While all of the above maybe true a NEW bike would be nice!



For 2016 I was on my Giant MTB which was top of the line in 2002 and retailed at around  $3500, although I didn’t pay quite that much. I did however buy a road bike and enjoyed the higher speeds riding around Phoenix but for the most part used the MTB on all the winding multi use paths in the Scottsdale area.

With a new chain and a new set of forks my “old bike” knocked up 2031 miles in 2016 in the pursuit of fitness and “living” post the severe bout of pneumonia. Of course when you have Stage 3 COPD it was an easy decision to give up smoking after 62 years! Well my learned Doctor said he had never seen a recovery like it and was also impressed with the total miles as he is also a dedicated mountain biker.


The last ride was Thanksgiving Day and since then the weather has shut me down but with some Christmas pressies of riding thermals its time to get out there once more. This year’s objective is 3000 miles! for the 70 year old.



……. and they work!


Superbowl Sunday and I set off again and now 1 week later despite snow, rain and cold I only have 2964 miles left to go. The winter months have given me plenty of opportunities to research many things of a cycling nature and I’m currently looking at two used bikes from Specialized. As it happens both are the Roubaix model. I hope they stay on E Bay long enough for me to buy one which could be around the end of March.



This one is the older of the 2 and is about a 2008 ?



This one is either 2011 or 2012 and I love it !!!

It seems there have been a lot of changes in the last 15 years or so with frames, riding positions, pedals, electronic gear changers and even disc brakes, although I see these are still banned from the Tour de France.


Valentines Day, and after a quick fix on the hot water boiler with a new igniter, peace is restored as well as hot water. I also see that the 2 Roubaix bicycles I have been watching have both been reduced…… I just hope nobody else is tempted before I can be ready to buy.

With cycling now underway Pool has also restarted at another local bar which was the Hollywood MkII after the first one was burnt down. When owner, Travis, brought in this awful woman the bar went downhill in a heartbeat as she sacked bar staff, 86ed several locals, and cut others off at the bar. Very soon everyone drifted down to the Riverfront which has just gone through some mighty strange proceedings.

Supposedly the Riverfront came up for sale and it was rumored to have sold around the $Million mark. The first closing date was going to be just before Christmas! Fortunately that didn’t happen and new dates came and went for January. We were all told the NEW owners would be re-opening very soon with their own people. The next thing that happens is the bar shuts down on a Tuesday lunchtime and the next day there are “Out of Business” signs in the windows!

Some say it was a health violation, some say taxes haven’t been paid and it seems as though the staff have not been paid either. More rumors are the deal fell through and now our town bar is CLOSED!

With the move of locals to the Riverfront Travis closed the Hollywood and this sold last year and became the Montezuma Mexican bar and restaurant. The pool tables at the Riverfront have now appeared in the Montezuma and I’ve qualified already! Dolores pool players will NOT be denied !!

The second week on the pedals finished up with 100.72 miles on the odometer which is a good start to the year, although its snowing furiously as I write ………..


Guess I’m not cycling this morning?     ……….. 30 mins later


I don’t think so!

That white stuff continued ALL Sunday and zero was accomplished on the riding/health kick. Monday and we take a trip into Durango to see the NEW flooring that Brenda wants for the main bedroom. Quick visit to “Steamworks” for lunch then a few other shops before coming home. The weather has improved, the temps are up, and the weekend’s snow has melted!

Off I go again  and another 11.47 is in the books. Tuesday and Wed are nice days with hardly any wind and temps around 50F. Two days of 14+ a day but then on Thursday its snow again and today, Friday, its bitterly cold and windy…… and still snowing.

However my “Buy it Now” finger is getting itchy on Ebay.


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