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12/17/19 and its cold! Temperature on the Bank sign as  I drove past at 0600 was 3 Degrees F and on my return at 0800 it was 1 F …… and that’s  COLD!

Down from $19,999 to $17,682

The No 1 Jaguar on my list dropped another $500 and finally I got a message to say the Shaq RR was still available, and this one has been on sale since I first started looking back in October.

$10,000 or best offer

Well that’s all good news, all I need to do today is find my British Ski Instructor badge that I took off my jacket before its planned wash. Emptied the pockets, and its missing!

Now Wednesday, and colonoscopy part ll, drunk all the fluid, two days without food, so I’m looking forward to some lunch when this is all done.

Well done pineapple!

The rotating pineapple  works it’s way through and after only 30 minutes the job is done. Dr Maddison says it all looks good all the way so time for a nice lunch at Ocean Pearl.

and thoughts of Christmas pudding

Day off from medical stuff tomorrow so maybe I’ll find my badge ? Then Friday drive the School run in the morning and zoom over to Durango for the dreaded banging and crashing of the MRI and finish off with a CT scan to complete the day and the 2019 school year.

More banging and clanking!

Couldn’t find my badge! so that just leaves D11, my normal bus, which is away undergoing repairs. Having published an earlier article with the “overpriced” RR someone suggested it was ME, ME, ME! so I invited the current owner to give me a better price and as a starter he came down $2000 just like that!! I haven’t even entered the race yet or given him my first offer.

Color still unknown … needs the CHROME grille

Over to Durango at 1200, nice easy drive with a few idiots who don’t seem to understand traffic lights and go straight through on RED even after stopping!!!

The hospital deal proceeds as planned and I’m finally out of there at 1630. it has to be said the Durango MRI is much nicer, quieter and even comes with a sound deadening headset…… what a difference.

Now we wait to hear the surgeon’s opinion and when it will all happen.
















The Bell was rung on Friday 12/13/19

Brenda found a very sweet little chemo bell which I have been ringing ever since the last poison bag was taken off at lunchtime. It seems this is a tradition that people do when they have completed their last chemo treatment.

That completes the 12 sessions which have taken best part of 6 months to get through. Now time for other things and a few Christmas decs for front of house and inside in the office and lodge room. Of course none of this may happen due to raging storms blowing in for the weekend. All that seems to be on the table is yet more log splitting before the storms roll in.

Tree looks nice as always

My favorite area

On the health side another visit to Dr Maddison and time to finish the colonoscopy scheduled for Wednesday lunchtime. More fun and games on Friday afternoon with yet more MRI scans and a CT scan to finish off the day, which also happens to be the last day of school before the Christmas break.

Plans for changing my mode of transport may go on hold until other serious pending matters are resolved. The surgery looms in Denver but, as yet no dates are set as the surgeon is awaiting the results of these scans …… and then there will be booking of flights etc to get the job done with a week in hospital to recover. Can’t say I’m looking forward to any of it although getting a “new exhaust”  and rid of the other bag has its attraction. Will have to look at life expectancy  to see if a car change makes any sense but looking forward to it was fun!

BMW for some reason never featured on the list despite all my praise for them and my road bike, the K1200LT, which I recently rebuilt and had repairs done.

All repaired and now maybe time to sell

Time to go ?

Can’t be buying one of their car’s if you have to go through this…….


So now having gone full circle I’m back to looking at Range Rovers again as they seem to offer more of what fits my requirements as I get older and approach the Pearly Gate !

Currently, 3 of the RRs take my fancy, first up an unusual, but very colorful 2010 model, overpriced at $20,000, but nice, ……perhaps a bit TOO flashy?

Blue or purple ?

Very flash wheels with the bigger rims

Yes, flashy

A good looker and supercharged

Interior, OK, not my favorite

Choice 2 is a blue one down in Phoenix, nicely detailed, same sort of mileage, but over $10,000 cheaper.

Comes with a warranty and nicely detailed inside and out

Very clean engine compartment

Well detailed internally

Woodwork could be changed for a bit more WOW factor

Would look better with a Chrome Grille for my badges

Nice at the price

Last choice in the current list is the Shaq mobile over in CA which had several upgrades to the bodywork, flash wheels, and internal upholstery. Also only priced at $10,000, or best offer, and from my studies they have had it for at least 3 months. Would cost around $1000 to have it shipped up here.

In black with front badges removed and new grille and motif


Well detailed, special exhaust and more flashy wheels

Upgraded upholstery

More waiting then until after Christmas and the New Year and all the surgery!



















That just about sums it up with the side effects

Since this little body debacle started back at the beginning of July I have endured 12 treatments of this awful Chemotherapy which would and will NOT feature on my Christmas list. God knows what cancer actually feels like but the “cure” side effects are NOT in any way pleasant!   …… and there is the understatement of the day!!!!

So yesterday was session No 12 and (as far as I know) this was the last one which has taken best part of 6 months. The good news is that having been taken off the debilitating recently added drug that the new Doctor ordered many of the side effects are better or getting better, my eyes have nearly stop running, the pins and needles in the fingers and lips have stopped, and the hand cream has repaired my cracked finger tips. Seems there is a caner/chemo bell in these hospitals which you are supposed to bang when you have had your last treatment?

The poison bag comes off this Friday and then on Monday I see the colonoscopy surgeon who then needs to resume his work as the “flue brush” couldn’t get passed the tumor he found. So on Wednesday its back into hospital for “Colonoscopy Round 2” and another dose of the rotating pineapple!

Last of the poison bags

No more of this!

Just one more dose of the “flue brush” and rotating pineapple!

Friday back over to Durango for yet another MRI followed by the  CT scan. These results will then be available for the surgeon up in Denver who will do the surgery sometime in January if all looks good…. and that means a week in recovery in hospital up there.




“dashing around with a smoothing iron” ….. as it was F4     !!!

Beginning to think I’m becoming obsessed with this CAR thing as I survey car after car looking for all the things I like and want……… and of course the “thing” I’m likely to sit behind is the DASH which is very important to me! Hence “dashing through the lists, on a one horse open sleigh”

This IS exactly what I want and lives in here>>>>>>


Slightly older with different trim

Next up is the cheap XF with the super shine detailing

Can’t beat the bodywork detailing on this one

……. and I DO like the dash as well

Also pleasing to the eye

Some other trinkets have not escaped my eye and for those who can detect the bezel ring color? …… it seems to match?

Color wise very similar to the No 1 choice

Make it so!

Mucky morning in Dolores this Sunday with 90% chance of rain and snow, and we have had both already! No matter, plenty of GOOD football on today along with early season skiing of all varieties.

Need to get all the upstairs boxes back in the loft and wait for a dry day for the balcony decs.

Boxes all back up in the loft, upstairs and tree complete

Seems that the RR in California which was my No 3 choice has gone or I can’t get any sense out of the seller. However several more have popped up………

An anniversary model for something in the 2003 era ? Nice in candy apple and only 100 miles away.

OK as a cheapee

Not quite sure what the color is here? However, its down in the phoenix area, very pretty but maybe overpriced in my opinion.

…….. another one in blue with a pleasant inside and reasonably priced down in Phoenix

So, still plenty to choose from and the Shaq mobile is back again

Be patient !



















Still waiting! Saturday morning, 11/30/19 and it seems they got it wrong this time, although the TV pictures show disaster on the road and quite appalling conditions.

Friday morning followed the forecaster’s story and the first belt of snow took over from a steady rain coming up from Arizona. Within 30 minutes 1″ was on the rail and the roads were soon covered.

Into  Cortez to get rid of the Chemo bag and getting slippery before the downhill to 4 Seasons where it usually clears up, but the wind is blowing like hell, and its drifting across the road. By the time I’m on my way back, after a little shopping, the roads are fairly clear and another session of plowing is in progress.

Nothing much for the rest of the day apart from a few flurries until 1730 when it becomes “whiteout blizzard conditions” but only lasts for 1 hour before becoming clear.

Yikes!! that is serious

Just up the road at Telluride its snowing and whiteout conditions which all the locals want for Thanksgiving weekend and opening day. Looks like they got what they wished for.

Our 9″ for Friday never materialized as I suspect that Storm 2 coming up from Arizona went by to the South of us and Storm 3 coming in from Utah diverted to the North leaving us in a cold tunnel in the middle.

Meanwhile, I carried on with my restoration of my 2 favorite car badges…..

Now for some paint.

A lot better and 3 coats of clear varnish

THIS badge was on ALL my motorcycles since 1964 and the next one (RAFMSA) took a beating alongside (BARHAM)  on the grille.

Needs a little more of that varnish

Now all I need is for Santa’s Elves to source a few more trinkets and then maybe, SANTA can make a personal delivery, post my cancer surgery in the New Year   ?

After 30 years this would be a nice tribute

This was my Lincolnshire Base at RAF Coningsby where I spent 5 tours……(14 years!) lets see if you can guess what I might be putting them on ?

Time will tell but it can’t hurt to dream can it?

I …………. wwwwwwwwwiiiii sss hhhhh WISH












Thursday 11/28/19 and a “double” as it’s not only Thanksgiving but Brenda’s birthday as well!

The pen-ultimate chemo session No 11 was completed yesterday and Dr Buck said fix an appointment to surgery in Denver for 5 weeks time.

Today not my normal “dressing gown” Thursday where I usually mope about all day feeling tired and weak. Felt pretty good when I got up at 0730 with no nausea and so far been chopping wood ready for the big storm which is supposed to start sometime this afternoon and continue through Saturday dropping up to 40 inches in its wake.

66 days after departing the UK our God fearing Pilgrims arrived at the American coastline. The ever leaking Speedwell, Mayflower’s sailing partner, was forced to return or sink and never made the crossing.

…….. and now begins the tale of right or wrong. What is stealing ? as in “Thou shalt not steal” and what is providence? Being a religious zealot you of course believe everything “YOU” want and come across is Providence, provided by the good Lord…… or is 1 Man’s trash, 1 Man’s fortune!

Go gett’em Mary

Plymouth Rock ? …………you say?

Suffice to say the Bible Punchers were not good farmers or much in the way of fishermen, despite having landed in one of the best lobster bays around. The dismal saga continues through to fall with many failing to make it. Then , Lo, they discover plentiful baskets of ears of corn, buried in the sand (in agriculture we call this a “clamp” and is still in use today for storing many root vegetables) ….”my word this must be PROVIDENCE provided by the good Lord …….. nice the way he left them in baskets for us to carry.”

Sorry Native Americans they didn’t know and you say the Turkey’s were yours as well?

Now lets see what is coming up on “Our”table………

Fresh cranberry

Swedes on the rolling boil. I only have them twice a year but I LUV em!

A really nice stuffing at the ready

My other favorite ….. the green bean

Must be getting close……. green bean ready along with fresh rolls

Don’t they look good?

Swede mashed and bashed

……. and here it is!

Lucky for me chemo let me have my taste buds back and I could enjoy it all …… thank you ……. that’s something to to give Thanks for!

Wonderful meal!!!




















Snowing for the last 2,nights, children singing carols on the bus, and the last day’s driving before Thanksgiving and then we are into December all that brings.

Thanksgiving  with all the trimmings 

Decoration wise not quite so ambitious this year and just the outside of the house will be my limits. Still 2 sessions of chemo to go and then try and recover from all the shitty side effects.

Long phone call with Edward this morning and chatting over many subjects including cars and family. Edward has had a few Jags in his lifetime, whereas I’ve had zero!

Pleased to see my top 3 choices are still all there and of course there are a couple of others that would fit the bill quite nicely if things don’t go as planned.

Choices 4 and 5 are both Jags and the No 4 has this new detailing polish which is exceptional in terms of shine.

Beautiful shine on a $5500 car?  seems this might be a scam?

Seems too good to be true?????

My No 5 which I thought was a soft top or convertible until I saw the moon roof and its panel. The Blue roof style was fairly popular at the turn of the century…… its the S Type with 49000 miles and a private sale for $6800 ……. not bad!

Not a soft top then !

Nice wood

Needs that super shine

Good looking wheels

Needs a few more “logos”

Thanksgiving week begins, cold and damp with snow and more storms for the full week. A Chemo session to get through and see if my appetite comes back with the smell of roasting turkey.

Piles of wood split yesterday ready for the incoming snowstorm and when the french window is painted then decorations can come down from the loft.

Need to repaint my Barham car badge in anticipation so a visit to Cortez required for a couple of tins of red and orange “Humbrol Enamel”.

No paints available in Cortez but got an idea of pricing should I sell the Giant MTB ….. better check with e-bay for anything up there. Another load of wood chopped and brought in to ensure plenty for the week …….. and then true to the forecast first dump of 4″ o’night with the next storm aiming to hit on Thanksgiving.

Chemo 11 completed, roads clear both ways, and feeling quite good this morning while we await the BIG STORM rolling in with a predicted 2-4 FEET of snow.







It had to happen

Here we go again, another week on the School Bus and then off for Thanksgiving week. Not sure how the Turkey will taste as the last bit of turkey I had tasted awful!

I do have Chemo 11 to get through on 11/27 which is the day before Thanksgiving so I’m hoping no nausea and a gentle day.

Sunday, a good sleep, and plenty to watch on TV today. Back on Facebook I see my 3 favorite choices ( British Immigrants) are still lined up on the grid, who will take pole?   …… the crunch is yet to come and only time will tell but as we know about 2 months is a long time in the car business so patience,   … but be prepared for disappointment.

Now rated No 1 in my list on beauty alone

Just gorgeous!

No 2 still has total appeal especially with its price drop and distance from me. …….. we will see


Still dreaming

……. and then there is the big one with the Shaq RR

All very nice 

Don’t know why but there seems to be a load of MASS selling of watches going on. A couple of them would look pretty good with “Whatever” driving pleasure is yet to come!

Following on the disappointment theory, 2 of my front runners dropped off the Facebook marketplace and were forcing me to think again. By this morning 1 of the 2 had returned so I’m hoping No 3 will be back up soon. Almost 0900 and No 3 is back! I wish they wouldn’t keep doing that but its certainly an incentive to get my arse back in gear as soon as this chemo crap is over with.
























No, the taste buds are going!

Back to Durango for the start of what I’d hoped would be the last 3 sessions of this chemo poison. The new doctor, Dr Buck, has finally got his feet under the table and given my case some time, but he is in the hands of the Denver Surgeon.

I share all my current concerns reference all these awful side effects which continue to increase. The intense cold, the splitting fingers, pins and needles, weeping eyes, and the constant running nose.

He now tells me we are reducing some of the poison as my speech and hearing are both going downhill and that is another expected side effect.  ……. and now we come to the next unknown! Yes he thinks the rectal surgery could be done after the results of the scan which will be two weeks after session 12. However he doesn’t think liver surgery will be possible as there is TOO Much in the tumors in the liver. He also tells me the pills that were the all singing and dancing way to go contain ALL the sodding poisons that cause all the side effects I’m suffering!!!!  ….. WELL THAT’S BRILLIANT !!!!

Good news on Facebook Marketplace as a couple of XK  Jags appear on the market and both private sellers. No 2 is out by San Diego and too far for a “look see”

Another one in silver is up in the earlier style but wins with the dash which is, nicer wood but with the older style shifter that I “think” I like more.

The older style dash

Still easy on the eye.

On the good news front,  which there seems to be not much of these days, the new hand cream from Home Depot is doing a good job on my poor little pinkeys!

Also as a surprise while scanning the “Marketplace” up pops that gorgeous Aston Martin which is now double advertised as the  seller has handed it over to a dealer, or maybe he works there? However more pictures and it looks like its had another detailing with this new mirror shine!


Yes, the same one

The big Question ……. can I …..????

I wish

Now that really is pretty

Great job of detailing

Love it!

Well still a lot of time left, whether any of these will be available when I’m ready remains to be seen. Then there will be other questions re: the Cancer scenario, time frames etc,etc. We live in eternal hope!




















Split fingers, loss of sensitivity, and bloody sore!

In more ways than one! The nice chemo side effects are literally splitting my fingers, the pins and needles are worse, and my skin is looking like my dear old Grannies palms and all horribly wrinkled.

In other news my No 1 choice is still there and up for grabs, although there are many newcomers on the view list, all considerably cheaper but lacking in my curbside appeal. Might have to look closely and see if the dash can be made as nice as the “No 1”.

So choice No 1, the 2012 XK

The Cabin

Drop dead gorgeous

This cheap AWD X type sold which hardly surprised me at only $2850 and quite stunning all round.

Firewood collection plowed on during the week with 3 more loads taking me up to 9 for the year and really hardly anywhere left to stack any more so I’m about done.

Test firing of the new fir

Cycling started again and another 65 miles went in the books for this less than stellar year, but anything is better than nothing.

One or two of the prospective purchases have dropped a few dollars during the week. First is a Jag XF which was very cheap at $6000 and is now down at $5500 ???

It’s in CA

Quite a polish,  I’m impressed

I could live with this

This one is well below any list price and would appear to be in an exceptional condition.  On sale very close to the Mexican border in CA one has to wonder if this is a “scam” or a stolen car? Something not quite right here or I’m missing out on a cracking deal.

Side effects today are bloody awful, fingers hurt like hell and my No 1 choice seems to have slipped through my fingers while I’m in waiting mode.

Well, the RR I liked is still available although I must check on all the crazy rules re: doc fees, state sales tax, and anything else they can find to rip you off for doing nothing. Maybe Private sales don’t attract all these fees? I had better find out.

Still available

Well once again I’m surprised having thought my No 1 choice was sold it reappears as if by magic. I can only assume its a selling ploy. Still the best by far in my humble, ever so humble, opinion.

Back again

A  supercharged XF comes along at $6900 and looks like a nice car and is a private sale down in Phoenix. Only thing I don’t like is the bland woodwork and I would have to change the trim to a more featured Burr Walnut.

While looking around one of my earlier choices looked pretty good other than in my brief glance I thought it was a convertible because of the dark blue top! Further inspection is that this is decor only and it has a moon roof. Shows just how dumb you can be …. better buy up Greenland!!! The reason I dismissed it was the “soft top” as the last thing I wanted to be doing was clearing snow everyday off the roof. Still a very nice car with gorgeous wood work, only 49K on the clock and a private cash deal …… worth a second look.

Nice wheels

Super dash

Seem to remember the roof color alternate was all the rage way back when 

Needs that “super mirror” polish

This morning as once again I was trolling the marketplace the No 1 choice has had a price drop from $19,999 down to $18,211 which is good for the buyer (hope its me!)