About this time in January three years ago as I was recovering from that lovely bout of pneumonia and decided I needed to lose a fair bit of weight as it had crept up over the years to 220 lbs. It then becomes uncomfortable to sit down and breathe as the diaphragm pushes up against the lower lobes of the lungs.

I can do this!!

After two sessions of the good old Nutri System Diet the weight was back down to just under 195 on a good day. With all the cycling it stayed that way for over a year. During 2017 despite cycling 3602 miles I was hovering around 200 and during this last year, of 2018, it has gone up to around 212 despite another 4644 miles.  Christmas and I’m feeling bloated, even more uncomfortable and determined to get back down there again.

Yesterday time to start a new regime with Brenda’s doctor in Cortez and he wanted to do a “poop” check as he says there is some local infection that is widespread in this part of Colorado and causes all the symptoms I have.

That’s what gas and bloating will do!

He also sent me for some X-rays on my left shoulder that was damaged during Day 1 of the Pre 65 Silver Jubilee Scottish of 2009

Back in the hotel after Day 1,  I can hardly lift my left arm

Day 2, I finish the event, but its hard work

When we got back from the Hospital my Nutri system order had been delivered so TODAY, Jan 24, the Diet begins at 211.4

Back to the hospital with the “sample” and then off to X-ray for 4 shots to see what the problem is.

Friday and Saturday I’m on Activity trips with the school so no BEER today as I’m not playing pool. Sunday and Monday off and a few more outside things get done as the slow thaw continues.

Monday morning and a call asking me to drive this afternoon on the D31 bus which is basically our longest route trip going almost up to Rico.

Tuesday 29th, an afternoon drive on D11, the Horse bus and then a couple of days off before Activity trips on Friday and Sunday. Almost time to get the “thermals” back on and get back on the bike!

Should get the results from the X-rays and tests soon but I could follow their advice on Wed/Thurs with the gentle ride.


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