The following takes place 3 weeks before the event…………”.   seems appropriate as the new TV
series gets under way and I too, need to start thinking of our “24”, sections that I need  to provide for all
comers with some new and old challenges for the 2010 Buckeye Bonanza.

Of course with the passing of another year, winter flash floods in Arizona, other projects that we are not
privy to and all matters pertaining to a MX track it will be the standard surprise on arrival to see just what
we have available to test Buckeye regulars and first timers alike. I can think of quite a few sections we
have used over the last 2 years and some that I didn’t manage to incorporate.

The Graded Climb will be in both days, so that leaves 22 ! The Brush Hole by the start where we have
had the 2 sub affair for the last 2 years lends itself to old bikes and is easy enough to find 4 lines, so 2
there on each day,…..now down to 18.

Dan sizes things up at Camp 5 while Fred sets off for the summit from
Camp 2

Ed on his ascent

The Sherpas and Guides watch Rich Palmer about 1/2 way up

“The Pit”  2 subs, will be in again on both days

Over the back and away from the MX course there will be variation on a theme at the Ironwood Tree,
and Stumps 1&2 will most likely be back in as fun sections that take a few marks, and in the same
area  the very soft egg timer sand, the mark grabbing, “Az Mud” as we named it. So that leaves 14 !

The Ironwood tree with all it’s roots

The delights of the very soft “egg timer” sand in  “AZ Mud”

“Palo Verde 1&2” which were new last year will be in again, as although popular, we missed a cheater
line after several hours of work hacking through the undergrowth which spoilt the section as I had it in
my mind’s eye. Down to 12.

Palo Verde 2 where we missed the cheater line!

Jim Wagner on the 1 line

Also over the back are all the imported rocks which have been attractively placed to contain the sides
of a major “wash” and I’m planning on finding a few here so I’ll assume 6 can be found here without
too much trouble. Only 6 to find !

Back on the top of the MX track there are some Ditches that lend themselves to old style vintage
sections so maybe two here again to be easy on the junior classes. So that just leaves 4 and with the
old favorite up by the cliff in the SE corner of the facility we are down to 3…… and I haven’t used
“Grand Canyon” or the “Barbie Fence”

“The Ditches” always good for a couple of sections

Unless they have moved all the concrete rubble and asphalt in the NE corner  that only leaves two to
find and I’ll keep those a secret until we get there……….

Derek Belvoir  crunches through the busted chunks of “Asphalt” in the
NE corner

Jim Crain on the lower turns of “The Cliff” in the SE corner 

“Thank you Madam president, I think we have the situation contained”

“Make my Valentine’s Day” …or words to that effect


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