Well it all went very quickly from rushing round in the last week of School getting all the medical issues completed to the very pleasant relaxation of NOT personally putting up any decorations or outside lights for the festive season.

The last of the chemo, the ongoing side effects, and what I expect will be some upcoming surgery, all said don’t put the decs up as you might not be able to take them down!

Last year the cables were still FROZEN to the ground in April!!

Still no news from the Denver Surgeon, no comments from Durango and no idea what is happening.

Meanwhile we will take down the inside decs today and get them back up in the loft. Decs all down and finally after a lot of head banging on loft beams its all stacked and put away.

Monday and the last day of my winter break, a few things to go into town for today, more wood chopping, and should be good after that.

All complete and ready for Day1 of the School driving 2020





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