Let’s GO!

 Time to start planning and getting ready for the Big One! Hopefully the coach will have had all it’s
little minor repairs completed and the last replacement panels fitted. We aim to leave on Thursday
along with 5 bikes in the trailer and a load of parts for delivery in Utah. A bit of work to do on the
bikes as all the Yams need to be drained, carbs cleaned and fired up prior to departure. The RE is
already checked and now running nicely on the 110 main jet. The Cub shouldn’t need anything, so
just a test ride before loading. Haul everything up to Colorado and then leave 2 bikes there while
we do Casper and Miller and maybe collect some other wrecks from various swap meets and junk

Halfway and Church Rock…….. must be some good sections?

When we get to Colorado I must order the new building which will become the workshop of the
future as before the vultures close in we need to get established up there and be ready to move
at the end of September so that we can manage the place through hunting season when we have
around 500 visitors in need of a shower! Covering yourself in deer/elk pee at o’dark thirty maybe
good for hunting (at least thats what we tell them …tee hee!) but by 5 in the evening you stink to
high heaven!!!

Down here the place is for sale and also lease/rent, furnished or unfurnished but of course housing
and poor planning seem to have been the cause of all the problems and a lot of people are still
waiting to see where the market will bottom out……… so the problems that were caused by the
collapsing economy are even harder to get out of when all your remaining assets are tied up in real
estate and vehicles. Maybe Donald Trump will bail me out?

The coach is collected on Tuesday and I drive her home and put on another 100 gallons at the
slightly reduced price of $4.09!!! Back at the house I start reversing to line up on the trailer and
now there is a massive air leak coming from the water tanks area. Nothing for it back to RV
renovators to investigate on Wednesday morning. Through the usual “despair to hope” routine a
we find that Monaco doesn’t have one, and if they did its a $1000 and they might not be able to
get it until next Wednesday? Then we find the manufacturer has it and they are in California and
can overnight it…. then “Super Bob” the tech says he thinks they have a similar valve locally….
2 hours later and for $93 the unit is replaced, the air leak has gone and we can use the toilet

Loading goes well and 5 bikes including the choice of two for Mick should he choose to ride one,
are squeezed in along with ebay items that will close while we are on the road. Thursday comes
and up bright and early aiming for the 0700 departure. Well of course that doesn’t happen and we
are finally on the road at 0815 and enjoy a trouble free drive to Dolores and actually make it in time
for a quick cycle ride down to the Hollywood and a few games of Pool.

More Pool

…….and drinks….

Friday becomes a rest day with some shopping necessities and posting more ebay parcels.

Saturday and we have yet another party to go to which also involves a load more pool. This time
it’s Peggy’s party at a gorgeous mountain cabin. A truly lovely place but only accessible during the
summer months as the way in would be a no go in winter. The team are not too impressed with
the table so emergency leveling is completed and the game begins.

The Professionals level the table

All ready

Sunday and the last 2 puppies should be sold this morning and their new owners arrive and the
deals are done. Tessa who was the biggest and brightest finds her new home. Needless to say
Brenda becomes fairly emotional but the task is done, all 5 are away to their new homes. Well at
least you can now walk round without the fear of stepping in something! The pool gets yet another
new pump as the last one was totally unsuitable despite all the good advice. More Pool and Brenda
is banging them in like a pro! I won’t say what I was doing but they did have some boxes of free
peaches and plums.

Smoker’s retreat at the Hollywood

Brenda in top form!

A lot to do today with parcels, get that shed ordered and check the 2 Yams over for Mick who
remains non commital on what he wants to ride. All done on the “to do” list and the “Superglitz”
fires up after refueling and runs like a top. That really is a fantastic machine, just one of those bikes
where everything is perfect and feels spot on. It also has a very responsive motor and is without
doubt one of the best Yams I have ever ridden. The Ossamaha needs the petcock “unglued” as with
our crap fuel it is gummed up so that is the task of the day.

Tuesday and our last day in Dolores with just the Ossamaha to fix, a few parcels to send and strap
down all the junk in the trailer before departure. The morning goes well and the fuel cock works
again but now the Arizona heat has cracked the in line filter so that gets replaced. Now time for our
last visit to the Hollywood for GT’s and Pool. Frame 1, and with an open table I sink the first one
then one of those lucky days the cue ball does exactly what is asked and I move from ball to ball
sinking them all as planned including the 8! Boy was I pleased.

So tomorrow is the day and the “Quest” begins 2 more rides in Classic and 4 in Prem Hwy to see
if 2 of those $20,000 jackets can be acquired….. maybe I could sell them?

Tony & Brenda      back to 4 unruly beasts

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