Drip on again, its round 3

Not the best way to start your birthday but at least its 1 less session of that chemo poison. Different Doctor this morning who answers all my questions re the last session.

He also changes the nausea medicine and gives ME the all clear to drive if I feel up to it. Now many of you may think that’s a little pig headed but let me assure you when you have Cancer anything that gives you a chance to look forward to something really feels like progress and some forward momentum.

Some nice presents in the form of frogs and turtles and a super winter cycling thermal jacket which would have been too small for me last year but now, 40 lbs lighter, it fits perfectly.

A couple of really nice chocolate cakes  ….. yumeee!

More frogs arrive today in the post, layout will have to wait as I’m still connected to bag and pump.

Big Bertha for the top of the “Falls”

Harley Frogs

Luv ’em

Tiny the pot hanger

Mr T

I already have them “planned” in my mind’s eye.

Friday, and time to get the bag off and get some semblance of normality back in life.  Might even get to phase one of the layout later this afternoon. On the good news front NO nausea or vomiting this week so maybe the change in medications was on point.

The day progresses, the bag is off, and time to do things. Start Safari and aim to get some LP gas for the generator.  Local station STILL broken so a drive into town to the big Maverick …… NO LP !  Well no matter a few more days to wait but the drive was good.

Back home, finish a bit of weeding I had started and the plan is now a ride down to the brewery as its the start of Escalante days ….. but it starts raining and does so through until 2000 …. annoying! Still no sickness after this round of poison and not so tired … time to be thankful.

Bit of Nostalgia from those Escalante Days Trials 2014

Under the 4th Road Bridge before the rain!

Sunday in Lost Canyon Creek

The Graded Hill they hated!!!

THREE Cleans for ME !!!!




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