2020 CHEMO

After yesterday’s PET scan at Durango it seems the Maintenance Chemo Pills were unable to keep things in check and it must be said that the associated side effects were also less than acceptable. Numb fingertips, splitting skin all over the hands, and a near total loss of fingerprints for a start. Cracking heels, teeth falling out, watering eyes and a constant running nose do little to make you say “I’m feeling so much better”

Peeling numb fingers with no prints!


Deep cracks and splits on my heels

The PET, quiet and non painful

The procedure kicks off with a pinprick to the finger for a blood sugar check and then they mix up glucose and some radio active material which you are given through the port and then you rest for 30 minutes to let it run round the system.

During all the ins and outs of sliding through the machine it images all the areas known as “bright spots” where it detects cancer cells actively feeding on the glucose so we know exactly where the problems are.

Well Mr Data ?

and now some pretty images other than misery or Trump!

That’s better

Julie told me NOT to start the next session of pills so I’m expecting to be back on the drip maybe by Wednesday which will most likely screw up my monthly target. With a determined effort yesterday I pushed through the 3800 banner and I should have had 4 more days for the last 100 ….. we will see.

Cheers to 3800

Sunday and a nasty strong wind but I will persevere and see what I can manage in town between the houses. A hard fought 18.27 miles before lunch but that wind will just not let up and its currently gusting 30 mph !

I think I’ve BEE’n all I can BEE today

Monday, what will this week bring? Chemo ? maybe, cooler? yes! More bloody wind? Oh yes! So despite everything which seems to be determined to screw up my personal plans I’m forced to take it one hour at a time. Currently pretty cool and very windy.

Eventually get out around 1315 and set off up the hill to Telluride amid the swirling gusty wind which is cool to say the least and push on to get back on target and finish at 30.33 which catches up the 5 miles I missed yesterday. Now at 3850.95 with two days left in the month, but I rather suspect I’ll be on that chemo drip thing most likely tomorrow which will leave me 25 miles short!

Can only do what you can do!

Tuesday 9/29 and a reasonable 2 part ride to knock out another 36.71 which creeps the total up to 3887.66 and when I got in the Hospital rings to say the “NEW poison” will not be here this week so I’ll be chemo free and should complete the mission by the end of the month.

Closer and closer to the 3900!

9/30 and a demi pleasant ride apart from some severe gusts and finally the day is done on 33.00 taking me up to 3920.66 and maybe I’ll see 4000 by the weekend?

The month overall had 22 riding days with 8 days either as rest or gardening days and hospital appointments but all things considered 666.09 in those 22 days was a fair achievement in my book!






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