Here we go into Mother’s Day Weekend with hanging baskets to be selected, the Sunday brunch, more wild arsed weather the awful wind that seems to be constant this year and vicious cold today.

I thought I would bang in a few more miles but today was just too much as the wind was every whichway, bloody cold and thoroughly unpleasant without ever being a tailwind. Only just made it home before it came onto rain.

Sunday, warm outside but cold in the house. Not seeing any riding in the horoscope for today, brunch first at the Cider Eporium with a nice quiche and then post dogs down to 4 Seasons to see how the hanging baskets are doing and what will grace the front of Cozy.

Cider Eporium

Unlike last year when the toilet paper hoarders had ransacked Walmart they then turned their attention on gardening and bought out hanging baskets and annuals. Needless to say Feb/Mar are NOT planting months in Colorado and they all died (plants that is) and they came back for more! This year we still have a great stock so there will be plenty come planting time at the end of the May.

With the new puppy and the infernal winds my cycling seems to have ground to a stop. Maybe today I’ll get some done but this year is hard work and I’m still very much down on energy. I need to convince myself that there is “Something” to look forward to in the future because right now I’m not seeing it. Everything I do I’m having to force myself into and now my blog has decided to present itself in a totally different format which makes it unacceptable to me and I’m unable to get it back to what I was using. getting to be too much for me I think I’ll be taking it in to the experts.



One way of looking at it!


OH, Scuffy!

So today, Tuesday, we go and collect Scuffy (she still looks pretty) but we know that she is sadly a lost cause, so with expensive lessons hopefully learnt we move on to sea trials tomorrow on WIN WIN or Plan B.

The current owner nearly had a fit after her inspection when Jay announced that she also had a “soft” transom! Scuffy is home and will now find her way onto EBay in many parts, small and large, and hopefully go someway to recover the past month’s ¬†expenditure. Or as we have just seen from people who have clearly had similar situations in their boating history, she could become a “planter”, “garden seat”, or a “marine bar”.


A planter ?


A garden seat ?


A bar ?


Another bar ?¬† …… Current thinking is a bar out front with an aspect of the planter and first name for the bar is “Scuffy’s at the Cozy”

The decision seems to be a marine bar and she will be a tax write off and she will be relocated circa my 70th birthday come 7th August.

Today then, was “Sea Trials Day” and after yet another BOAT visit to the bank sufficient funds are available should sea trials deem to be satisfactory by Captain Brenda.

We meet Mark the farmer at the marina and we are soon on board and get underway. We chug away from the ramp and turn for the open water …… and the engine dies! Could be over choked but sounds more like fuel starvation to me.


…….. and then it just died!

Engine covers removed and choke checked and more engine cranking to no avail. I’m looking at the motor and the fuel line and the squeeze bulb …….. hmmm, “excuse me the fuel line is not connected!” …….. seems Reliable Marine disconnected same after their inspection runs.


The grey fuel line was off !!!


Take Two ……..¬† ACTION

Line back on and a short reload of the fuel system and it bursts back into life…… everyone is now happy ……. and Brenda is happy with the top speed which is less than the Mercury “Tower of Power” but quite enough for lake running.


It works well


She likes it

Brenda takes the helm and we power round the lake. Everything works and it rides well but needs a minor trim adjustment which we can do at home.


Into port for paperwork and official handover

The deal is done, I’m a little poorer, but this year’s birthday present for Brenda is wrapped up and she is eager to get cleaning and deal with “Plan B’s” minor problems. Back home Plan B is backed into the boat house and further inspection and cleaning begins.


Plan B arrives at Cozy

First up the left wheel needs changing as the other tires are both new. Further checking shows 2 are radials and the other is a vintage cross ply. New tire ordered and the 2 running wheels degreased and cleaned. Need 2 grease caps for the wheels, the wiring for the lights needs some replacing in the forward section and our 2 new security chains will come over from Scuffy. Small adjustment required on the trim and Brenda wants to remove the trolling motor, spare batteries and relocate the bimini top as well as a load of cleaning and polishing.