Make it SO!

 Wednesday and my partner is not feeling too sharp (I wonder why?) and we finally get under way,
mooring lines cast off, and Enterprise departs on another voyage into the unknown, to explore
trials venues in distant galaxies on it’s 3 week journey. Captain Slog, I always thought his name
was “Kirk”, takes the bridge, the course to Casper via Rawlings is laid in, impulse drive is selected
and Mr Zulu is told to “Make it so!”

A pleasant uneventful run and we make Rawlins and the Flying J before dark, refuel and now as
the wind picks up go and hide in the 100+ 18 wheelers who are also night stopping.

Thursday and on the road by 0800, only about 140 to go to the venue with a quick Walmart stop
for yet more food and beverage. Amazing wildlife everywhere and even more so coming down the
last road to the Ranch.


A nice Buck too

Some Gophers

Turkeys everywhere

Remember to turn the generator off for the dusty drive in up the track and finally after nearly
getting bashed by the self closing gate we slip into our same berth from the last 3 years and this
will be home for the next 5 days. Several others have also made the trip early including Ed and
Evelyn, Forrest Bault, towing his Montesa behind the Vstrom and Derek Belvoir who thought the
event started on Friday.

All the layout has been done although the wildlife is eating all the ribbon! A quick ride round to
see what Day 1 has in store and, dare I say it, it does look ridiculously easy for my chosen line of
PI. Certainly can’t afford any mistakes on these sections as a dab could cost you the event. Once
again it is my personal belief that every class leader should lose between 10-20 otherwise the
smallest error can be terminal with other riders of a similar caliber.

By nightfall the place is filling up and there certainly looks like being a good crowd. Jim Lipscomb
has made it and Don Kelly also arrives to begins his 3 weeker! Stories, beer and wine flow freely.

Was it something I said ?

Don and Ed in training

Getting used to sleeping in! Anyhoooo….. time to get out there are size up the other sections for
Sunday and try and remember the Saturday ones. Well a section is a section and no matter how
easy they appear never be fooled as I have seen many top riders lose needless marks in sections
that most would be considered a joke…. Town Hall Brae in the Scottish is a classic and I won’t
divulge which WORLD CHAMPION screwed up there.

Sunday route looked almost as easy as Saturday and while Ed and I try and find section 8 the RE
starts playing up. The plug is as black as soot but in with another and it runs smoothly again.

Another evening of socializing and then a liesurely morning before we get under way at lunchtime
after the modern guys have finished the first part of the Mosteller Cup.

Night over Casper and the “tape eaters” arrive

Later in the evening the wild horses arrive to chew up yet more tape!

Tony & Brenda          getting ready ………

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  • 9/18/2008 10:13 PM Steveo wrote:
    Well if life is an adventure,it would seem that you are getting more than your share.I just returned from a 3 week walkabout,with bike of course.Made it up an 8,000 foot mountain with the lads to celebrate Outlaws 70th birthday,before heading into northern BC to do some exploring.Wonderful trip,new friends and now back home.Just finished building a new woodshed,now to fill it.It’s rumored that 3 or 4 of my dearest riding buddies from Alberta are talking about coming down to the island to check out my trials paradise,so I’d better start cleaning up the bachelors shack.Happy Trials
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