. now change those tires and tubes



part time gardener and cyclist



















Forget a’bout it!

Memorial day weekend and the Commander in Chief displays yet another appalling lack of knowledge of his job, the Constitution, and any grace or reverence for the day!

The Complete Bone Spur Shithead displays his total ignorance once more and is an ongoing embarrassment to the nation and the World.

How dare you start sparring with a Senator and of course this will be another classic (don’t know the man, never met him, very bad person, should be fired, etc,etc)

What on earth are we dealing with this mental Buffoon 

NO, yes, ZERO attention to acting as a leader of the nation, braggart, fuckwit extrodinaire, and not one mention of the weekend with any relevance apart from berating Sleepy Joe & Wife for wearing masks as they laid a wreath ……. the mind boggles!!!!!

Perhaps a comment on “Those about to die”, all featured here, with their inherent stupidity and their desire to die for their incompetent Dictator……..

……. and as science is certainly NOT your strong suit maybe you should trust your well respected military men and not side with vicious bastards already convicted

So in the week following Memorial Day what did the Loon do ? Well, there was the “Twitter” nonsense with fact checking, and seemingly little else  …… more threats to all and sundry … and then the terrible scenes from Minnesota ……. and 4/5 of nothing in response other than another stupid comment on looting & shooting. Well you got your way there with all your cries of Liberty, Liberty and chastising Mayors and Governors …… and now what ?? are we going to  praise all “these very good people” for rioting, setting fire to public and private property, attacking police and soon the National Guard ? It is not a CIVIL WAR yet but, you and your negative response to this as well, will quite likely start one!

I suppose from this point forward the smallest grievance will boil over into mass looting and civil disobedience …… masks ? …. 6′ apart where’s MY flypast ?

and where might the next stimulus check be??????

Nearly at the 10 WEEKS point

Now just looking at these dreadful pictures …… I wonder which party they belong to ?

…… and where were the Police when their own building is under attack ?    …….. but good to see they are wearing masks!

……now where are all these “tremendous, very good people ? …. any chance you might save somebody or something?” 

So now WE MUST accept the Doctor’s  advice

Just about sums it up ……

Now’s the time to step up my dear Asshole in Chief

….. and finally how the kids see this debacle






Another 25.50 cycled today in squally winds from every which way with a break for lunch and finish the Scuffy beds weeding and the odd one or two weeds I missed in the driveway.

Saxo Bank Team Tinkoff outfit

Going through the cycling wardrobe to see what fits and get a few pics of outfits that I don’t usually wear.

Tuesday, 5/26/20 and time to get the car an oil change and some new rear brake pads. Weather improving, not quite so windy and getting warmer ….. and should be up in the 80’s by Thursday which is now the date for the mini service.

Tuesday and two cycling targets, No 1 crack the 1100 mile banner for the year, and No 2 crack last year’s dismal Chemo total of 1113.32 miles. Pleased to say I was through the “1100” before lunch and after a good weeding session the 1113 went too with 26.46 for the day ……… might even crack 1200 by the end of the month ?

Wednesday, more water on the front beds which I discovered yesterday were bullet hard! …… all apart from the pool area where I had left the water on overnight!!! Not very bright! This is how weedy they were before I started …

A lot of weed and grass

Grass and weeds removed

Mucho grasso!

A new patch for some annuals

A Whisky Barrel clematis

I was able to complete the poolside of the rockery and not really a surprise insomuch that the grass came out very easily thanks to the excessive amount of water that I unknowingly applied!

Another hard work cycling day with winds very unpredictable and bloody annoying. Warmer though, and 77F on the Bank Sign. Tough but 26.12 joins the total but no more weeding as the hands were saying enough!

The Shimano rig by the “I love ME Motorcycle Trials Wall”

Thursday, and up early for the car service and Brenda takes the Subaru to the hospital for her follow up with Dr Mattison. Dump the Cadi which was sounding awful and “rivetty” and then cycle 2 miles down to the hospital ….. very warm!

The ride goes well, nice conditions, and I even see 82F on the bank which is the highest temp this year!!! Lots of changes to the plan …. car needs NEW rotors (well no surprise here, as when I last had new tires the fitter said the rear pads needed replacing …… and I forgot all about it) $730 for that bit of Dementia!    ……. so now a 1500 chat with the medical team and then pick up the car.

Out to complete the day’s ride  and back onto the drive at 27.17 completed when PING! and another bloody puncture right out side the house …… that is FIVE in one month, and I had none at all last year. Well at least I know what causes it, it not a penetration of the cover ( well ok, there was 1 thorn, but the others are all concussion bursts)  ….. no matter 31 miles to the 1200 and 3 days to get there.

Master of the Flat !

Come 1500 hours and the video phone call and the medic says STOP taking the pills to give the hands a chance to recover. Collect Cadi and stop by the bike shop for curbside vending of fresh tubes!

Friday and Brenda says “Its plants day!” so we trundle off to see what is left after all the manic buying while lock down was under way. I can only assume that many “non gardeners” bought all the annuals and hanging baskets during March and early April as the whole nursery is just about bare! Needless to say everything that was sold has subsequently frozen as they do say NO planting until very late May or early June. …… precious few of whats left make their way to the car.

City Market not much better but amazingly Walmart has had a big delivery and so far hasn’t killed everything off! A full car load here and we will be back for more when this load is planted. Rest of the day spent weeding with more to come tomorrow.

Saturday and by 0930 I’m in full weeding mode and actually quite enjoying the process ….. hoping to finish today, but I still have a few miles to tack onto the total before nightfall.

Finished the weeding on the Waterfall Bed and I’m well pleased, more of this in the next few articles. another 18.21 hits the books so all round a very good day!















It never stops does it ? In the world card game of “Bridge” we seem to be short suited in Common Sense and playing against the dumbest hand of Trumps!

Here are the Jack, Queen and King of the suit and of course the Ace is missing.

“Meanwhile” The Head Loon friended Jesus I’m told but the request was denied!

I’m assuming this was to give him some free time off this weekend as he clearly needs it after all the nonsense from last week!

Once again his advisors have not yet told him he doesn’t have the authority to override State Governors but let him go his own way and make an even bigger fool of himself.

Malaria drugs and face masks are clearly important issues as you can only imagine and see whatever Dumbshit  does his followers will surely do too!

The mind boggles

Please !

It never stops 

Another “F” on the school report!

……. and then we come to masks and social distancing and maybe being polite to others

……… and so he did …… the Fat Boy goes golfing

and I’m told he cheats

Did you expect anything else?

Morbidly Obese 

Opening up and getting ready for the upsurge of cases

6′ apart from another case

This is REAL Social distancing!

Watch this space for more …….

“Meanwhile”  religious leaders were forced to meet up in a local

Being “FAKE NEWS” it was incorrectly reported ……..

………. and there we have it/rab bit    ……





Peace & Solitude

While the Pandemic rages throughout the World our safety factor isolation continues. With the easing of restrictions 3 new cases in the county has to be expected as visitors seem to be everywhere, especially from AZ, where they have been turning a blind eye to everything going on around them and have in NO WAY adhered to any CDC guidelines.

Up here I’ve completed Round 5 of the Chemo Maintenance pill program but the side effects are very painful to hands and feet with all the peeling and cracking skin.

No real attack on the flower beds, as yet, but we are only 1/2 way through May so I’ll be on it soon when I’ve hit some of those cycling targets. 3 flat tires this week! all from hitting little sharp bits of gravel in the road …… of course you see it frequently happening to Tour de France competitors at some of the worst moments of the race.

Currently my ambitious program is for 3 days of 30+ miles, today being Day 2. Yesterday I was on target and less than 1/4 mile from home when another “ping” and then some tricky steering as the front blew out….. off the bike and walk home in disgust but I will not be beaten and with 28.70 its a quick tube change and out again to make 31.50 for the day.

So today more fun, as I passed 26.70 and going well I see the front going down AGAIN!  …..a little closer and make it home with about 20 lbs left. This time its a needle nosed bullet hard thorn. Located and removed and yet another tube goes in! Total for the day 32.35

Having some serious thoughts on life, or what’s left. Feeling VERY lonely, unwanted, and unloved. Thoughts, are with the World in chaos, zero to look forward to, the chemo medication makes walking painful to impossible and my hands are next to useless.  Perhaps I should stop taking the pills and see how long I have left?  I AM CURRENTLY NOT ENJOYING WHAT THERE IS.

This is what those “nice pills” are doing to my left foot

……. and the right! Very painful and difficult to walk ….. worth it ??

Day 3 of the challenge and I make it to 34.65 without a puncture to be seen! Yearly total now 1010.75    …….. life gets a little BETTER!

Tuesday and despite all the good riding of the last 3 days there will be NONE today and little chance tomorrow as the winds are classed as damaging between 35-50 so the Roubaix gets a rest day or two. Brenda went in to SW Hospital this morning for some plumbing work and the Surgeon has rung to say all went well and she is in recovery so I await the call …… I have to go in anyway for more blood testing and pick up Round 6 of the pills.

Testing, pills, and Brenda all done and collected and home again in the vicious winds which are blowing things over as the wind gusts increase. Maybe some gardening in about an hour or so. The trench was dug, new electric cable fitted across the drive, now working and back filled.

The trench is dug

Backfilled and working

Water flows

Wednesday followed suit with zero riding in the high winds but a good session of gardening and collecting all the fallen branches. Whisky barrels all weeded and their surrounds cleaned up. More gardening in the forecast for Thursday!

After another day of gardening with all the branches picked up, the seed bed by the Maple cleaned out including a couple of years worth of roots from the said Maple. Driveway weeded and some work completed on the Scuffy surrounds which is where I am now.

Seed bed weeded and cleaned of leaves, weeds and roots

You can see where I got to with the weeding  TBC …..

More pruning of roses

The bigger logs from the fall’s wood hunting ready for cutting

Friday and after 3 non riding days time to get back in the saddle and try for another target to keep the enthusiasm in full cry. Next one, is the HALF WAY point, or International Date Line, at 12,451.00 hard fought pedaling miles. Currently I’m at 12,401.68 and the gap is very doable in two days. Following the dismal cancer year’s riding the next target after that will be to crack the 2019 total of 1113.32 which I should manage next week as I’m at 1010.75 for this year already.

DAY 1 of the mission 2/28/16 in full COPD mode and 3.39 miles achieved

Today, 2 part ride with dog feeding and walking in the middle but 30.55 done leaving  just 18.77 to the painted line in the road to mark the 1/2 way point on the IDL or the 180 degree meridian opposite Greenwich.

“Meanwhile”, Saturday 5/23 its the start of Session 6 of those bloody pills and then a couple of hours of leaf blowing, weeding and lawn mowing all before saddling up for the 1/2 way dash. 1200 noon and blowing, mowing, and strimming all complete ….. coffee next!

Off we go into the ever increasing wind, yes another Red Flag Day with high gusty winds!  Nearly 2 hours later I’m back with the sash for making it 1/2 way around the Equator and a couple of extra miles for good measure at 21.78    As they say “Its all downhill from here!” Oh really ?

Yes! first 1/2 done ……… where’s the champagne ?


It tastes good …… very good



















YES, it could come to this

Just when you think it is over HE does it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN! There really is no end to it and his butterfly mind switches from subject to subject without reaching any conclusion or even a glimmer of logic and common sense.

Difficult to say it any other way.

The chaos of re-opening industry and leisure together really have no comparison, and the political suggestion that its essential, by the Loon and cheering on supporters breaking laws, and insulting State Governors is on the verge of inciting a civil war. Why in hell can’t someone get this clown removed from office before he commits any more of this deadly nonsense

Sadly too late, and tha spelin  aint much betterer iether

Arrest them ALL

A gay squad ? Surely there must be a DAM conspiracy?

…… and as if the death toll from the virus is not bad enough the fucking moron now announces he has been on hydroxychloroquine for the last 10 days because “he” thinks it’s good. I’m thinking his family has bought a massive shareholding!

“I’ve heard good reports from lots of great people”

Well as it comes in a fish tank cleaning variety it would help to drain the swamp and killed the last person in Arizona the same afternoon he tried it !

I suppose it is true and you really can’t fix stupid, and it appears its passed down in generations as 3rd in charge Lemon still believes its a democratic hoax

According to him the virus will vanish on 4th November

“MEANWHILE” across the pond it is nice to see there is still some good coming from others as Capt Tom pushed his walker around his garden to raise money for the National Health Service on his 100th birthday. He raised 32Million GBP for his efforts, WELL DONE SIR!

For his endeavors, HM The Queen, promoted him to honorary Colonel, something I have not seen in my years in the RAF, and clearly his efforts touched the Queen and she has decided to give him a Knighthood   ……. how absolutely wonderful!

Well done Sir Tom

as for this bunch of dummies I wouldn’t give you my garden weeds for the whole lot of them.

Thank God

Well that time of the year again for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, as if there hasn’t been enough awful weather for the South and Mid West for the last 7 months or more ?

I’m sure they will!

Outside it is then

……… but as you are a Harley rider I can hardly expect you to wear a mask as you won’t wear a fucking helmet!


……. and finally, ……..

It’s all about TIMING

these stickers too