Not quite there yet, but Christmas is just around the corner, and although I need to get my act together on the Trials bikes I could be on top of the BIG present to ME! from ME!


This is the one I like best but is of course the worst deal! A couple of thousand over any other similar cars and years, with about 50-70K higher mileage and being 2000 miles away in New York

2nd choice about 600 miles closer and $3000 cheaper and 60K less on the mileage front. It does have the full kit and carboodle  and is in Botanic Green, which looks black to me, but is the Full Vanden Plas model with all the extra woodwork.

Green ?  but everything is there

Choice number 3 is up in Denver, cheaper still and mileage down at 57K. Apparently it has hail damage? Now I would have thought it would be covered by the Dealer’s Insurance but he wants $1200 to get it repaired but only $400 to ship it to me, choices, choices?

A 2006 model with 57K in black ??????

Last one in dark blue, rather attractive, not too expensive or too many  miles, but again in New York! so transportation could be a problem.

Blue ???? 

Well the checks for the the TY and the Cub arrived so time to set about reconditioning both of them. Could be the wheels out day today and start the 125.

Need to resolve an unpaid time waster who made an offer was all gung ho when I accepted and then said after agreeing that he/she could not afford it! They have until 1300 today before we call in ebay.

Checked on some of the transportation and quotes are actually  lower than I expected. Suddenly a lot more “Greens” and “Blues”  appearing so my choice is improving and I have about six weeks before I can complete the mission.







Trepidation sets in as I don’t want that awful nausea again! Is the cure better than the disease as these side effects make you think twice?

Wednesday again and that heralds yet another round of chemo. Bitter cold at 4F this morning. just made 14F when i pulled out of the drive at 0920.

Despite all the horrors of the side effects the tumor index has come down to 20 from 29.7 so thankful for small mercies. The dizziness and loss of hearing points me towards the ears and semi circular canals which are part of our balance and orientation system in the body and from all my years flying and understanding aviation medicine this could be the cause.

Just as I remember the lectures

Another cold morning, no surprises there, and no change in the forecast. The hunting jacket that was returned by some whining wimp has sold again without haggling over prices! Next on the Bay will be some of my gortex Spyder Ski Sweaters which really hold their price and maybe one of the funky Christmas sweaters that I don’t wear.

Still. waiting on checks for the TY125 and my nearest and dearest No Excuses Cub.

A great little bike

Only ever got beaten ONCE!!!  must be the bike!

Next was a sudden rather unexpected sale of an expensive Christopher Dawes Harris Tweed all wool hunting jacket with the pleated back and full width bum flap, along with suede elbow and shoulder pads. Bought to go on an expensive Driven Pheasant Shoot but never got to wear it!

What a “Gentleman” wears for the shoot dinner

Never worn as the drinks took over!

Sorry Harris!

Well no matter a little festive decoration for the Roubaix after carrying me 5000.17 miles this year! That makes 16,391.10 as the Total and only leaves 8510.90 to hit the big one. Of course will I make it or will the dreaded big “C” get me first?

A bit of Christmas wrapping as the old tape was giving up the ghost

pretty in chrome

and the end of season clean and polish

No nasty reactions after the last chemo for 2020 so scans on 12/29 and see where we are then and what the Doctors say is next on the menu?






Here we go

A little progress despite the dizziness, always wondered why the nurse who does the “vitals” asks ” Had any falls recently?” well now we know as its all part of the fun of chemo!

Snoopy is on the balcony in the center spot

Actually managed to put up 5 large decs on the balcony rail and maybe I’ll wire them in tomorrow if I’m feeling a bit more stable.

The wiring goes well, or well enough as of course I checked them all as we do every year like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation and then only some of the bloody ice lights come on, usually its just a bulb fallen out and another usually fixes the problem. At other times it’s age and to avoid the frustration get a new set! Another check over reveals nothing so I’ll be cutting out some sections and joining in some bits from previous years failed lines!

Not Again!     better get Russ to check them

” Won’t take you long”

Needless to say due to the pandemic there are NO Christmas lights left in the store! Can’t imagine how this has become the season “toilet paper” and people are stocking up?

Good news another couple of items sold on the Bay and I had a positive enquiry of the TY125 which I am now currently working on. It seems the buyer is an ex Brit who was in the Army and rode at several of the venues that I did. Spoke to him on the phone and it seems he is also interested in NO Excuses Cub which would be wonderful!

TY125 all back together and cleaned, looks good just need to kick it over and get her running. Can’t find my Solvol Autosol for the final polishing which is a must for any serious trials rider. Better start on the Cub as this guy is interested in both.

My MAN rang to say he wants BOTH!!!!!! doesn’t need them until the AHRMA event up at Steamboat, but will send the checks anyway, I can hardly not deliver them to Steamboat and might just ride Superglitz round for a complete day.

Getting decidedly unpleasant

The forecast storm arrives as the previous 1-2″ was just starting to melt and now we have had an all day snowfall which has dumped about 6-8″ but now it has stopped.

Coming to an end

Three sets of ice lights repaired and now hopefully fully functional. Will fit them as soon as I can when the temp starts moving up the ladder, long way to go as it was starting at 5F which by any standard is bloody cold!

Repairs done, time to change them out

In the meantime I have another batch of goodies to put on the Bay and see if I can get the sales numbers up where I want them. Plowed out and temps eventually make 34F and I get ALL the outside lights repaired and everything looks good with no missing sectors.

Inside we are done and boxes back in the loft, lets see how it looks

The tree in all its beauty

Baubles, bangles ………..  ……….. 

bright shiny beads 

“Eddie, we have a DUMP station, if your shitter’s full”

Last bit to do outside for this miserable Covid 19 year are two more shooting stars and a small streamer of lights on both sides of the house and then the duty pic. Too cold for more work so onto the pics with no gaps or holes in the lighting

Enough for today












1/12 / Covid and it’s another chemo week so blood letting today and chemo tomorrow, Joy of Joys! Well it’s box time and the tree when I get back from the hospital so we are actually geared up for the first upheaval.

Getting a lot of low ball offers on ebay but an offer at least shows they are interested so keep ’em coming!

Back from Session 5 of this round of chemo and I still have some trepidation with this slight nausea but keeping up with the water seems to help. Home from that and everywhere I’ve been there seems to be nothing in the way of Christmas decorations, I can only imagine its the bitter cold wind.

Nothing happening to the chaos of boxes due to most things electrical by internet and cable TV all going pear shaped the same morning and now we have lost Channel 2 and 13 as the cable provider won’t pay the fees these TV people are demanding.

Some of my car choices come and go, the one I like most is not the cheapest and has the most miles but maybe a similar one will turn up a bit closer than New York!!

Just love the color and looks

and a coachline too!

All the goodies inside with rear TV 

Another couple claim to be “Botanical Green” whatever that maybe, look black to me with a hint of green flecks

Botanical Green?


I can just see a green hue on this one

So, no decisions as I need to sell things to raise the cash so if anyone is looking for some trials bikes now might be a good time to catch me. TY125 for $2000, the “No  Excuses Cub”$7000 and the best Yam in the USA our old friend “the Superglitz Yam TY250A at $7000, yes it is worth that much! and if you are more touring minded there is the Beemer at $7000 too. Only 11000 miles on a 2005 K1200LT in a very pretty blue.

“No excuses” in action in Colorado

Superglitz even gleams in the mud

Without doubt the best Yam I ever built!

New leather all round, new tires, new battery, Remus exhaust, new fork oil seals. 12,000 service completed.

Bit of nausea today but kept it down remembering to drink plenty of liquids as there is a big need to flush out all the saline and other left over parts of the poison remembering that I get two more days of the stuff being pumped in!

Not good! Felt queasy all day, and then come Friday same as before, nasty explosive vomiting, and yet more severe dehydration! Went on all day, I can only guess its this current cocktail of poisons my body doesn’t like. Reasonable nights sleep but dizziness this morning but just coming out of it by mid afternoon.

Christmas Decs tomorrow!














Telluride at the beginning  of the storm

After a very pleasant Thanksgiving meal, the traditional football game and a small fireside sleep time to think of what is coming next. Normally today would be dragging out all the boxes and decorations ready to start putting the house together for Christmas.

Well nobody wants to do anything today so a rest day for all! Tomorrow it’s Brenda’s 60th and there are some plans for same! today I managed to get 9 more items listed on ebay which wants to argue with you over most things?

Well the weather is now cold and miserable for all of next week and having learnt the lesson of last week and hypothermia, I’m thinking the cycling season is almost at an end! perhaps the soles on the sidis told their own story and the Yuletide Season is upon us.

The Sidis said “That’s enough!”

The Spaniard, Emilio, paid for the ISDT Jacket, but the Hunting Gnome wants to return the hunting jacket because EBay said it was Hydro Fleece but is is Hydro Suede! What can you do with people?


Telluride this morning    11/28/Covid




Still too damn cold to ride or do anything else, quite horrid and I certainly don’t want another session of hypothermia which takes me an awful long time to get over. Because there isn’t that much fat on the bones these days, being down in the 160’s as opposed to the 200+ regime of the past.






Thursday 11/19  and just crept into the 49 column with my 26.10 miles today giving the yearly a boost to 4903.08

Here we are at last, 5000 in sight, with only 97 nugget miles to go!

Latest Model I really like is this offering, well below market price but in B.R.G. or slightly darker making it look Black. Its a Vanden Plas but on the far side of the country over 1600 miles away! I think the  transportation costs will put it outside my reach, but you never know?

A very dark British Racing Green

Friday, 0750 and just made freezing with that easterly wind that I don’t much care for. Today I’m hoping for a two parter as I have to get the bag off at midday. A little shopping and some research on “Salvage Titles”.

A quick ride to start the day with another 10.54 before rushing in to the hospital to get that chemo bag off! The intention was for at least another 17 when I got back but “chemo tiredness” took me out and the ride was never on the cards! However the 10 was better than none and now I’m down to 87 to get to the top of the ladder.

10.54 more nuggets on the 49’niners trail!

Skiing back on TV! must be nearly time to put all those F1 cars to bed along with the Moto GP collection. The weather is departing from the forecast so I’m seeing a ride after a shower and shave.

The ride starts well but as I’m nearing 20 the wind picks up and its bloody cold and I have to stop at the house for a warm and some thermal gloves. Out again and by 28.38 my day is done! Ever closer to that Target and now 28 more steps up the ladder at 4942.00

Only 58 more nuggets/steps/miles to the summit.

Weather not too bad, a bit cool, and a Southerly wind, this morning but first be must take down the Gazebo or the inevitable snow will crush it flat.

Gazebo down, logs chopped, workshop cleaned, and now a Winter Storm warning for the next 2 days so better get on it and squeeze a few more miles/nuggets/steps out of the system. That was horrid ! Bloody cold and a savage Easterly which I didn’t enjoy at all. Only a 14.62 run, but less than 50 to go.

Another collection of hard earned nuggets/miles in crap conditions

Nasty and very cold

Monday even colder with yet more wind! temps look like they will be hovering around the 40F mark and the wind will be cold and strong from the East …… Yuk! and so close too! Only a dismal 7.68 this morning and then I was like this

Yes, it really was like that!

Snow on the ground this morning! Looks bloody miserable out side, just have to see what happens but the forecast is snow and windy which does nothing for the cyclist on a mission. I had even considered a second effort yesterday afternoon but common sense said “You can’t be Serious!” so nothing got done other than logs.

When I was out I passed the 39 mile to go and the mind flashed back to my childhood remembering the “39 Steps”, a Hitchcock film, starring Kenneth More as Kenneth More (he was always the same perfect English Gentleman in every film he ever did!) No acting required!”

Circa 1959 I believe, must have seen it with Mum and Dad

A romp round Scotland and more mysteries

So past 39 steps/nuggets/miles to go and here I am like an outsider looking in with the total at 4964.30 …..  I’m determined to get there but it might not be this week as the forecast is crap!

Just been outside to chop some more wood. Now that is a seriously cold wind and not to my liking at all. Currently not a cycling day! Better get on with listing some of my cycling kit which is WAY too big for me now.

Another 8 items all photographed, sized and downloaded ready for the ads. Other good news My ISDT Jacket has a bid on it!

Well that surprised me! but it is a very nice jacket

Wednesday, although bright and sunny, its still bloody cold and it seems that wind is here as well. It’s like being in Camp IV on Everest waiting just below the DEATH ZONE for a break in the conditions

I’m down here at the South Col, need to get up to The Balcony to have a fighting chance on the Hillary Step and the Summit

The morning run starts quite well but the speed creates more cold air and after about 15 miles I’m freezing bordering on hypothermic and really feeling as though I should be somewhere else , but I push on and make it back to the house at 23.10 which I can now say on reflection was too much. Warming up now and a hot chocolate will help as I foolishly want another 5 today.

Looking at the map above I’m about at the South Summit whereas to give myself a sporting chance for tomorrow I really want to be at the base of the  Hillary Step

Again too cold for me even for the 5 miles/nuggets/steps

So tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, in order to get that Champagne I need 12.61, better ask

Gp Capt Kenneth More from his film Battle Of Britain

With my Thanksgiving vegetable selection of leeks, potatoes, parsnips and swede all prepared I’m going to give it a try as Groupie Ken says “go for it”

My usual vegetable offerings ready for later. Better get on with the “Mission”

5 miles in and not feeling too cold I’m effectively at the base of the Hillary Step my crampons  on my Sidi Shoes are breaking away so new ones are applied for this the most dangerous portion of the trail

The crampons on the old yellow Sidi’s have said “enough!”

On with the NEW

Here we go then, the Hillary Step

From a bit lower down 

Over the Step and onward to the Summit, 12.77 miles in freezing conditions, power of speech lost passing 10 miles, press on with dripping nose and partially closed right eye. Pass the house, only 2 miles to go, I THINK I CAN, and finally 12.77 and I’m in the 5000’nds joy of joy! I’ve done it!!!!

Well done to me! 5000 for the first time

Let’s see what that looks like

5000 North /South

and 5000 from dear old Blighty


Whichever way you look at it IT’s a bloody long way on a bicycle!

Finally 5000 in the bag or exactly 5000.17










Makes the Trump edifice look like a bit of a joke!

With 4800 in the bag its got to be onward and upward again! The Beemer battery is coming, listings on Craig’s List and E-Bay will be done today!    Maybe  even a little ride to start the mountain climb!

Temps already up to 56F from 21F, wind might be hard as its a headwind from the East!

While I wait to see what sells a lot of my choices have been suddenly sold which gives me a chance to review my upcoming wishes. Other cars are coming into perspective which had not been previously even considered. Do I want a high speed car?  In this day and age I’m thinking I just want something that gives me pleasure, and is a joy to drive and own.


I think I could live with this one?

Set off a bit late, not good when you get past 4 p.m. going westbound into a setting low sun! However the target I set of 20 miles was just achieved so the big total is now 4820.94 as the climb to 5000 is on its way. In these cold conditions I think 20 miles is about tops until the temps come back up……. bloody cold I tell You!

Managed to get all my initial run of 8 items on ebay and even had an offer on the Browning hunting suit, and now lots of idiot questions, but no scams today!

Saturday and 0900 and still only 37F but with a nasty 10 mph wind! The wind is building and now, a WEATHER ALERT for amazingly, strong winds, up 50 mph gusts, and the temp has stagnated at 41F !

First item on ebay looks like it sold, he paid me anyway and I have it all boxed up just waiting for a reply about a couple of tears in the pants.

The roving eye is settling on the 2008 XJ Vanden Plas which I have always viewed as an old couples car, but after further consideration I have to say I rather like it  ………… must be the aggressive styled grille and a “more” sporty look ….. opinions ?


Definitely a “Geriatric” car!      but with some aggro!

and they have what we used to call “legroom” in the back, with burr woodwork on the “granny tables” in the seat backs. Have to say I’m impressed and not often I say that about a car

and a nice cockpit too!

My inspiration for this cold and miserable day came from Henry Ford and I quote:


and how right he is! 3 basket day today and too bloody cold and windy to ride!

Sunday and a very cold start in the teens F but now 0900 and warming up a bit at 47F so, just maybe a ride later. Getting warmer as we come to 1000 at 55F and still no wind?   All of yesterday’s skiing photo shoot all transferred to the blog library and ready for listing on my old favorites. I believe there is also a haircut coming soon which will do a lot for my shadow companion as I ride the highways and byways.

About 20 a day is all I can expect on these cold and windy days!

Ok, so nothing happened going up mileage ladder but I did list all the items on their sales outlets and the next round will be cycling clothes that are now WAY TOO BIG for me as I cruise along at a ridiculously low weight of 165 lbs !!!!

DO NOT exceed 25 miles a day in these conditions!!!

Monday morning, in the low 20’s but now 0930 and it is saying 60f ? and no wind? Well must drop off the hunting suit at the Post Office then maybe try for 20 before changing the electric meter on slot 1.

Hunting suit cost an arm and a leg to post, thanks to De Joy you arsehole! The meter on 12 was wired by another clown! Better check with a proper electrician before going any further. Weather played ball and I had an enjoyable run for mid November knocking up 24.47 (didn’t fall off the cliff!)

Chemo week again, so blood work tomorrow and full chemo on  Wednesday after a discussion re pills and treatments.

Seems to be warming up, might get a quickie in before the bloodwork, then finish that meter project and a few more miles to finish, morning went well, just over 14 in a strong easterly, blood all done now time for the other miles then a look at the wiring in the pedestal. Topped out at 31.57 which gives 4876.98 so an easy few to get in the “Forty Niners”

Almost on the “49’niners” trail

The more you look the more the more you find, the Trump theory on the Coronavirus! Seems to be true on the Vanden Plas model as well.

Love the grilles

Just in case you forget

Another contestant near the top!

Chemo round 4 of the second dosage done, now better chop some firewood ready for the evening. No more Trumpty Dumpty pills for me or the follow up ones to combat nausea and sleeplessness. Of course in his case being up all night tweeting garbage around the globe with other hoaxes and election fraud nonsense makes no difference to tiredness. About time he showed a little moral fiber and conceded.

Thursday and the new sleep pill was very slow taking effect or perhaps the chemo poison was too strong for it. So far no nausea to report so should be able to knock those 23 miles on the nose and get over into the 49’s

Bit windy but temps getting up there! Not so rosey next week with daily temps only getting up around mid 40’s ! Looks like I’ll be logging next week.

Oops! over the top today!

Quantinewhile the intrepid cyclist donned the garb and was on his way collecting 26.10 for the mission and the first rung on the Forty Niners ladder at 4903.08 so I feel I can make the last 97 before winter shuts me down!



Well 4644.30 in my case

The 2018 (Pre Cancer) total of 4644.30 came and went on 10/30 and now we wait to see how “far” we go before the weather shuts me down.

November kicks off at 4672.79 with two 35 mile days but then its chemo time again and although another 40.64 adds on the total on Thursday another bout of nausea returns followed by dehydration which knocks me sideways again and the first half of Saturday is not much better, but I’m pulling through after another session and Stage 17 of the Veulta  which has been great to watch and very exciting and hard fought throughout.

Great finish for Roglic, to lose 2 Grand Tours on the penultimate stage would have been too much. Well done to my local rider Seth Cuss who could have won some stages himself!

MADRID, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 08: Richard Carapaz of Ecuador and Team INEOS – Grenadiers / Primoz Roglic of Slovenia and Team Jumbo – Visma Red Leader Jersey / Hugh Carthy of The United Kingdom and Team EF Pro Cycling

We are now forecast for a load of winter storms and snowfall, no surprises here! Currently siting on 4784.49 for the year with hopes of cracking the MAGIC 5000 ?

Basket after basket of logs comes upstairs as the temperature plunges and grim weather forecasts fill the mail box. Not quite as bad as they said but very cold with a sharp wind and two days of fires to keep life pleasant.

Monday morning, 2″ on the balcony rail and forecast for another 3″ temp down at 28F. Not seeing much in the way of cycling and still having trouble getting any sleep! Seems one set of medication stops the other one from working.

A little sleep last night, which is better than none, but some nasty dizzy spells every time I rolled over. About another inch overnight and forecast not to get above freezing today.

Seven lost days already this month as we arrive at 11/12/20 and not much nicer today. Schools reclosed as Covid numbers spike everywhere and still people refuse to comply with the simplest of safety measures and WEAR A MASK.

Need to get into town today and get another battery for the Beemer in the hope that someone might make a real offer. A lot of stuff on Craig’s list and more to come, and E-bay as well. Should be time for some “Christmas Presents” with new trials suits, hunting garb and another load of skiing items.

Going on ebay a gorgeous Yamaha team jacket

The 1975 RAF ISDT team jacket

NEW XC-Ting riding outfits

Fruitless search of all dealers and not a battery that fits and prices in some cases over $300. Eventually find the same one on Amazon at $122 with free shipping!

The internet goes down as soon as I get home but its slightly warmer, so into full thermals and out we go with the intention of getting at least 10 miles rather than have nothing! By the 10 mile marker the cold is setting in, toes first, then fingers and nose but I know if I can push on to 16 then I will be through 4800 so the hard part is finally achieved and I’m home, coffee in hand, and a cheery blaze in the grate!

Through 4800 for the year

Fighting weather to get to the 5000!




As the rhyme tells us “remember, remember, the 5th of November etc” or Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night if you are a Brit. Well this year we have a few more memorable moments!!!

Today in the Mountains of Spain the Vuelta takes on Stage 12 which is a monstrous climb of the Angliru …… not something most people would choose to walk up!

Looks a bit like this if you are a cyclist with all its switchback turns

The last climb is the dreaded Angliru


Everybody got their masks ?

Then we have our own USA “Gunpowder Treason and Plot” with the Election Saga where the Ego in Chief has pulled every shitty trick in the book leading up to the election and maybe some we don’t yet know about!

Yes, I’m referring to this Clown!

Remember, Book Early, Vote Early and please put an end to this power crazed loon! November 3rd

Let’s not forget to FALL BACK and it will be pitch black by 6 p.m.

Did you remember?

Almost there

Not sure how the UK will be dealing with “Guy Fawkes Night” with all the fireworks and bonfires amid a lockdown and pandemic?

Well at least it’s outside and 2 days after the US election 11/5

Today 11/3 we are hoping for a result which if nothing else will be the victory of truth over lies which are becoming impossible to deal with but the pathetic souls still believe him, but of course they are “very good people” even if they can’t spell or hold a gun correctly!

More incompleted crap from 2016

Of course he is Jeb

For your sake it better be a “left handed” model!!!

More “Very fine people”

I rest my case! education at an all time high! 

Perhaps the worst is yet to come with the Dictator demanding a result by nightfall. With all the crap over voter fraud and post in ballots, all created in his own mind, we know he will NOT GO QUIETLY!

While the Debacle continues, maybe for several days I will continue with the Chemo again this week.

Now on more pleasant tasks for me I’m still trying to mass together enough funds to acquire this one

It didn’t start out as No1 choice but I’ve somehow grown to like it more than some of its more colorful friends

But I really like it

With the Giant MTB sold that was a good start but then we had the “Cup Cake Bakery” Scam and the rub your nose in it very tempting check

If only it had been valid!

Well as I await news on the dear old Beemer which is still on Craig’s List and now on Auto Trader its time to sell off my last 2 shotguns which breaks my heart knowing that I will never be going pheasant shooting again which was always one of my chosen countryside sports. I’m sending them both down to Phoenix to South West Guns who sold off my last batch without too much hassle.

Top of the shop is my Beretta 627 EELL and perhaps the best fitting gun I have ever had. I bought it at a gun show in Phoenix about 2000 or 2001 and then sent it off to be multi-choked, cost at the time was around $5500 and I suppose if I can get $4000 I’ll be happy.

The perfect shotgun for me

Its actually a boxlock made to look like a sidelock

A very good looking gun

My No2 gun is a limited edition Heckler Koch Benelli Model 94, which is a pretty 5 shot automatic and I bought as a duck gun to go hunting  the same down in Argentina

Another good looker

Pretty, functional, and well built, but I think I might be in $1500-2000 bracket here even though it cost me around $3200

They both leave for Phoenix today so after yesterday’s bloodwork down to a local shop and buy a double gun case for the shipping, and they give me a cash deal which I think is worth it in view of the transit.

All packed up and ready to go

Having cleaned up my double bicycle rack which I subsequently discovered is made by Thule it was time to check it out, take all the required pictures and get that on Craig’s List

Neat and functional in the fold up position


Good design as you would expect from Thule

On the near side

On the back rack …… $220

Chemo Wednesday and pick up a NEW battery for the Beemer, no luck with this, but now time to start listing clothes on Craig’s List and EBay while the election blunders on with pundits on both sides claiming victory.

Friday11/5/Covid and Guy Fawkes Day/Night in the UK, lets see how well lockdown works? Still no election results, but getting ever closer, despite the despicable Clown’s attempts for recounts, stop the counting, lawyers trying even more shitty tricks to overturn results ….. it never ends and one has to ask the question why? You can’t insult everybody on a daily basis, belittle doctors and science, and blame everybody else for your ignorance and stupidity.












Now I must admit I love a good Cup Cake and the surprises inside

However, if it looks like Crap, it will probably taste like Crap!

Well I have a generous, but effectively worthless check, that will be going nowhere close to my banking assets, but rather Fraud Squad, or some other law agency.

Yesterday there was some hint, reading between the lines, of what was in store. First up there is my $7000 asking price, then there is a $50 holding fee, that “he” suggested and that I would have and also cancel the ad on Craig’s List. Another sum was to be given to “his” mover or shipper who will come to collect the bike once I have cleared the check. There was another hint that the “mover” had other things to collect, presumably from other scams!

No doubt I will be told to give the “mover” $11, 930.23 and then when they collect the Beemer, they will then withdraw (somehow) the money, all of it, paid to me! Seems a sad day that ALL of our financial institutions can’t stop this nonsense in it’s tracks.

Still not 100% sure how these bastards get away with it and how they get the money back from the bank and YOU end up paying. Clearly YOU DON’T present the check for payment and YOU NEVER give THEM any money. I think I would gleefully wring some fucker’s neck! Today I’ll hand the details over to the local Sheriff .

I’m expecting to get an e-mail from my “Nigerian cup cake eating arsehole” which might be fun. In my humble and simple, old aged mind, if you are using a company check for nearly $19,000 you had better be the owner of the Bakery or if not, is that not embezzelment big time ?

Here is my reply to the Bakery Scammer

tony (
AS this is a SCAM of the highest magnitude I’m surprised you even have the audacity to email me. You were offered the option of a SAFE transfer of funds which YOU ignored and sent a Company check, which unless you are the Bakery Owner is Embezzelment or FRAUD. The Bank refused to accept it as VALID. I am not in the business of check cashing for unknown people, neither am I in the business of giving away a high performance BMW to FALSE funds and subsequently losing both! If you seriously think I’m stupid enough to withdraw $11,390.23 and give it (in cash) to an unknown person you have me confused with the Village Idiot! and for future reference, most people HAGGLE over the initial price! Good luck with your “Bakery Cup Cake Scams” and be advised the local Sheriff’s Office have been informed along with Craig’s List, who equally take a dim view of “Scamming” Theft or Fraud, and may well be on your trail as we speak. WE HAVE SEEN THESE NIGERIAN STYLE SCAMS BEFORE!

Still Safe! no more scams please




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