2018 begins and still another week to enjoy before dragging the big bus round again. Never mind this is the last year full time as I shall collect the bonus and then go back to being a substitute driver and working when I wish to.


On the cycling front this year my total target will be 4000 miles and I should be able to knock a few of those off this week as there is no snow or rain in the forecast at all! Current totals were 2032 for 2016 and then 3602 for 2017 so 4000 seems reasonable for the 72 year old this year.

Right now as I get up at 0730 New Year’s Day the Christmas lights have been replaced by flashing ones? An ambulance is in the road outside the house and there are several police cars scattered about with their lights on too.


What’s this extra Christmas lights ?

Seems a late Santa was on his way home, sometime after 4.30 this morning (you can imagine where he might have been) when sleep arrived, or maybe target fixation on the street light wreath, with all its pretty LED lights.


He was heading out of town but drifted across the road, demolished the Armco barrier in one easy push and collided with the light pole inside the median barricade …….. the pole has snapped, some of it in his or her engine compartment and the rest lies in the road, air bag  deployed, ….. but the wreath Christmas lights are still on.




But the lights stayed on!

The noise must have been horrendous, but we slept on. I venture out in dressing gown armed with my trusty camera and speak to the local Sheriff who also believes that hooligan Jack Daniels may have been involved.


Thanks Jack

0845 and the “wrecker” arrives and the car is hauled out of the Dolores (Bermuda Triangle) with severed Armco  barriers and power poles ……. and all this only yards away from Scuffy and my Maple Tree.


With the car gone the Police and Fire Dept depart and the Electric Company arrive to replace the pole. We seem to have won the wreath and dead pole.




The dead pole and wreath

Work continues most of the morning and a new pole is in and duly connected.



I set off for my first ride since November 18 and knock 15.31 off this year’s target of 4000. Weather looks like it will hold for the rest of the week but common sense says we WILL get pounded in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, and a more windy day, and an early morning dumper reminds me that people really are “that” stupid especially after yesterday’s driving debacle.


I honestly thought “they” couldn’t break this one

Now I need to fix the faucet which some idiot has turned and turned and turned until they broke the stop cock off!



Off I go in my thermals, A few miles to start the day, then pick up the new unit, replace it, and continue the rest of the ride. Knock up about 4 miles then notice the rear tire is going down. Quickly back to the house with Mister Softee and swap over to the MTB with its NEW tires and ride another 5 collecting the new part on the way round.

Fit the new part and in with another tube having checked the tire for anything poking through the cover…… all looks good, out I go again and another 6 is done then it starts to get hard work and sure enough, its going soft and so quickly that I’m forced to stop riding and walk home! 2 punctures in 2 years then 2 in one morning!!!!

Wednesday and its time for the Durango trip but first into town to get the application for property tax reduction, and as that’s beside my cycle shop some new tubes and a rear tire. They tell me for our roads I should come up from a 700 23 to 700 25 so I take their advice.

Off to Durango and some big boxes for all the extra decorations and a few extra shops where Brenda scores a “coup” on some pillows where she got to 75% off and then got it again!! even after asking and rechecking. Time for the arse measuring and despite the Google listing that they have the tool it seems they don’t! No matter I’m a 154 ? and I did try a Sidi mega shoe for width  which was good.Lunch at Steamworks and home again.

Thursday, mentally preparing for 12th Night and all the taking down of this year’s decorations but first sort out the new tire and tube and get a few miles in the book.


New tire and tube and I’m off again

Tire goes on, and off I go at 1445 and knock another 17.26 off the 2018 target. It gets colder and colder as I go round and I’m quite pleased to get home and have a warm coffee.


That’s about it for the first week and tomorrow is 12th night so the decs must come down!


One last look before they are put away


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