62 UP


62 UP

62 UP

Dolores Main Street

 That time of the year again and another candle on the cake and the decision is made to have my
birthday up in Colorado as for once Dolores has “Escalante Days” the same weekend as the clock
rolls over another one for me.

Birthday presents are despatched for arrival up North and this year I get my very first “Pool Cue”
as if we move up here Pool is a fairly big deal within the social fabric. The plan is to leave very
early on Thursday morning and see if we can make the Hollywood in time for a few frames and a
beer or two.

Both mountain bikes are loaded along with the Harley and we actually make it 45 mins late and
leave at 0645. The journey has it’s own entertainment with a fuel stop in Flagstaff. Brenda goes
to get a coffee and I refuel. CLUNK!……..???? Those nice dogs have operated the door locks and
yes, the keys are still in the ignition and now we have us outside and 6 canines locked inside!
Joy of joys! Thanks goodness that I have kept my on-star going so after a few phonecalls there
is another magic Clunk and the doors are unlocked via satellite! Lesson learnt on this one, always
take the keys with you when you have nice dogs inside.

The road from Flagstaff to Page has roadside reminders of tragic accidents in the form of crosses
and roadside shrines and on many occasions I have tried to count them all to our turnoff for Tuba
City. At the last check the numbers are over 50 on a 70 mile stretch of road. Today traffic is
reasonably light until we catch up with a resident Indian driving at 40 with a long tail back on the
straight 65 mph road. Impatience sets in with some drivers and we are treated to some more
lunatic driving and near misses.

Another “loon” attempts the pass but misjudges everything and as he or she pulls out  the
oncoming traffic takes to the hard shoulder! Well bad luck Loon, the first oncoming car in the dirt
is a Police car who doesn’t think much of this and immediately puts on his lights and starts turning
the wheel to start a 180 and set off in hot pursuit. I brake to allow this to happen but Policeman
pulls straight across the road and a tanker that was following him cannot stop in time and gently
collides pushing in the driver’s door! We leave them to it and now the clown that caused the
problems has stopped…… well he had his chance and could have easily been long gone.

The Hollywood with the “Gang” and MY cake

We make CC at 1500 and after unloading and dog walking we are at the Hollywood for a surprize
birthday cake, yum, yum, and a load of GT’s. My new Cue has made it but the carry case did not so
I’m forced to cart the new toy down there in it’s luxury plastic bag! A few shots are played and this
should be good for the future.

Friday take the Cadi to Durango to get the all singing, all dancing magic cable box that will actually
give us some channels that we can watch up here as the current ones are unbelieveable crap!
Out for lunch with Jim and Lucille at “Lotsa Pasta” which is very pleasant then back here for more
dog walking and then the bicycle ride to Hollywood for more pool with the new stick. Brenda plays
well but I’m having an off period and we lose 3 in a row but come back strongly when I wake up to
take it 6 to 5. While all this is going on a mini ongoing argument rears it’s head and senior citizens
nearly come to blows over complete trivia.

LOTSA PASTA with Jim & Lucille

About 7’ish it comes on to rain big time but we carry on drinking as we are marooned in the bar.
The youth of the town arrives as the evening draws on and as the noise increases a fight breaks
out, again over nothing and after normality returns the rain stops allowing us to get home. It was
just long enough and then poured down for the rest of the night.

Saturday after the Olympic Opening Ceremony let the “Escalante Days” commence. Well now as
the name is familiar with BMW rides in Utah it transpires that Father Escalante was a Spanish priest
who, when Spain originally had Colorado, wandered through Dolores and most points west.
Travellers who are not familiar with American history may note that all the names in this area are
Spanish. Thanks to Father Escalante and his team, an early day Lewis and Clark adventurer if you

Candy gets thrown everywhere

The Parade goes on

So down to the Hollywood for a very pleasant breakfast and park the bikes. First up is the parade
which is led by cowboys and horses and now all the floats and marching teams have to paddle
through the horse****. With breakfast done outside the bar we have mens and womens
chainsawing competition and then the return of the mountain bike 35 mile race. Each to their own!

Ladies? arm wrestling…… there was only going to be ONE winner

Brenda gets her flat repaired


More drinks and now ladies arm wrestling, clearly there is only going to be one winner here! Brenda
gets a flat tire but the bike shop is open and they fix that while we watch the men’s event. Dog time
so back to CC before cycling back to another party and watch the finish of the 1600 rubber duckies
racing down the Dolores river. Thats enough partying so home again and watch some Olympics until
bed time.

1600 rubber duckies racing down the Dolores River

Red, Blue, and Yellow they just keep coming!

Sunday and the town is VERY quiet! Our gameplan for the day is to struggle through the morning
and then slide over to the Columbine in Mancos for some more pool with Jim and Lucille. The pool
goes well and then an older gentleman with only one arm plays a game. Well this I have got to
see!!! Amazingly he is very good ! How you can get the stability without a bridge or rest and then
control the force to hit the ball was outstanding. The highlight of the games was a shot by Lucille in
the last frame when she had 2 balls and the 8 left with just one of our balls on the table. With one
almighty strike she cleared her 2 balls and the 8 and sank the white to boot all in ONE SHOT!

Monday morning and after evicting one rude tennant from the RV park time to wend our way back
leaving the Harley, mountain bikes and pool cues for the next time. All goes well until about 3 miles
from Kayenta when a tire caption illuminates indicating the classic puncture! Oh, proverbial!…….
well not a cat in hells chance of undoing the superwheels and I know the unused spare may not
even be the same size ……. continue slowly on to the Indian town in hope that just maybe there
will be a tire shop somewhere.

Fortunately there is one at the traffic lights and regrettably the front passenger tire has a cut in it
and now having run flat its toast. Out with the spare mounted on a standard Cadi rim but of course
this is about 3 inches less in total diameter than the bright chrome 22 inch mother. Chief Running
Tread produces the world’s ugliest old used tire and when changed and balanced on it goes having
at least matched the pretty ones for size. $20 for the tire and another $20 to change and balance
and away we go again with the world’s ugliest wheel and tire. No more incidents and home by 1700.

The world’s Ugliest tire, courtesy Chief Running Tread

The other side

Now just over a week to get the last of the damages and warranty work completed before loading
up 5 bikes for the 3 weeks on the road, 6 trials, and 5 States. Looks like a lot of fun and stories
a’plenty I’m sure.

Tony & Brenda      now down to a 6 pack of dogs…. TWO PUPPIES STILL AVAILABLE


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