You are indeed Fucking mental!

The Principal (hardly ever went there, never knew the place, very bad instruction from bad people etc, etc) and his faithful Secretary DeVoss (Dead Loss) and dumber than dumb, VP Mask Dispence have decided, against ALL Common Sense, that the Butterfly says reopen schools!

You might remember back in March when we had less cases in the country than we do in any one day, ……today, as they surpass 60,000 on a daily count (but of course the White House will soon be correcting them to fit “HIS” wishes). Back then it was deemed too dangerous to even think of schools being opened for the last 6 weeks of the school year but today ……… with 3.5M cases and on an upward trend its perfectly OK ???????

BAD ?      just wait till you try it!

School Crossing …….. or CLOSING ?

…….. and today, 7/20 we are being told HE will be doing those ridiculous WH briefings again! ….. well he has got control of the numbers and can say anything he wants.

Back to reality from my point of view,         sadly “The Wheels on the bus Won’t go Round and Round”

Parked for 2020

More of my views and explanations in a moment but first lets give Stupidity Section their say and then, from the Common Sense Party made up of Physicians, Teachers, Parents and responsible Mayors and Governors.

OK, stupidity you’r on ……

Great opener!

Let us Pray

Grade A Twat!

Another very good question ?



Very much so

More prayers from the VP I suspect

Please note this

If the Gov can’t get PPE for Doctors and Nurses your kids have NO chance

Well, seems the results are in and the Common Sense party has it by a landslide!


My own views on all this buffoonery;

Let’s take your average School Bus Driver …….. most likely retired, looking for something to do, other than garden or watch mindless TV, dedicated, Honors degree in Common Sense, reliable, and an excellent “stand-in” locum grandparent.

Flaws in the Corona Virus pandemic;    (1) Like myself most will be senior citizens. (2) Heart Condition ?     (3) Any form of lung problems including COPD ? (4) Cancer either past or present?     It seems I’m very well qualified in this section!

Now the School Bus;   normally either 65, 67, or 72 passenger capability …… but this is THREE elementary or kindergarten children/seat …….. now with social distancing  this makes the seating capacity look like this

12, yes 12 ONLY, might expand slightly if siblings can sit together, however if your run, like mine, has between 45-52 passengers this will be impossible as we DO NOT have three times the number of buses or drivers.

……. and as we are well aware children are CONSTANTLY being told to SIT DOWN and stop CHANGING SEATS, which will need a teacher or aide to ensure this doesn’t happen.   …….. and finally I do not want to be driving a Bus dressed like an astronaut so I’ll be waiting for the vaccine.




Well at last we have identified where these bloody butterfly homing pigeons keep coming from!

Over the last few weeks, and indeed throughout his so called Presidency, these have flitted from one topic to another never ever making any sense or giving the slightest indication of care, respect, or positive guidance or leadership. In just the last week alone the Nation has been subjected to the following absurd nonsense

…… and all the other little goodies I told you about!

Well look out, here come the next round of lies, maybes, and “you can’t be fucking serious!”

The ongoing mask saga

Munchin, mnuouchin or whatever says that long awaited 2nd round of stimulus checks should be done by end of July

Back to school ………. ho, fucking ho, and I don’t think so!!!!

and then it will be the Blow Down Mexican Wall and if that doesn’t work how about a Canadian Wall ? or a private one for Alaska ?

You think I’m joking  ……. wait and see

So what is it about masks? why do these ridiculous people think their rights are being infringed? If your mask or face covering isn’t fitting well and is uncomfortable find one that is right for you  …… and you are only being asked (or told) to wear one in public to protect yourself and others…. lets review some comments…….

Sorry about the spelling soldiers

She is wearing all that PPE to keep her alive while trying to save YOU!

Air Force 1 on the way home  …… of course there are some that find it VERY difficult to comply

Sorry !

Darryl was fortunate enough to get his from Progressive Ins

So here we go with our no 2 story of the missing mystery Stimulus checks! Well as they noted $1.4 B got handed back as the people that were issued “trump” checks were already dead, and of course we have another 140,000 corpses who really don’t need the checks either!

No matter the genius has promised a “very generous” 2nd round check …….. I think not, the lying bastard wants to defund social security with a ridiculous payroll tax cut or he WILL NOT sign! What a nice understanding man.

…… not forgetting those election promises

…… and when might any of this be ?

Munchin says end of July ??????? I really doubt that as Trump is altering the death rates

I was totally appalled that our Medical (Mr I’m right) Loon in Chief has now followed up his grabbing of the Covid data from the CDC and is changing the mortality rates to try and improve his polls …….AND he can’t do that SMARTLY either!!!

let’s look at the death rates for the last week starting on 7/14  …….. 871,  926,   872   825   797  and for Sunday 7/19      ……. “392” now that is UNLIKELY in any book!

Well “The One Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind” could see this coming !!!

In yet another switch in the classic “I’m not responsible mode” he is now blaming Dr Debora Birx as Dr Fauci WILL NOT agree with him …….. and now its ALL HER FAULT that we are in this mess as she said re-opening could take place if case factors followed the guidelines ……… what a DICK !

Yet more unjust accusations

She had it right the FIRST TIME !

The 2020 Campaign is going well then ?

Social Security at risk ?


I digress here as the trilogy of this article now has so much feeling and material, and also being involved on a personal basis I will be writing “Back to School” as a separate article   …… but on a happy note I was very pleased to see HM The Queen Knighting Tom













7/4/20 Covid and the pedals push us onto 2005.64 miles for the year. Champers flows and more targets and goals are set. Total around the Globe stands at 13,396.57 so I’m looking for 14,000 by the end of July.

Worth the wait ….. the “2000” prize!

Well that was 7/4/20 and since then the pedals have kept moving along with the weeding fork and quite a lot of garden work out in the front bed. With the virus in full swing, and getting worse on a daily basis, the toilet paper hoarders moved their attention over to plants and seeds! our local nursery has NEVER had a season like this and even the Walmart Mortuary is also stripped bare. After everything froze in the late May frosts they were back for everything they could get their hands on leaving precious little for those of us who plant when the beds are ready.

You may remember the sad scenes of my dead and dying fir trees…

Too sad

3 Walmart purchases, didn’t like the full sun or the soil conditions and wilted twice a day despite my best efforts at watering

Sulky devils get replanted in the whisky barrels and love the twice a day irrigation ……. happy now

With fresh plants purchased and specific instructions from the Nursery and my dearly departed Mother ….. holes are dug in the bullet hard ground and then a couple of sessions of “puddling” as Mother called it to set the area for the new plant

New plants and compost ready to go

The hole is excavated

Puddling begins …. Potentilla observes …. its a BIG hole

In we go !

All dug in and mucho water twice a day

My self seeded Cotoneasters join in for ground cover

Around the corner and what was “in” is now “out” and more mega hole digging and puddling begins

“All In”     as they say

More work on the walkway completes this area ……. more coming

The days are warmer, but the afternoon winds are still very strong with Red Flag warnings on a daily basis. Game plan has now become, morning ride, beer drinking, afternoon weeding and planting, beer drinking …… depressing world news!

In other news from the garden “Rocky Raccoon” has become a mother again!

Mamma Cat with gorgeous eyes

The unnamed first born on guard

A new litter of 5 !

Not very friendly, as yet, we will see how this goes.

The garden struggle continues and I had to return to 4 Seasons to redeem our “fall gold” bonus vouchers  …… again never seen the place so bare!

Home and watered

Blue Eyes looks on

The new plants are in intensive care with mega watering while in their pots as other areas are worked on. Radish and lettuce finally get planted after an afternoon of removing maple roots from the seed bed and are already germinating and poking through.

Finally, I actually get the seeds in the ground …… hello Radish

……. and some lettuce too

The Scuffy Bed gets its last bit of weeding and with a sharpened lawn knife and edging shears the edge is re-cut to  my liking.


There has been a “Mint” invasion in the raised front bed!!

Friday, 7/17 and absolutely NO Wind ? not quite sure about this but the cyclist is on his way and knocks out another 30.24 before lunch.

Not so good after lunch as the wind starts up again with a vicious blast from the east and becomes very unpleasant. Any plans for the extra miles go out the window and more gardening gets underway with pruning lower annoying branches off the Maple and clearing and dead heading the Rosebed. A little work on the Mint but the ground is too hard so it gets watered. Needn’t have bothered as we get a heavy shower which lasts for over an hour ….. so no watering this morning.

Another round of those chemo pills is complete and hands are not quite such a mess as they were, and apparently the results from the scan from last week were good!

Morning ride went well, not too much wind and 30.35 completed but I’m planning on a few more this afternoon to make up for the afternoons I missed ….. still on track for the monthly targets. No sooner out on the bike and making my way downtown when it starts sprinkling with rain and then really lets go …….. just make it into the drive through portion of the bank. Never mind 35.26 for the day.

….. and I stayed dry

Sunday 7/19/ Covid a bit late getting under way but home with 28.67 to take me through the 2400 Banner and with every intention of getting a few more this afternoon to give me a head start into the 25’s. Finished the day on 38.87 for 2412.05 for the year.

12 days in the month left ……. how much more?









I’m Back and worse than ever!

Yes, everyday, something new to try and alter course to divert our attention away from the ensuing disaster and his total lack of response!

Because he and his ass followers have started using this testing nonsense crap as the reason his polls are falling it must be fairly obvious to the MAGA community as to what will happen next? Perhaps it isn’t as they don’t believe  in it anyway, after all it’s only a hoax ….. right?

…….. well, clearly based on this ridiculous republican statement we should stop testing immediately!

Making an average of around 70,000 new cases a day! well done everybody!

A question that defies ALL ANSWERS!

and while addressing some of his dumbest moments I’d missed this one re the Kurds  …… sorry Kurds

So during a White House meeting with its totally Unqualified staff you can see what “Master Coup” is coming next ………

Yep, don’t like the numbers ? well if we get all the info sent here to the WH then we can adjust the numbers and pick up your ratings

Don’t need to be a Rocket scientist to see through this one!

Absolutely ….. but I warned you!

While the world looks on at yet more unfathomable stupidity, and what will become criminal book keeping, the Butterfly is off again to land on …….

BEANS<  yes, fucking Beans !!!!!

I really do DESPAIR with this one

With numbers in the polls down  ……where to now?

Can you guess ????????

“BRAD”                     ” you are fired!”

Just in via the Space Farce

One for the VP

and finally

Oh well, back to lock down then, but never mind you can get the tattoo fixed when they reopen

….. and ignorance is bliss!












A very good question, never met the man, hardly know him, must be a disgruntled reality TV person with an ego trip!

Before the arrival of the pandemic as we approached Spring Break, “back in the winter of our discontent” as someone once said, I did not have a single picture of the current incumbent of the White House in my blog library. I had NO reason, his ridiculous ramblings on the global stage, were at worst disgraceful and disrespectful, and no more than pure comedy at best!

No idea of how to behave in the presence of Royalty … looks more like a stuffed Emperor Penguin, especially with that awkward stance

With a total lack of political knowledge or acceptance of protocol, I though perhaps he would listen to his advisors and experts before making absurd decisions …. well he proved me wrong back then, and has gone from strength to strength with his lies, accusations and ludicrous theories.

Back in the UK in the 80’s we had this hilarious comedy  called            “Yes Minister” which showed how parliament operated under a party change between Labour and Conservative governments. Now for those not in the “know” UK also has the Civil Service who have all the political knowledge and know “what works, and what doesn’t” so they can keep NEW ministers on track without making them look very foolish with election promises and hairbrained ideas

The NEW “Minister” (seated) with his two private secretaries …. I confess I thought the USA had something similar, perhaps it does, but clearly Donny Boy does not listen!  

I can’t remember the order of events but as they are all so ridiculous it probably doesn’t matter much. I believe his bullying tactics began with a full blown attack on NATO claiming all the members needed to pay their fair share or he might pull the USA out of the failing organization.

Then there was the absurd idea that “Global Warming” was a Hoax ? A word that of course we are now VERY familiar with amid all the other lies. He doesn’t get on with any of the European Leaders and tends to favor despots in North Korea, China (at this stage), Saudi Arabia, and tremendous, very good friend, and head of global Intel Mr Putin. If Putin says so …. then that’s the way it is! So NATO on the brink. Pull out of the Paris Accord, dump the IRAN Nuclear deal, be surprised when told Great Britain IS a Nuclear Power and has been since the 1950’s ….. oh, and by the way Finland is not part of Russia.

…… and then he storms off as other World leaders are laughing at him

Yes, he really can piss everybody off!

Back home time to show your Presidential power with claims on the Inauguration turnout

Just a comparison 

No prizes there either so how about a national emergency that devastates “sh…ole countries” which gives massive material for Stephen Colbert and his late night show as a hurricane rips Puerto Rico apart.

Yes HE really said that (common theme here) and they made a book of it

Sales of the book were very good, approval for the relief not so high!

Bounty paper rolls was about it, and as far as I’m aware not much has happened since from a Federal point of view

Well, how about the campaign promises ?    … oh yes, the Border Wall that Mexico will pay for ….. nothing happens but Donny Boy closes down the Gov over the Christmas period as this is the No 1 priority and he diverts money from the Pentagon…    still not much progress here as only 93 miles have been built and so far, only 3 new miles, as the other 90 miles replaced fences and barricades. As a builder Mr Trump I would have thought you knew more about foundations ?    clearly not!

The NEW wall blown over by 40 mph winds ….

But to get more support for this ugly, ridiculous monument to “Don” we invent the “CARAVAN”   which relentlessly marches towards the southern border     …….. but then unlike the Corona Virus …… it suddenly disappears   ????????

Where did they go ?    never mind the Butterfly is off!

….. and today it lands on a Windmill turbine ?

Now what ?

Are you fucking mad ?

But lets ignore this deranged waffling as another hurricane sets off to devastate the US  ……… this one, he gets briefed about, but is fiddling with his “Sharpie”

No, please NO !!

Here it is ….. the predicted path of “Dorian” produced by NOAA with a little Trump “add on” to encompass the Great State of Alabama

He later says he was RIGHT and gets the head of NOAA to give him a personal apology!….. even though it followed the predicted course and never touched Alabama

While we are still laughing as the late night shows and media rip him to shreds he outdoes himself with this little treat ……

Yes you are indeed fucking mad!

Well of course that butterfly is off again and now lets defeat ISIS in a month ……… of course a lot of other Nations are involved but Trump naturally takes all the “so called” credit …

Not really sure what we are supposed to see from this map other than ISIS strongholds   ….. but no matter

Special forces found the leader and removed him     …… now what?

Oh, oh,

Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire in Paris ……. and without being asked Loon-in-Chief offers this advice …….

As John McEnroe once said “You can’t be fucking serious?”

More devastating than a bulldozer !

While the dust and ashes settle on this one let’s stir up some more trouble in the Middle East ……. and as if by magic a missile strike on an oilfield in Saudi Arabia …… USA rushes to their defence

An old oilfield methinks

I would ask you to look at the markings on the missile and then compare them to the letters and numbers of the Persian alphabet

So where was this “mystery” missile manufactured and who sold it to the Iranians, if indeed it was them ??????

This meets with much political waffle, lots of accusations, but no reaction in a military sense at all …… very strange!……. a little while later this happens

Again no REACTION against an Iranian attack in the Gulf ? A lot of threats of course, but no action ?????

Meanwhile time to revisit Europe and this time its a visit to Denmark where Trumpty Dumpty and First lady will be staying at the Queen of Denmark’s Palace

I’m back !

Without doubt one of his dumbest moments …… but becomes sulky when told the Country is NOT FOR SALE and cancels his trip thereby insulting the Queen of Denmark

Well what’s to do now …..?    Oh, an upcoming election….. good idea and the Butterfly flits off again landing on ?  …… yes, you guessed it Ukraine !

….. and the saga of “Quid pro Quo” which for Trump’s benefit is from the Latin but as he doesn’t study cock all and has such a limited vocabulary I thought I’d throw that in here!

SO THE PERFECT PHONE CALL  … couldn’t help but think that beautiful and perfect are not adjectives to describe a phone call!

Beginning to look just “Peachy”

The saga of blackmail, corruption and treason continues …. whistle blowers, whistle, ….. Trump shouts and screams but here comes a waste of time Impeachment as the brain dead Republicans will stick behind this Dumb fuck no matter what !!!

I won’t bore you with the mindless details of this criminal charade but hope he gets fully prosecuted  in the years ahead

Just about every witness, key or otherwise, has lost their job, been asked to resign, or removed from office by this tyrant.

The sharpie strikes again. Of course you didn’t you lying bastard, the fact that he gave YOUR campaign $1M and you made him an Ambassador would give you absolutely no reason to know or ever meet the man !

Impeachment goes ahead although we all know its a lost cause

Whistle blowers and very credible witnesses come and go and get removed as Donny boy fires them

Another bunch of crooks, his crooks, get to stay and once again, he has never met, doesn’t know any of them, even though they were in his Florida resort!

As this is not going well, better do something outrageously stupid to switch attention, so how about bringing all the troops home from Syria now that ISIS is defeated and that will allow Turkey to kill off our allies the Kurds!!!!!!!

Yes, very sadly he actually said this and even worse said they were not our allies 400 years ago ????? Fathom that one out as America hasn’t been around that long

With allies like Trump who needs enemies ?

The World recovers from this bout of stupidity, which leaves a bad taste, ….. but wait there’s more …….. and now its in Iraq which after another supposed attack and protest at the US embassy we discover that a very prominent, tremendous, bad man, from the very bad, worst country, with very bad people, Iran, is arriving so we must kill him!

Judge, Jury and Executioner, must be a form of Islamic Law and we kill off an Iranian General

Iran takes a very dim view of this and sends a salvo of missiles onto a US Air Base destroying buildings and causing brain damage to our troops

Trump responds with more outrageous threats but no action is taken …..

Amid other world chaos called a Pandemic one more threat to Iran as tension builds in the Gulf 

As an Aviator I spent hours laughing over this

Mr President we have a pandemic        ” it will go away”

We are almost there, yes it arrived in 2020, he didn’t believe it and carried on with more nonsense called the Space Force or perhaps the Space Farce

I wonder where this idea came from ?

What exactly does this “Force” do ?

The mind boggles ?

……. and this from a man who said “the Moon is part of Mars”

Well I’m about done, not sure he is, so we are very sorry




Sadly, the nonsense department announced RECORD NEW JOBS for May and June, 2.5M New jobs in May, and an amazing 4.8M for June so we can all stand back and clap ourselves on the back ….. but whats this ? All those dumbass republican states, whose Governors have their heads so far up the Blind Leader’s proverbial in loyal faith to open up their states have ALL had to backtrack with record numbers of Covid 19 cases on a daily basis.

……. and another RECORD on 7/8 at over 59,000 NEW cases!

The jobs were NEVER lost, they just were not being utilized as everything was CLOSED. The GOV didn’t magic NEW jobs to cover losses they just pushed and pushed with manic enthusiasm to reopen the economy and appease the HEAD CLOWN so that the DOW could go up a few hundred worthless points! NOW they have ALL gone again and we are on the brink of an even bigger lock down, despite all the denial, and now we are switching courses once again to divert attention from the pandemic and are insisting on reopening schools to add to the misery which will surely follow.

…… and what would SHE know about schools or pandemics ?

Great switch !

But before we leave the Education Department once again I’m sad to report the “Spelling B” has been cancelled once more with the 3 latest entries rating as “our” top contestants!

Very sad indeed !

Where exactly do the “ARE” live ?

I had to chuckle with the girl ……. are they Levis or Wranglers ?   or are we talking genetics ?

Where do the “Whits” live ?    

Sadly, (again) the White House Lemons will say that with the extra 7.5 Million new jobs (remember, we only lost 40 million) we are clearly back on the right path to recovery so we don’t need “The VERY GENEROUS package” the No1 LIAR promised!!!

Where and When do we see this “Very Generous Package” ?????

……. here’s what other Nations get

BUT,  let’s remember congress and the senate are on their summer break so nothing (if anything) will happen, not even a glimmer on the news, until 7/20 when they come back …… Meanwhile!

……. and it doesn’t end there! All those NEW cars with temporary plates will soon start being repossessed and you can expect rioting, and looting, along with more senseless shootings…… in the meantime

……. and finally












What can anyone say ? I’m flabbergasted at all the sniping, ridiculous conspiracies, lies and more lies, and continuous denial that there is a problem! I think I can safely say the next bout of stupidity will be not correctly reporting new cases and deaths for fear of it “making him look bad”!

Indeed YOU did!

Where we are today

…. and the band played on ……….

Continuing with the virus, and the alarming number of cases which according to the experts are most likely to double in the near future

as if to prove the point

and now in South Dakota

Trump jnr’s girlfriend is positive too!

blind faith in a worthless leader

The nightly news flits from one disaster story to another with no answers and a pack of lies which the audience seem to suck up like manna from heaven.

Let’s address this supposed story of Russia and the “bounty” for US servicemen being killed. If indeed it is true (no real way of knowing) and the White House staff were aware then He should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY!

It just gets worse and worse

……. and all because ……

Got some news for you buddy

….. and before we move on

……. we heard all the guff, didn’t know, nobody told me, never met the man etc, etc

……. and here is how the White House sees it …..

or even worse and become a White House press secretary

must be interesting over the dinner table ?

More worthless and equally alarming news re: jobs ! the news announces the Gov has created 4.8 M new jobs!!!! in June …… Oh, please! Wake the fuck up ! Nobody created anything …… your manic desire to open the economy resulted in reckless behavior from your supporters causing record spikes in covid cases ….. ridiculous gains on Wall Street from these portions of the bar and catering industry, only to be dashed again as bars reclose their doors and we effectively enter yet another prolonged session of lock downs and yet more whining! The worst part of all this of course will not feature as the senate and house go on yet another summer break until 7/20 when maybe the Asshole in Chief will do something about “The Very Generous 2nd round of Stimulus checks,  …… but that Butterfly will have forgotten all about it by then.

and of course got no answer

So True

Supposedly VERY Generous   ….. but for who ?

Well never mind the animals, who just got back from their Egyptian Holiday were very thankful that the 4 th Fireworks were cancelled

It was great but got too hot with the winter coats

Thanks you got something right

Not everybody’s view

Thanks Barb

and to end with a gorgeous photo in these depressing times

















The end of June arrives and as we enter July all hell breaks loose on the Covid 19 front with record number of cases, thanks to White House incompetence, and total disregard of the dire situation at hand.

If only WE had a leader or if someone could persuade Cuomo to run for President

Please, please, PLEASE !

I think we are going to be stuck in this lock down mode until 2021 or until a vaccine is found as the general populace is beyond any form of comprehension in their blatant denial and ignorance of the threat that will kill them.

As I can’t see schools reopening any time soon, and even if they tried I feel sure not many bus drivers would be prepared to take the risks knowing what we know now.

So in the meantime I’ll continue with my round the World challenge and see how far I can get.

Despite all the political lies, untruths, idiot press secretaries, fake news, and conspiracy theories here are documented unbiased facts from the 73 year old’s cycling log.

For the month of June Covid 20, 713.37 miles ridden RECORD. Best weekly total 214.59 miles RECORD.

4th July and the yearly total passes 2000 miles

…. at close of play on 7/4/20 I had ridden 2005.64 miles for 2020 which takes me up to 13,396.57 miles completed out of the 24,902 required for 1 lap of the Equator.

Next targets for July and onward, 14,000 miles by the end of the month or about another 603.43 and then the extra 902 during August/September to leave a mere 10,000 to the finish line.

Better BEE all I can BEE and post a few more!


Meanwhile back to the political nonsense, and boy is there a host of material ………..






Two pathetic rallies, record breaking numbers of Covid cases daily, no more protest marches, and everything closing down again, time for more congratulations as its under control and “we are putting out the fires” and the economy is on the way up. Must be time off for a job well done and a few days of golf!

Tremendous, great, very good leadership, well done everybody! and in the last few days 7/3/20 we are well over 50,000

Well that is not the theme of this rant, it is one on something near and dear to my heart ….. statues (is dat too?) and memorials which are there as reminders of our history and heritage.

I had to resist writing anything earlier as I’m afraid the language would not have been remotely acceptable so forgive me if I slip backwards a few times into  anglo-saxon prose!

Going back in time I was completely dumbfounded to see the statue of Robert the Bruce defaced and I’m still finding it hard to understand the ignorance of those that took part in the act of senseless vandalism.

Totally beyond me, I hope its been restored by now

However before this craziness hit the UK shoreline the US idiots, who clearly never attended a history lesson or were unable to read books either, took down Columbus who discovered the country long before the arrival of religious white men and the slave trade.

What did I do wrong ?

Then of course we have the American Civil War between the Union and Confederate Forces. It would appear Trump supporters love the Confederate flag even though it was on the wrong side of the battle and has finally been given the heave-ho by NASCAR !!

Total ignorance considering Lincoln ended slavery

……. and then they deface Lincoln’s monument ????????

Being both a British and American Citizen, yes TWO passports, I really reserve my ANGER for those on the UK side of the pond who jumped on the BLM bandwagon and set about major UK monuments which I’m afraid I object to, and violently so, had I been there !

How fucking dare you? Had I been there retribution would have been swift and painful you ignorant peasants!

The ONLY scum I see here is YOU …. you uneducated worthless piece of garbage, and I would have no thoughts of personal jail time for beating the shit out of you!

After 30 years of service to Queen and Country in the Royal Air Force I take a very dim view of your behavior defacing the Bomber Command Memorial especially as I was privileged to fly on BBMF and amassed over 500 hours on Lancaster PA 474 in my 8 years on the Flight.

You lot are VERY lucky I was not there!

I flew 500 hours on this aircraft, PA 474, seen here in Guy Gibson’s Dambuster Sqn markings AJ-G

I was also at the Falklands Memorial only 8000 miles from London at San Carlos and stood and reverently read the names of all our troops who fought and died there.

Surprisingly I saw that Loon in Chief had actually done something positive on this issue and for once I was forced to agree with him

Something positive I thought ………. but

then I realized he had only copied the UK Gov suggestion and I was right all along ……. “not an original thought in his head”

Coo   Coooo

and perhaps a reminder about all this current mayhem is best found here

Now I have the greatest of respect for F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton whose talents as a multi time World Champion are not in question but perhaps he should invest in some history books for F1’s down time before making comment

as the Lion said ……

Other suggestions might now prove useful so that history doesn’t repeat itself although currently the Pandemic shows we as humans are VERY SLOW to learn

Perhaps the way ahead ?

Assuming there is a Next year ?





























Sadly the Nation has now been plunged back into a Pandemic of immense magnitude, and all by ONE MAN and his lunatic and blind followers …..

……. and here he is ……. “DIPSHIT DON”

…… and some of his “Dumbfuck Followers”

……. and the band played on!

Thanks to the public’s non  observance of social distancing and of course not following the medical expert’s advice on mask wearing, and not forgetting Leader and Vice Leader setting such a “good” example of same, here we are looking at yet another LOCK DOWN of epic proportions!

No mask as usual, great example of leadership, but never mind he’ll say a prayer!

You can forget all the drivel and crap that was the incentive to open up the economy (hardly ever spoken about now) ….. there is NO Economy, businesses are closing, nobody is manufacturing hard goods, nobody can buy them even if the shops were open. Cars that are being sold will soon be repossessed, case numbers of the virus will continue to increase thanks to this manic reopening ….. and all for what ? To appease the Clown in a futile hope he may be elected, HEAVEN HELP US !

……. and why are we truly in this predicament ?


So what is the current big issue ? Yes, a simple mask, crazy as it seems the public can’t get a handle on it and consider it an infringement of their rights ….. well, when you are dead, due to your stupidity, it really won’t matter will it ? All you are being asked to do is to observe some simple, low cost, precautions to preserve your safety and that of others……. and this could go on for AT LEAST ANOTHER 3 MONTHS!!!

It could be YOU

She is trying to keep you ALIVE without you KILLING her

Perhaps you fancy some of this?

C’mon people sharpen up

Well that’s a start

But of course there are so many that know better and will blindly go wherever the Chosen One takes them, including the cemetery

Here they come

Who let you onboard ?

Must be bad if Texas agrees!

……. and finally