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After a dismal wet Friday and Saturday the weather looks a little better this morning so I should be able to get a few things done. Still have a load of weeding to do and find a little time to test No Excuses before Casper which is only 2 weeks away.

3 hours of weeding the grass out of the gravel outside the rear door, not the most enjoyable mission, but the area is now reduced in size by about 1/2.


A tedious task

The lawn gets cut before it gets out of control and now with 2 days before Brenda gets back time to get into the front bed which is turning into a jungle! Early start so another 2′ section through the back door grass section, …….  when its gone,  its gone! and it is very tedious to say the least.


Cut again

Now into the front bed and 45 mins before morning coffee, good chance I might get about 1/3 done by lunchtime. Everything goes to plan and the soil condition is great. Work on this continues until dog time feeding and walking. Even tried a couple of the wild straw-            berries which are exceeding sweet. I’ll be trying for a bit more of this bed on Tuesday before zipping over to Durango to pick up Brenda.

Tuesday 0630, and although I’d rather be in bed an early start seems to be the way its going. Need to leave here at 1300 so hop to it! Once the front fir tree bed is weeded and edged then it will be off to Four Seasons to buy some bedding plants before the next major project, “The Waterfalls” which need a lot of work this summer.

A couple more feet of grass and weed removal from the gravel and then on with the front bed plan which is now at the 2/3 complete stage. Brenda’s flights are all on time today and the recovery task goes off without a hitch.


Getting smaller

Back at the CC park two residents have pulled out and the vacant bays need a lot of work! They are already booked so I have to get them cleaned and weeded but as we sit having a cocktail a weather alert comes in for flash flooding ? Looks like non stop rain all day for tomorrow.


More to do!



Quite a mess

Dreadful night, just couldn’t stay asleep!!! Forecast was for 70% heavy rain overnight followed by 90% chance of heavy rain today. Nothing last night but its looking horribly black this morning. Just started and looking like an inside day and some 9 ball practice for tonight’s competition which I managed 2nd in last week.

Thursday and 1 week to Casper but bright and sunny after yet more overnight rain. Should have softened up the weeds so better get on it. Workshop clean up and buttoning up for the Cub while the rain came down yesterday and with any luck a bit of testing today.

Yet another wet day! weeding was unpleasant but some got done. A bit like trying to remove a rice paddy field!! Now its Friday and another early start with more work removing that grass from the gravel. Today I MUST finish the front fir tree bed then continue the battle in the back.


Nice idea and after more work on the paddy field out back I was on the fir tree bed out front and making good progress before lunch. After lunch another good session before a weekly RV pulls in and as soon as I have him in place and paid up I’m back on those weeds with the end in sight and about 1 hour’s work to go…….. but the heavens open and I’m driven back inside……… boy I’m getting tired of this!!