A wet morning, but not actually raining, as we get into the last 10 days before my summer epic of the Dolores Escalante 2 Day Trial. Today’s forecast is not sparkling but I need to press on ……. biggest concern at the moment is who will work the sign up and score table as we don’t have any volunteers ???

Out at the site Day 2 is nearly finished save for the split cards and start and ends boards. A little route marking left to put in to guide everyone round and the last bit of work on the Graded Hill.


“Spuds” 2, same as last year, maybe a bit easier for the 1 line

Day 1 with its 15 sections needs a little more work and I’m ready to start taping once I’ve found a replacement section for my overly ambitious one. Remainder of the loop marking to be set as I stumble through the jungle. Final clean up on Rolling Stones and Catface. Need the Walmart trip for a few hundred plastic bags as I know it WILL rain before the off !

New graded hill marker boards all stapled up in their new colors and if the storms hold off might get them out this afternoon. Storms came in but I was able to get up the graded hill (on foot anyway) and find a way back down. What started as yet another easy task became an all afternoon affair and still needs finishing off. Well that will be a Wednesday job to wrap up Lost Canyon and then switch back to the Day 1 sections for Thursday.


Graded Hill marker boards ready and planted out on Wednesday afternoon

The Wednesday plan comes together, LCC gets the last of the loop marking done and the Graded Hill and recovery trail is complete.


The strimmed path and the easy way in to section 1

Some grass mowing today and then the start on the Cub rebuild before slipping into town for the changeover of the axle bolts on the Safari.

So Thursday will be a trials free day apart from first go round on the Cub. My attention will then switch back up to the Saturday sections up on the cliff getting them taped and the last portions of the loop marking in place….. it never ends!

Section start boards are more or less ready to be done during any wet phase with only a few more pics to be printed. All the Walmart goodies were purchased yesterday so bagging and stapling are just around the corner.

Lawn gets mowed, Cub rear wheel out and tire off and lo, the security bolts or rim locks have fallen apart!  Looks like its building up for a boomer so a good day to make a start on the Cub.


Great start! The rimlocks have lost their rubber!!

Time to set off for the bus barn and get the axle bolts changed by Jack the mechanic. Try to set off early as they are repaving the main road into Cortez but as with most things this summer …. yet another problem and the bloody bus steps will not come up!! Well its not going to get better so off I go with steps deployed.  Jack and I try and find the problem but it looks like the motor has failed. Undo the pin and wire lock them up. Bolts get replaced and I’m on my way again.


3 done, 1 to go

Back home and just enough time to try and rebuild the rim locks after some cleaning. They look like they will hold after some heavy duty super glue


Before and after


I think they will hold

Back to the Day 1 sections tomorrow……. only 1 week to go.



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