Today is the day! I don’t care what it takes but, by hook or by crook I’ll get up in there today!

While I’m packing up the 6 packages from weekend E-bay sales, it has to be a record, my bicycle rack that I have on Craig’s List got another enquiry and by the time I had got back from a few measurements of the wheel racks yet another of the “spare parts” departs at the asking price of $75, its going crazy round here!!

Be  nice to sell this one by Thule

Don’t ask! Its crazy what people will pay, but I’ll just carry on

Apart from that loft, need to relist tensioner blocks, brake/foot pedal Hanger actuator, coils, and headlamp brackets, maybe some axles and swinging arm bolts. To finish the day an oil pump sells!!! well I couldn’t believe it so another relist.

Finally got into the loft and from what limited access I had I could see some front wheels, old fork legs which will need some work, two frames, a whole load of rear wheels, and a box of triple trees and brake backplates. The Harley pipes are there but I ran out of time.

Tuesday and two overnight sales with the first a set of headlamp brackets along with the oil pump, yes they really are nuts

Headlamp brackets

First of the oil pumps!

Having just woken up with these stinging watering eyes I’m even more surprised to find someone has bought an oil reservoir !

Well what can I say after all my comments?!!

Now I have a question from Australia re the headlamp brackets. When My bike arrived as No1 in the UK in 1974 the first thing to go was the lights! When I Started rebuilding Yams around 2000 I always took all the lights off. I sold a ton of them on ebay and one sold for over $200 to someone in Belgium. Badly dented tanks, put on ebay at around $5.00 could sell for $50.00 or $60.00 so you never know!  One guy did an exchange with me for 3 TY250s plus cash for the first “Glitz” and these incomers had never seen a trial and all came with luggage racks

The First “Glitz” that sold for 3 more TY250s and $500 

They, (the luggage racks) all sold for about $120 so you just never know what some people want.  Now it seems there is an almost manic desire to put these old bikes back in their original condition??? Better list a load of spindles, brake plates, and swinging arm bolts and then move on to some engine cases and even a TY175 head with either second plug or decompressor hole.

Another day of Chemo yesterday and so far no changes of side effects or other misery. Main issues are paying for the NEW toy and not being screwed around by an auditor running behind! Just when you think you have all your bases covered!!!

Well my super car dealer says he understands the issue, which just adds to the pleasure of doing business with him, and I shall be giving him a GLOWING reccommendation when we conclude the deal hopefully by next weekend.

Bloody Auditors screwing things up

Coming soon I hope


Hurry up YOU!

This morning another set of headlamp brackets to Australia and a tensionner block to Kansas. Time for some more relisting and try and get axles, swinging arm bolts, air cleaner top box covers and the TY 175 head spruced up.

Damaged fin cut off the head, need to repaint and supply with 175 Plugs (BE9ES) which I have some of. Air cleaner Tops listed. Some Cycling helmets will go on today. Time to clean up some axles after checking the thread! Caught me out, twice! Cleaned the unit but the thread is buggered by someone hammering it out and not doing maintenance with a bit of grease. No doubt that’s why it was in the box!!!

Better keep listing













Almost there

With trinkets, badges and fluffy animals on their way now time to get on with the motorcycle spares parts and recoup some of what I’ve spent.

Monday morning, snow overnight, and the Winter Storm warning gets extended another full day. Poor night’s sleep, not sure why but the changeover of the chemo cocktail and steroids may have upset the system. Overall, though, I felt an urge to do more over the weekend so that was good. Today absolute Zero! However I did buy front and back license plate holders for  Big Red.

This one is for the front and I’ll put my campaigns up on the grille

and of course I was out in Saudi for Operation Granby, Desert Shield, and Desert Storm along with Enduring Freedom

On the back where I will be having some of my “gold” things I bought a rather nice brass number plate holder which I will have to buff up and then varnish a couple of times

Should keep me busy

Another I couldn’t resist was the Veteran Motorist badge which my father had and changed the number on a yearly basis. I like 53 as it was my riding number on the Yam in the SSDT in 1974

Needs a little repainting

ME on 53

I have had my eyes on a Jaguar watch and also this one which is a bit flash, but cheap

I haven’t ordered this yet as it may be another of those scams, seems its another No1 SCAM

This will be the center piece but there is another one I like a bit more but the site owner is away and his store is closed! 

It just says it all for me

Too cold and unpleasant to get in the workshop today but it will be the No1 priority tomorrow as without further exploration into the loft I have already identified over 30 items I can put on E-Bay so the camera will be must tomorrow getting everything shining and ready to list.

and still snowing

1130, and bright and sunny! It was ZERO at 0700 this morning and crisp and crunchy but we have now made 36F and things are melting and dripping.

Time to get the act in gear with some washing and scrubbing of a few items and a lot of camera work for the afternoon. First up clean some paths and make some others so that I and the feral cats can get in and out of the workshop. One full load of E-Bay goodies in the laundry room sink soaking so time to start scrubbing and see what I have.

Pathways cut to the Workshop and the last of the Woodpile

Running out of firewood so a lot of time spent brushing snow off wood before it gets too wet to burn. Not much left in the main pile but I have a reserve that will need a day or so with the chainsaw.

Quite a lot cleaned so onto the photo session tomorrow and just maybe get up in the loft!

Well the plan didn’t quite make fruition but an awful lot of spares were cleaned, polished and brought over to the photo shop where battle commences tomorrow.

Friday, and another 4″ in the forecast for tonight, but then its clear for the next week. While all the cleaning and preparation is going on a few more items arrived. The red Jacket which looked good and claimed to be my size says XL but is either a woman’s or a youth model. No matter, will sell it again, and while looking found a better one !

Let’s try this one and although I’m not big in jewels and pins there are some that I just seem unable to resist

Nice jags

King of the jungle

and just to prove its not all about the car I had said to myself I need a couple of NEW cycling helmets for the coming year after my 16,000 miles and my Lazer has lost the buckle so this $300 Helmet from Kask was a sure bet at $110.00

Even comes in USA colors. These are great helmets as worn by the old SKY TEAM and with any luck the Yam spare parts should cover all my wild indulgent expenditure

The Helmet has arrived today along with the last back seat occupant so we are full on the car front as the other two passengers are here already.

Steve over in CA has just scooped the pot with a truckload of spares for his collection of Yams and the Cub so now I must check on shipping costs and compare USPS and UPS to see who gets the job.

Time has flown by and now I could be only a week away from having the RED BEAUTY sitting outside. Perhaps Red Devil is not a good  name so how about BIG RED which we can associate with GOLD mining.

After dealing with Steve’s list and a spot of haggling we ended up with a “job lot” of parts for a handsome sum of $350.00 which is a nice start and then I get round to some listings. No sooner complete 7 and one item sells! Total for the day 377.53 and another item has a bid.

Well all 3 Yamaha front brake cables SOLD within 24 hours, methinks  I should have been asking a little more ? No matter I’ve now got 40 active items on E-Bay and haven’t even scratched the surface.

Well I did have,  during the course of the day the less than Magical rear shocks got snapped up and a chain tensioner block has also gone! Total for the day, another $150.00 and I still haven’t got up in the loft!

All 3 of these sold in one day!

The less than Magicals at $110 !

OEM Chain block for $10.00

Just when you think the day is done the Rear Brake Pedal Mount sells for $30.00 and a jacket from my first batch back in early December sells at $45.00 giving a new daily total of $225.00, and with that I went to bed.

I have some more of these

Hardly ever used this one

6 items to get in the post today, must be another selling record, so without fail I’ll be up in that loft later this morning.










While I hold my fingers crossed, in the hope they don’t sell my No1 Car Choice, I will eventually get in the workshop loft and see what else I can find. This is another “chemo week” which I must confess I’m getting tired of even though it is supposedly for my own good despite my personal feelings. If only these bloody side effects would go away.

In Waiting up in Denver, oh please this time!

Another Winter Storm warning with 6-10″ forecast, although local weather says only 2″ so the roads should be OK for my Wednesday drive to Durango.

More workshop sorting and cleaning. I’m always surprised to find chrome plated chain tensioner arms that have been spray painted but what do I know. Paint stripper applied and I should be able to rebuild 3 of same tomorrow as I had 3 new blocks all ready to go.

Tuesday, another day closer, the weather forecast of 1″ overnight seems a bit off as at 0730 I’m seeing a good 3″+ and its still coming down!

A bit more than the forecast 1″ !!

Today’s mission 5 fold, with more blood letting, a trip into ACE hardware for some more sanders, much cleaning and rebuilding,  and get some stuff on E-Bay. Finally get a deposit on “No1” for my peace of mind.

Finally it’s stopping

1030, 5 ” on the rail but finally stopped and the roads are being plowed. Forecast says another 3″ during the day. No replies from the Dealership as yet, snow cleared off the car, so more or less ready to leave circa 1200’ish and hopefully back by 1300 and get on the other tasks.

Blood, ACE, and Peace of Mind achieved!!! What a relief! Even had a low ball at that “red” sweater and they accepted and now its paid for! Still trying to get some answers on some badges for the “Red Devil” as she will now be called. Oh,  I have a vacc, vax appointment for this Saturday, lucky me!! Now that’s a 100 mile drive that is definitely worth doing.

Yippee, first shot on Saturday.  At least it’s not like the Smallpox Passport Stamp with a branding iron that I got back in the 1950’s

Branded for life!     Made in the UK

On the market of E-bay this one, to match, Red Devil, was at $99.99 and I offered $65 and it was instantaneously accepted! No hassle. Flush with success I saw a silly toy, again on E-bay and popped another low ball of $40

This one looks perfect for the new toy

Couldn’t resist, I can see him now strapped in the back seat

By the time I had put this rain jacket on my Watch List I got an offer and snapped it up!

Still trolling, along comes a partner for the backseat so the car is getting full!

Back seat full, but they have videos to watch and individual picnic tables

But is just doesn’t stop, as yet another Spyder Sweater I had been watching suddenly makes me a low offer, and on a day like this I just can’t resist. Better stop now! What a day!

I’m getting spoilt for choice

Saturday, and Vaccination Day in Durango. However its. snowing, there is another Winter Storm Warning, and the wind could be gusting 40 m.p.h.  Better leave a little early!

Should be home circa 1600 and maybe get on with the workshop spares sale of the leftover Ty parts. I have cables, levers, clutch cases and a useable clutch, some engine cases, side stands, footrests up the wazoo and at least 5 chain tensioners, some yokes and triple trees, maybe some forks, wheels, brake plates and some HD exhausts, maybe some barrels and pistons. Not forgetting a box of axels, swinging arm inner units, and the carbon retainers, and shocks various including the so called “Magicals”.

The collection of car trinkets is coming to a close, as they say YOU can OVERDO it! Surely not ? Well couldn’t resist these, and I have more on my shopping list!

I remember my Father was a member, can’t recall what year he got up to but it’s in his memory and happens to be my riding number in the Scottish Days Trial when I was in my youth. It  needs a little repainting. My current number would be 57 !

1974 SSDT Edinburgh Cattle Market

From the same merchant a memory of the First of my Two Wars

Trying to find one for the Gulf War

Can’t believe this is a used item

Now what’s this?

It’s the Geico Gecko. The back seat is now full! 

No reaction from the vaccination, completely painless and quick. Some snow showers in the expected areas but a pleasant drive home, and maybe less snow in Dolores where it has been raining but all dried up now.

Sunday morning, the two Football Divisional Championships are on today so that takes care of a good 6 hours. Up at 0630 and about 1″ on the rail but in the first hour we are already up to 3″.














Bye bye trusty steeds

With the “No Excuses Cub” and the TY125 gone, time to return to the workshop and see what I can find to list  on E-Bay as my selling has been going fairly well.

Need to get back up in the loft and see what I can find in my old Squadron plaques and whether I can convert them to car grille badges.

Got to find something to do to occupy my mind for the next 20 days before I leap into the “Car Game”. It does seem E-Bay people are making money on crap TY250 parts at outrageous prices!!! I will be up in my workshop loft to see what goodies I have left over, I rather suspect quite a lot. Trolling through 10 pages on E-Bay and the parts on offer are awful! Bent shocks and the majority just in the state they were taken off the donor bike and not even cleaned.

Would anybody buy these at $20.00 ???

Well abused and, Not even wiped off at $26.71

This must be a joke! at $39.99

Seems not, these are $34.00, without the eyelets, but a good rust collection, and maybe a little bend


both offered at $80.00 EACH !!!!!

This is junk that I would throw away immediately I started on a bike that had been abused and just come in. The Redneck fraternity always  had the front fender on arse backwards, despite the arrow on the underside, MX rear tire, no chainguard, and bashplate also removed.  Sometimes the rear DISHED sprocket had been turned, honestly the mind does more than boggle! not forgetting the chain link also fitted the wrong way round.

Well if any of that junk sells in that state I could be a millionaire overnight!!!

Meanwhile up in the loft several suits and jackets along with a Tux (can’t remember the last time I wore it, circa Christmas 2000) a few pairs of gloves, all my lost plaques, and some Yamaha clothes and my rather nice luxury camera bag when we had multiple lenses and flash sets and video cameras, circa 1994 when I was in Saudi.

Made for me in Saudi Arabia

Enough for one day, tomorrow the workshop. I know I have one super front wheel for a Yam that has a narrow rim on it and I had previously had it on the Cub. Still with tire, tube, and rim lock and will polish beautifully. I know I have some shocks and the awful (in my opinion) Majesty $500 shocks called “Magical” they were not Magical in any way other than losing all the gas and were useless after one season!

The Super wheel with the high polish narrow rim, and I haven’t cleaned it yet!

Also I have axels, swinging arm bolts, footrests, chain tensioners, about 5 or 6 oil pumps, several oil reservoirs, a couple of lower engines, clutches, and maybe a couple of sets of forks. Now that’s all without looking, so be interested to see what else is there. Should be the old Cub barrel and piston and I think an ignition side case.

Axels and swinging arm bolts up the wazoo!

Clutch’s and other engine bits ?

1/13/21 and into the shop to see what’s what? Man, I still have a hoard of stuff, some good, some pure rubbish, and some even new and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and get in the loft. My guess of about two weeks seems about right looking at the stuff I still have to look at or open the box.

Thursday 1/14/21 closer still, but plenty to do here on the discovery front to see what I have for sale. If memory, in these chemo brain times, serves me right then I believe I have a few Harley Davidson parts including the mufflers/silencers I took off the Screaming Eagle V Rod. Might even be the barrels and pistons that came off the other Harley back in 2000 ? We will see.

Think I still have the original mufflers for this SE Harley V Rod

With all of yesterday’s photo shoot uploaded 9 more items on E-Bay so we will see what happens as I now move to the workshop and a bunch of finds there. No sooner had I listed those 9 items and by the time I moved over to see my mail one of them was sold and paid for!!

Friday and another afternoon in the workshop, still haven’t got in the loft, too busy cleaning all manner of useful bits for E-Bay and sorting out a new bank account to deal with E-Bay who are not using Paypal for some reason and will now add or subtract from this New Account.

Footrests, air cleaner tops, and some oil tanks

Found the $500 Magicals, just need to dismantle and clean, and today being Saturday, time to find a load more bits before the afternoon double header of NFL games.

The not so Magicals, new front brake cables,  chain tensioners, levers, perches  and bits and pieces.

Sunday, 1/17/21 and time for my curiosity to get to work in the workshop loft before it’s NFL time with a couple of cracking teams. My favorites from yesterday both won. Today I’m torn as I like all 4 teams and they all deserve to be there! Last year’s superstars Kansas are playing the much improved Brown’s who were always a joke team like the Bengals but this year have richly deserved their placing so I rather fancy them. On the later game, Brady with his new team, and some variable results, or with the Saints with Drew who just has the edge for me.

Front brake assembly found!

Prior to the first game I found quite a few other bits including the Ty brake plate assembly for the nice Cub wheel, a chrome TY stand, springs, chromed TY pegs, the Cub spare barrel and piston, inlet adapter, chromed or polished handlebar clamps for the TY and a supply of bolts.  Loft still to come but the downstairs is done!





Pearly Gates ahead to most likely MY LAST CAR

As I start the next phase of transactions several of the cars I liked have suddenly SOLD! So time to review those that I still like and start working on what must be “Plan J” by now!

Top of the tree in the likes department is the 2008 XJ Supercharged B.R.G. out in NJ. Of course it’s one of the most expensive, has the most miles, and is the furthest away, but nonetheless I LUV it!

Absolute Beauty!

No2, is up in Denver, the closest, not too many miles, and most likely the best deal. Red and Supercharged and even has a British Union Jack logo already on it.

Has something about it


All the wood, and DVD’s

All the woof!

Could it be telling me something ?????

Not exactly the last one but really nice exterior but no interior shots to make a solid decision

I haven’t seen a Jag in this color

Well I’ve done a little shopping for trinkets already with another Spyder Windstopper sweater as my old ones are now too big and are selling well on the Bay.

This is the first I bought for the Green No1

Of course if I were to go Red in my increasing years here is one I could wear

Nice but a bit overpriced, better make some offers, not bought it yet!

Some baubles for the said Red motor

Might look good ?

A universal pressie for me that will be good for all

It has a little class to it I think

On the car front badges I would somehow like to have all my Squadron Badges on the grille and amazingly my RAFMSA badge from my RAF days looks a little tired being 50 years old now! Damn that’s  a long time I’ve had that, anyhoo while drifting through E-Bay here is one in the States!!!!!

Looks to be in excellent condition

About 3 weeks to wait, as even with a $2000 deposit, (non returnable) the dealer won’t hold it. Greedy methinks but it is their business. Never know, something closer might pop up while I’m waiting. Fingers crossed but 3 weeks is a long time! But there again I’ve been looking since October 2019 while I was about 1/2 way through the first 12 sessions of Chemo and before we had even heard of the Covid 19 Pandemic to come.

Another day slips by and only 6F on the thermometer. Another day closer so never give up. Today the loft needs to be explored and find all my Squadron Plaques which were tossed in a box when we left Phoenix in 2008 and have been there ever since. All my years in the RAF just thrown out of sight, I strongly object!

30 years of service needs to be remembered

Huge bounty found, suits, jackets and a Tux (James Bondish) gloves, Yamaha riding gear, and a Big luxury camera bag. Not forgetting all my Squadron Plaques. Can’t wait to see what’s in the workshop loft and all the long forgotten parts.

Wednesday already, 1/13/21 and the first surprise of the morning was my No1 choice, which was already overpriced, according to Car Gurus has gone up $2500 ???? I think somebody screwed up here and it should have gone down instead. Will have to check. Lots of bullshit on this one and no, the price apparently was dropped by $2500 for a Christmas sales event which finished 2 days ago so this one is out!

Well that promotes everybody else and a couple more contenders, as fast as one is sold along comes another to perk my interest.

Frosty Blue, 2008 Vanden Plas 

Another Blue, nicely detailed but without the VP trim 2008

So the clock keeps running and I’m not much wiser! Choice 2 went down another $1000 so it’s creeping up in the contest whereas another Green has appeared and a further pale blue is running high on the list.


Another Green

Green but not the full Vanden Plas

Frosty Blue is making inroads, its a 2008 in full Vanden Plas trim with nice wheels. My other Seacrest Blue has gone down that $1000 but compared to the others does not have Navigation even though I love the color.





Well these colors would go with any of the pale blues

Time to get in the workshop and get up there which means unloading all of the outside big Christmas deer and other things  I normally only move once a year. Getting excited but I know what disappointments can lie around the corner.










Ho, Ho, Ho!

NEW toys loaded and dispatched to CA! Hope you like them, very precious machines!

Well they are on their way, a few last bits and bobs, and piccies too, starting with “No Excuses”. Front end BSA B50 forks 200-230 cc of Fork oil or ATF, these forks have poor oil seals (Not a BSA strong point!)  Drain hole in under the bottom of the leg where the axel goes through. Tighten up spindle before the “8” bolts then spread the legs. You can see I replaced the the brake shoes with EBC lined ones  (they work very well) .

All cleaned, re-greased and working

These work well.

You can see the drain plug above the spindle nut

No sparks but other than that ?

$500 Rockshocks, unweighted 10mm of free play

Primary case SAE 10 or ATF, gearbox ATF, Engine SAE 50, filler under the Ejection seat velcro panel

Superglitz  still wants to ride so just might come out to Donner Ski Ranch which I always enjoyed and see if my 75th year is as good as my 16th!

Ready for 2021

The joy of polishing

The “SG” Superglitz motif, big bore WES pipe through the frame Ossa style


TY 350 front end, Gas Gas fender from Adrian and the IT Yam front wheel. Color coordinated grips and cables of course

Have fun and let me know about that PVL thing!!!!!




5th 0r 6th? Well no matter time for the decs to come down, out with the tree if it was real

12th night was the official last day of Christmas and was a left over feast for all with much partying and then remove all those decorations when you were sober!

Some say the 5th, some say the 6th? well whatever, we are all wrapped up and today was also the start of Session7 of the dreaded chemo. Tumor index down to 15 from the pre Christmas 20. The scans show nothing nasty in the brain, nothing in the lungs but an increase in a liver tumor, but only one!

Well its Thursday, bag on no side effects from yesterday, no nausea either but a poor night’s sleep due to flushing poison about every 2 hours and then another top up drink.

The   NEW poison sounds more to my liking as they target the tumor just like our current covid vaccination does. Also the side effects are different and no mention of the ones that are crucifying me!

Came home to the horrifying scenes from the Capitol, when will he ever give up his nonsense?   No doubt they will attempt to impose MARTIAL LAW and we will see BLACKWATER back on the streets as I forecast in previous articles.

Only ray of sunshine was “do nothing arse licker Pence” actually did his job and certified the electoral college results.

Let’s hope there are no more dirty tricks up his sleeves


Everything back in the loft, just a couple of things to do on the Cub then switch over to Superglitz for a little tarting up.

Quite a good day for a Thursday, bag off tomorrow a little earlier than usual as the “nasty” side effects poison got taken out of the mix. Some slight feelings  of nausea but so far under control. bit of a fight with this nausea but keeping it down.

Saturday and at last a decent night’s sleep without pills, nyquil or any other agent! Up at 0800, late for me, great breakfast, the bikes got collected, and now a nice cold day watching NFL playoffs with all, well nearly all, my favorite teams playing.










I actually remember that path, and always a welcome relief when you come round that corner.  SSDT for those that haven’t been there.

12/29 spent the morning under going those unbelievably  noise ridden scan machines called MRI. That took ALL morning and didn’t impress me one little bit! Especially the “Man in the Mask” session which must cause a lot of complaints from those suffering from claustrophobia, not at all pleasant!

Awful contraption

40 bloody minutes in this thing

This was all I could think of

Home after that and removed the broken oil pipe but with the loss of dexterity had to take it to Mancos Motorsport  for the soldering which I will pickup today, 12/30 and hopefully finish the job off.

Soldering and annealing of the washers

Picked up the soldering (no charge) however It won’t fit as the picture above shows the way I wanted it BUT, yes you guessed correctly, its now 180 out of phase! Back again tomorrow.

AND THEY ARE CLOSED! Well its New Year’s Eve so another Plan B and go and see the welding Guru who welded up the tank when it split! Says it will be ready at 1500 so ever hopeful. Very cold out there at 21F but fortunately no wind and the firewood is in.

All repaired and again No Charge! Perhaps they like me ?

Tried to fit this neat unit from Webco but it sticks out a little too much under the tank, crying shame

Looks good but a bit too tall

Standard fit as before, but now back in one piece

The show continues despite the cold and Mister Del Orto is in the shower house for a bath and blow through  


No disrespect here but I’m afraid I do find this funny!

For those that don’t  Happy New Year

Still cold but must press on with the Cub as the days are ticking by. Today’s mission clean Del Orto and rebuild and fit. Well that got done and a new plug cap for the 125 and a new plug. Can’t see a spark yet on the Cub but I’m having trouble standing up and kicking it over all caused by these bloody side effects! Almost at my wits end as these side effects are driving me insane.

The way I’m feeling

Thank God it’s done!

The carb got its cleaning and another good product got its first try as my School bus mechanic, Jack, who suggested this product, for multiple uses. It seems it also destroys that “ethanol” gum that gets in the jets.

Impressive stuff

All cleaned and blown through, ready for the off

Now with fumbling sore fingers I’ll try and sort out the ignition as I rather think I must have pulled a wire somewhere when I was taking the oil pipe off. I believe I had already checked the spark before I started polishing, can’t remember its “Chemo Brain” again, don’t you just love this shit!

Getting to the point of contacting Ray Iddon who is the Master Guru when it comes to Cubs can’t get hold of him over the weekend and now in waiting mode until its time for CA to open up for Monday morning. Don’t know why but I have a dreadful sensation that he may have passed away. If that is the case my next port of call will be Adrian Lewis at Lewisport and see what he can do. He had one of Ray’s “One Trick Cubs” some time ago.

Adrian, yet another Brit trials rider along with his wife Mandy, who is another horsewoman, and also rides trials run LewisportUSA and have everything trials that anyone could want. I think a NEW electronic ignition is required the current one is PVL or it could be just the top coil or even something simpler that Chemo Brain isn’t seeing.

Might even send Superglitz out with this package as with all these side effects, trials and balance may be out of the question for me!




With the TY125 just about wrapped up time to bring the Tiger Cub out of hibernation for a full wash and brush up.

Lurking somewhere in the workshop

Today I might just start backwards and give her a “pre polish” just to remember all the near perfect, and plenty of Zero score cards, during her 6 year reign as the machine to beat! Time to remember all the work that went into her transformation from an Amal Sammy Miller variant to where we are today.

Still snowing and a crisp wind!       but I need to get out there, and get the job started as time waits for no one. First yet more wood and I’m getting through it at an alarming rate! Still gotta keep warm!!

Temps went up a bit and the overnight 1″ soon melted but the storm warning continues. Just as well as I’m safe and warm inside and just been out in it, with just one dog, as Rossi Had to be put to sleep this afternoon, but she was over 15 years old which is way up there for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Always sad so we are down to one dog from six .

Plenty of re-org in the workshop and a sudden discovery, while looking for something else, all my Solvol Autosol Polish which I now remember I had run out of and ordered a 3 pack way back when and put it in a special container …….. not to be seen for 5 YEARS! until today. No matter the one I had to order before Christmas has been going well but I think I now have enough to last my lifetime.

A lifetime of Solvol Autosol 

Some cat damage as our five feral kittens had got in the workshop and destroyed a Harley Davidson model!

Not suitable as a “Cat Toy”

Polishing began after some airing of tires and now we can see the benefits of that fine auto/bike polish!

A lot of polish on the “Ray Iddon” custom fabricated units of the Stealth fuel tank, left side oil tank, Custom bash plate and footrest hangers, “my rear brake assembly and stops”, modified chainguard, RAF humor “Ejection seat” which has the oil tank filler under the velcro ejection cover

The Apico footrests, and custom $500 rear shocks by Rockshocks

A good look at Ray’s custom bash plate with the frame lower tube removed and the add on expansion chamber on the exhaust which I’m told prevents some stalling, although I never noticed any difference! Del Orto now routed to the right side

Standard cub rear silencer/muffler with the add on spark arrestor 

Neat Velcro cover under ejection seat to oil tank filler which takes SAE 50

With all the cleaning, a fault is found! While NO Excuses has sat idle it appears the Rocker feed/return oil pipe has lost its SOLDER! so that must be repaired which I would normally do in 5 minutes but as the dexterity in my hands (thanks chemo!) is sadly lacking I will have to take it up to my local motorcycle shop (which I have never had reason to use) get them to solder the pipe back in and ” anneal” the copper crush washers. These washers are getting increasingly difficult to find as the current crop ALL have TOO MUCH NICKEL in them and will neither “crush” for a perfect oil seal or ANNEAL such that they can be reused.

Time for the tank off, you now get to see “Ray’s Custom Frame” where he puts in a top tube to strengthen up the “swan neck ” of the original which got it’s strength from the heavy steel tank which acted as a brace. You also get to see where I put the top coil. On with the show.

You can see where Ray puts the upper tube, then grafts the wrap around it and produces one tough frame!

A little cutting and the top coil has it’s own private house

Protected ignition wires from downstairs

T’other side, a little filing for the ignition cable

Custom covered cables in green of course

The heart of the matter the “Del Orto”

Will collect the soldered rocker oil feed tomorrow and give Mister Del Orto his bath and clean up including the standard blow job on all the jetting.







With the temp coming up and none of that bitter wind I’d better get on with my refurbishing tasks on the Ty125 and No Excuses. Into the workhouse then,  and off I jolly well go! Out with the back wheel and a severe brushing of the chain

Clean again

Next up the spindle for rear axel degreasing and of course the mirror shine before more grease and the rebuild. Same program for the rear brake hub and remove 5 years of tarnish from all and sundry

I’ll get to you in a minute

Believe it or not it’s Magnesium 

Some serious elbow grease!

All rebuilt

As requested “slow action” Domino

NEW Grips arrived today!

More from mister Autosol to finish the day, always the best polish for trials bikes, more on this later

Yes the yokes are highly polished

It was a steel one I had chromed

Elbow grease cover and fin

More cover and fin “elbowsol”

Forgot I chromed the exhaust guard, and my decals as a bonus

1000, and still below FREEZING, I will get in that workhouse, promise, but it needs to warm up a little first as my hands can’t take it with the wretched chemo side effects.

They are coming to bits!

Here is the forecast until Tuesday night!


Just what I needed!

Now they have issued a WINTER STORM WARNING until Tuesday evening       GREAT!

Meanwhile back in the Workhouse the Engineer sets about the front end of the TY125 with the hope of finishing the task before the Packers game.

Front end day with grips, front wheel axel, brakes and polish all including the forks

A little vodka to settle the grips

Throttle side

… and the clutch side

Badly tarnished brake plate, axel not too bad

More elbow and solvol for the bright finish

Forks next for a pre delivery polish

Replaced a stripped anchor plate bolt, easy if you have a spare

Nice shine on the hub and forks

Here she is

Ready for action

Tomorrow its time for No Excuses to go in for her “Makeover”









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