14 TO GO!


No, not an order at the local Chinese take out but the number of bus driving days left in the school year. By now everyone is VERY tired and looking forward to some serious sleep and personal time. I too will be knocking off the days and then it will be serious gardening and the non stop weeding!

What a very strange week this has been! It starts badly when the ominous sore throat turns into the expected head cold ……. the joys of driving small children! After some lawn mowing, strimming, and general clean up on Saturday Sunday should have been the Mancos pool championship but I didn’t fancy it especially as Brenda was the dedicated driver and was certainly none too happy with the task.

I did however ride out of town for 9.25 miles (My longest ever) and knocked up 24.54 to start the week. Monday and Tuesday the weather is awful, cold, very windy and exceedingly wet! Two no riding days but with the ongoing head cold the enforced rest days are acceptable. Wednesday and I venture out for a short, time restricted ride, as its early release day, and bang in 17.20 before the clock has me home again and getting ready for the afternoon run.


Monster storms are everywhere, high winds, torrential rain and hail so big its damaging buildings up in the northern part of the state. Its winter driving for sure with slush and snow conditions,  aquaplaning on the highway. Back in Dolores the hail/snow is 3 inches deep on the road!!!


Hail damage!!!


Serious hail

Thursday and another enforced rest day as I’m driving an activity trip to Monticello over the border in Utah. However did find some whimsical “bees & ladybirds” in the Family Dollar very reasonably priced at a buck a piece.


Friday and the weather is improving at last and despite yet more wind 20.23 is in the books as I close in on the “1200 Banner”. They say the weekend will be warm, but as always very windy!!

Saturday and the cold is in retreat so I’ll try for a NEW max distance up the road towards Telluride. Zipped past the 9.25 marker and made the 10.10 before the turn round. Nice to see the 20 come up just as I come back by the house.

Despite the week’s problems, both personal and weather, I did put another 85 miles in the books and I’m now at 1213.90 en-route to the target of 3000.






Buzzzzzz   Buzzzzzz

More gardening to finish the day and another $10 spent in Family Dollar buying all their bees and bugs!



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