With just over 4 weeks to go until the quest begins in earnest again after the long enforced layoff I’m
getting excited and keen all over again, no matter how old you are the “Trials Bug” is one of those
bugs/viruses that will never go away.  Cabin fever struck this morning and the Cub was dragged out for
a little very light practice and as always it performed flawlessly. One month and the action starts again
with the search for 2 more wins in Classic Expert.

Following the “ruling” whereby you can enter both Classic and Premier Lightweight, but NOT Premier
Heavyweight I might just have a go at both for Cotopaxi at the end of August and see if I can start
racking up some points in Prem Lightweight to catch up with Len Sims, as he has been having it all
his own way in the class whether he has ridden it or not.

From the remaining rounds I just have enough, I think, with a double header at Cotopaxi, the 3 day
event at Casper, and then whatever happens at Sandia or Bull Hollow and the final ride at Hollister.
A tall order with only 7 events and no spare day to cover the “off” performance. Just heard that Sandia is
now officially canceled and that AHRMA is not keen on putting on a substitute despite the fact that we
HAVE a venue suitable for trials and motorcross and we have helpers ready to lay it out,!!! and all this
after their insistence that there MUST be a replacement  for the lost AMA venue which only resulted in
12 entries!!! Another sure fired loser is the Aonia Pass event, which never gets much by way of turnout,
and has now become an even bigger disaster by being a 2 day. I can never really understand why we
don’t concentrate on those venues that traditionally have a great turnout and do more for the
membership in those areas, Chehalis and the North West being a classic in point. Too far for me to
go and I didn’t really enjoy the event but it has a great turnout and surely there must be other venues
in the area that could put on a 2 day ? Better be quiet or I will find there will be another obscure rule
and I will lose all THIS year’s Championship points as well.

Back to the theme then, Tucker Ranch at Cotopaxi, another superb location in the Arkansas Valley with
all manner of trials terrain in every direction including the landscaping of “Wehling Falls” in the start
area. This has made some excellent sections in our past two visits and I’m sure will find it’s way back
in again this year.

Wehling Falls at the start, must look fantastic when its running

The first year we rode Cotopaxi I was breaking in  the Cub and had only just perfected the front fork
set up but was still struggling with carburation and footrest position. I can remember having to ride
with “tick over” which I dislike, having had 2 feet on the rest 5’s when the motor just wouldn’t pick up
and stalled. However, that has all been sorted to my satisfaction so any problems now are rider
created only.

Although I won both days last year my overall performance was less than stellar with a hand full of
crunching 5’s on day 2. A 5 on the first section on the first 2 loops does little for the ego, and then an
almighty crash on section 5 on the third loop after 2 very smooth cleans puts trials in perspective.

Two cleans here before the almighty Crash

2007 had fairly open sections which, were all very fair, doable and classic 60-70’s vintage sections.
Last year particularly day 2 was a little ambitious with bigger than usual steps and a lot of very, very
tight turns which in some cases meant having to use that wretched clutch thing to get round the
corners. Whoever set them out might just do it again so I’d better do some ultra tight turns in the drive
with that clutch thingey!

Now that’s a tight turn!

One week later and we head off for Casper which is near idyllic in terms of trials country with everything
on tap from rivers, deep mud, rocks, fallen trees, old ruins in the woods, and the lego land blocks at the
start. Another one of those venues that I love but one that I never seem to deliver my best rides at for
some reason. Last year it was Enfield time riding the PI line which in all honesty was very easy and I
only lost 1 mark in the 3 days of trialing. Although I’ll take the Enfield I rather suspect I will just ride the
Cub this year as it such a delight to ride and I might need a good ride there to cement the Classic
Championship. I really hope Dan puts the muddy “cow pat/bubbling spring” sections back in and there
must be 3 or 4 usable mud holes on that hill which can sort out skill from pot luck.

The muddy hillside, which if kept tight could be a real test

More mud & rivers at Casper

I’ll keep pushing Ed to get Bull Hollow on the cards as I rate this area as being pretty good for all our
vintage machines and should be included after the cancellation of Sandia for both Trials and

Some great sections at Bull Hollow

The Ahrma explanation as to the cancellation of the event at Sandia leaves me wondering as to what is
happening there. Over the years that I’ve ridden there I’ve seen a steady increase in the number of
entries and the quality of the event. Initially in its first year it was a series of sandy sections around the
cross country course and on arrival at the venue it was difficult to imagine where a trial could be run. For
the last 2 years we were lucky to be able to use some more adventurous terrain behind the landfill where
some good sections could be found to challenge both modern and vintage bikes. From a personal
perspective the start area was always a sea of motocross bikes and I’m amazed that it has been
canceled for any reason other than lack of volunteers to run it. Again on a personal note it was good to
see long time friend Mick Andrews there last year and an even greater pleasure to see him riding my

Mick Andrews aboard “Superglitz”

Last time out for the Enfield on the PI line, Sandia

Finally, and again funds might not stretch that far, but Hollister and a run through Napa wraps up the
season. Hollister again tends to be on the easier side and a single dab can result in a second place
so another of those events where timing at the section and a lot of concentration is required as an “off ”
section can ruin the whole day.


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    I know its over a year old but I saw an awesome looking Yamaha majesty 320 on your site, is it still for sale? I would LOVE to buy it…I collect Majesty’s!! Or any other’s you have!

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