1/2 a CUB

1/2 a CUB

1/2 a CUB

Starting where I left off with half a Cub !

Finally I’m at Saturday lunchtime of Thanksgiving week. Brenda is feeling a bit tired after all her
cooking and cleaning and needs a rest day before attacking Christmas decorations so I’m free at last
to get the Cub finished and ready to send to Ray.

I started taking her to bits in early October but since then seem to have been sidelined with all
manner of other time consuming tasks. Anyhoo, with all other tasks complete I can easily get on this
one with a free mind and honeydo list all done.

All in bits and now to find a suitable box, first one a little big, think I’m looking for a slim line TV box
which are usually easy to find. Again a bit of consultation with Ray of the feasability of raising the
front engine mount and here I can see a problem getting the engine in and out so we might be
looking at engine mounting plates on the downtube which will easily solve the problem.

1/2 Cub minus the motor

Minus the front end

Armac front frame with those “engine plates”

The MK I footrest adjusters took a battering from my weight and are a little too thin in stainless steel
so Ray maybe looking at a different material or certainly a different thickness.

Footrest adjuster needs to be stronger

Fitting the coil in the “tempting” upper hole in the strengthened frame was very inviting and indeed
worked well but to make life a little easier the left side of the hole needs to be about 1/4″ bigger as
trying to get it in is a bit like solving one of those Arabic puzzle rings!

The Arabic Puzzle ring

The exhaust pipe rear end  will need a little “tweek” to match the raised front end. To that end I’m
convinced the Armac style engine plates at the front are the way to go. Very much looking forward to
having the 2013 model back and getting her all set up for next season. Santas “wish list” already has
a set of Rockshocks from the UK for my stocking.

All the Armac hardware

Meanwhile a suitable box has been found, all the bits rounded up so now a quick pack and ship it all
to Ray via UPS

Time to build a box


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