14 Down and 1 To Go

My 2 favorite pictures of the year, thanks to faithful no 1 supporter, cheerleader, photographer,
coffee provider, cook, bottle washer etc, etc, and of course I refer to my lovely wife BRENDA.

Sandia NM Section 4

Cotopaxi CO Section 3 Day 2

My work here is done! The season wrapped itself up for me at Sandia with my 14th win of the
season and hopefully 2 National Championships which gives me a free ride at Hollister. This was
the reserve event for any unexpected disasters or in the case of an off day or serious thrashing.

For the last 2 years Hollister has been the pivot point with lots of indecision. 2006, when I was
after Moden Classic Intermediate, I couldn’t decide whether to ride or check? I checked, but as it
transpired I didn’t need to, but better safe than sorry with the amount of travelling and expense,
so the $20,000 jacket was MINE!

2007 Hollister where 1 point blew it! (25lbs lighter this year)

Last year when I was riding Premier Lightweight Expert I was running neck and neck with Bob
Ginder but as I was feeling very confident with the Cub’s handling and my riding I rode the event
losing just one dab. Unfortunately for me that was the second event of the year that I  finished
second on a single point, and in hindsight had I checked, I would have finished level with Bob on
5 wins, a checking duty, and a second, and in this case I would have got it on the “Old Age Ruling”
…. but of course Bob could have ridden the last 2 events in his neck of the woods and I could
have lost it anyway had he taken another win.

So this year it’s a “freebee” and as an experiment I will take the PI Plate off the Oilfield and slap
the big “2” on and have a go at Derek and Rob in Premier Heavyweight Expert. At least it will be
an indicator for next year and then I’ll try for both Premier Expert divisions with the Cub running
in Lightweight and the RE in the big class.  NO More double rides next year as both divisions run
on the 2 line…..unless I let “Glitz” out on the 1 line?

Rob, Derek, …… are YOU ready ?

It will be interesting to see where the venues will be next year as I’m sure several that had
disappointing turnouts this year will not be run in the future if they can’t break even. I’m also
hearing that Diamond Don’s may not have a trial next year, not really that much of an issue as 2
out of 3 years the Trials has been disrupted by the cross country either shortening it or by
ending up with a late start and finishing in the dark!

With the huge turnout at Chehalis perhaps that could be a 2 Day, although personally I didn’t
enjoy the attitude there. I won’t be in AZ next spring but they could run a 2 day at Buckeye with
a bit of imagination and being the season opener it could attract a lot of entries if they did. A
better trials location would be Alto Pit at Prescott or Holbrook up on I40 which would gather in AZ,
NM, CO, UT, NV and CA riders as an easy to get to venue. The early September Spectacular was
a great idea and for those that are forced to limit expenses 3 trials in Casper followed 3 days
later in Tooele UT for 2 more means that with just one weeks vacation you can nearly get a full
run at a Championship in 8 days and still have the Sunday to get home! Add that to either
Cotopaxi CO in May or Donner CA in July, and should you live on the other side of the country
there are 2 x 2 days over there at TN or IL to make up your numbers.

Other maybe’s for next year, Ed and Evelyn are talking about taking a VERY long vacation in
Alaska, and Brenda and I are hoping to make our European trip, if the Gods will let us, during April
and May to compete in the Pre 65 Scottish and then the Robregordo in Spain 3 weeks later. Well
If we can’t do it the sights will have to be set on 2010 which would be 40 years on from my first

Ed builds Evelyn a shelter at the “Start Table”

The Checkers en-route to the “Graded Climb”…… Layout and route marking by Ed

So as the financial storm clouds gather on the horizon its time to think of how good this year
was from a trials perspective and to say that meeting up with Mick and Jill Andrews again really
put the icing on the cake for me. Come what may, and whatever destiny has in store nothing
can erase this years memories and the fun times that have been had.

Thats why we keep the stands on

……..Well you designed it!

Sunday at Sandia

Also if you happen to be driving the  roads of Colorado this winter and see a Snowplow coming
head on better step out of the “section” as it may be me, and on Snowplows I’ll be in the Novice
Class !…… or I may be at Telluride as an Instructor teaching Skiing.

Premier Lightweight Snowplow Novice


Exhibition Class……… Telluride

Club Pro     Test Driver Coors Light

Tony Down

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