Seems it is going to snow all January and making cycling difficult for me so as I can’t do much else time to concentrate on skiing and my other winter discipline of Pool.

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Across the road at the Riverfront is our Saturday venue and we are two weeks away from the Championship day on 21st Jan. Yesterday I just had the feeling that I would do well as for the last couple of weeks with the “goodwill to all men” I seemed to have lost my killer edge. Not so anymore its back!


8 missiles and the gun….. I’m ready!


I kick off against Marty and win reasonably well. Next game we both are on the black and neither of us can sink the thing on a very rough and non level table. After three shots a piece my opposition sinks the cue ball giving me the win so I’m 2 up on a day with 21 players. what does that mean, you ask ? Well the game sheet for 16 players means to must win 3 times in a row to get into the money and with numbers up to 32 players you need 4 in a row. Shortly after my win I’m told my next opponent, NY Bob, has withdrawn and gone home with the flu.


My next game is against last week’s winner Todd. Good game all the way through and very evenly matched. I finish off with a very long shot on the black and it goes absolutely straight into the pocket without touching anything! Very satisfying and I feel I’m right back on my game.  With 4 wins I’m now in the money again.

Now time for the undefeated players to play off for a place in the final or a spot in the 3rd or better berth. I play Gary in this round and I’m back on the table with 2 balls left against his 5. The Yellow along the top rail “softly” leaves me with a huge cut on the Orange which I spend a few moments calculating angles. A perfect hit and it trundles all the way down the table and drops in the nominated pocket. A simple cut on the black to the middle bag and the game is mine.

Gary plays Marty for the other slot in the final and wins through and now racks for me. Game goes well and coming to the black I’m 6 balls up as he pots my last one and also sinks the cue ball. However, the Black is in the baulk area so I must come up and down off the rail. It doesn’t get the correct return off the cushion and misses the black but finds its way into the pocket for my first loss! SH  1T!

The second game has the black trapped in a corner between two of Gary’s and while I can sink mine without too much trouble I don’t like the black situation. I’m hoping that Gary will sink his and then be forced to take on his last balls by the black. It doesn’t happen and I’m left with an awful situation. I can squeeze the cue ball through but I must not hit his. A double kiss will also cost me the game as will an in off one of his. A perfect shot again just touching the black and forcing him to shoot at the “blockers” as there is no other option. This shot clears the problem and gives me a nice shot on the black and the win of $52.50 …….. with only one more week of qualifying I have now 2 Wins, 2 Seconds and 3 Thirds!



Today its Sunday, still snowing but its also the Championship over in Mancos where I qualified once with a Second . Brenda is the duty driver and not overly pleased but accepts the position as she didn’t qualify.

A wet dreary day and pool seems like the No1 choice. My first game is against Michael and I’m first to the black but there is too much chance of scratching so I don’t try too hard. Sadly he cleans up his remaining balls and sinks the black. First loss!

First game from the loser’s bench against Teresa giving me the win and 4 balls up at the end. There is also a leak from the snow on the roof and there is a catcher’s bucket at the end of the table! Kicking the bucket takes on a whole new meaning.


Buck .. it!

A bit of a surprise as I find I’m up against John McEwan who I would rate as the best player around. I saw him playing yesterday and it was like a “pool demo” …….. perfect shots every time and superb cue ball control. On reflection I didn’t play him yesterday so two people must have beaten him! Our game is awful!!! anybody watching this would have thought neither of us had played before! however I click in and run out the winner.

Bill Ragland is next and he has been on a roll of late with very crisp and accurate shooting. Two visits to the table and I’m down to my last two with Bill yet to get one. He gets two and lets me back on the table and I have a perfect run to clean up.

A short break as Marty takes on Michael, who I lost to in round 1. Looked like Marty had the game with an amazing shot but failed to hit a ball he nominated..

Now to play Michael again and I must rack as he is undefeated. Game goes well for me with some superb shots and I’m an easy winner. Game 2 and I’m playing well with more great shots bringing me onto the black for a very tight cut all the way to the top pocket.


Oh, so nearly for the game

One more revolution and it would have dropped but sadly for me Michael cleans up his last balls and the black is a gift. From a 1st round loss I’m delighted to have made it into the “money” let alone come so close to the overall win. Never mind $60.00 for second is a pleasant result especially after yesterday’s win.

2017 results; 1 first  and 1 second …… total $112.50 !!







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